Happy 12th birthday to my dearest son

I cannot believe that the premature baby weighs 5 pounds and 4 oz that I gave birth 12 years ago is now weighs 86 pounds. I weigh 88 pounds when I first came in America. Where did the time went? I still remember the moment when I was admitted at the hospital on the 1st of February for my doctor to stop my contraction. I was only 7 months pregnant. I was sent home the next day but that night I was admitted at the hospital because my contraction started again. I gave birth to a baby at 11:45 that night of February 3rd.

 photo firstbirthday_zpsf94619c2.jpg

My K has been through a lot as a premature baby. He was born healthy despite being born early. He has the speech therapy until now. Now he talks a lot. He is a very strong kid. He is very shy yet kind to other people. He loves sports like hockey and football. He is my crazy driver who loves to drive the golf cart and especially his ATV.

What I love about my son is? He is a very simple kid. He is easy to please. He has his moment as a typical boy does. He is growing so fast and almost a teen-ager now. He is very respectful and loves his little sister and always protect her. They are the best buddies for life.

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I wish my son the best in life to offer. May all your dream comes true son. Always remember to being kind to other people. I love you more that you ever know. I will always be here for you no matter what.

 photo birthdaygifts_zps90610dca.jpg

We had a simple birthday for my son yesterday. He does not want a birthday party. He wants to eat at Chinese buffet which we did at lunch time as they only have the half day at school that day. He also wants Lego like Police and Fire Station as birthday gifts. Grandma and Grandpa gave him Xbox 360 games as he likes to play. The little sister gave him a card and inside is a $12 from her own money.

 photo 12thbirthday_zps527c46c2.jpg

He invited a classmate from school who is his buddy. He does not want a birthday cake. The younger sister helped me bake and decorated it. It was a simple birthday for my son. I am glad that he had a fun birthday.

I am really scared to go ice skating

My family is into outdoor activity. It does not matter what season it is. It is winter and my kids were happy that our pond is finally froze. They finally can go ice skating. The last time I went ice skating with my kids, the ice is 14 ” thick. It is really safe for the kids to go ice skating.


ice skating with my kids by or pond
ice skating with my kids by or pond


I went ice skating while my son and his classmates play hockey. I can only balance. I do not know how to skate fast. I am so scared that I fall and broke a bone. I wear elbow and knee pads to protect myself if I fall.

Luckily I did not fall that day. I ask my son’s classmate if he could take a picture of us. My summer babe also really wants me to learn more how to skate. She even took a video of me skating. You might be laughing at me but that is okay. I did try my best how to skate.

I missed playing pool billiard

My Dad build a home-made pool billiard back in my home town in the Philippines. It is where I learned how to play pool billiard as well. My Dad is an amazing pool billiard player. How I wish I can play that good just like him. My younger brother also is a great pool billiard player so as my younger sister.

playing pool billiard table on my in-laws basement
playing pool billiard table on my in-laws basement

I remember there are many kids that want to play our pool billiard. It is very cheap compared to the a place where they can play billiard. Most of our neighbors play our pool billiard table as well. Every weekend, our house is full of people who want to play billiard.

I missed my Dad so much but I am happy that he taught me how to play the pool billiard table. Yes! I can play pool billiard table so you do not to dare me. I wish we have our own pool billiard table. This is in the basement of my in-laws.

How about you? Do you know how to play the pool billiard.

My Filipino American family that makes life worth living

I almost married to the love of my life, my husband, for almost 12 years in a couple of weeks. Sure thing married life is not perfect. Despite of all the trials and problems we encounter am thankful to God for keeping this family still complete.

The LOVE of my life, my huuband
The best husband I can ever have. He is very workaholic which remind me of my Dad. Indeed not a fan of being patient but has a sense of humor that for sure makes me laugh. He is a great provider and will do anything to give his family the best of life.

I cannot believe that my premature baby is getting so big

I am thankful to God for blessing this Filipino American family of mine. My eldest is 11 years old. He loves to play golf recently. I cannot believe that this premature baby of mine is getting so tall. He is up to my neck now. He is very kind and shy.

my very independent girl

My little K will turn eight yours old this year. She is my summer babe. She is my trouble maker. She is very independent. I am not looking forward when she is teenager. She is crazy playing Mine Craft.

Bought a Buffalo Sabres hockey pink shirt

I have a Buffalo Sabres jersey shirt that my husband gave me on my very first Christmas here in New York. It is a jersey hockey shirt of my favorite former Buffalo Sabres player Tim Connelly and has number 19 on it. I really like him because he is very cute. He also plays hockey very well. I have this jersey shirt since December of 2000. Tim Connelly is not playing in the Buffalo Sabres anymore. I do not know what team he is playing now.

my old Buffalo Sabres jersey Tim Connelly hockey shirt

Yesterday, my family watches the hockey live. The Buffalo Sabres is playing against Carolina Panthers. This is their second meeting of this year. We arrived in the First Niagara Center early. We decided to check the arena after we had an early dinner.

My Buffalo Sabres pink hockey shirt

There is a store that sells Buffalo Sabres stuff. They sell uniforms, accessories and toys for any Buffalo Sabres fan. I found this pink shirt that has a Buffalo words on the front a Buffalo Sabres team trademark. I really like it. I am glad that they have a size medium. It is a little pricey. It was $24 for this shirt. I ask the husband first. He told me if I want it then I can have it. I am now a happy woman.

Are you looking for a new play sets for your family?

Spring is not far. How I wish that the snow will melt soon. I just woke up and it is snowing outside. Snow is beautiful but really I have enough. I want to feel the warm weather again. I know that my kids like the snow especially my son. He loves to play ice hockey on the pond.

My sons first play sets

I know that they are longing to play at the park too when it is warm. I really love the play sets they at the park. We only have swing in our backyard. I do not think the kids play them anymore. They like the play sets at the park. I wonder if the playsets in chesapeake is the town bought for the community. It is really fun to play and so many play sets to check out.

How about your family? Are you looking for a new play sets? Why not check out this Website? You might find the perfect play sets for your family.

Keeping her cool while watching The Thunder on Niagara show

It was really warm that day. It is obvious that it is summer. The family went to watch The Thunder on Niagara show in a nearby city. It is a show about hydro planes in the river. This show is annually held in this area. The family likes to watch the show every year. 

watching The Thunder Niagara show

How I wish that I bring hats with me to keep me cool. I am glad that I brought spray to keep the family protected from the bugs. The little girl is complaining that she is very warm. She has a shoulder length hair. I braid her hair and am glad that I brought her Victoria Justice sunglasses with her that she got on her birthday. It makes her feel better.

Do you watch show with your family too? How do you keep your family stays cool when it is very warm outside?

I am linking this entry to the 10th day of August blog photo challenge.

How to enjoy life and be successful

Success is a great way of enjoying life to the fullest. Life is too short that we have to make sure that we spend every minute to the love of our lives. It does not mean going somewhere but at home too. There are many things to enjoy with your family at home. 

Scott Gelbard is enjoying his business success at the same time his life with his family as well. You can follow him Twitter and to know his resume as well. I really admire him so much. Businessperson at the same time enjoys life to the fullest.

I am sure that many people want to follow his footsteps as well. He teaches us to enjoy life. We could play sports with our family. I seldom go swimming with my family but always keep an eye on them. I love to work out with my little girl as well. I love to watch my husband and my son playing golf in the backyard. I love to take pictures of them when they catch a bass fish in our pond.

Success always starts in the family. Everything will follow. You have to make sure that you keep your family happy and contented not with material things but moments that will take their breath away. You can bring that happiness in your work too.