Where we stayed in New York City 

It was a month ago today when three of my friends and myself flew to New York City. We had our girls vacation for four days. It was the shortest but best vacation ever. We were invited with one of our girlfriends that had a baby few months ago for her baby girl’s dedication. She moved to New York City five years ago. She used to live in Buffalo.

 photo our room in NYC_zpsdl69srf4.jpg

We stayed in her apartment in her son’s room. We did not stay in the hotel. We were so thankful that we stayed in her place. She invited us to stay in her apartment. We were pampered as well with her families kindness and generosity.

 photo our room in NYC A _zpsn59vfc3y.jpg

M her 11 years old son has bunk beds. I shared the bed with Miss J, on top is another J and across me is L. It was the best stay ever compared to any 5 star hotel. We do appreciated M’s hospitality and the rest of her family. She lives in Manhattan. We took many subway train rides to explore the city.

 photo our room in NYC B_zpsbxgdt4gb.jpg

I wish to visit New York City again. I loved it there. How about you? Have you been to New York City before?


Received a Mother’s Day card and a picture from my husband’s eldest daughter

I am very happy and surprised to receive a Mother’s Day card from my husband’s eldest daughter. There is also a picture enclosed with her daughter. I received cards from her before like Christmas but not Mother’s Day card. I want to say thank you so very much M. You are very sweet. M is also growing beautifully like her Mommy.


Thank you M for this beautiful Mother's Day card and picture too
Thank you M for this beautiful Mother’s Day card and picture too


Thank you M for this beautiful Mother's Day card and picture too
Thank you M for this beautiful Mother’s Day card and picture too

My husband’s eldest daughter lives in Florida with her family. She teaches fifth grade. We saw her and her daughter last Christmas. I am very blessed that she accepted me as who I am. M is seven (7) years younger than I. We had an amazing time when they were here last Christmas. She and little M really bonded with her siblings. It is funny that little M’s niece is younger than her. Little M’s uncle is the same age as her. They get along really fine though. My kids missed their big sister and their niece. I hope they will come back again.

Happy birthday to the best father in the world

My father should celebrate his 78th birthday today. Unfortunately, he went to heaven when he was 69 years old. He almost made it on his 70th birthday. I missed my father so very much. He is indeed the best father in the world.


Happy birthday Papa. I missed you so very much :-(
Happy birthday Papa. I missed you so very much 🙁

My father is very workaholic. Time is very important to him. He wakes up before the sun rise. He used to work at the school where I graduated my college. He works in the maintenance department. He is the best painter. He is the best carpenter too. I am so proud of him every time I see him at school.


The first and last time that my son see his Grandpa
The first and last time that my son see his Grandpa

It breaks my heart while writing about my father. I am a Daddy’s girl. I looked like my father too. I remembered he was so proud of me when I graduated my college. I dedicated all my success to my Dad. Despite being poor he makes sure that his kids will have the best education.

I am very thankful to God that my husband reminds me of my Dad. They both very workaholic. They take good care of their family to give them the best. They both also are impatient. My husband said that our son looks like my father too. It makes me very happy that part of my father is in my son.

Here are some pictures that I love. I really like this picture of my father. The first picture I think was at my half brother’s wedding.  The other picture is with my Mom, my Dad and my son. This was my son’s first time to visit the Philippines in 2003. It was also the last time he saw his Grandpa. I love his picture too. My son is playing with his Grandpa. This picture will always play a special place in my heart. My little girl never see her Grandpa but she visited him at the cemetery.

I want to wish my father a happy birthday. I cannot see and hug you personally. You are always in my heart forever. I want to thank you Papa for all the love and inspiration. I love you very much. You are indeed the best father for me in the universe.

Remembering my Aunt on her birthday

Today is the birthday of my Aunt Letty. She should turn 72 years old. Unfortunately, she went to heaven to join God. Aunt Letty is my Mom’s big sister. They are only two years apart. My Mom used to do my Aunt Letty’s laundry. I also cleaned her house while my Mom is doing their laundry. 

visited my Aunt

My Aunt Letty is like my second mother. I missed her so very much. She is the best aunt in the entire world. She helped my family a lot and especially me. She helped me with my school and even when I was applying for a job. She helped me to pass all the job requirements. I will never ever forget my Aunt Letty. We have happy memories together as aunt and niece. I love her very much.

visited my Aunt

I did not see her for the last time when she went to heaven. I did visit her grave last year when my daughter and I visited the Philippines. My Mom and my niece was with us too. We brought her flowers. I know that she loved flowers. It was a very warm day. We said our prayers and stayed in her grave for a while.

flowers for our dearest Aunt

It is very hard for me to talk to her through prayers. I missed her advice. I missed our joke and the laughter we had. I missed the time when we ate together in her house after finishing the laundry and cleaned her house. My Aunt has the money but she stays humble which I loved about her.

Happy birthday Aunt Letty and I know that you are looking down from heaven for us. I want to say thank you very much for everything. I love you so very much.

How to enjoy your vacation in Turkey

One of my close friends traveled to her husband’s place last month. I was very surprise and happy that finally she visited the country where her husband is originally from. I thought that it was her and husband that only visited her husband’s home town. I am very happy that her kids went with them too. I see many pictures of them during her trip with her family last month.

photo grabbed from a friend who just visited Turkey

This was their first time to travel as a family to visit her husband’s home town. I am very happy that they can finally meet her husband’s family and relatives. I know that she has planned a vacation for a while now. I am glad that it happened the last week.

photo grabbed from a friend who just visited Turkey

I saw her last weekend. She had a wonderful time during her vacation. I am glad that she is back with her family in New York. It was great to see her and catch up. It has been awhile since the last time I see her. She downloaded pictures in her Facebook page. She shared all their places that her family visited during her trip last month.

photo grabbed from a friend who just visited Turkey

I cannot believe that Turkey is only a border away from where her husband’s family is. She visited Bulgaria where her husband is originally from. I really like some pictures she took when they visited the beautiful country of Turkey. I really want to explore the temple. I also want to learn about the Turkey culture and tradition. They even wear a traditional head wear just like the typical Turkish people. I wonder where she bought her tickets. I really like to explore Turkey and check for Turkish Airlines if they have affordable tickets for my family. If you plan to fly with them, be sure to use Turkish Airlines coupon codes when you book your flight to save some money. I am happy that they available route from New York to Turkey. I can also check status of the airlines as well. I will put Turkey in one of my bucket list. I hope that my wish will happen someday.

Dream of going to Las Vegas for a vacation

This post brought to you by Southwest Airlines Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

I never have alone time with my husband. I mean just the two of us without the kids. It would be awesome to spend time with him. I would love to spend two or three days of just the two of us.  I would love to spend time somewhere where we both can have the fun and enjoy each other’s company.  I miss the romance and being flirt with him.
All I want is to fly for three days and have the best times of our lives together. I would love to explore the sin city. I want to have the fun with him. I want to go to the club and being flirt with him. I miss those sweet and flirt moment with him. I want to be free and nothing to think but just have the fun with the two of us.
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How to learn playing a guitar easily

I love listening to the sound of guitar. It is very pleasing to the ear. I remember one time when I visited my cousin in the province. There is this guy that I think likes me. It was two days that I stayed in their place when I notice this guy. He serenaded me one night with his guitar. It sounds so romantic. I guess, that time my priority in life is different from having a relationship with someone who lives far away from me. 

 photo classicguitarcapo.jpg
(photo not mine)

I felt that once in my life I am important. I saw him the next day. I admitted I was shy to thank him for his sweet gesture. We talk with my cousin by my side and showed me how to play a guitar. I wonder if he uses this classic guitar capo. It looks so easy once he played the guitar. How I wish that could stay longer in my cousin’s place. It was indeed one memorable day of my life. Memories that will last forever.

Happy 33rd birthday to you brother

Today is my youngest brother J’s birthday. He turns 33 years old. I want to greet him a “Happy birthday” brother J. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. I wish you good health. Please take good care of your health. Please stay away from drinking too much. It is not good for you and your health.

This is our last picture taken while my daughter and I were in the Philippines at Raagas beach. This was July 15th of 2012. This is our last day in Cagayan de Oro City, my home town. I am not there in person but please have a piece of cake for me. Please enjoy your birthday. I love you even if you are a pain in the butt. Please extend my warmest regards to everybody.

I am linking this entry to the 22nd day of blog photo challenge.

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you have been to

There is no place in the world that I rather be now except in the Philippines particularly in my home town, Cagayan de Oro City. I left my heart in Cagayan de Oro City. There is no place like home.

GOD is so great that HE allowed me and my daughter to visit the Philippines. I am not really looking forward for a very long flight. I am thankful that despite of the delayed and canceled of our flights; we arrived safely back home to New York. I spent most of the time with my Mom who I did not see for six (6) long years. I did not visit beautiful tourist spots but I did spend my precious time with the most important person in my life which is my Mom. I am sorry to my friends that I did not spend more time with them. I hope that you forgive me. I will let the pictures describe it for you. Please forgive me for uploading many pictures.

I never forget the moment that I am looking down at my home town, Cagayan de Oro City, up in the air.

PhotobucketIt was such a big relief when our plane, Philippine Airlines, landed in Lumbia airport on the 29th day of June 2012.

PhotobucketMy Mom and my niece P stayed with us in our hotel room. We stayed at Country Village hotel in Carmen. I wanted to stay in my Mom’s house to save some money but my little girl will not allow me. She loves the pool at the hotel we stayed.

PhotobucketThere is two free complimentary breakfast in the hotel. I let my little girl and her cousin gets the free. My Mom and I choose our own breakfast food. I am very privileged to spend my Mom’s 69th birthday too.

PhotobucketMy two sisters flew from Cebu City to spend my niece 8th birthday at Opol Beach.

PhotobucketDuring the morning, I spent my time in my Mom’s house. My little girl met her cousins and meet new friends as well. I am having a hard time using my debit cards to use when we go out. What I do is?

PhotobucketI send my Mom some money and the two of us picked it up at a pawn shop. It works this way. I can use some cash.

PhotobucketWe eat most of the time at Jollibee Vamenta in Carmen with my Mom, my two nieces D and P. My little girl loves to eat pancake and spaghetti. I also enrolled her at a Jollibee Kids club.

PhotobucketWe went to Raagas beach. The water is blurry because it rained most of the night. My little girl loves the beach.

PhotobucketWe stayed in my Mom’s room just to talk and spent quality time together. This is use to be my room when I was a teenager.

I hope that you enjoy our pictures. They are not beautiful but I am happy that I spent most of our time with my Mom and my family. I am linking this entry to the 5th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about a picture of somewhere you have been to.