I won this signed picture of the cover of Outback Hearts by Susan Stoker from a giveaway

I love to read. I love to join giveaways too. It is fun to learn more about the author at the same time would be awesome to win the giveaway too, right? I seldom win the giveaway. I loved it when I won.

a signed Outback Hearts cover picture by Susan Stoker
a signed Outback Hearts cover picture by Susan Stoker

I joined this event last week. I won a signed picture of the cover of Outback Hearts book by the author Susan Stoker. I really liked it. It is special to me because it was signed by her. I need to put it in a very special place like the rest of my bookmarks and other book related stuff.

How about you? Do you like to join any giveaway? What is your latest prize that you win?

Received a Mother’s Day card and a picture from my husband’s eldest daughter

I am very happy and surprised to receive a Mother’s Day card from my husband’s eldest daughter. There is also a picture enclosed with her daughter. I received cards from her before like Christmas but not Mother’s Day card. I want to say thank you so very much M. You are very sweet. M is also growing beautifully like her Mommy.


Thank you M for this beautiful Mother's Day card and picture too
Thank you M for this beautiful Mother’s Day card and picture too


Thank you M for this beautiful Mother's Day card and picture too
Thank you M for this beautiful Mother’s Day card and picture too

My husband’s eldest daughter lives in Florida with her family. She teaches fifth grade. We saw her and her daughter last Christmas. I am very blessed that she accepted me as who I am. M is seven (7) years younger than I. We had an amazing time when they were here last Christmas. She and little M really bonded with her siblings. It is funny that little M’s niece is younger than her. Little M’s uncle is the same age as her. They get along really fine though. My kids missed their big sister and their niece. I hope they will come back again.

I am a trapper’s wife

There is the picture of me with fox, coyote and raccoons in this post. Please do not proceed if the picture bothers you.

Before I met my husband back in December of 2000, he was a trapper already. It is part of whom he is. I still love him because of his hobby. This year is not different with the other trapping years. He trapped 49 foxes (46 are red and 3 are gray), 4 coyotes (he saved one for himself) and 15 raccoons. He is a very good trapper. He skinned the animals really clean too. He brushes their furs. They are all beautiful indeed. I am so proud of him as a trapper.

a trapper's wife

It was yesterday when he asks me to take a picture of all his traps. I am a trapper’s wife indeed. I helped him carry all his traps. The trapping room really stinks. I am use to the smell now too. We bring the traps outside. I took a picture of them. I ask him if he could take a picture of me with his traps too. It is not a good picture of me. I am proud of being a trapper’s wife. The trapping season is over. I am sure that the animals are happy to explore the woods now free from any trappers.

Where to look for the best photographers in Carolina

Do you live in North Carolina? Are you looking for professional photographers to capture that special moment in your life or your family? Do you just get engaged? Are you getting married? Are you having a birthday party for your kids? Special occasions need to capture that precious moments with the photographs.

sample wedding photograph
(photo not mine but grabbed from their Facebook page)

The nc photographers are just a phone call away or email away for you to book that special event in your life. You can check out their sample photographs in their Website. It turned out really beautiful and professional too. I am sure that you will love your pictures from these professional photographers. I never had a professional photographs during our wedding. I hope someday when we renew our vows, we will have our vows captured by professional photographers with our families by our side.