I am loving this Margarita drink

It was Sunday when I was invited to attend a late birthday dinner at Red Lobster restaurant. Ms.D is celebrating her 48th birthday. You cannot guess her age because she looks so young. It took me 30 minutes to reach the restaurant.

 photo margarita drink_zpskmhp7c2d.jpg

Ms. D, the birthday celebrant order the Margarita drink. It has frozen ice in it. You can also order the other kind if you want. Ms. D asks me to try the Margarita. I remember my last time drinking Margarita was 2001. It was the day when I met my boyfriend now my husband. It has been a very long time since I drink the Margarita.

I am driving and Ms. D just take a sip from the straw. I think I sip five times. I really loved this Margarita drink. It tastes so delicious. I cannot wait to try this drink this summer.

How about you? Do you drink Margarita as well?

Happy 12th birthday to my dearest son

I cannot believe that the premature baby weighs 5 pounds and 4 oz that I gave birth 12 years ago is now weighs 86 pounds. I weigh 88 pounds when I first came in America. Where did the time went? I still remember the moment when I was admitted at the hospital on the 1st of February for my doctor to stop my contraction. I was only 7 months pregnant. I was sent home the next day but that night I was admitted at the hospital because my contraction started again. I gave birth to a baby at 11:45 that night of February 3rd.

 photo firstbirthday_zpsf94619c2.jpg

My K has been through a lot as a premature baby. He was born healthy despite being born early. He has the speech therapy until now. Now he talks a lot. He is a very strong kid. He is very shy yet kind to other people. He loves sports like hockey and football. He is my crazy driver who loves to drive the golf cart and especially his ATV.

What I love about my son is? He is a very simple kid. He is easy to please. He has his moment as a typical boy does. He is growing so fast and almost a teen-ager now. He is very respectful and loves his little sister and always protect her. They are the best buddies for life.

 photo chinesebuffet_zps6537f695.jpg

I wish my son the best in life to offer. May all your dream comes true son. Always remember to being kind to other people. I love you more that you ever know. I will always be here for you no matter what.

 photo birthdaygifts_zps90610dca.jpg

We had a simple birthday for my son yesterday. He does not want a birthday party. He wants to eat at Chinese buffet which we did at lunch time as they only have the half day at school that day. He also wants Lego like Police and Fire Station as birthday gifts. Grandma and Grandpa gave him Xbox 360 games as he likes to play. The little sister gave him a card and inside is a $12 from her own money.

 photo 12thbirthday_zps527c46c2.jpg

He invited a classmate from school who is his buddy. He does not want a birthday cake. The younger sister helped me bake and decorated it. It was a simple birthday for my son. I am glad that he had a fun birthday.

Lunch date with my husband

It has been awhile since my husband and I had our lunch date. The last time was in Apple Bee’s restaurant. Yesterday we had lunch at Kalamata. It is a family restaurant that serves Greek or American food.

Kalamata is our new family restaurant now. The service is great. The price is very affordable. This restaurant is almost pack. People are kept on coming in and out.

I had an alone time with hubby. There are no kids bothering us. It is quiet and enjoy each other’s company. It was almost lunch when we arrive at the restaurant. We both ordered breakfast. I had eggs, hush brown, toast, potatoes and coffee. My husband has a robin sandwich.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you live around Lockport in New York.

My Valentine’s card from my husband

How was your Valentine’s celebration with your husband or boyfriend? I hope you had a memorable day during the day of hearts.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My Valentine’s Day is just simple. I wanted to watch a movie that my husband likes. We do not have enough time when the kids get home from school. Nobody will watch them when they get off from the bus. My husband instead told me to buy the DVD when it comes out later.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My husband and I had a lunch date at Applebee’s restaurant. The kids are in school so we spent our date without them. He also gave me this Valentine’s card. He thinks he is not romantic but actually he is without knowing it. I really love my Valentine’s card. It is very beautiful. He is also a funny husband of mine. He also included a one dollar inside the card. I take a peek so it was not a surprise anymore.

Getting big together

I ask our little girl to take a picture of us together. We are getting big together. I do not mind it since we both love each other with our looks, right? How about you? What did you got on Valentine’s Day? Did you go out on a date?