Where to buy beautiful dress at an affordable price

Summer will be here in about two months. I cannot wait. It is my favorite season of all time. It would be awesome just to wear, shorts, tops, sandals and dresses. I am relief that finally I can breathe from wearing thick coat, sweaters and boots.

I love this red dress
I love this red dress

I need to shop new summer outfits. I started cleaning my drawers and closet. I check what I needed for three months to enjoy the warm weather ahead. Definitely fashion outfits like this summer dress is what I have in mind. I am sure that my family will receive an invitation for a kids party.

 photo iprice coupon_zpsf7hgjbew.png

Shopping is fun at the same time it is tricky. You have to make sure that you have the budget. Checking Websites for affordable deals are exciting especially if you check the iprice.ph. There prices are very affordable. You can search any outfits for your family like your husband and kids. You can even buy outfits to send it to somebody as a gift.

I am looking forward for the summer. I cannot wait to show off my new outfits to my friends as well.

My recent shopping bags

I had the four Victoria’s Secret reward cards. I need to use them before they expire. Unfortunately four of the cards have $10 in them. I was hoping for more but it did not happen. Oh well I will try next time.

My recent shopping bags
My recent shopping bags

I drove to the mall while my husband is at work and my kids were in school. I have to make sure that I get home before the bus drops them in our house.  I seldom treat myself. Usually it is for my kids when I shop but this time, it is all about me.

I am happy with how I redeemed my cards. I also shop at the Aeropostale. I love that store as well. They have adorable display. I wish I have more money. I did not use any credit cards. I am trying to use my debit card and stay away from getting bills.

My swimsuit is ready for the summer

My body is not. I am so sad that I gain back the four pounds that I lose. It is my fault because I eat many times in a buffet. I know that I can go do better. I need to do my hula hoop more. I now weigh 130 pounds at 5’4″. I still look skinny though. I just need to lost some fats on the stomach which is not easy thing to do. I will never give up. I still have the three more months before summer will come.

My new Victoria's Secret swimsuit
My new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit



I bought these swimsuits from my favorite store the Victoria’s Secret. They are not come in a set. It is great for me. I cannot wait to wear them. I cannot wear them in public though only in our own in-ground pool. I do not mind wearing them but I do not think my husband will allow me to show my gut in the public. I am sure he will get embarrass, just kidding. I know him being protective will not allow other men to look at his wife’s body.

How about you? Are you ready for summer yet? Is your swimsuit ready?

My Victoria’s Secret birthday gifts arrived

My husband asks me what I want for my birthday. I told him that I do not want anything. He spent so much money for the kids gifts. He said that is okay. He will work over time to get more money. Is he not a sweet husband?

I cannot wait to open my gifts from Victoria's Secret
I cannot wait to open my gifts from Victoria’s Secret

He told me that why not order something you like in Victoria’s Secret. He really know how to spoil his wife. It happens that I ripped my winter coat. I really need a new winter coat. You know how bone chilling cold could be in New York. I could order many sexy things I want from the Website but I passed.

Instead I ordered a winter coat. It is on sale that time. It still cost a lot. My husband does not mind it as my birthday is coming soon. It also happens that there is a free blanket if you order $75 and higher. I ordered a winter coat with free blanket. it also is free shipping too.

The other day my ordered came. I want to take a peek because nobody is around. I do not want to spoil my surprise. I cannot wait to open it. I am more excited with the blanket. I cannot wait to warm myself with that blanket while reading a book in my Nook.

How about you? Are you expecting a special gift from your husband this Christmas?

The Billionaire’s Obsession The complete Series by J.S. Scott is my new book

I received this book that I ordered at Amazon online today. This book shipped fast. I am one happy and contented costumer. Kudos to Amazon for that.

Anyway, I have an e-book of “Mine For Tonight” that I downloaded for free for my Kindle. It cost you nothing. I read the book in my Nook. I love that story. I am such an e-book addict. I did not know that this book called “The Billionaire’s Obsession” is in a series. The book is written by J.S. Scott. The complete series is also on sale for $0.99. There is four stories in the series.

The Billionaire's Obsession by J.S. Scott is my new book
The Billionaire’s Obsession by J.S. Scott is my new book

It involves the billionaire guy name Sam. The woman’s name is Kara. I really love their love story. I finished read the complete series in two days. It is hard to put the book down once you started reading it, you know.

I really love their story that I ordered a paperback copy of The Billionaire’s Obsession. It does not cost much. The book cost $9.20. This book is now part of my collection. I know that I will read them again.

Bought a Buffalo Sabres hockey pink shirt

I have a Buffalo Sabres jersey shirt that my husband gave me on my very first Christmas here in New York. It is a jersey hockey shirt of my favorite former Buffalo Sabres player Tim Connelly and has number 19 on it. I really like him because he is very cute. He also plays hockey very well. I have this jersey shirt since December of 2000. Tim Connelly is not playing in the Buffalo Sabres anymore. I do not know what team he is playing now.

my old Buffalo Sabres jersey Tim Connelly hockey shirt

Yesterday, my family watches the hockey live. The Buffalo Sabres is playing against Carolina Panthers. This is their second meeting of this year. We arrived in the First Niagara Center early. We decided to check the arena after we had an early dinner.

My Buffalo Sabres pink hockey shirt

There is a store that sells Buffalo Sabres stuff. They sell uniforms, accessories and toys for any Buffalo Sabres fan. I found this pink shirt that has a Buffalo words on the front a Buffalo Sabres team trademark. I really like it. I am glad that they have a size medium. It is a little pricey. It was $24 for this shirt. I ask the husband first. He told me if I want it then I can have it. I am now a happy woman.

How did I spent my $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card from my birthday

I wrote on my earlier post here that my in-laws gave me a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card on my birthday. I drove to the mall and used my gift card. It happened that the Victoria’s Secret is having a sale that day. The store is mobbed by Angels (this is how they call their customers). The prices are very low. They are having 75% off on all the beauty products. I only buy the nail polish from that list. I cannot tolerate the smell of the lotions and he perfumes. It smells good but I am allergic to the smell of the perfumes. It gives me dizzy so I stay away. Luckily you can avoid the smells if you can shop on their website, and lower the cost of your entire purchase by using a Victorias Secret discount code.

shopping at Victoria's Secret

The brassière is sale for $19.99. The underwear is $3.99 on some of the selections. I love to wear brassière and underwear. Most of my intimates are from Victoria’s Secret. I love their material and the style. I bought two of these brassieres. I also bought five of their sexy underwear. They are all laces which is my favorite material. I have a very sensitive skin. The lace is just perfect for my skin.

shopping at Victoria's Secret

Overall I am happy with the gift card that I got from my birthday. I did not wear anything from my recent Victoria’s Secret shopping yet. They are all in my drawers.

My new Kohl’s credit card

I love to shop mainly for my kids’ clothes and footwear. Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores to shop. I could shop online or in the store. I love to shop at Kohl’s. They have the cutest outfits for girls and boys. What I love most about Kohl’s is? I always receive coupons in the mail. It saves me money. I can also use some coupon codes if I shop online. Sometimes you get a $10 off on your next shopping when your total shopping is $50. It will add to my savings.

My new Kohl's credit card

I really like my new Kohl’s credit card that I received the last month. This will expire in a couple of years from now. I also like their new design. It looks fancy. I only use my Kohl’s credit card for my kids. I am glad that my husband does not mind me using this Kohl’s credit card. He is the one who pays for my bill.

How about you? Do you have Kohl’s credit card as well? Do you shop at Kohl’s? Do you shop online or in the store?

I went shopping to Aeropostale

I have a $10 off coupon with me that time to spend worth of $50 to use the coupon. It is far to drive honestly. I hate the traffic driving to the mall. I also stop by at the Victoria’s Secret to redeem some coupons too. I have no choice but to drive that far during that time.

My Aeropostale deals

I like the Aeropostale clothes. They have many items on sale in the clearance section. How I wish that there are items that are on my size. Unfortunately there are few items left for me. I bought four sweat pants, four short sleeve shirts and four shorts. I really love the sweat pants. They are warm and toasty to use during the cold season. I can also wear the short sleeve around the house and even the shorts. It gets warmer inside the house despite it is cold outside because of the fireplace.

Aerospostale coupon

I have to spend $50 total of my items to use the $10 off. I am very proud of myself because I use my money from my journal income. I also received another $10 off but unfortunately, it was expired before I have the chance to redeem it. I know that I will be back shopping at the Aeropostale. I want to buy more sweat pants. I like how it fits on my legs and of course the comfort too.

My Halloween costume is a devil

I am sick and tired of being a good woman. Definitely I will change and I needed it so badly. I am just kidding; I can never be a devil. There are times when I am in my wit ends. I could be a devil and you better watch out when that happen. I could be mean. 

My Halloween devil costume

Anyway, my friends are having a Halloween party tonight. My kids had their Halloween costume since last year. I bought them when it was on sale at the mall. I never buy a Halloween costume for myself. I know that I have no use of wearing a Halloween costume except tonight.

I drove to Wal-Mart and need to buy my kids treat to bring and share it to their friends at school. I found this devil Halloween costume and it is my size. I want to buy the lady bug or the bee Halloween costumes; unfortunately I do no have in my size. They are also expensive. The devil is half prize of those two adorable Halloween costumes. I also need to buy red shoes to go with my Halloween costume. I am glad that I found one on sale.

I want to wish all my friends that are celebrating Halloween, a fun-filled occasion. I will bring my kids trick or treating tonight. They are always excited to wear their Halloween costumes.