How to have a smooth handwriting with this pen

I own a desktop the year I got married. It was 2002.  I admit since I am used to typing in the computer that my handwriting is not beautiful anymore. I have an ugly handwriting now. I feel badly for it.  I used to sent letters to friend back home through regular mail. Now we keep in touch through Facebook. I still missed the regular sending of letter sometimes.

 photo pens_zpsy6xjoavp.jpg

I need pen like the PenFactory metal pens to find the perfect pen that helps me to write smoothly. I believe that with the right pen, my handwriting will get better. I can practice writing especially my signature. I hope it gets better. I do have some pens that I won in a giveaway. I do not want to use them. They are my collection.

How about you? Do you use a pen to write? Are you looking for different pens that are affordable and will help your handwriting? Why not check out this Website and find the perfect pen for you.







Teespring is the best company to order for any campaign

I am one of the thousand members of the biggest Fifty Shades Of Grey group in Facebook. You can even join us to learn more about the characters of the famous book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Even the famous author Ms. E L James is a proud member of our group. How exciting is that, right?

 photo fifty shades shirt_zpshofxkgzn.jpg

Anyway, Ms. K, the creator of our group suggested that we order our shirts to wear when the movie is showing in our area. The first screening was on the 6th of February in New York City. The Fifty Shades of Grey was first shown on February 12th in our area. I ordered my shirt and paid on the 24th of January. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to wear my shirt during the showing of the movie. The company has a problem with my printed shirt. Most of women in our group already received their shirt except mine. They reprinted my shirt but it did not deliver as promise. I ask for a refund and I admit I was mad for waiting too long for my shirt. I am so happy that they refunded my shipping back and the cost of the shirt. I ordered the V-neck style of shirt. Some ladies ordered long sleeves. Some ordered a sweatshirt.

 photo fifty shades shirt A_zpsxydkrag1.jpg

I watched the movie at the AMC for the fifth time without wearing the campaign shirt. I never expected that I will receive the shirt from my campaign. Honestly I am very surprise. I felt badly because I already received my refund back. I even contacted the company and told them about what happen. The guy that I chatted with whose name is Ian told me that the shirt is mine for free. It is their way of saying sorry for the delayed shipping and order. I am happy for their company for being so understanding and professional for solving my problem.

 photo fifty shades shirt B_zps3kvz62vq.jpg

I am very humble and privilege that Teespring sent me my order. I loved the shirt. There is a printed words I’M A PROUD MEMBER OF 50 SHADES GROUP and on the back is SUBS ON TOUR. The shirt is made of 100% cotton. It is made from India. I really love this shirt. I cannot wait to show it to my friends.

 photo fifty shades shirt C_zpszyp9mdpx.jpg

How about you? Do you need shirts for your campaign? Check out their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for updates and new products.

I will definitely recommend this company for any shirts or any products you order for your campaign. They answer any questions you have promptly.

I received the shirt for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Received U by Kotex feminine sample products

I have no idea where did I sign up for U by Kotex feminine products.I received the samples today. I am very thankful and grateful too.


Thank you U by Kotex for these feminine sample products
Thank you U by Kotex for these feminine sample products

I received six samples of the same kind of feminine products. I received two samples of long feminine sanitary napkins. I also received two regular sizes of U by Kotex sanitary napkins. I also received two of their panty liners. I also received a $1 off to any U by Kotex feminine products.


Thank you U by Kotex for these feminine sample products
Thank you U by Kotex for these feminine sample products

I will use the sanitary napkins next month when I have my period. I will use the panty liners tomorrow. I want to say thank you to U by Kotex for these feminine products samples.


Buy one get one free of my favorite feminine products

My monthly period just started yesterday. I felt the discomfort few days before it gets started. I have the feeling that my menstrual cycle is approaching. Aside from the moods swing which I hate but being a woman is normal. I have no choice but to deal with these bad swings. I told my husband that my period is coming so he knows that I will not in a good mood. 

buy one get one feminine products

I drove to our neighborhood pharmacy to buy a medicine to help my discomfort. It only takes me five (5) minutes to drive to get there. I went to the feminine products section. I am glad that yesterday is the last day for sales about my two (2) favorite feminine products. I know that I still have stock in them underneath the sink. I cannot resist the deals. I bought sanitary napkins (there are 24 counts in a box) and bought two. I also bought the panty shields (there are 60 counts in a box) and bought two. The sanitary napkins and panty shields cost $3.99. I think it is a great deal. I wanted to buy more but I think I am all set for couple of months.

How about you? Do you use the regular sanitary napkins or tampons when you have your monthly period? What kind of sanitary napkins do you use? Do you use panty shields as well? I only use Stay Free sanitary napkins and maxi. I also use Carefree for my panty shields. These are the products that give me comfort.

Where to buy cabinets that you are looking for?

A couple of weeks ago, our tip to the camp was cut short. We have to go home unexpectedly because of an emergency in our house. The small bathroom we have is leaking water underneath the sink. The husband thought that the wall is leaking too. He called the plumbing first before we left the house for our camping. 

We came home a day after the plumbing came home. We are very privilege that the water is not leaking on the wall. Some parts and tube needs to replace underneath the sink. The plumbing fixed the problem in 45 minutes. The water is not dripping underneath the sink.

We know that someday we need to place the cabinets and the entire sink for the small bathroom. It is old and need to buy cabinets online that is cheaper than the store. We can save money because we buy it direct. We cannot wait and hope to get a new cabinet. We might wait for next year to have this project finish. We are happy for now with the old cabinets yet we will keep this Website in our file.

Tights and leggings that I received for free

I received this tights and leggings last month for free. It must be sweet, right? I received them from the advertiser No nonsense from Double S.

PhotobucketI am very privileged to receive them for free. You have to wear them and write an honest review. I submitted my post and it will publish in about five hours.

I received the deep burgundy color tights which is my favorite. I love it because it is thick and will cover my waist all the way down to my feet. I received the color espresso (it is more of a brown color) leggings. This one has an opening. I had a hard time matching the burgundy tights with a dress. I am glad I found a halter dress that has purple in it. They really match. The leggings I pair it with my red dress and with a brown boots that I bought at Kohl‘s when it was on sale. It looks black but it is not.

What about you? Do you like to receive freebies as well? Do you like to wear leggings or tights? How do you pair it with an outfit? I am linking this entry to the 4th day of blog photo challenge.

Burn baby burn

No! I am not talking about fire. I am talking about the calories. Today I started to work out with Cheryl Burke’s Disco Abs work out DVD. It is a 30 minutes work out. It was not easy working out. I have not done it for a long time. My body starts to get itchy after few minutes of warming up. I never quit until I finished the 30 minutes work out. I find myself starts to get sweat which is I am very happy about.

I love all the dance music in the work out. My favorite line is “burn baby burn”. I need to buy myself a yoga pants to help me comfortable while working out. I have a working out top that I got as a product review which is very helpful. Please wish me luck my online friends. I hope that I can continue working out. I really wanted to lose some fats on my stomach.

It was a tiring work out but very fulfilling for me. I am sure that I will get sore as I continue this work out. Please bring on the pain and I will challenge myself for that. I know that I can tolerate pain. It is my middle name. No I am just kidding. They say no pain no win, right?

I also eat the oatmeal for the first time that I received in the mail. I cannot believe that it did fill me up. I want to buy a can for myself. It has peanuts and peach that is mix with the oatmeal. I love rice and hope that this will help me stay healthy.

I am linking this to my 2nd day of joining the blog challenge.