A surprise gift from one of my favorite book author

I admit I hate surprises. Waiting is killing me. How about you? Do you like surprises too?

One of my favorite book author ALEXANDRA 1 told me that she sent me something in the mail. I was very surprise when she left me a message in my Facebook. I did not expect that even. She told me that I won one of her giveaways. She said that she is true to her words. I thought that when she sent me signed bookmarks. Those are enough for a fan like me to adore her even more.

Thank you so much Alexandra 1 from UK with Love for this surprise gift

Thank you so much Alexandra 1 from UK with Love for this surprise gift

I received the surprise she sent me a week after she mailed it. The package come from United Kingdom with love. I want to say thank you so much ALEXANDRA 1 for the package. I love them all. I do appreciated your kindness so much.

I received a notebook which is made from recycled real leaves. I received signed swags, a postage card and a sticker. I also received fashion jewelry like earrings and the mask necklace. The mask necklace is so beautiful.

I am indeed very surprise with my gifts. How about you? Have you meet ALEXANDRA 1 yet? She is an erotica writer. You can read her books in Amazon, Facebook or follow her in Twitter.

How to keep your bracelet safe on your wrist

I admit I am clumsy. I do not like it. I cannot help it. Things happen and get hurt usually. I do not know how much I bump myself today. It is not even funny because it hurt like heck.

a magnetic bracelet to keep it safe on your wrist
(photo not mine)

I love to wear jewelry. My favorite jewelry to wear are earrings and bracelet. The only thing I do not to wear a bracelet is when it is loose. I have a very tiny wrist. I even lost the watch that my husband gave me. It fell because the watch is little lose. I promise myself not to wear any expensive jewelry anymore. I do not like wasting the money.

I still likes to wear bracelet. I wear a fancy jewelry this time. I have heard that there is a way to prevent from my bracelet not to get loose. It is called a magnetic bracelet. Now this makes me excited. Finally my bracelet will stay longer in my tiny wrist.

Wearing the earrings that I won from a giveaway

I won the earrings from a giveaway in Facebook. It is a thank you celebration for the Jamie Dornan fans for reaching 20,000 members. I am one of the million fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and that includes Jamie Dornan.

earrings I won from a giveaway

I was surprise to won the earrings. I never expected that I won. I do like to join a giveaway especially if I Ike the prizes. I was surprise to receive message that I won the earrings. I need to acknowledge or else they will draw a name for a new winner. I went grocery shopping when the giveaway ended. I also submitted my information. The prizes come from the United Kingdom.

love my new earrings, it also matches with my charm bracelet

I really love my new earrings. I love the design as well. It has black beads with handcuffs at the end. If you read the books, then you know what are the handcuffs stand for. I also like the surprise gift that came with it.

Here is I wearing my earrings from the giveaway that I won. I also wear my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelets that items mention in the book. I also wear a long sleeve shirt from Victoria’s Secret that I order online few months ago.

Where to buy a beautiful watch like this

A watch is very important accessory that a woman should wear. I seldom wear my watch. I do have a cell phone where I can check the time. My husband does not wear a watch either. It is his work’s safety rules. We had a lunch date last Valentine’s Day. I thought that he forgets our date. He did not bring his cell phone with him too. He was in the woods checking his traps. Oh how I wish that he has his watch that time so he knows that time it is.

Our wedding anniversary is coming in about three months. I cannot believe that we will celebrate our 12 years wedding anniversary. I would be happy if he gives me a bulova watchlike this as an anniversary gift. I really like the color. The design is very beautiful too. The price is affordable too.

How about you? Do you like watches? Are you looking for beautiful watches that had unique designs? Why not check out this Website and make your husband or wife get the greatest gift.

Bought this Fifty Shades charm bracelet

I am a member of the biggest secret Fifty Shades of Grey group in Facebook. Some of the admin in the group sold Fifty Shades of Grey related items too. They are based in the United Kingdom. What makes me order the Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet? It is because I won of the two charms of Fifty Shades of Grey . I really like the charm. I bought myself a charm bracelet last Christmas. The little girl wants it. I give it to her instead.

my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet
my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet
This charm bracelet is perfect for me. It has most of the character mention in the book written by E L James Fifty Shades of Grey. I really love it. I like the fancy jewelry. It is because I am so clumsy and might lost if I have an expensive bracelet. I have a very small wrist. I need to adjust this charm bracelet. There are more Fifty Shades of items but the charm bracelet is my favorite. It does not cost a lot too. It only cost $20 which includes shipping. They ship it fast too. It takes a week from United Kingdom to USA.

How about you? Do you have any Fifty Shades of Grey items aside from the book?

Thank you Mommy Gen for these beautiful bracelet and earring sets

I received these beautiful hand-made jewelry set from Mommy Gen. She sent me also a set of bracelet and earrings set for my daughter to match with mine. We both really love her handmade jewelry. Mommy Gen is very talented and skillful doing hand-made jewelry. She also creates hand-made cards as well. 

hand made bracelet and earring sets from Mommy Gen
I was cleaning when I see her mail. I check what is inside and found her business card. She asks me if I could take a picture of my little girl wearing her hand-made jewelry sets. I ask my little girl and without any hesitation she posed for me. This is my little girl showing off her pretty hand-made bracelet and earrings from Mommy Gen. She also wear the earrings during her school picture day.

hand made bracelet and earring sets from Mommy Gen
Here is also a picture of me. I am sure it is not as pretty as my daughter. I am grateful to Mommy Gen for her generosity for sending me her beautiful handmade jewelry. Are you looking for hand-made jewelry or perhaps hand-made cards for your family or friends? You can find beautiful hand-made products from Mommy Gen’s creation. They are very affordable as well.

I received the jewelry for free. I am not compensated to write. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from others.

Received a pearl earrings

I am happy that I received free pearl earrings in the mail this week. I like to wear fashion jewelry. My main reason is I am so clumsy that I lost or forget most of the things that I wear or have. I am wearing them now to make sure my ears are not itchy.

PhotobucketI got these pearl earrings as a token for promoting their Website. I like the pearl earrings because they are very light to wear. I like the pearl earrings because of the style and the simplicity too.

What about you? Do you like to wear pearls? Do you have other favorites of stone to wear? I am linking this to 8th day of blog photo challenge and Wednesday Whites.