Where we stayed in New York City 

It was a month ago today when three of my friends and myself flew to New York City. We had our girls vacation for four days. It was the shortest but best vacation ever. We were invited with one of our girlfriends that had a baby few months ago for her baby girl’s dedication. She moved to New York City five years ago. She used to live in Buffalo.

 photo our room in NYC_zpsdl69srf4.jpg

We stayed in her apartment in her son’s room. We did not stay in the hotel. We were so thankful that we stayed in her place. She invited us to stay in her apartment. We were pampered as well with her families kindness and generosity.

 photo our room in NYC A _zpsn59vfc3y.jpg

M her 11 years old son has bunk beds. I shared the bed with Miss J, on top is another J and across me is L. It was the best stay ever compared to any 5 star hotel. We do appreciated M’s hospitality and the rest of her family. She lives in Manhattan. We took many subway train rides to explore the city.

 photo our room in NYC B_zpsbxgdt4gb.jpg

I wish to visit New York City again. I loved it there. How about you? Have you been to New York City before?


Do you hate or love winter?

I cannot believe that in a week or two, it is my 13th year since I arrived in America. I cannot believe that it is that long already. I still remember that it was 34 degrees when I first step out at Buffalo airport. The temperature changes from 90 degrees to 34 degrees in 24 hours. I feel like I was inside the freezer. I was freezing. It was bone chilling old. Those days will never ever forgotten.

 photo winter_zps59c18dff.jpg

We still have a month before spring will arrive. We got new snow on the ground from last night. I know that my husband flow the driveway yesterday when he got home from work.

This morning it is all covered with snow. I made a path for my kids to walk through their bus shed. Do you hate or love winter? We live in Western New York and winter days are very long. Buffalonians deal with it like an ordinary day.

My daughter loves the winter. I am sure that every kid is, right? Here she is loves to play with snow while waiting for her school bus to arrive. It is a beautiful day. It is cold but no wind so it is perfect.

My husband thinks our little k likes this boy

Oh no! Now that makes me panic. He lives in the other road not from where we live. He rides his ATV along the trail where my son rides his ATV as well. They became friends so as the other kids that ride their ATV. I am very happy that finally my son can play with other kids especially riding his ATV along the trail. 

playing the iPad in the hammock
This 11 years old boy A always comes over to our place. He plays with our son and my little K. The husband thinks that my little K likes this boy. I said I do not think so. My being conservative Mommy strikes in me. I do not want my little girl to like a boy when she is very young. She can wait at least when she is 13 years old or older.

I took this picture of them together sitting on the hammock. My little K shared her iPad with him. I watch them both like a hawk. I stay in the garage when my kids play in the backyard or in the driveway. How about you? Will you allow your little girl to like someone at a young age? I know that American kids brought up differently from where I was brought up.

I am linking this entry to the 29th day of blog photo challenge.

Are you starting your new life in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful country to live and start a new life. I knew this place while watching my favorite reality show “The Bachelor”. It was filmed some parts in New Zealand. I admire the beauty of the country too. I have never been in New Zealand but I do have friends that live there. They are happy migrating and started a new life with their family. 

It is a beautiful country. When you explore you have to make sure that you do not forget your camera. You can sum up your vacation or your first week in New Zealand with beautiful views through the lens of your camera. I know I cannot go to a place without my camera. I do love to make prints for my favorite vacation shots. The best way to capture it is through photo on canvas. I have three in our house and turned out beautifully. I am sure that when you order one from this Website, you will love it.

I like to send big boxes to my family in the Philippines especially during Christmas. They are very happy to see what is inside my big box. Are you moving to New Zealand? Do you want to mail all your stuff that it is way too big to send in the regular postage? Why not try to send it through shipping containers. I knew friends that done this and all their stuff delivered in their new place in time.

Are you looking for a new job? Are you looking for materials to finish your big projects? The sheet metal fabrication is your best option to find all the material you need to finish a big project. I work in a machine shop before too. I am sure it is nothing compare to their services here. Nothing beats up the big project to finish on time from their materials. I am sure that your boss will impress or happy that your dream project is finish on time from buying the materials here.

My Chevrolet Malibu 2013 my partner on the road

I consider myself a new driver though I have driven for three years now. I learn new things on the road everyday when I drive. It is not safe to drive on the road especially your kids are with you. You only not focus to yourself but for your passengers too. I always pray before I turn on the key and when I leave our driveway. My prayers are my best protection when I drive with my kids. 

Chevrolet Malibu 2013 car

I am very thankful and grateful for my husband for buying me this new car. This is my second car since I got my driver’s license. I want a different color this time and different model. He bought me a Chevrolet Malibu 2013 and the color is blue. I love my new car. My driver license will expire on my birthday. I am sure pretty soon I will get a letter in the mail to renew it.

Schwinn Windwood Women’s Cruiser Bike Giveaway

I never have a bike while growing up. I learned how to ride a bike when I was in high school. I know I am too old, right? I have to rent a bike just to learn how to ride it. I think I rent it for five pesos, which is only cents in American money. I am glad that my husband bought me a bike when I came here in America. We live near the Erie canal. It is a perfect place to bike. You can even hike or run if you want too. I know that I am very scared to ride a bike. I even almost fell off from the canal. It was a scary moment for me. Unfortunately, my husband run the bike over accidentally. Now I do not have a bike. This is my chance to win this beautiful bike in this giveaway. How about you? Do you a bike? Do you want to have a new bike? Why not join this giveaway too? It is very easy to join. I wish you good luck.


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Where to store your important stuff

Women keep stuffs that are very important to them. It could be a seasonal vehicle that you cherish the most. It could be furniture that you just bought for your new house. It could be house stuff that you need to put away. Maybe you are selling your house? Maybe you are moving to a new house and it is in a different state. 

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There are also services from this Website that you can try. They have available services like pod, truck rental and movers aside from doing the storage to yourself. My husband tried this service before. The management takes good care of his truck. It was kept in safe place. I am sure that just like my husband, moving is not hard thing to do because of services like this. Please check the Website for more information. They have branches nationwide and am sure that one of the state is yours. I wish you good luck in your moving or store your valuables safety from this company. The rates are very affordable too.

Day 7- The biggest impact

This is hard one for me. It takes me awhile to think on what ideas to write. I am glad that finally I set one on this thing. I plan to write a person and then change my mind.

I am so independent when I was in the Philippines. I can do whatever I want though I still live in my parent’s house. I abide by their rules. Life over in the Philippines is very convenient. You can go wherever you want. You do not need a vehicle. There are many public transportations that you can hire like a taxi or jeepney to name a few. You can hire a tricycle. You can even walk to go to church, school or public market.

Life changes when I live in America by myself. I miss my life in the Philippines so badly especially living away from my parents that time. You have to do everything here by yourself. I learn to be more independent except that I cannot go anywhere without my husband goes with me or dropping me at the store. Learning how to drive is a priority. There is a bus station but still very far from where I live.

I took my driving learner’s permit and passed the test with flying colors. I study my driving manual book. I should have by driver license early. I am so stubborn that it took me awhile to pass my road test. Learning how to drive with your husband teaching you is a big mistake. There are many constant arguing while you are learning which makes me more uneasy to learn how to drive. I finally enrolled in a driving class. It does not help much knowing that your driving instructor is a Grandma who has no patience to teach you.

I took my road test and failed twice. It sucks big time. You have no idea how hurtful it is. Finally, I have to face my fear when I my little girl will go to school in Pre-K. My husband told me that the only way our little girl can go to school is when I pass my road test. I have to enroll myself again in the driving class to get a certificate which is required by the New York state before you will take your road test. I also took my learner’s permit and passed with flying colors. The day before I take my road test that weekend, my husband and kids were with me in the car while learning to drive. My husband took me to the road where I will take my road test. We practice how to stop on the stop sign. We practice how to park parallel. This time with the determination I have and my husband constant insulting while I am driving. I swallow my pride. Finally on the day of my road test, we left the house early. We still practice on the road where I will take my road test doing the same pattern. I was nervous when the instructor sits on the front sit next to me on my road test. I take a deep breath and say my prayers to GOD guide me while taking my road test. I missed some turns. The instructor asks me again to take a right turn. She asks me to park parallel. My road test is over for at least ten minutes. The instructor advises me with my mistakes. I was listening to her and surprisingly take a peek on her paper and I see the P sign next to my name. She gave me my temporary driving license. It is like a receipt. She told me I passed my road test. I still cannot believe that finally I did it. My husband then came with our kids and asked the instructor how I did. The instructor then said that I passed my road test. Finally our little girl can go to school.

I would say the biggest impact for me is passing my road test. I would link this entry to the 7th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is your biggest impact. What about you what is the biggest impact in your life?

Day 01 of 30 day blog challenge: January

I want to say thank you to Mommy Ruby for making this blog challenge. This is a 30 day blog challenge for the month of January. Every day there is a task given for that day. I hope that I can challenge myself to continue writing a task until the last day of the month. Please wish me luck.

Here were go, day 01 challenge is a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

This is my recent picture that I took few minutes ago. I am ready for bed as you can see. I am wearing my pajamas. I love to sleep in the family room in front of the fireplace where it is warm and cozy. It is only 12 degrees outside. It feels like summer inside the house. The fireplace makes it a big difference. It is very important to install one when you live in New York. My husband said it is freezing outside.

These are 15 facts about me. You will get to know me as you read this journal. 1. I was born on Christmas Day. I just celebrated my 39th birthday. Yes! I am getting old but I thank GOD for blessing me a new life. 2. I graduated my elementary in West City Central School. 3. I graduated my high school formerly in Cathedral School of Technology now St. Mary’s Academy. 4 I finished my college at Cagayan de Oro College with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Economics back in my home town in Cagayan de Oro City. 5. I received my US visa on February 7th of 2002. 6. I never have an interview and never step on the US Embassy. 7. I flew to America on the 15th of February 2002. 8. I got married on the 11th of May 2002. 9. I gave birth to my first baby who is a boy on the 2nd of February 2003. 10. My Dad passed away on the 3rd of April 2005. 12. I gave birth to my second baby who is a girl on the 10th of August 2006. 13. I had my first car on the 11th of May 2010 as a gift on our 8th wedding anniversary. 14. I became a US citizen on the 14th of September 2011. 15. My daughter and I had our vacation in the Philippines for three weeks from June 29th to July 18th of 2012.

Those are some 15 facts about myself. I hope to learn interesting facts about yourself too.