When It Comes to His Kids, Vin Diesel admits he’s a CryBaby

One of the world’s biggest action stars, Vin Diesel, might be tough and ‘furious’ but Vin admitted he has a soft side and it’s his children.

This sexy dad of four loves nothing more than his kids. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the 49-year-old Fast and Furious star revealed, “My pride in my kids is through the roof. Oh, my God, I’m proud of them all the time.”

Vin also openly shared that once you have kids, you wake up every day wanting to be able to parent. He always tries to make that his main focus and that’s really sweet! He’s unafraid to boast about his kids and say that his joy comes from them. His kids must be really proud of him.

The actor, known to have a tough persona on cam, confessed that he can get easily get teary-eyed when it comes to his children. Furthermore, Vin said, “My kids move me to tears all the time. My daughter Similce said to me a couple of weeks ago, ‘Daddy, I know what song should play at every funeral.’ I said, ‘What is it?’ And she said, ‘See You Again.’ That was not fair.”

Seeing someone with a rock-like image such as Vin Diesel gleefully talking about his love for his kids is something that we all love. He’s definitely on the right track when it comes to parenting his kids.

Finally have my reading eyeglasses

My husband said that when he turned 40 years old. He needs reading eyeglasses to help him read and see tiny letter. He told me that I will need it soon as I read so many books. Yes I am a bookworm.


Finally have my reading eyeglasses
Finally have my reading eyeglasses


Reading is one my hobby since I was in high school. Now that I do book reviews, I read more often. I prefer paperback to read. Sometimes I get to read and review electronic books as well. It is very easy to read electronic books and work for me at night before going to sleep. I also read in the middle of the night when I wake up for few minutes.


My husband thinks that I look 10 years older with my reading eyeglasses
My husband thinks that I look 10 years older with my reading eyeglasses


The other day after my son had his dentist appointment, I told my kids that we will stop at Wal-Mart for my reading eyeglasses. I thought that I have to go to the vision center. The woman told me to go to the pharmacy and I can buy my reading eyeglasses from their. I found the reading eyeglasses. There is also some tips on how to buy the perfect reading eyeglasses. I need to start with the lowest grade like 1+ and it goes to 2+50. I also tried many colors from pink, purple and white. The black is what I liked the most. I even bring a book with me to try it on. Wow! I cannot believe it is like magic. The words are really big. The reading eyeglasses does not give me headache. Later did I know that my husband has the same color and style.

How bout you? Do you use reading eyeglasses when you read? How old were you when you start using the reading eyeglasses?

Today is officially summer

I admit I still did not reach my goal. I wish I trim some of my fats in my stomach. I still need more work out. Now that my monthly visitor left, I can finally back to working out. At 41, I want to stay fit and feel great about my body. I am happy of my body. Despite not achieving my goal. I will not stop working out until I am satisfied of my body especially that summer is officially here.

 photo first day of summer_zpsigjtcytg.jpg

It would be awesome to go to the beach and you are very proud of your body in the public. I do not mind showing off my body with my family. They are used to seeing my fat when we go swimming. I am still shy to show off my body with my friends. It is a typical shy Filipina.

Summer is my favorite season especially if you live in New York where winter is very long. I wish everyone a fun summer and enjoy the warm weather with the people and friends you love the most.

My hubby is not ashamed to buy me a sanitary pads

It is time of the month again for me. I feel the pain. The cramps sometimes are unbearable. Sometimes they are really bad that all I want is to lay down and read a book. I cannot do that when you have  house to clean and family to take care.

He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used
He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used

I  have few sanitary pads from last month. I used a lot of sanitary pads. My flow is very fast. It happened that my husband picked up our daughter from school. She was not feeling well yet she still went to school. She called me to let me know that they are in the grocery store. She asks me if we need something.

We need few things like milk and juice. I remember that I need sanitary pads I called my husband and ask him if he could buy sanitary pads too. I told him please do not buy me sanitary pads that has wings. I do not care if it us the cheapest brand as long as it has no wings. Surprisingly he bought me the sanitary pads that I ever used since I came here in America. I am glad that my husband is not ashamed to buy me anything. He even buy me dried fish that most husband cannot tolerate the smell. He said that he will always do anything for me. The little things he does for me makes my toes curl and love him everyday. I have to remember how sweet he is especially when I get mad at him.

A day late and still no period yet?

I had the two periods last December. One during the first week and second on the last week. It is because I have 25 days cycle. December has 31  days. I am not sure if my period will come this month or not.

I am still waiting for my period to come. I am a day late already. I do feel cramps just like when my period is coming. I just wish that my period will arrive soon. I am actually freak out. The last time I was intimate with my hubby he said he had accident before using the condom. I am very old to have another baby. I am 41 and my hubby will turn 55 in a couple of months. I do no have any baby stuff but if it happens, it is God’s will. I am even feeling the cramps while writing this post.

How about you? Have you experience having two periods in one month?

Ways to get pregnant

The best thing about a woman is to give birth to their own child. It is the best feeling when we get pregnant for the first time. The moment we saw the sonograms that a baby is growing our tummy, is the best. You can hear the heartbeat is the best sound ever. There are pregnant women that does not want to know the gender of their baby. This is the joyous moment only if women gets pregnant easily.

 photo conceiveeasy_ttc_kit_hero_zps25931b88.png

There are some couples that are having difficulty getting pregnant. Some conclude that their infertile, however, there are simple things you probably just do that are not helping you in your trying to conceive journey. Number one in the list is stress. According to Pregnancytips.org, stress can affect the hormone that is responsible to induce ovulation for women so try to relax as much as you can. Another possible reason for not getting pregnant is not being able to time when to baby dance. A woman only has about 2-4 fertile days during her cycle to get pregnant so you don’t want to miss that window of opportunity. There are several ways to know when a woman ovulates. She can try using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) to check her ovulation, she can also use a Basal body thermometer (BBT) to track her temperature and she can also use the simplest way by tracking her cervical mucus. Couples may also want to avoid using lubricants that may harm the sperm. There are sperm-friendly lubricants available over the counter now; you may want to use that instead.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads sample and coupon too

I just had my annual check-up today from my obstetrician. She told me that my monthly period is coming.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too
Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too

I am thankful that I received these sanitary pads sample from Poise. It also comes with a coupon. I received the Poise pad regular length pad for moderate absorbency. I also received the hourly glass pad for maximum absorbency. These samples come in handy and perfect in time. I cannot wait to receive them and use the coupon as well. Thank you Poise and Kimberly Clark.

Banana Boat sunblock lotion is one buy get one in our local pharmacy

It is not officially summer yet but I am tan already. My natural skin color shows. I do not burn yet I still need to put some sunblock lotion especially my face and my arms and body.

 photo sunblocklotion_zps53dbdbd6.jpg

I am glad that our local pharmacy is having a sale on Banana Boat sunblock lotion. You get one if you buy one. It cost almost $11 but I do not mind the prize. We need to apply sunblock on our body not just mine but my kids as well. It will protect us from the sun rays especially from swimming or playing outside.

How about you? Do you apply sunblock lotion on your body too? What is your favorite brand of sunblock lotion?

My recent dentist appointment

I went for my 4th month visit few days ago. Most of you visit your dentist every six months I bet. I have to do mine every four months because my gums need more attention. I hope that it will stop and will go back to six months.

my goody bag from the dentist
my goody bag from the dentist

I had a cleaning that day. I also had an X-ray to check my gums. My gums measurements are still the same. I have to go back for a tooth filling. I hate going to the dentist but I have no choice. I went home with a goody bag. Here are the items in my goody bag. I have a pink toothbrush, tooth paste, whitener and dental floss. The goody bag has coupons on the back as well.

I really cannot drink any alcoholic beverages

My husband told me that I should try to drink wine or something. He said that it is good for women’s health. I sip his beer once in a while but really the taste is bitter. My taste bud does not like it.

I tried the Jack Daniels lemonade
I tried the Jack Daniels lemonade

When we went grocery shopping the other day, he told me to try this cooler. We bought two bottles. We picked the lemonade. I really like lemonade too especially when it is very warm outside.

I thought why not give a try. Last night while we are having dinner with bacon burgers, corn and rice on my plate. My husband and my kids also have the pasta and salad. I have this Jack Daniels as my drink. I sip it like it is my water while eating.

Unfortunately, I still can taste the alcohol. There is an alcohol in that drink. I only drink quarter of the bottle. It gives me headache. My husband was sad. I am 40 years old and yet I do not like to drink any beverages that has the alcohol. I guess I have to keep it that way but still I tried to drink the beverages.

I am stick with water, juice or pop as my choice of drink. Definitely, no alcohol beverages or wine for me. How about you? Do you drink any alcoholic beverages or wine?