A funny card that I received from my husband on our anniversary

If you know my husband, he is really a serious man. It drives me crazy sometimes. He seldom laughs. He has a sense of humor I think that he hides. He is a very shy husband of mine too.

 photo anniversary card_zpscph8hkuz.jpg

Anyway, three days ago we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We did not go somewhere. He is very tired from working so many hours. He grilled my favorite American food, steak that is. I love to eat it with mushroom as well. It become my favorite when I was pregnant with our little girl almost 9 years ago.

 photo anniversary card A_zps2lgal6od.jpg

He also gave me this card which is very funny. I am fortunate that I have those assets too. He does compliment me anytime and squeeze it all the time especially when I am in the kitchen doing the dishes or making dinner.

I thank God for blessing our marriage. I hope that we can survive all the trials that our relationship will encounter.

My hubby is not ashamed to buy me a sanitary pads

It is time of the month again for me. I feel the pain. The cramps sometimes are unbearable. Sometimes they are really bad that all I want is to lay down and read a book. I cannot do that when you have  house to clean and family to take care.

He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used
He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used

I  have few sanitary pads from last month. I used a lot of sanitary pads. My flow is very fast. It happened that my husband picked up our daughter from school. She was not feeling well yet she still went to school. She called me to let me know that they are in the grocery store. She asks me if we need something.

We need few things like milk and juice. I remember that I need sanitary pads I called my husband and ask him if he could buy sanitary pads too. I told him please do not buy me sanitary pads that has wings. I do not care if it us the cheapest brand as long as it has no wings. Surprisingly he bought me the sanitary pads that I ever used since I came here in America. I am glad that my husband is not ashamed to buy me anything. He even buy me dried fish that most husband cannot tolerate the smell. He said that he will always do anything for me. The little things he does for me makes my toes curl and love him everyday. I have to remember how sweet he is especially when I get mad at him.

Lunch date with my husband

It has been awhile since my husband and I had our lunch date. The last time was in Apple Bee’s restaurant. Yesterday we had lunch at Kalamata. It is a family restaurant that serves Greek or American food.

Kalamata is our new family restaurant now. The service is great. The price is very affordable. This restaurant is almost pack. People are kept on coming in and out.

I had an alone time with hubby. There are no kids bothering us. It is quiet and enjoy each other’s company. It was almost lunch when we arrive at the restaurant. We both ordered breakfast. I had eggs, hush brown, toast, potatoes and coffee. My husband has a robin sandwich.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you live around Lockport in New York.

Remembering my Aunt on her birthday

Today is the birthday of my Aunt Letty. She should turn 72 years old. Unfortunately, she went to heaven to join God. Aunt Letty is my Mom’s big sister. They are only two years apart. My Mom used to do my Aunt Letty’s laundry. I also cleaned her house while my Mom is doing their laundry. 

visited my Aunt

My Aunt Letty is like my second mother. I missed her so very much. She is the best aunt in the entire world. She helped my family a lot and especially me. She helped me with my school and even when I was applying for a job. She helped me to pass all the job requirements. I will never ever forget my Aunt Letty. We have happy memories together as aunt and niece. I love her very much.

visited my Aunt

I did not see her for the last time when she went to heaven. I did visit her grave last year when my daughter and I visited the Philippines. My Mom and my niece was with us too. We brought her flowers. I know that she loved flowers. It was a very warm day. We said our prayers and stayed in her grave for a while.

flowers for our dearest Aunt

It is very hard for me to talk to her through prayers. I missed her advice. I missed our joke and the laughter we had. I missed the time when we ate together in her house after finishing the laundry and cleaned her house. My Aunt has the money but she stays humble which I loved about her.

Happy birthday Aunt Letty and I know that you are looking down from heaven for us. I want to say thank you very much for everything. I love you so very much.

Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day

My little girl handed me this bag on Mother’s Day. It says breakfast in bed. She made this in school and bring it home last Friday. She keeps it a secret. My husband, my son and her only know this bag. The little girl woke up late because she slept late that Friday night. 

 photo breakfastinbed.jpg

She handed me this bag on Mother’s Day while hugging and greet me. This is what it is written on the bag.








 photo breakfastinbedA.jpg

What a sweet girl she is. She said that I do not need to cook. All I need is sit down and she sits the counter for me. I open the bag and there is an orange, pop tarts and an apple juice bag. I slice the oranges and put the pop tarts in the toaster. I am glad that I cook rice early. My kids love to eat rice in the morning. I ask my kids what they want to eat for breakfast. They said they want rice, noodles and egg. I boil some water and fried eggs for them. We ate all together.

 photo breakfastinbedB.jpg

It is awesome that I do not need to cook my breakfast. I shared the pop tarts to my little girl. She likes it too. We had a wonderful time eating breakfast. Being a mother to these two crazy and fun kids will not trade for anything else. I love these two rugrats in the world.

How about you? How was breakfast during your Mother’s Day?

The breakfast foods that my son wants to eat

Raising my half Filipino half American kids are always fun and exciting. These kids have two cultures that I am glad that they appreciate. It might be in food or language. They are eager to learn and appreciate both sides of me and my husband’s cultures. 

One thing about being a Filipino likes to eat rice. We cannot live without eating rice. It does not matter what part of meal it is, rice is always on the table. Breakfast is very important to my family. We never leave the house without eating breakfast. It seldom happens that we eat breakfast outside.

I do not have rice with me that morning. I made my son pancakes, fried eggs, links sausage and banana with an orange juice.

 photo dislikinghisbreakfast.jpg
He was not happy about it. You can see it in the picture. All he wants to eat is rice, egg and noodles. I told him to wait and I will cook the rice for him. It will take me bout 20 minutes to cook the rice at least. I usually put some mat on the counter but I was in hurry to serve him his breakfast. I usually fried the egg too but this time I mix it with the noodles.

 photo likingthefood.jpg
Look how happy my son is, can you tell the difference? This kid loves Filipino breakfast.

How about your kids? What do they eat during breakfast?

The curious little girl

It was a very busy day for the kids and I yesterday. There are many driving errands happened that day. We went to McDonald’s for breakfast. We went to Kohl’s to buy a gift for the little girl’s friend that will have a party this weekend. We also went to Victoria’s Secret my favorite store. We went grocery afterwards. 

We left home for three hours. When we got home it was afternoon already. I put all the groceries away. I cleaned the house afterwards. The husband came home from his training at work. I prepared dinner. We had the pork with beans, rice and salad that night.

 photo thecuriouslittlegirl.jpg

I was preparing for dinner and I am in the kitchen sink. I did not know that the little girl is playing with my Victoria’s Secret shopping bag. I put it on the table for the mean time while cleaning. She did open the shopping bag. She tries my bra, and the husband is very surprised as well. I cannot heard them clearly. She also open my flip-flops and wear it. She went to the kitchen and showed me this.

She is a very curious little girl of mine. I told her to wait and will take a picture of her right in the kitchen. What do you think of her picture? Will you laugh or you have to scold her? Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Buy one get one Mc Donald’s premium chicken salad

I have one coupon of buy get one premium salad for Mc Donald’s that will expire in few days. I should use the coupon before it will expire. I never like eating salad. I make them at home for my husband my kids. They love to eat salad.

I am trying hard to shred some pounds on my stomach for this year. Working out is not an easy thing to do. It takes perseverance and strong determination to meet your goal. I stop working out for seven days as I have my monthly period. I cannot wait to start again this morning. Eating healthy helps you shred the unwanted pounds.

My husband and I went to Wal-Mart and stop by at Mc Donald’s on the way home. I used the coupon for the buy one get one premium salad and will eat when we get home. The premium salad is very delicious. It is also filling. It is perfect for lunch. It comes with greens like lettuce, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. It also comes with grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and parmesan cheese.

PhotobucketWe choose Caesar salad dressing this time. We usually use the Italian salad dressing. You can also pick baked or grilled chicken.

I really love that salad. It cost $4.29 for each bowl. I think it is not bad. What about you? Do you like to eat salad too? I am linking this entry to 9th day of blog photo challenge and Food Friday.

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

I do not know that my goal for this month can be achieve. I am talking about shredding some unhealthy fats on my stomach. I tried working out for five days and unfortunately need to stop as my monthly period come. I really miss working out. I just cannot wait to start working out again. I want to wear my two piece swimsuit for this summer. I will only wear them when I am swimming with the family in our in ground pool. It would be awesome to wear them in the public like if we go to a beach or park if my body is ready.

I am also eating more healthy food for the last days. I start eating cereals in the morning. I am not a cereal fan but have no choice to stay healthy. I even try eating salad which is not my favorite food to eat. I do make salad for the family but I do not eat it.

I still have five months to work out and hope that before summer I can see some results. I am not doing this for anybody but for myself. I do miss my body when I was 28 years old. I know that taking care of your kids and family is a priority. I want to give something for myself too.

I am linking this to the 8th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your short-term goals for this month and why. What about you? What are your short terms goals?

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you have been to

There is no place in the world that I rather be now except in the Philippines particularly in my home town, Cagayan de Oro City. I left my heart in Cagayan de Oro City. There is no place like home.

GOD is so great that HE allowed me and my daughter to visit the Philippines. I am not really looking forward for a very long flight. I am thankful that despite of the delayed and canceled of our flights; we arrived safely back home to New York. I spent most of the time with my Mom who I did not see for six (6) long years. I did not visit beautiful tourist spots but I did spend my precious time with the most important person in my life which is my Mom. I am sorry to my friends that I did not spend more time with them. I hope that you forgive me. I will let the pictures describe it for you. Please forgive me for uploading many pictures.

I never forget the moment that I am looking down at my home town, Cagayan de Oro City, up in the air.

PhotobucketIt was such a big relief when our plane, Philippine Airlines, landed in Lumbia airport on the 29th day of June 2012.

PhotobucketMy Mom and my niece P stayed with us in our hotel room. We stayed at Country Village hotel in Carmen. I wanted to stay in my Mom’s house to save some money but my little girl will not allow me. She loves the pool at the hotel we stayed.

PhotobucketThere is two free complimentary breakfast in the hotel. I let my little girl and her cousin gets the free. My Mom and I choose our own breakfast food. I am very privileged to spend my Mom’s 69th birthday too.

PhotobucketMy two sisters flew from Cebu City to spend my niece 8th birthday at Opol Beach.

PhotobucketDuring the morning, I spent my time in my Mom’s house. My little girl met her cousins and meet new friends as well. I am having a hard time using my debit cards to use when we go out. What I do is?

PhotobucketI send my Mom some money and the two of us picked it up at a pawn shop. It works this way. I can use some cash.

PhotobucketWe eat most of the time at Jollibee Vamenta in Carmen with my Mom, my two nieces D and P. My little girl loves to eat pancake and spaghetti. I also enrolled her at a Jollibee Kids club.

PhotobucketWe went to Raagas beach. The water is blurry because it rained most of the night. My little girl loves the beach.

PhotobucketWe stayed in my Mom’s room just to talk and spent quality time together. This is use to be my room when I was a teenager.

I hope that you enjoy our pictures. They are not beautiful but I am happy that I spent most of our time with my Mom and my family. I am linking this entry to the 5th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about a picture of somewhere you have been to.