Let the baking begin

Well if you are broad-minded, then you will get what I mean.  I won this Wartenberg Wheel with a mask from a  giveaway. It is from Fifty Shades Of Grey group in Facebook. If you are a fan of Ms. E. L. James books, Fifty Shades Trilogy, then you know what I am trying to say. I know that some people are not a fan of her books. I respect you for that.

 photo wartenberg wheel_zpsrdmfrurj.jpg

I cannot wait to try this. We just need to find the right time. I already showed it this to the husband, his eyes sparkles. He said he cannot wait to play. Intimacy is so important with every relationship especially for married couple. Spicing it up is fun and pleasurable. Let the baking begin.

Watching Fifty Shades of Grey a movie date with hubby

Finally my husband agreed with to watch the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with me today. My inner goddess is dancing with joy. I am so excited to watch the movie for the third time. The third time is a charm indeed.

  photo grabbed from Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook page

photo grabbed from Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook page

I watched the movie twice by myself. I love this movie so much which stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. It is directed by Sam Taylor Johnson. I also love the books written by E L James. This is the first movie from the trilogy. I cannot wait for my hubby to watch it with me today. I hope that he will like the movie.

This is our second movie date night. Can you imagine that? The first movie we watch was James Bond 007. It was 2002 when I first arrived in America. We spend date together but not the movie date. We usually have lunch date. Recently we watch Mike and Molly on TV. We both love the show.

How about you? Do you spend date night with your boyfriend or husband?

We both loved to watch Mike & Molly show on TV

Mike & Molly is now my husband and I favorite show to watch on TV. I am gad to see him laugh out loud while watching the show. He is one serious husband of mine. It is a joy to watch him let loose sometimes. Mike & Molly is a funny show. We watch the rerun every time it is on the TV.

 photo mikeandmollydvd_zps1da307f8.jpg

I decided to buy the first season of Mike & Molly in DVD. It is now season two. We never stop laughing every time we watch. The show is so funny as heck. We are now on part two of the CD. I cannot wait to watch and fall in-love with Mike & Molly. It is our date night at home.

How about you? Do you and your husband has a favorite show or movie to watch together? Do you spend date night at home?

Lunch date with my husband

It has been awhile since my husband and I had our lunch date. The last time was in Apple Bee’s restaurant. Yesterday we had lunch at Kalamata. It is a family restaurant that serves Greek or American food.

Kalamata is our new family restaurant now. The service is great. The price is very affordable. This restaurant is almost pack. People are kept on coming in and out.

I had an alone time with hubby. There are no kids bothering us. It is quiet and enjoy each other’s company. It was almost lunch when we arrive at the restaurant. We both ordered breakfast. I had eggs, hush brown, toast, potatoes and coffee. My husband has a robin sandwich.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you live around Lockport in New York.

Finally I talk to my eldest sister

It has been almost two years since the last time I talked to my eldest sister. We have a misunderstanding like normal sibling relationship. I do not bury hatred. I know that whatever happened, we still are sisters because we have the same mother. I know I am stubborn because I was hurt. I am sure that my eldest sister is hurt too.

Finally I talk to my eldest sister

Anyway, finally I talk to her. I called her over the phone. I pray to God first that He will give me wisdom and courage to talk to my sister. I am glad that my eldest sister answered her cell phone and talked to me. I have no choice but to swallow my pride. Our younger sister has a difficult situation now. She needs both our help before it is too late.

I want to say thank you to God for touching my eldest sister’s heart. I am glad that she talked to me even for a few minutes. I am sure that thing will get settle I hope and pray too. I am very happy now.

My Valentine’s card from my husband

How was your Valentine’s celebration with your husband or boyfriend? I hope you had a memorable day during the day of hearts.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My Valentine’s Day is just simple. I wanted to watch a movie that my husband likes. We do not have enough time when the kids get home from school. Nobody will watch them when they get off from the bus. My husband instead told me to buy the DVD when it comes out later.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My husband and I had a lunch date at Applebee’s restaurant. The kids are in school so we spent our date without them. He also gave me this Valentine’s card. He thinks he is not romantic but actually he is without knowing it. I really love my Valentine’s card. It is very beautiful. He is also a funny husband of mine. He also included a one dollar inside the card. I take a peek so it was not a surprise anymore.

Getting big together

I ask our little girl to take a picture of us together. We are getting big together. I do not mind it since we both love each other with our looks, right? How about you? What did you got on Valentine’s Day? Did you go out on a date?

Where to buy a beautiful watch like this

A watch is very important accessory that a woman should wear. I seldom wear my watch. I do have a cell phone where I can check the time. My husband does not wear a watch either. It is his work’s safety rules. We had a lunch date last Valentine’s Day. I thought that he forgets our date. He did not bring his cell phone with him too. He was in the woods checking his traps. Oh how I wish that he has his watch that time so he knows that time it is.

Our wedding anniversary is coming in about three months. I cannot believe that we will celebrate our 12 years wedding anniversary. I would be happy if he gives me a bulova watchlike this as an anniversary gift. I really like the color. The design is very beautiful too. The price is affordable too.

How about you? Do you like watches? Are you looking for beautiful watches that had unique designs? Why not check out this Website and make your husband or wife get the greatest gift.

I am a trapper’s wife

There is the picture of me with fox, coyote and raccoons in this post. Please do not proceed if the picture bothers you.

Before I met my husband back in December of 2000, he was a trapper already. It is part of whom he is. I still love him because of his hobby. This year is not different with the other trapping years. He trapped 49 foxes (46 are red and 3 are gray), 4 coyotes (he saved one for himself) and 15 raccoons. He is a very good trapper. He skinned the animals really clean too. He brushes their furs. They are all beautiful indeed. I am so proud of him as a trapper.

a trapper's wife

It was yesterday when he asks me to take a picture of all his traps. I am a trapper’s wife indeed. I helped him carry all his traps. The trapping room really stinks. I am use to the smell now too. We bring the traps outside. I took a picture of them. I ask him if he could take a picture of me with his traps too. It is not a good picture of me. I am proud of being a trapper’s wife. The trapping season is over. I am sure that the animals are happy to explore the woods now free from any trappers.

Where to look for the best photographers in Carolina

Do you live in North Carolina? Are you looking for professional photographers to capture that special moment in your life or your family? Do you just get engaged? Are you getting married? Are you having a birthday party for your kids? Special occasions need to capture that precious moments with the photographs.

sample wedding photograph
(photo not mine but grabbed from their Facebook page)

The nc photographers are just a phone call away or email away for you to book that special event in your life. You can check out their sample photographs in their Website. It turned out really beautiful and professional too. I am sure that you will love your pictures from these professional photographers. I never had a professional photographs during our wedding. I hope someday when we renew our vows, we will have our vows captured by professional photographers with our families by our side.

Hidden under Her Heart (Chance of Love) book by Rachelle Ayala

Product Description 

 photo hiddenunderherheart.jpg
(photo not mine)

Maryanne Torres is a compassionate nurse who fails at relationships. After a string of losers, she swears off sex to land a marrying man. But a party she attends turns into a drinking binge, and she was raped.

Lucas Knight is a biracial athlete intent on winning the Ironman Triathlon. He finds Maryanne the next morning bloody and unconscious. Since Maryanne cannot identify her attacker, he becomes the prime suspect.

When Maryanne finds herself pregnant, she plans to abort, but the identity of her rapist is hidden in the baby’s DNA.

A trap is set. Lucas races to clear his name, but the secret Maryanne hides threatens to drown their chance for true love.

 photo hiddenunderherheartA.jpg
(photo not mine)

I am very honored that Ms. Rachelle Ayala sent me a Kindle review of her beautiful book HIDDEN UNDER HER HEART (CHANCE OF LOVE). The moment I started reading it in my little girl’s Kindle, I do not want to put the Kindle down. The book has amazing story and it took me two days to finish reading it. The first night I read it, I was up until two in the morning. It is that good that I even do not want to sleep but no choice and have to put my Kindle down.

Maryanne is an allergists nurse. Lucas Knight is an athlete that needs to have his shot done that day. Maryanne tried to avoid men in his life. She even has a bet with her best friend Vera about it. Lucas Knight also has a bet about his friend Zach. Lucas Knight told Zach that he bet he can kiss Maryanne on their first meeting. He did kissed Maryanne because he was acting that he had a seizure and need CPR. Lucas Knight tricked her.

Maryanne and Lucas Knight become friends. Maryanne is white and Lucas Knight is a biracial. The attraction between them are undeniable. They just cannot push their relationship in the next level because of their dreams in life. Until one day, Maryanne was invited with a party with her friend Vera. She was rape and got pregnant. They accused Lucas Knight of doing it instead of the pastor’s son. Lucas Knight was in that said party but left Maryanne that night. He found her in a dump site that night.

Maryanne was humiliated even from her family and Lucas family as well. The news is all over her work and the town. She wanted to have an abortion. Lucas Knight tried to help her not to abort the baby and will do anything to help her. She changed her mind about abortion and decided to give her baby for adoption. Maryanne thought that she was raped by Ryan (the pastor’s son) but instead it was her ex-boyfriend Barry. Barry even did the same thing to Lucas. He invited Lucas to a party and put something on his drink. Lucas cell phone is gone and he was also dumped in the thrash. Barry sends text messages to Maryanne pretending to be Lucas. He told her that they will meet somewhere. Maryanne followed and she was trap. Barry tried to kill her and her baby. Lucas Knight can track his cell phone; this is how he found out his cell phone. Maryanne almost killed and she was dump in the water. Lucas Knight tried to save her life and the baby. She had the baby because of what happened. The baby is premature and need a lot of medical help. It is in that condition that Maryanne decided not gives her baby up for adoption. She gave birth to a baby girl who she named EMMA FAITH.

Lucas Knight left Maryanne and decided to quit his triathlon. He decided to go back to his family. He became close to his family. The is why he left Maryanne because his ex-girlfriend had an abortion too. He killed his brother for self-defense. It is the reason Lucas Knight is against abortion. He is also Christian.

Lucas Knight went back to California and need to face Maryanne. Lucas Knight has a good heart. How I wishes that men are like him. He will always by her side no matter what. Emma Faith is doing great besides some medical conditions. She has a dedication. Maryanne has no idea that the same day, she will get married as well.

I really love this book. Maryanne’s courage to keep her baby from abortion, and adoption is very challenging. You seldom know a rape victim like her. Ms. Rachelle Ayala did an amazing job with this book. You can learn more about her books and wonderful stories in Amazon, her blog and Facebook.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.