Cooling off with Nestle Splash Lemon by the pool

Summer is my favorite season. I grow up in the tropical country of the Philippines. I love summer because it feels like home. You only wear shorts, tanks and flip-flops and enjoy the pool. My kids love to swim in our in-ground pool. They could swim from noon till dark. Even at night sometimes they go night swimming. Our family loves summer. All of us are all tan though mine is natural. They lost their tan now as it is Autumn and our pool is already closed.

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Though I seldom swim in our pool, I love to hang out with my family. I watch them play and enjoy swimming. What I loved about the pool is reading a book. Yes! I am a bookworm. I have to make sure that I applied the sunblock with me. I also loves to drink water with ice in my glass. You have to hydrate yourself from the sun.

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I am blessed that I received this Nestle Splash with lemon drink. It tastes heavenly. Though I love my water plain, the extra taste of lemon adds more flavor. If you cannot tolerate to drink regular water, why not try this Nestle Splash with lemon. Inside my box also came with a beach ball that my kids love to play in our pool. A cute sunglasses that my daughter loves to wear.

 photo Nestle Splash B_zpsvxd5pinm.jpg

It also came with a straw for the Nestle Splash. I loved my goodies.


“I received my Nestlé Splash products complimentary from Influenster and am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.”

Born naturally tan and proud of it

It took me at least six months for my skin to get lighter. I am not talking about whitening and all the stuff. I am lighter because I wear long sleeve during the brutally cold season here in Western New York. My skin is covered and not expose to the sun.

I am  born naturally tan
I am born naturally tan

Yesterday was so warm but a little breezy. The temperature went up to 80 Fahrenheit degrees. It feels like summer. I am sure that all the Western New Yorker are enjoying the warm day. My family took advantage of the warm weather. All of us stayed outside and did outdoor stuff.

I went to the pond. The water looks so clear and clean. You might jump into the water but it is freezing. I even touch the water and indeed very cold. I am enjoying the sun and  gets tan right away. My natural tan shows. I cannot wait when our pool is open and the water is warm. I cannot wait to swim and spend time with my family in our pool.

Finished reading the first Fifty Shades of Grey book

I remember I was in high school when I start to read romance novels. My cousin I gave me all her Mills and Boons novels. I do not know how many books I have in that book. All I know is that once I read it and will never stop until I am reading the last page. 

The best book ever Fifty Shades of Grey
I never thought that I will hook up reading a romance novel again. I bought these Fifty Shades of Grey couple months ago but never have a chance to read until recently. I bought it in Wal-mart for $15. I should buy the 2nd and 3rd book as well during the time. I thought that I will never like reading this novel. I was wrong.

Reading Fifty Shades of Grey by the pool
It is a perfect time for me to read this book when my kids are in the pool swimming. I can see them while swimming. This book I believe was publish last year. I heard about it but never put any interest. It is the #1 New York Times bestseller by E. L James which is undeniable.

The moment I start reading the book, I do not want to put it down. I want to finish reading the book until I am on the last page. Finally I finished reading it after two days. I order the 2nd and 3rd book in Wal-Mart online but it will deliver in two weeks. I cannot wait. The suspense is killing me. I drove to Barnes & Nobles bookstore yesterday and bought the two books.

This book is about erotic romance. It is intended for mature audience. I really love this book. Have you read it? If not, I cannot tell you the story or else there is no thrill at all. I will share bit information. It is about a relationship between a submissive and dominant lover. Will you allow yourself to be submissive in terms of being intimate? Are you willing to please your man? I would say I am submissive to please my husband in bed. I will give this book five star.

I will link this entry to the 18th day of this month blog photo challenge.

Beautiful hanging and basket flowers by our pool

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am glad that my husband loves flower as well. He loves to decorate not only inside the house but outside as well. He always ask me about his plan and if I agree to it. I agreed to his plans usually.
Summer is the time when the family stays outside until dinner time. We spend most of our time in the pool if not in the pond. I love to watch my family having fun swimming in the pool. I also love the hanging flowers around our pool. I love this flower in the pot that says welcome. I water them too regularly to keep them beautiful.
My husband bought these flowers in the flower store. It is very expensive. I want to do it by myself next summer. I will save the hanging baskets and the pot.  I need to buy flowers that are perfect for the hanging baskets and for the pot. I know that Miracle-Gro is my best secret to keep these flowers grow beautifully.  I already proven that and still using it every time the family will plant flowers on our front yard.
We did many fun garden projects for the family. We always had a wonderful time together planting flowers. How about you? Do you love to plant flowers? Do you have an inspirational garden stories that you would love to share? You can share that to The Gro Project to inspired people especially the new gardeners. I also followed the Miracle-Gro Pinterest and inviting my readers to follow them too. I can find tips on how to keep my flowers beautiful. I am sure that my readers will do the same too.
By the way, there are other Miracle-Gro products that you use with your garden projects. You can use LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit for any in-ground projects. You can also use Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food and Moisture Control Potting Mix for indoor or container projects.

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Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

I do not know that my goal for this month can be achieve. I am talking about shredding some unhealthy fats on my stomach. I tried working out for five days and unfortunately need to stop as my monthly period come. I really miss working out. I just cannot wait to start working out again. I want to wear my two piece swimsuit for this summer. I will only wear them when I am swimming with the family in our in ground pool. It would be awesome to wear them in the public like if we go to a beach or park if my body is ready.

I am also eating more healthy food for the last days. I start eating cereals in the morning. I am not a cereal fan but have no choice to stay healthy. I even try eating salad which is not my favorite food to eat. I do make salad for the family but I do not eat it.

I still have five months to work out and hope that before summer I can see some results. I am not doing this for anybody but for myself. I do miss my body when I was 28 years old. I know that taking care of your kids and family is a priority. I want to give something for myself too.

I am linking this to the 8th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your short-term goals for this month and why. What about you? What are your short terms goals?