What did I redeemed with my Victoria’s Secret reward cards

I used two of my Victoria’s Secret reward cards. I still have the two cards that I will redeem before they expire. I just wish that these swimwear comes as one price but unfortunately it does not.

My second pair of Victoria's Secret swimwear
My second pair of Victoria’s Secret swimwear

I love the color of my new swimwear. I also love the flirty style. I cannot wait to wear them. I love the top of the swimsuit. You can wear it strapless. I like mine with strap. It keeps my small girls safe and secure.  I know summer will come in two more months. I cannot wait. I have worked out so I can wear my swimwear with proud. This is my second swimwear that I bought this year.

I am not sure if I could wear this swimwear in public like going to the beach with my family I hope this summer. I do not think my husband will allow me. He is a little protective. Do I ashamed of my body? Definitely not, I know at 41 years old I still got it.

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dude that I love and always will

How was your Father’s Day? I hope that you had a wonderful time spending it with your Dad or your family yesterday. We did not do special yesterday. My husband opened gifts from his daughters. I did not gave him anything. I did cooked breakfast for him. 

Writing things to do for Daddy on Father's Day
We were home yesterday. We checked the telephone company if they cider woods for our fireplace. My husband cut some. We split it when went home. I helped my husband split the logs with the log splitter. I also helped him stack the wood in the garage. We can use it during the fall. We also checked my husband’s friend that has the wood in his property. Unfortunately, he was not around and we headed home. We went back to his friend’s house and he showed us his woods. They are all hard wood and I do not know if my husband will want them.

Fishing on Father's Day
Father and son played golf. The girls just watched them play. They went swimming. They went fishing n the afternoon. These are our pictures of how we spent the Father’s Day. I cooked noodles to wish him long life to spend more Father’s Day with us.

The coolest dude that I love and always will
How about you? How did you spent your Father’s Day? I am linking this entry to #165 of 365 blog photo challenge.

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

I do not know that my goal for this month can be achieve. I am talking about shredding some unhealthy fats on my stomach. I tried working out for five days and unfortunately need to stop as my monthly period come. I really miss working out. I just cannot wait to start working out again. I want to wear my two piece swimsuit for this summer. I will only wear them when I am swimming with the family in our in ground pool. It would be awesome to wear them in the public like if we go to a beach or park if my body is ready.

I am also eating more healthy food for the last days. I start eating cereals in the morning. I am not a cereal fan but have no choice to stay healthy. I even try eating salad which is not my favorite food to eat. I do make salad for the family but I do not eat it.

I still have five months to work out and hope that before summer I can see some results. I am not doing this for anybody but for myself. I do miss my body when I was 28 years old. I know that taking care of your kids and family is a priority. I want to give something for myself too.

I am linking this to the 8th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your short-term goals for this month and why. What about you? What are your short terms goals?