My little bookworm

Just like her Mama, my summer babe also loves to read books especially when she puts her time to reading. She is my little bookworm. I just wish that she will keep reading.

My Little Bookworm
My Little Bookworm

I told her that I will go to the library. I asks her if she wants to come with me. She said she does not want to go with me. She asks me to borrow a book called BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE. She said they read at school. She just wants to finish reading it now only at school but also at home. I ask the librarian if they have the books she wanted. She is lucky that it is available.

She cannot put her book down
She cannot put her book down

I went home and told her I got the book that she requested. She was so happy and said thank you to me. She then read it right away. Her Daddy is about to go to work and that day was warm. He told us to stay outside and enjoy the warm weather. My little bookworm took the book with her while on the trampoline reading.

A cuddler and a little bookworm

It was last week when my kids had their spring break. My summer babe is bored. She wants to visit her friends our neighbors. They were not around when I called. I said if she wants to go to park or library.

a cuddler and a bookworm
a cuddler and a bookworm

She said she wants to go to the library and play at the park. Thy read this book called Matilda in her class. She wants to borrow it. Luckily the book is available. I borrowed it and need to return in three weeks.

She reads that book after she played at the park. I was doing something in the kitchen. This is the scene I saw when I came to the family room. Our Pitbull dog Maggie is cuddling while my summer babe is reading the book. I thought this picture is so precious.

Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey movie for the fifth and last time at AMC Theaters

You can call me crazy but I really do not care. I am a fan of Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and the book trilogy as well. I am proud of it. It does not bother me what haters will say. They can say what they can say and am here adoring this movie and books.

 photo FSOG Ff_zpsrup8xbtc.jpg

The last showing of Fifty Shades Of Grey movie is the theater near me is this Thursday the third week since the number movie in the world released. I still have the three Fandango coupons worth $7.50 saving. I do not want to put them to waste. I shared them to my Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook friends. I am glad that they can use the coupons and enjoy the movie as well.

 photo FSOG f_zpsbmykewe4.jpg

As a good wife, I called my husband that I plan to watch the movie that night so I can use the Fandango coupons. He said that he will not allow me as he has to sleep early and have a training the next morning. Instead I can watch it in the afternoon. I love my husband so much. He understands his  wife. He said I am crazy but still allowing me to watch the movie. How sweet is he?

 photo FSOG Fa_zpsf8fayjzp.jpg

I have to make sure that the house is clean before I drive to the theater. I also have to make sure that there is enough wood on the fireplace before my husband will come home. I also took Maggie, our Pitbull dog to do her thing and put her in the mud room with water and some food. I told I am a good wife, right?

 photo FSOG Fc_zpstxv5kyvi.jpg

It was snowing and very trickery to drive especially driving along The Millersport Highway. I prayed and drive cautiously. I arrive after one. The movie will start 15 minutes after. I order some chicken nuggets and water with me while waiting for the movie.

 photo FSOG Fb_zpssssyhy0s.jpg
 photo FSOG Fd_zpsfw5exwbx.jpg

This is my fifth time to watch the movie. I also love the AMC Theaters. It is very clean and the chairs recline so you can relax at the same time enjoy the movie. I was there first.

 photo FSOG Fe_zpsjtbiub35.jpg

I cannot get enough of this movie. My feelings are still the same the first time I watch the movie. It still blew me away. It still makes me smile and fall in-love with Christian and Anastasia. My kuddos to all the staff and crew from this amazing movie especially Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and the director Sam Taylor Johnson.   I cannot wait for my own DVD so I can watch it all over and over.

I donated my hair

The last time I had a long hair was last month. It was the party after Christmas with some of my Filipino American friends and their blended families and friends. I know that my hubby wants me to have a short hair. He thinks I look beautiful with short hair.

 photo donatedmyhairB_zpsef9e72c7.jpg

I went to SuperCuts to have my hair cut. Surprisingly the saloon is not busy. They take care of me right away. The hair dresser is very friendly. I told her that I will donate my hair. She measured it and took eight inches for my hair to donate. I wanted to donate ten inches longer but she said my hair will be very short. We agreed on the eight inches long instead.

 photo donatedmyhair_zps3f3a1c5c.jpg

The transaction is free. It is my first time to donate my hair in the SuperCuts but I did tried it to two different saloons. I cannot accept the free transaction. I know that her job is not easy. I gave her $10 instead as a tip. She then gave me list of business where I can send my hair and donate it. I picked the one that is in Florida.

 photo donatedmyhairA_zps1cdd65f5.jpg

Do I miss my long hair? Yes sometimes but I think it will take me awhile to get used of my new short hair.

How about you? Have you try donating your hair?

My summer babe donated her long hair to Locks of Love

It drives me crazy that she cannot see. My summer babe’s long bangs are in the way. She has a very small and pretty face that you cannot see because her bangs are covering it. She has many hair bands and all the accessories but she is not using them. She also has two hair brushes that will keep her hair smooth but it is a struggle to brush her long hair.


Donating her long hair to Locks of Love
Donating her long hair to Locks of Love


I told her that why do not you donate your hair like what Mommy did last year to Locks of Love. You can help girls that need hair. We can cut your long hair to one length where your bangs is. I am glad that she agreed to that proposal. I told her to take a shower. I will drive her to the haircut place.


good bye long hair hello short hair
good bye long hair hello short hair


We went to the haircut place. We waited at least ten minutes and her name was called. I ask the hair dresser first if her hair is long enough to donate. She measured her hair length. Luckily it is more than ten inches. I told her to cut with her bangs length is. the hair dresser asks her if she likes short hair. She said no but my Mommy wants to donate my long hair to Locks of love just like she did last year.


My summer babe's new haircut
My summer babe’s new haircut


I love her new summer haircut
I love her new summer haircut

I am very happy that finally my summer babe has a short hair now. She looks better. She still look beautiful to me. This is her first time to donate her hair to Locks of Love. I think we will doing it again next year. I will donate my hair too in a couple of months to Locks of Love.

My recent dentist appointment

I went for my 4th month visit few days ago. Most of you visit your dentist every six months I bet. I have to do mine every four months because my gums need more attention. I hope that it will stop and will go back to six months.

my goody bag from the dentist
my goody bag from the dentist

I had a cleaning that day. I also had an X-ray to check my gums. My gums measurements are still the same. I have to go back for a tooth filling. I hate going to the dentist but I have no choice. I went home with a goody bag. Here are the items in my goody bag. I have a pink toothbrush, tooth paste, whitener and dental floss. The goody bag has coupons on the back as well.

My Valentine’s card from my husband

How was your Valentine’s celebration with your husband or boyfriend? I hope you had a memorable day during the day of hearts.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My Valentine’s Day is just simple. I wanted to watch a movie that my husband likes. We do not have enough time when the kids get home from school. Nobody will watch them when they get off from the bus. My husband instead told me to buy the DVD when it comes out later.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My husband and I had a lunch date at Applebee’s restaurant. The kids are in school so we spent our date without them. He also gave me this Valentine’s card. He thinks he is not romantic but actually he is without knowing it. I really love my Valentine’s card. It is very beautiful. He is also a funny husband of mine. He also included a one dollar inside the card. I take a peek so it was not a surprise anymore.

Getting big together

I ask our little girl to take a picture of us together. We are getting big together. I do not mind it since we both love each other with our looks, right? How about you? What did you got on Valentine’s Day? Did you go out on a date?

My red Christmas dress finally arrived

I bought this red dress on Ebay last week with buy it now. It is also offer free shipping. The total cost is $9.99. I think I spot a great deal, right? I really love the style of the dress. I love the ruffles design that I hope will cover my rolls of fat.

My red dress for the Christmas party

Finally it came yesterday in the mail. I felt badly because the seller shipped the dress through priority mail which cost her $6. I am sure that she has deduction from Ebay fees and maybe PayPal fees as well. I am also an Ebay seller long time so I know the fees are. I do not mind if she shipped the dress through first class mail. I will need the dress for next month during our Christmas party with my Filipino friends.

My red dress for the Christmas party

I tried the dress. I am very happy that it fits perfectly. I feel comfortable wearing it for the Christmas party. I ask my husband to zip the back on my dress. He even asks me where I have to wear this dress. He told me that I look sexy too. I said that I am going to wear this dress next month on Christmas party with my friends and their kids. I know that he told me before that he will not coming. I guess somebody has changed his mind. I hope he cam come to the Christmas party as well. It will save me from driving to the Christmas party venue.


Now all I need is shoes to goes with my red dress. I bid a red boots on Ebay as well but I missed the time. I was outbid and did not win the red boots.

How about you? Do you attend Christmas party with your friends? Is your dress ready?


Character Interview with Vera Custodio( the main character from Rachelle Ayala’s book KNOWING VERA)

I am having the best time of my life when Miss Rachelle Ayala, the author of the beautiful book KNOWING VERA, give me the opportunity to interview Vera Custodio, the main character of the book. It was an honor interviewing Vera and get to know her better. I hope that you will have the fun reading my interview below. I want to say thank you to Miss Rachelle Ayala and Vera Custodio for this opportunity.

Character Interview with Vera Custodio, main character for Rachelle Ayala’s newest book: Knowing Vera

Vera, welcome to where being a woman is not easy. We’re so glad to have you visit with us. Before the interview, we asked Ms. Ayala to describe you in six words. She chose: vibrant, gutsy, sexy, caring, sentimental, tough. How do you see yourself?

Vera: I’ve had a tough life. That’s for sure. Ms. Ayala heaped all sorts of calamities on me and my family. My mother and I have had to stick together through the deaths of my two brothers, my father’s suicide, and losing custody of my niece who I raised from babyhood. I care a lot about my family. I don’t know if it makes me sentimental or not. But I definitely value my mother, my uncle and my niece’s happiness above my own.

Jessica: It must have been a big shock for you to find out your father was accused of murder. How did that happen?

Vera: Not only that. The victim was Zach’s mother. It happened when I as seven so I didn’t know the details and my mother refused to talk about it. After Zach’s injury, someone started sending me postcards and text messages to look into it.

Jessica: Is that why you broke up with Zach?

Vera: We weren’t in a relationship, so I don’t consider it a breakup.

Jessica: Not sure Zach would agree.

Vera: Actually he wasn’t that interested in a relationship at first. He was very popular with women, but his goals of being an Olympic triathlete kept him from commitment. That suited me fine. He was a fun date, easy on the eyes, and very talented.

Jessica: Ahem, yes, we’ve heard about his way with disintegrating panties. He changed after he lost his leg, didn’t he? How did that affect you?

Vera: I can’t imagine what he went through. He lost everything: his career, his fans, his future. I remember sitting with him after the surgery. He didn’t want to get out of bed and he refused to acknowledge me or any other visitor. He stared at the ceiling, wishing to die.

Jessica: What did you do?

Vera: Not much. I talked to him, told him Filipino fairy tales. There’s always some trick ending that’s somewhat funny. He didn’t even smile. So I sang songs my parents taught me, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Jessica: You mean Filipino children’s songs? Give us some examples.

Vera: “Bahay Kubo,” “Leron, Leron Sinta.” My favorite one is “I Once Had a Ring” [lyrics below]. I also sang love songs, but not in English. [giggles]

I Once Had a Ring (Folk Song, English)

I once had a ring
That had a single gem
I inherited it
From my father.

I thought I hid it
In a chest
But it disappeared
Without my knowledge.

My despair was so great
It reached the heavens
I clasped my hands to pray
And placed them upon the table.

Whoever finds
The ring I inherited,
My poor heart
Will love him forever.

Jessica: Why? Were you playing hard to get?

Vera: Maybe impossible to get. Ha, ha. I sang in Tagalog so he wouldn’t know what the words meant. Filipino love songs are always a little sad, a lot of unrequited love. You love someone from a distance and they don’t know you exist. That kind of thing.

Jessica: Kind of hard for him to not notice you when you were so devoted at his bedside.

Vera: I was just a friend.

Jessica: Sure, sure. We get you, secretly devoted. As part of your happily ever after, are you planning on taking Zach to the Philippines? Where would you go?

Vera: There are so many beautiful places to go. We’ll start at Manila, of course. There are so many places to show him and relatives to visit, now that my father and mother are back together. After Manila, we’ll head south to Tagaytay for the scenic views, the volcano in the middle of the lake and then onto Batangas where my parents bought a beach house. That’s just for the first trip. The Philippines is like the world in one place, so many plants, animals, scenic locations, people and cultures.

Jessica: So true. When you have children, will you teach them Filipino culture and values?

Vera: What kind of Pinay would I be if I didn’t? Or course Zach might influence them to be more boisterous and loud, but they’ll still be Filipino inside and out.

Jessica: Ha, ha, Aussie-Filipino, what a combination. G’Day, Po! Speaking of Zach. It must have been hard for him to lose a leg at the prime of his life. Is it safe to say you fell in love with him while watching him struggle?

Vera: Maybe I always felt something, but his injury made him more approachable.

Jessica: I know that feeling. What do you like most about him?

Vera: His optimism. He could have given up and turned bitter. But he tries so hard to look past his disability. He doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. He’s always smiling and being positive, helping others, instead of dwelling on his own problems.

Jessica: He certainly proved it when he followed you to Australia.

Vera: He put himself in danger. He’s the type who’d risk his life for a stranger without thinking twice.

Jessica: You’re hardly a stranger. I can tell you’re very much in love with him. Why is it so hard for you to admit?

Vera: I’m not the mushy type. But yes, I’m very lucky. Zach is every kind of wonderful. A lifetime with him won’t be enough.

Jessica: I’m sure he feels the same way. Your story has me swooning with happiness. I’m Filipina too and love doesn’t come easily, but when it does, it’s forever. Thank you for chatting with us.

Vera: Thank you, Jessica. It’s been a real pleasure. I’m sure you also have your own special story to be cherished in your heart.

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The best thing I did to my hair

I plan to wait for my birthday which is about two months to cut my long hair. I just cannot wait for two months. I decided to have my hair cut two days ago. I took a shower and drove to a hair saloon called Fantastic Sam. I also have a coupon for the saloon so why not use it, right? It is my first time to have a hair cut in this saloon. It is also close to Big Lots store which I need to buy snacks for the little girl for school. 

There were two women smoking outside. It makes me uncomfortable walking to the saloon. I just cannot stand the smell of cigarette. They thought that I am going to have my nails done. They both stand up when they see me walking straight to the saloon. I hold my breath until I am inside the saloon.

donate my hair to Locks of Love

I told them that I will have a hair cut. I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love. I am not sure if it is enough to donate. The hairdresser measure my hair and she is it is way too long to donate. I am very happy for that. The hairdresser sounds so happy that I will donate my hair. She said you go girl for donating your hair. She asks me if it is my original hair color. I just smiled at her and said yes, this is my original hair color. She also told me that I have a beautiful thick hair. She asks me how I take care of my hair. I just said I use regular shampoo. The hairdresser is very pretty, in her mid-20. I really like her long curly hair. I always like curly hair. She has a natural curly hair. She said anytime she wants to trade her hair with mine. I also told her that I will turn 40 years old. She said no way you look too young for being 40 years old. I think it is just a number. It is how the way you take care of yourself.

She cut my hair right on the shoulder after cutting at least 10” off my long hair. I told her that you can cut it very short. She cut my hair all the way from chin. I also ask her if she could trim my bangs. The saloon is not busy which I am thankful for. I do like my new short hair. She gives me a bag for my hair that I will donate. I ask her if she has a form available for me to sign. She said they do not have any form which is fine with me. I was about to pay for my haircut. I was surprise that she said that I am all set. I did not know that it is free once you donate your hair to Locks of Love. I ask her are you serious that is free? She said yes, it is free. I gave her a $10 tip for cutting my hair.

By the way, Locks of Love is an organization where you can donate your hair for the cancer kids. It is the best thing that I did for my hair. I am very proud of what I did. My hair grows fast so I do not worry about having short hair. I promise myself that I will donate my hair every October. It is a month of breast cancer awareness too. My eldest sister is a breast cancer as well.

The next day, I went to the library. I print a form to use when sending my hair. The Locks of Love office is in Florida. I mailed it through priority mail. I hope that I can make a little girl happy with my donated hair.