My first book postcard from Florida

I am so happy when I received this postcard from Florida. It is my sixth postcard that I received since I joined postcrossing. This postcard took ten days to arrive and it came from Ms. M. Books is one of the postcard that I want to receive. Obviously because I love books and am a bookworm.


How about you? Aside from reading books, what are your other hobbies? I love exchanging and receiving postcards. The surprised of the unknown from all over the world when somebody sends you a postcard.

Books that I love to read from my favorite authors

It was last summer of 2013 when I started to read a book. I used to have many collections of romance novel back when I was a teen-ager. My cousin I who now lives in Minnesota gave me all her books once she migrated to America. I read all her novels everyday even at night. I used a candle to read in the dark while everybody is sleeping. i cannot turn on the light or else my Dad will get mad at me.

books that I love to read from my favorite authors

I never thought that my love to read romance novels come back. I read the first book of E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey. I heard about it and watch it from TV ut never really trigger my interest not after last summer of 2013. I read her first book for at least two or three days. I ordered the other two books but took so long to arrive. Instead I drove to Bares and Noble and bought two books. I read the three books in about a week or so. Unfortunately, the books that I ordered came too. I ended having hardcover and paperbacks of E L James book. I will give the paperbacks to my niece in the Philippines. I hope that she will like the story as much as her Aunt likes it.

books that I love to read from my favorite authors

A friend from Facebook told me to check out Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. I am glad that she told me. I bought the three books at Barnes And Nobles too. I read it in about a week or. I also like the books of Karin Tabke Harlow especially her Simon And Katrina series. i also love her cops series.

Recently, I like the books of Rachelle Ayala. I have most of her books in e-books except Knowing Vera which she sent me. I get to know Ms. Rachelle Ayala in person too. I would love to meet her someday. I also cannot wait to receive the signed paperback copy of her new book Taming Romeo. You should check it out in Amazon. It has beautiful story.

Here you go, you can see my favorite books of my favorite authors. Definitely I will buy more paperbacks as I love to collect them.

How about you? Do you like to read books? What kind of storied interest you?

I am a trapper’s wife

There is the picture of me with fox, coyote and raccoons in this post. Please do not proceed if the picture bothers you.

Before I met my husband back in December of 2000, he was a trapper already. It is part of whom he is. I still love him because of his hobby. This year is not different with the other trapping years. He trapped 49 foxes (46 are red and 3 are gray), 4 coyotes (he saved one for himself) and 15 raccoons. He is a very good trapper. He skinned the animals really clean too. He brushes their furs. They are all beautiful indeed. I am so proud of him as a trapper.

a trapper's wife

It was yesterday when he asks me to take a picture of all his traps. I am a trapper’s wife indeed. I helped him carry all his traps. The trapping room really stinks. I am use to the smell now too. We bring the traps outside. I took a picture of them. I ask him if he could take a picture of me with his traps too. It is not a good picture of me. I am proud of being a trapper’s wife. The trapping season is over. I am sure that the animals are happy to explore the woods now free from any trappers.