My books to bring for the book signing event in Canada

I cannot believe that in three days, am going to Canada for the book signing event. I am so very excited and cannot wait. My husband will drive and we are going to cross the border. Our passports and my kids birth certificate and my ticket is all ready.

 photo Books ordered_zpsnzlvluic.jpg

All my books that I ordered from Amazon were all arrived.  There are eight authors in this file. I also pre-ordered and paid some books from the other authors. I am thankful that I have job so I can buy all of these books. I am so thankful that my husband supports my being bookworm.

This is my very first time book signing event to attend in Canada. My husband is off and I took the day off from work so I can attend this exciting book signing event.

My very first book signing event in Canada

I am very excited to go to Canada next month for a book signing event. I am so excited that one of my favorite author Ms. Chelle Bliss is attending. I really adore and loved her books. I have read most of her books. Meeting her in person is a dream come true for a book reader like me.

 photo RTF shirt A_zps2hecdhcc.jpg
We have this shirt available to order for the said event. I ordered mine but need to send it back. The design of the shirt is beautiful. I do not like the size and it is way too big on me. I am very excited to get a different style and size. It should be there before the book event.

 photo RTF shirt_zps6dgcnwfz.jpg
My husband will drive me to Canada. I am not sure if two of my kids will come with us. I know that my daughter will come. She is always my side kick with the book events I attended in our local library. She even wanted to own her shirt from the said event.

Cooling off with Nestle Splash Lemon by the pool

Summer is my favorite season. I grow up in the tropical country of the Philippines. I love summer because it feels like home. You only wear shorts, tanks and flip-flops and enjoy the pool. My kids love to swim in our in-ground pool. They could swim from noon till dark. Even at night sometimes they go night swimming. Our family loves summer. All of us are all tan though mine is natural. They lost their tan now as it is Autumn and our pool is already closed.

 photo Nestle Splash_zpshp8rp03r.jpg

Though I seldom swim in our pool, I love to hang out with my family. I watch them play and enjoy swimming. What I loved about the pool is reading a book. Yes! I am a bookworm. I have to make sure that I applied the sunblock with me. I also loves to drink water with ice in my glass. You have to hydrate yourself from the sun.

 photo Nestle Splash A_zpslbjufyf6.jpg

I am blessed that I received this Nestle Splash with lemon drink. It tastes heavenly. Though I love my water plain, the extra taste of lemon adds more flavor. If you cannot tolerate to drink regular water, why not try this Nestle Splash with lemon. Inside my box also came with a beach ball that my kids love to play in our pool. A cute sunglasses that my daughter loves to wear.

 photo Nestle Splash B_zpsvxd5pinm.jpg

It also came with a straw for the Nestle Splash. I loved my goodies.


“I received my Nestlé Splash products complimentary from Influenster and am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.”

Today mark my 14 year since I arrived in America

California (San Francisco) is my first port of entry. I was held in the immigration asking for one document. Good thing that I knowhow to answer that question. It was a 13 hours flight from Philippines (Manila) to San Francisco California. It was also my first international flight and no clue how long the fight and what to expect when I arrived in America.

I came with a K1 or fiancée visa. I have to stay until 90 days and go back to my country if I do not get married with my fiancée. Georgia (Atlanta) is my second US State and New York (Buffalo) my final destination. I still remember it was 34 degrees outside. It felt like you were inside the freezer. I left from 90 degrees weather and arrived to 34 degrees. It was indeed a shock to my body.

Life changes since then. One thing that will never change is, this girl will always stay humble and remembers where she comes from.

I have learned so much from the past 14 years. Being independent is one of them. You have to be strong, have faith in God to survive without your family helping you by your side. You have to learn how to fight and deal with circumstances. I have met some amazing friends and stay loyal to them. I become a bookworm that is for sure. Cheers to me and thank you America for welcoming me to your loving arms.

Where we stayed in New York City 

It was a month ago today when three of my friends and myself flew to New York City. We had our girls vacation for four days. It was the shortest but best vacation ever. We were invited with one of our girlfriends that had a baby few months ago for her baby girl’s dedication. She moved to New York City five years ago. She used to live in Buffalo.

 photo our room in NYC_zpsdl69srf4.jpg

We stayed in her apartment in her son’s room. We did not stay in the hotel. We were so thankful that we stayed in her place. She invited us to stay in her apartment. We were pampered as well with her families kindness and generosity.

 photo our room in NYC A _zpsn59vfc3y.jpg

M her 11 years old son has bunk beds. I shared the bed with Miss J, on top is another J and across me is L. It was the best stay ever compared to any 5 star hotel. We do appreciated M’s hospitality and the rest of her family. She lives in Manhattan. We took many subway train rides to explore the city.

 photo our room in NYC B_zpsbxgdt4gb.jpg

I wish to visit New York City again. I loved it there. How about you? Have you been to New York City before?


How I wish that I do not live far from New York City

I got an email the other day about the première ticket to watch Fifty Shades Of Grey in New York City. I wish  that I live close to New York City. Definitely I will watch the première. I do have a cousin that lives in the city but she is working that day. My husband also is working days this week. Nobody will watch my kids.

 photo FSOGtickets_zps228f172e.jpg

I feel sad but it I am fine. My husband and I will watch the movie on the 12th next week. I cannot wait. It has been awhile we had a movie date. I hope that he will like the movie. He did not read the book. I cannot wait. I cannot believe it is six more days.

How about you? Have you been to New York City?

Received a Mother’s Day card and a picture from my husband’s eldest daughter

I am very happy and surprised to receive a Mother’s Day card from my husband’s eldest daughter. There is also a picture enclosed with her daughter. I received cards from her before like Christmas but not Mother’s Day card. I want to say thank you so very much M. You are very sweet. M is also growing beautifully like her Mommy.


Thank you M for this beautiful Mother's Day card and picture too
Thank you M for this beautiful Mother’s Day card and picture too


Thank you M for this beautiful Mother's Day card and picture too
Thank you M for this beautiful Mother’s Day card and picture too

My husband’s eldest daughter lives in Florida with her family. She teaches fifth grade. We saw her and her daughter last Christmas. I am very blessed that she accepted me as who I am. M is seven (7) years younger than I. We had an amazing time when they were here last Christmas. She and little M really bonded with her siblings. It is funny that little M’s niece is younger than her. Little M’s uncle is the same age as her. They get along really fine though. My kids missed their big sister and their niece. I hope they will come back again.

Happy birthday to the best father in the world

My father should celebrate his 78th birthday today. Unfortunately, he went to heaven when he was 69 years old. He almost made it on his 70th birthday. I missed my father so very much. He is indeed the best father in the world.


Happy birthday Papa. I missed you so very much :-(
Happy birthday Papa. I missed you so very much 🙁

My father is very workaholic. Time is very important to him. He wakes up before the sun rise. He used to work at the school where I graduated my college. He works in the maintenance department. He is the best painter. He is the best carpenter too. I am so proud of him every time I see him at school.


The first and last time that my son see his Grandpa
The first and last time that my son see his Grandpa

It breaks my heart while writing about my father. I am a Daddy’s girl. I looked like my father too. I remembered he was so proud of me when I graduated my college. I dedicated all my success to my Dad. Despite being poor he makes sure that his kids will have the best education.

I am very thankful to God that my husband reminds me of my Dad. They both very workaholic. They take good care of their family to give them the best. They both also are impatient. My husband said that our son looks like my father too. It makes me very happy that part of my father is in my son.

Here are some pictures that I love. I really like this picture of my father. The first picture I think was at my half brother’s wedding.  The other picture is with my Mom, my Dad and my son. This was my son’s first time to visit the Philippines in 2003. It was also the last time he saw his Grandpa. I love his picture too. My son is playing with his Grandpa. This picture will always play a special place in my heart. My little girl never see her Grandpa but she visited him at the cemetery.

I want to wish my father a happy birthday. I cannot see and hug you personally. You are always in my heart forever. I want to thank you Papa for all the love and inspiration. I love you very much. You are indeed the best father for me in the universe.

It has been 12 years since my Papa went to heaven

The last time I saw my Papa alive was August of 2003. My son was only six months old. It was my first time to go back to the Philippines after residing to America. My Papa and his grandson had an awesome time together. I never forget those precious moments of them together. 

The last time I saw him was April of 2005. I traveled to the Philippines by myself for two weeks. It was the saddest vacation I ever had. I was not looking forward to seeing my Papa for the last time. It was a heart breaking vacation. My tears never stop falling even I am board in the airplane. My tears burst when I finally arrived in my home town. I cannot believe that my Papa is inside the coffin. I cannot believe he is gone.

I cannot believe it has been 12 years since my Papa went to heaven

He has a bad health. He is a smoker. He also drinks as well. He had a knee surgery. I am glad that he will not feel the pain anymore. He was 69 years old when he died. He is almost made it on his 70th birthday.

I cannot believe that he went to heaven for 12 years now. He is the best father I ever have. He is a very workaholic man. He does not waste his time. He said that time is gold. He takes care of us. We might be poor and do not have nice things but my Papa wants us to have the best in life. He wants us to have the best education. You are gone physically Papa but our happy memories will remain forever in my heart. I missed and loved you with all my heart. I am always your little girl.

Remembering my Aunt on her birthday

Today is the birthday of my Aunt Letty. She should turn 72 years old. Unfortunately, she went to heaven to join God. Aunt Letty is my Mom’s big sister. They are only two years apart. My Mom used to do my Aunt Letty’s laundry. I also cleaned her house while my Mom is doing their laundry. 

visited my Aunt

My Aunt Letty is like my second mother. I missed her so very much. She is the best aunt in the entire world. She helped my family a lot and especially me. She helped me with my school and even when I was applying for a job. She helped me to pass all the job requirements. I will never ever forget my Aunt Letty. We have happy memories together as aunt and niece. I love her very much.

visited my Aunt

I did not see her for the last time when she went to heaven. I did visit her grave last year when my daughter and I visited the Philippines. My Mom and my niece was with us too. We brought her flowers. I know that she loved flowers. It was a very warm day. We said our prayers and stayed in her grave for a while.

flowers for our dearest Aunt

It is very hard for me to talk to her through prayers. I missed her advice. I missed our joke and the laughter we had. I missed the time when we ate together in her house after finishing the laundry and cleaned her house. My Aunt has the money but she stays humble which I loved about her.

Happy birthday Aunt Letty and I know that you are looking down from heaven for us. I want to say thank you very much for everything. I love you so very much.