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I won a signed book of Fifty Shades Of Grey from the Facebook giveaway

If you know me, first I am a fan of Fifty Shades Trilogy by the famous and humble author Ms. E L James. Secondly, I love to join giveaways especially from Facebook especially if the winning prize is a signed book.

 photo Fifty Shades Of Grey signed book prizes_zpsc6vvjhrr.jpg
I came home from work Tuesday afternoon. Check my Facebook and saw that I was tag in one of the giveaways that I joined. I am very happy and excited that I won a signed book of Fifty Shades Of Grey from the author Facebook page of Brenda Kennedy Author. I replied the post but will send her a private message for my address. I need to picked up my daughter from her Jazz Band. What a beautiful afternoon to come home after a very tiring yet fun day at work.

 photo Fifty Shades Of Grey signed book prizes A_zps8qqagz5i.jpg
Joining a  giveaway is very easy. Usually you have to like the author’s Facebook page which is a number one requirement. You need to like the post and shared. This giveaway, you need to answer a certain question and shared the post. For extra points, you can subscribed to Brenda Kennedy Author’s email list and confirmed it too. You can also tag your friends which I always do so they can win too.

 photo Fifty Shades Of Grey signed book prizes B_zpsuny443zf.jpg
The winning prize came in the mail Saturday. The author shipped the prizes so fast. I do appreciated her kindness. Aside from the signed book of Fifty Shades Of Grey, it also came with some swags like pens, cozy, magnet, bookmarks and note and extra pen. Thank you so very much Brenda Kennedy author for everything.

By the way, she has a free book in Amazon that you can download while it is free. I downloaded it already and cannot wait to read her book.

How about you? Do you like to join any giveaways too?


Let the baking begin

Well if you are broad-minded, then you will get what I mean.  I won this Wartenberg Wheel with a mask from a  giveaway. It is from Fifty Shades Of Grey group in Facebook. If you are a fan of Ms. E. L. James books, Fifty Shades Trilogy, then you know what I am trying to say. I know that some people are not a fan of her books. I respect you for that.

 photo wartenberg wheel_zpsrdmfrurj.jpg

I cannot wait to try this. We just need to find the right time. I already showed it this to the husband, his eyes sparkles. He said he cannot wait to play. Intimacy is so important with every relationship especially for married couple. Spicing it up is fun and pleasurable. Let the baking begin.

Have you watched The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and want to win your own copy of Blu-Ray/DVD?

I pre-ordered this Fifty Shades Of Grey movie in Amazon 8 days after I watched the movie at the cinema. This is a Blu-Ray/DVD combination plus digital too. It has also the unrated version of the movie. Unfortunately, I also pre-ordered the ones from Target. It is the same set but the only difference is, it has the bonus disc and comes with a journal and pen which I am keeping.

 photo fifty shades of grey_zpsmbtvpywt.jpg

I am giving this new unopened copy to one my lucky reader. This giveaway is open worldwide. You have one week to join. I know that some countries are still waiting for the movie to release. We are lucky here in the US that we got our copies since May 8th.

I loved the books and even won a signed copy from Ms. E L James. I loved the movie. I loved the movie soundtrack too. I cannot wait for Fifty shades Of Darker. I know we have two years to wait. I love this one quote that I would love to share with you. Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet.

I wish everybody good luck. You can join the rafflecofter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Teespring is the best company to order for any campaign

I am one of the thousand members of the biggest Fifty Shades Of Grey group in Facebook. You can even join us to learn more about the characters of the famous book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Even the famous author Ms. E L James is a proud member of our group. How exciting is that, right?

 photo fifty shades shirt_zpshofxkgzn.jpg

Anyway, Ms. K, the creator of our group suggested that we order our shirts to wear when the movie is showing in our area. The first screening was on the 6th of February in New York City. The Fifty Shades of Grey was first shown on February 12th in our area. I ordered my shirt and paid on the 24th of January. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to wear my shirt during the showing of the movie. The company has a problem with my printed shirt. Most of women in our group already received their shirt except mine. They reprinted my shirt but it did not deliver as promise. I ask for a refund and I admit I was mad for waiting too long for my shirt. I am so happy that they refunded my shipping back and the cost of the shirt. I ordered the V-neck style of shirt. Some ladies ordered long sleeves. Some ordered a sweatshirt.

 photo fifty shades shirt A_zpsxydkrag1.jpg

I watched the movie at the AMC for the fifth time without wearing the campaign shirt. I never expected that I will receive the shirt from my campaign. Honestly I am very surprise. I felt badly because I already received my refund back. I even contacted the company and told them about what happen. The guy that I chatted with whose name is Ian told me that the shirt is mine for free. It is their way of saying sorry for the delayed shipping and order. I am happy for their company for being so understanding and professional for solving my problem.

 photo fifty shades shirt B_zps3kvz62vq.jpg

I am very humble and privilege that Teespring sent me my order. I loved the shirt. There is a printed words I’M A PROUD MEMBER OF 50 SHADES GROUP and on the back is SUBS ON TOUR. The shirt is made of 100% cotton. It is made from India. I really love this shirt. I cannot wait to show it to my friends.

 photo fifty shades shirt C_zpszyp9mdpx.jpg

How about you? Do you need shirts for your campaign? Check out their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for updates and new products.

I will definitely recommend this company for any shirts or any products you order for your campaign. They answer any questions you have promptly.

I received the shirt for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey movie for the fifth and last time at AMC Theaters

You can call me crazy but I really do not care. I am a fan of Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and the book trilogy as well. I am proud of it. It does not bother me what haters will say. They can say what they can say and am here adoring this movie and books.

 photo FSOG Ff_zpsrup8xbtc.jpg

The last showing of Fifty Shades Of Grey movie is the theater near me is this Thursday the third week since the number movie in the world released. I still have the three Fandango coupons worth $7.50 saving. I do not want to put them to waste. I shared them to my Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook friends. I am glad that they can use the coupons and enjoy the movie as well.

 photo FSOG f_zpsbmykewe4.jpg

As a good wife, I called my husband that I plan to watch the movie that night so I can use the Fandango coupons. He said that he will not allow me as he has to sleep early and have a training the next morning. Instead I can watch it in the afternoon. I love my husband so much. He understands his  wife. He said I am crazy but still allowing me to watch the movie. How sweet is he?

 photo FSOG Fa_zpsf8fayjzp.jpg

I have to make sure that the house is clean before I drive to the theater. I also have to make sure that there is enough wood on the fireplace before my husband will come home. I also took Maggie, our Pitbull dog to do her thing and put her in the mud room with water and some food. I told I am a good wife, right?

 photo FSOG Fc_zpstxv5kyvi.jpg

It was snowing and very trickery to drive especially driving along The Millersport Highway. I prayed and drive cautiously. I arrive after one. The movie will start 15 minutes after. I order some chicken nuggets and water with me while waiting for the movie.

 photo FSOG Fb_zpssssyhy0s.jpg
 photo FSOG Fd_zpsfw5exwbx.jpg

This is my fifth time to watch the movie. I also love the AMC Theaters. It is very clean and the chairs recline so you can relax at the same time enjoy the movie. I was there first.

 photo FSOG Fe_zpsjtbiub35.jpg

I cannot get enough of this movie. My feelings are still the same the first time I watch the movie. It still blew me away. It still makes me smile and fall in-love with Christian and Anastasia. My kuddos to all the staff and crew from this amazing movie especially Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and the director Sam Taylor Johnson.   I cannot wait for my own DVD so I can watch it all over and over.

Watching Fifty Shades of Grey a movie date with hubby

Finally my husband agreed with to watch the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with me today. My inner goddess is dancing with joy. I am so excited to watch the movie for the third time. The third time is a charm indeed.

  photo grabbed from Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook page

photo grabbed from Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook page

I watched the movie twice by myself. I love this movie so much which stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. It is directed by Sam Taylor Johnson. I also love the books written by E L James. This is the first movie from the trilogy. I cannot wait for my hubby to watch it with me today. I hope that he will like the movie.

This is our second movie date night. Can you imagine that? The first movie we watch was James Bond 007. It was 2002 when I first arrived in America. We spend date together but not the movie date. We usually have lunch date. Recently we watch Mike and Molly on TV. We both love the show.

How about you? Do you spend date night with your boyfriend or husband?

My Fifty Shades Of Grey movie review 

I really loved the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. I rate it as 5 *****’s. I have watch it twice already by myself. I cannot wait to watch it all over again. I still have the three Fandango tickets that I need to use. I am planning to use the two tickets with my husband. One ticket I hope is I can watch it with my girl friends.

 photo 10007390_378782365618525_2990130986393344806_n_zps05498ef5.jpg

The movie is an adaptation to the book. You should know it by now, right? Being said not all the scenes are included in the book. The movie is about 2 hours and 4 minutes long. I loved reading the book. I have the paperback, hard covers and in my Nook. I also won a signed copy from the author herself Ms. E. L. James from our Facebook group one time.

 photo 10991191_1587438378135447_6376662481883854174_n_zps6e5ba4de.jpg
My hats off to all the cast and crew to this number one movie in the world the Fifty Shades Of Grey. Ms. Sam Taylor Johnson nailed it as a director. She did an amazing job. Jamie Dornan is very hot as Christian Grey. He is sexy and perfect for the rule as CG. Dakota Johnson is my all time favorite. She is amazing as Anastasia Steele. She really plays Ana in the perfect way as possible. She is sweet, funny and innocent

 photo 10959685_418938754936219_6383054208643723631_n_zps1f2f1004.jpg

Fifty Shades Of Grey is a very funny but hot movie to watch. It is also a very emotional movie as well. You might need extra panty liners and tissues with you when you watch the movie. I also love the movie theater that I went too. My first time to watch a movie at AMC. The seats are leather and it reclines, You can really relax while watching the movie. It is very clean as well. it is 30 minutes drive from where I live. Driving is not fun. It is scary driving in the snow. You can barely see the road in front of you. You just have to pray and drive slowly and carefully.

 photo 10460395_10206031995627362_5833476669721128254_n_zps8e043ec2.jpg
My review has some spoiler. I have to warn you if you have not watch Fifty Shades Of Grey yet. These are my favorites scenes from the movie.

 photo 10919772_10153131463699797_2407681155334508781_o_zpsedce99d5.jpg

I love the interview. She fell when she opens the door and it was funny. You can see the attraction right away from Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I also like the moment when they are about to drink coffee where Christian Grey asks her about Jose and Paul if they are her boyfriend. I also like the hardware store. I love when she almost swear and really surprise to see him. I love the part when she handed her the rope and said “You are like a serial killer type” I like the drank dialing. Oh my goodness! that was really hysterical. i also love the biting of toast(this is a new scene they added) It really is hot. Lord have mercy.

 photo 10985605_10203081090782544_3135692446530309129_n_zpsceee7e54.jpg
The elevator scene when they first kiss was hotter than heck and when he says “F#@ck the paperwork” Oh boy Christian Grey can kiss. The elevator scene is also funny. I also love the helicopter ride and the background music. It it very sweet. The showing of the Red Room is hilarious when Ana thought that he plays Xbox and stuff. Ana’s expression when she saw the RROP is priceless. I also love the scene when CG asks her where have you been and she said waiting. I am already in-love in that scene with this love birds. I also love the first time they made love, that is so sweet and so precious.

 photo 10653744_10203101487692454_2841116499620858033_n_zpsf914a1fa.jpg
I also love when Ana made him pancakes and she is dancing. Beast of Burden is my favorite song of the soundtrack. Christian also chew her finger which is very hot. This is another new scene they added in the movie. The negotiation scene is so funny. Ana is wearing the plum dress which looks very hot.

 photo 10391001_10204733290704885_1545803446378330518_n_zps44ef864c.jpg

My favorite scene is the “It was nice knowing you” He went to her apartment and bring ice, wine, tie her with his tie and cover her eyes with her shirt. I love the flipping and smacking of her tush. It is so f@#cking hot. The first RROP scene is so steamy and so f@#cking hot. I was turn on really bad in that scene. This is the reason you need to bring extra panty liner with you. Dakota Johnson is naked. You will grasp as Jamie Dornan try to unzip his pants. I also love the dinner scene after Ana and CG take walk in the garden. He carried her and smack her tush. This scene is a little emotional for me when she says “I want more, I need more” Christian Grey says this is all I have. It is so f@#cking hot when CG said “You are mine” I am swoon with this movie.

 photo 10838088_10152602522682691_4724483648070023245_o_zpscd4b96fa.jpg

I also love the scenes when Ana and her Mom is in the bar scene. CG was visited her in Georgia and send her text and she was swearing. I love the scene when he touch her face that is very sweet. I also like the glider. They both look happy. I love her giggles. The last part where he smack her with belt is very emotional. I can hear somebody is sobbing. You can see how dominating Christian Grey in this scene It was the hardest scene for me to watch.

 photo lastscene_zps421cbb69.jpg

I am sure that there are many scenes that I loved about this movie that I forget to mention. You really need to watch it for yourself.

How I wish that I do not live far from New York City

I got an email the other day about the première ticket to watch Fifty Shades Of Grey in New York City. I wish  that I live close to New York City. Definitely I will watch the première. I do have a cousin that lives in the city but she is working that day. My husband also is working days this week. Nobody will watch my kids.

 photo FSOGtickets_zps228f172e.jpg

I feel sad but it I am fine. My husband and I will watch the movie on the 12th next week. I cannot wait. It has been awhile we had a movie date. I hope that he will like the movie. He did not read the book. I cannot wait. I cannot believe it is six more days.

How about you? Have you been to New York City?

Bought the Movie Tie-In Edition book cover of Fifty Shades of Grey

You can call me crazy. I really do not care. I love anything about Fifty Shades of Grey from books to wine and other stuff. Can you believe I have the paperback and hard covers copies? It was not intentional but since I did not wait, now my books are doubled. My favorite is a paperback signed copy by Ms. E L James, the author of the famous book, that I won in the Fifty Shades of Grey Facebook event.

This movie tie-in edition book cover looks very hot

This movie tie-in edition book cover looks very hot

When I saw the movie tie-in edition of the book Fifty Shades of Grey, I told myself that I want to have a copy of that too. Why not, right? I pre-ordered mine. It came last December. I really love this cover. It looks very hot. I cannot wait for the movie, 29 days and counting.

How about you? Are you crazy about Fifty Shades of Grey too?

Ozeri has the best wine electric opener to enjoy your wine during the holiday

I admit I do not drink and not even beer or worst wine. My husband keeps on telling me that wine is good for a woman’s health especially the red wine. It is good for a woman’s heart. You can drink one glass of red wine once a day and you stay healthy.

 photo Ozeriwineopener_zps427e877b.jpg
 photo OzeriwineopenerA_zps99b7da62.jpg

I tried the red wine from the Fifty Shades of Grey wine collection. It is good but it is way too strong for me. My husband drink most of the red wine. I heard that white even tastes even better than the red wine. I bought the white wine.

 photo FSOGwhitewine_zps0ec4bc6e.jpg
 photo OzeriwineopenerB_zps69636175.jpg

I am very happy that Ozeri sent me  the wine electric opener that you can buy exclusively in Amazon. I am very excited to try it with my white wine. My husband open the white wine using the wine electric opener that I was privilege to try.

 photo OzeriwineopenerC_zpsf3e21d72.jpg

 photo FSOGwhitewineA_zps7040548a.jpg

The wine opener is electric. You can plug it on the wall or charge it before opening your favorite wine. I really love this wine electric opener. It comes with foil cutter, wine pourer and stopper. It is the best and greatest gift for a wine drinker during the holidays or any occasion.

The wine electric opener is fast. It works easily. There is a button to push. You can even open many wines compared to regular wine opener. This wine electric opener from Ozeri really is the best product. You can also check out their Facebook for other products like home or health. Ozeri is the most generous company that I ever worked too. I highly recommend their products to everybody.

 photo OzeriwineopenerD_zpsdcb060b9.jpg/
 photo FSOGwhitewineE_zpsbc62be26.jpg
 photo OzeriwineopenerE_zps3b3f4d7e.jpg

I am now a wine drinker. I love to drink white wine though I get drunk easily. You should drink wine or any alcohol beverages at least when you are 21 years old. I will turn 41 years old this Christmas. I can now enjoy my husband’s company more when I drink wine and he drinks beer after dinner.

I received the wine electric opener for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.