My 2nd book postcard from Lithuania

I received this second book postcard from Lithuania. It is my 97th postcard that I received since I joined Postcrossing 11 months ago. This postcard took 12 days to arrive from Lithuania to New York. I liked the stamps too.

The postcard came from Mr. V. He is 62 years old. He likes to work, hunt, read books and travels a lot.  He visited 74 countries in the world.

Thank you so much Mr. V for this beautiful postcard and stamp too.

Some quotes I love about talking about me behind my back

Do not judge me by not knowing me personally.

 photo quites_zpsmniegspq.jpg

You do not know how my life is. I am a very simple woman. I LOVE my family and GOD above all. Do not get me wrong I also LOVE to read EROTICA book. Is there something wrong with that? I will ALWAYS support EROTICA AUTHORS. One way of supporting them is by sharing their books like teasers or sharing my honest reviews. I understand it is not everybody’s cup of tea. You do not need to talk behind my back. What is sad is I cannot defend myself because I am not a member of that closed group.

 photo quote A_zps7mlmxlsf.jpg

I am very easy to deal with. You can ask me for another link to share. I can do that. I am sure we are all adults that we do not need to act like a child. I do appreciated a blogger friend that shared about how my teaser affected you.  Yes! it has a F word. I am good to give you another link or you can check my profile and share the links. You do not need to talk behind my back. It will not change my preferences in reading though.

 photo quote B_zpskpx6ivxy.jpg

I hope that your life is perfect. I hope that you do not have any single flaws about your life or your family. I am being honest with myself. If you are a friend in my Facebook, there is unfriend button. I really do not care. I even do not care about your life. If you have something to say about me, say it in-front of my face, leave me a message but do not talk behind my back where I cannot answer any of your questions or concerns. I think you are being rude and being a bully. With all that said and done, I wish you a good life but remember KARMA is a b*tch.

A surprise gift from one of my favorite book author

I admit I hate surprises. Waiting is killing me. How about you? Do you like surprises too?

One of my favorite book author ALEXANDRA 1 told me that she sent me something in the mail. I was very surprise when she left me a message in my Facebook. I did not expect that even. She told me that I won one of her giveaways. She said that she is true to her words. I thought that when she sent me signed bookmarks. Those are enough for a fan like me to adore her even more.

Thank you so much Alexandra 1 from UK with Love for this surprise gift

Thank you so much Alexandra 1 from UK with Love for this surprise gift

I received the surprise she sent me a week after she mailed it. The package come from United Kingdom with love. I want to say thank you so much ALEXANDRA 1 for the package. I love them all. I do appreciated your kindness so much.

I received a notebook which is made from recycled real leaves. I received signed swags, a postage card and a sticker. I also received fashion jewelry like earrings and the mask necklace. The mask necklace is so beautiful.

I am indeed very surprise with my gifts. How about you? Have you meet ALEXANDRA 1 yet? She is an erotica writer. You can read her books in Amazon, Facebook or follow her in Twitter.

Purchase a Tropical Palm bra from Victoria’ Secret

I have the two Victoria’s Secret coupons worth $10 each that will expire today. I do not want the coupon to expire without redeeming it.

 photo vscoupons-3.jpg
I went online and check for deals to use with my coupon. I am glad that there is an available coupon code BRASHIP if you buy a bra. It will ship for free. It will save me $6.99 for shipping. 

 photo tropicalpalmbra.jpg
(photo not mine)

I search for bra and found this tropical palm two for $42. I only need one bra as I bought one last week. I picked this Tropical Palm color to go with season spring and soon summer is here. This is a push up bra which helps my “girls” lift a bit. I do not wasted my coupon and need to use the remaining $10.

I always like to shop to Victoria’s Secret online and store. You save more if you shop online with the coupon code. It also help me gain points on my mileage. I am glad that I did not use my Victoria’s Secret credit card. I use my PayPal card. I earned money from my journal recently.

How about you? Do you shop Victoria’s Secret? Do you shop online or in the store?

I will link this entry to #144 of 365 blog photo challenge.

Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day

My little girl handed me this bag on Mother’s Day. It says breakfast in bed. She made this in school and bring it home last Friday. She keeps it a secret. My husband, my son and her only know this bag. The little girl woke up late because she slept late that Friday night. 

 photo breakfastinbed.jpg

She handed me this bag on Mother’s Day while hugging and greet me. This is what it is written on the bag.








 photo breakfastinbedA.jpg

What a sweet girl she is. She said that I do not need to cook. All I need is sit down and she sits the counter for me. I open the bag and there is an orange, pop tarts and an apple juice bag. I slice the oranges and put the pop tarts in the toaster. I am glad that I cook rice early. My kids love to eat rice in the morning. I ask my kids what they want to eat for breakfast. They said they want rice, noodles and egg. I boil some water and fried eggs for them. We ate all together.

 photo breakfastinbedB.jpg

It is awesome that I do not need to cook my breakfast. I shared the pop tarts to my little girl. She likes it too. We had a wonderful time eating breakfast. Being a mother to these two crazy and fun kids will not trade for anything else. I love these two rugrats in the world.

How about you? How was breakfast during your Mother’s Day?

My blogger name

Today is the 2nd day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your blogger name. I remember I have my journal long time ago. All I know is that I can write or create story and that was about it. I have my first journal here. I always go with the name JESS or JESSY in most of my journals. My first journal is ADVENTUROUSJESSY in blogger. There is a JESSY on the last, right? I also have JESSYSADVENTURE, SIMPLYJESS, HOMECOOKINGWITHJESSY, E-NEWSWITHJESSY, SPORTYJESS and finally this journal which has my name and my last name JESSICACASSIDY.

I have no clue that you can make money by writing. I am thankful to a former friend of mine that helps me introduce a friend who happens to live in my same home town now who lives in Florida. I want to say thank you to Miss A for helping me start my journal.

I know that I do not make a lot of money but it does help my family back in the Philippines I do not need to ask for my husband’s money to help them. I am happy that I can also buy stuff for my kids and my family and sometimes treat them in the restaurant.

There you go, if you happen to stumble on JESS OR JESSY in a journal and that is mostly me. What about you? What is your blogger name? I cannot wait to get to know your journal as well.

Welcome to my 12th journal

I am privilege to get my own name domain from Mommy Nita. She is giving three free domains that day. I was lucky that I was online. I want to say thank you so very much Mommy Nita for giving me a free domain. Actually, this is the third time that I got free domains from her. She is indeed has a heart of gold. She is very helpful too. As a new blogger, she is willing to answer and help you with your journal.

This is my 12th journal. I cannot believe I have many journals to write. I hope that I can update this with the rest of my journal. What is this new journal all about? I want to focus topics about being a woman. This is a general journal where I can express my thoughts and opinions about being a woman.

I hope that like my other 11 journal, you will support and visit this journal as well. This journal is very special. I have planned to get my own name domain. My problem is that I do not know what to write or focus writing in the journal. I can finally have my own name journal at the same time; I know what to topic to write.