Where to find the perfect wedding dresses in Toronto

It has been 13 years since I married the love of my life. I was 28 years old when I said I do and spend the rest of my life through thick and thin with him. Being married to a man who is 12 years and half older than you is a challenge. Through it all we made it and now blessed with two kids now. Life is not full of happiness but surprises as well. I am thankful to God for blessing me a wonderful man, hard worker and the best father to my kids. I could not ask for more.

 photo wedding dress A_zpshixjqdn9.jpg

The only regret I had been not marrying at the church. I hope someday I can still walk the aisle with him. Church wedding is one of my wish list though it is sad that my Dad is not around anymore to walk in the aisle with me. I hope my son does if that event will happen. I wanted that to happen in the Philippines as well so my Mom can see me.

 photo weddng dress_zpsdckebe1i.jpg

Marriage is one of the biggest memorable event in a woman’s life. It is not an easy decision but once when you found the love of your life, everything is alright. Preparing for a wedding is a chaos  especially looking for that perfect dress. Guess what? It is now easy to picked dresses from this Website. You will find the best, classic and elegant wedding dresses Toronto. If you live close by, you can check the Website for yourself. I wish you all the luck in your wedding day. Enjoy each moment with the love of your life and people that surrounds you with love and happiness.

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Falling in-love happens instantly or perhaps longer but once you find your soul mate you know it in your heart. Some people married right away. Some people wait awhile. I wish you both the best of luck and am sure you will look gorgeous on your wedding dress from this Website.

What did I redeemed with my Victoria’s Secret reward cards

I used two of my Victoria’s Secret reward cards. I still have the two cards that I will redeem before they expire. I just wish that these swimwear comes as one price but unfortunately it does not.

My second pair of Victoria's Secret swimwear
My second pair of Victoria’s Secret swimwear

I love the color of my new swimwear. I also love the flirty style. I cannot wait to wear them. I love the top of the swimsuit. You can wear it strapless. I like mine with strap. It keeps my small girls safe and secure.  I know summer will come in two more months. I cannot wait. I have worked out so I can wear my swimwear with proud. This is my second swimwear that I bought this year.

I am not sure if I could wear this swimwear in public like going to the beach with my family I hope this summer. I do not think my husband will allow me. He is a little protective. Do I ashamed of my body? Definitely not, I know at 41 years old I still got it.

Where to buy beautiful dress at an affordable price

Summer will be here in about two months. I cannot wait. It is my favorite season of all time. It would be awesome just to wear, shorts, tops, sandals and dresses. I am relief that finally I can breathe from wearing thick coat, sweaters and boots.

I love this red dress
I love this red dress

I need to shop new summer outfits. I started cleaning my drawers and closet. I check what I needed for three months to enjoy the warm weather ahead. Definitely fashion outfits like this summer dress is what I have in mind. I am sure that my family will receive an invitation for a kids party.

 photo iprice coupon_zpsf7hgjbew.png

Shopping is fun at the same time it is tricky. You have to make sure that you have the budget. Checking Websites for affordable deals are exciting especially if you check the iprice.ph. There prices are very affordable. You can search any outfits for your family like your husband and kids. You can even buy outfits to send it to somebody as a gift.

I am looking forward for the summer. I cannot wait to show off my new outfits to my friends as well.

Where to buy affordable dresses in any occasion

Every girl loves to wear a dress. I love to wear a dress My little girl also loves to wear a dress. We usually wear dress especially when we go to church We also wear a dress during special occasion like special holiday. I just bought two dresses today as well to wear for my summer babe’s Reconciliation tomorrow

 photo W297_zpscrz5eruj.jpg

Do you happen to live in the  UK? Are you looking for affordable dresses to wear? Is one of your friend getting married and your daughter is one of the flower girls? Does she has a dress to wear? Are you still looking to buy a dress for her You can buy beautiful  flower girl dresses monsoon from different colors, styles and designs.

 photo j111-1_zpsrgukwoh4.jpg

Is your son/daughter getting married as well? As a Mum you need to wear the best mother dresses  and joined your kids while walking down the aisle I bet you will be emotional at the same feeling beautiful

 photo 120306180_zpsyrgsigem.jpg

I never attend any Prom while I was in high school. I missed the experience of a life time I wish that my little girl will experience the prom. How about your little girl? Is she attending a Prom this year? You can find junior prom dresses here with so many colors and beautiful style to choose from.

Today is the best time to buy any dresses you want The Website is offering free shipping when your total order reach 199 pounds It is very easy to order too They ship famous shipping company like UPS, FedEx and DHL They accept any credit cards for easy shopping. It is also easy to track your package.

My summer babe’s first high heel shoes

I cannot believe she has a high heel shoes already. She is only eight years old. I remember I was 16 years old when I wore my first high heel shoes. I was in my freshman in college. I thought that you cannot got to school with your uniform without wearing a high heel shoes. I was definitely wrong.

 photo high heel shoes A_zpsud0vbsqf.jpg

Anyway, I bought this high heel shoes for my summer babe for her Reconciliation outfit to match with her white dress. She really like wearing this high heel shoes too. I think she look so adorable. She is such a girl and seeing her enjoying wearing this high heel shoes melt my heart. She starts to develop now. I missed my baby girl. She grows up way too fast.

 photo high heel shoes_zps6etf54nt.jpg

How about you? Do you allow your little girl to wear a high heel shoes?

Bought this Fifty Shades charm bracelet

I am a member of the biggest secret Fifty Shades of Grey group in Facebook. Some of the admin in the group sold Fifty Shades of Grey related items too. They are based in the United Kingdom. What makes me order the Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet? It is because I won of the two charms of Fifty Shades of Grey . I really like the charm. I bought myself a charm bracelet last Christmas. The little girl wants it. I give it to her instead.

my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet
my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet
This charm bracelet is perfect for me. It has most of the character mention in the book written by E L James Fifty Shades of Grey. I really love it. I like the fancy jewelry. It is because I am so clumsy and might lost if I have an expensive bracelet. I have a very small wrist. I need to adjust this charm bracelet. There are more Fifty Shades of items but the charm bracelet is my favorite. It does not cost a lot too. It only cost $20 which includes shipping. They ship it fast too. It takes a week from United Kingdom to USA.

How about you? Do you have any Fifty Shades of Grey items aside from the book?

My red Christmas dress finally arrived

I bought this red dress on Ebay last week with buy it now. It is also offer free shipping. The total cost is $9.99. I think I spot a great deal, right? I really love the style of the dress. I love the ruffles design that I hope will cover my rolls of fat.

My red dress for the Christmas party

Finally it came yesterday in the mail. I felt badly because the seller shipped the dress through priority mail which cost her $6. I am sure that she has deduction from Ebay fees and maybe PayPal fees as well. I am also an Ebay seller long time so I know the fees are. I do not mind if she shipped the dress through first class mail. I will need the dress for next month during our Christmas party with my Filipino friends.

My red dress for the Christmas party

I tried the dress. I am very happy that it fits perfectly. I feel comfortable wearing it for the Christmas party. I ask my husband to zip the back on my dress. He even asks me where I have to wear this dress. He told me that I look sexy too. I said that I am going to wear this dress next month on Christmas party with my friends and their kids. I know that he told me before that he will not coming. I guess somebody has changed his mind. I hope he cam come to the Christmas party as well. It will save me from driving to the Christmas party venue.


Now all I need is shoes to goes with my red dress. I bid a red boots on Ebay as well but I missed the time. I was outbid and did not win the red boots.

How about you? Do you attend Christmas party with your friends? Is your dress ready?


Thank you Mommy Gen for these beautiful bracelet and earring sets

I received these beautiful hand-made jewelry set from Mommy Gen. She sent me also a set of bracelet and earrings set for my daughter to match with mine. We both really love her handmade jewelry. Mommy Gen is very talented and skillful doing hand-made jewelry. She also creates hand-made cards as well. 

hand made bracelet and earring sets from Mommy Gen
I was cleaning when I see her mail. I check what is inside and found her business card. She asks me if I could take a picture of my little girl wearing her hand-made jewelry sets. I ask my little girl and without any hesitation she posed for me. This is my little girl showing off her pretty hand-made bracelet and earrings from Mommy Gen. She also wear the earrings during her school picture day.

hand made bracelet and earring sets from Mommy Gen
Here is also a picture of me. I am sure it is not as pretty as my daughter. I am grateful to Mommy Gen for her generosity for sending me her beautiful handmade jewelry. Are you looking for hand-made jewelry or perhaps hand-made cards for your family or friends? You can find beautiful hand-made products from Mommy Gen’s creation. They are very affordable as well.

I received the jewelry for free. I am not compensated to write. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from others.

Keeping her cool while watching The Thunder on Niagara show

It was really warm that day. It is obvious that it is summer. The family went to watch The Thunder on Niagara show in a nearby city. It is a show about hydro planes in the river. This show is annually held in this area. The family likes to watch the show every year. 

watching The Thunder Niagara show

How I wish that I bring hats with me to keep me cool. I am glad that I brought spray to keep the family protected from the bugs. The little girl is complaining that she is very warm. She has a shoulder length hair. I braid her hair and am glad that I brought her Victoria Justice sunglasses with her that she got on her birthday. It makes her feel better.

Do you watch show with your family too? How do you keep your family stays cool when it is very warm outside?

I am linking this entry to the 10th day of August blog photo challenge.

I bought myself a swimsuit

A journal friend of mine shared the Website for the swimsuit. The Website is having a sale online. I check it out and order myself this swimsuit. I am looking for a black swimsuit but it is not available. I order this color instead. It is also free shipping. The swimsuit is very affordable. 

 photo pinkswimsuit.jpg
The shipping took awhile and I am not happy about. I love the material of the swimsuit. It looks durable. I tried the swimsuit. It took me awhile to figure out how to wear it.

 photo swimsuitA-1.jpg
It has a criss cross style. Unfortunately, I do not like the way I look. I always wear two piece which I am comfortable wearing. This is my first time to wear a one piece swimsuit. I need to lose some weight for me to feel comfortable wearing this swimsuit. I will keep it for now.

How about you? Do you like to wear a one piece or two piece swimsuit? I am linking this entry to #121 of 365 blog photo challenge.