My hubby is not ashamed to buy me a sanitary pads

It is time of the month again for me. I feel the pain. The cramps sometimes are unbearable. Sometimes they are really bad that all I want is to lay down and read a book. I cannot do that when you have  house to clean and family to take care.

He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used
He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used

I  have few sanitary pads from last month. I used a lot of sanitary pads. My flow is very fast. It happened that my husband picked up our daughter from school. She was not feeling well yet she still went to school. She called me to let me know that they are in the grocery store. She asks me if we need something.

We need few things like milk and juice. I remember that I need sanitary pads I called my husband and ask him if he could buy sanitary pads too. I told him please do not buy me sanitary pads that has wings. I do not care if it us the cheapest brand as long as it has no wings. Surprisingly he bought me the sanitary pads that I ever used since I came here in America. I am glad that my husband is not ashamed to buy me anything. He even buy me dried fish that most husband cannot tolerate the smell. He said that he will always do anything for me. The little things he does for me makes my toes curl and love him everyday. I have to remember how sweet he is especially when I get mad at him.

My summer babe’s first high heel shoes

I cannot believe she has a high heel shoes already. She is only eight years old. I remember I was 16 years old when I wore my first high heel shoes. I was in my freshman in college. I thought that you cannot got to school with your uniform without wearing a high heel shoes. I was definitely wrong.

 photo high heel shoes A_zpsud0vbsqf.jpg

Anyway, I bought this high heel shoes for my summer babe for her Reconciliation outfit to match with her white dress. She really like wearing this high heel shoes too. I think she look so adorable. She is such a girl and seeing her enjoying wearing this high heel shoes melt my heart. She starts to develop now. I missed my baby girl. She grows up way too fast.

 photo high heel shoes_zps6etf54nt.jpg

How about you? Do you allow your little girl to wear a high heel shoes?

She is such a Daddy’s girl

Growing up I am also a Daddy’s girl myself. I missed my Dad even now. He went to heaven almost 14 years ago. I cannot believe he is gone that long. I will never ever forget my Dad. We grow up poor but he makes sure that we have something to eat in the table, He is also a very hard worker father. I missed him so very much.

 photo adaddygirl_zps9be436cb.jpg

When I had my daughter, she will not go to her Daddy. She always cry  when her Daddy is getting close to her. I told her that you can go to daddy and talk to him too. My husband works many hours that sometimes he seldom see his kids. My daughter taught that it is only me.

I am glad that she is very close to her Daddy. She can wrap her Daddy with tiny fingers. She is one spoiled little girl. I do not have a problem with that at all. I wish that when she grows up, she is still very close to her Daddy.

I took this picture one night when she is showing her Daddy her spelling words. I took two photos. I love moments like this. The little girl notice me holding a camera and that she looked at me. My husband also has another daughter from his first marriage. She is now 33 years old and have her own family and lives in Florida. They come visit us last year. My kids love their big sister and their niece too.

How about you? Is your little girl a Daddy’s girl too?

Do you hate or love winter?

I cannot believe that in a week or two, it is my 13th year since I arrived in America. I cannot believe that it is that long already. I still remember that it was 34 degrees when I first step out at Buffalo airport. The temperature changes from 90 degrees to 34 degrees in 24 hours. I feel like I was inside the freezer. I was freezing. It was bone chilling old. Those days will never ever forgotten.

 photo winter_zps59c18dff.jpg

We still have a month before spring will arrive. We got new snow on the ground from last night. I know that my husband flow the driveway yesterday when he got home from work.

This morning it is all covered with snow. I made a path for my kids to walk through their bus shed. Do you hate or love winter? We live in Western New York and winter days are very long. Buffalonians deal with it like an ordinary day.

My daughter loves the winter. I am sure that every kid is, right? Here she is loves to play with snow while waiting for her school bus to arrive. It is a beautiful day. It is cold but no wind so it is perfect.

Happy 12th birthday to my dearest son

I cannot believe that the premature baby weighs 5 pounds and 4 oz that I gave birth 12 years ago is now weighs 86 pounds. I weigh 88 pounds when I first came in America. Where did the time went? I still remember the moment when I was admitted at the hospital on the 1st of February for my doctor to stop my contraction. I was only 7 months pregnant. I was sent home the next day but that night I was admitted at the hospital because my contraction started again. I gave birth to a baby at 11:45 that night of February 3rd.

 photo firstbirthday_zpsf94619c2.jpg

My K has been through a lot as a premature baby. He was born healthy despite being born early. He has the speech therapy until now. Now he talks a lot. He is a very strong kid. He is very shy yet kind to other people. He loves sports like hockey and football. He is my crazy driver who loves to drive the golf cart and especially his ATV.

What I love about my son is? He is a very simple kid. He is easy to please. He has his moment as a typical boy does. He is growing so fast and almost a teen-ager now. He is very respectful and loves his little sister and always protect her. They are the best buddies for life.

 photo chinesebuffet_zps6537f695.jpg

I wish my son the best in life to offer. May all your dream comes true son. Always remember to being kind to other people. I love you more that you ever know. I will always be here for you no matter what.

 photo birthdaygifts_zps90610dca.jpg

We had a simple birthday for my son yesterday. He does not want a birthday party. He wants to eat at Chinese buffet which we did at lunch time as they only have the half day at school that day. He also wants Lego like Police and Fire Station as birthday gifts. Grandma and Grandpa gave him Xbox 360 games as he likes to play. The little sister gave him a card and inside is a $12 from her own money.

 photo 12thbirthday_zps527c46c2.jpg

He invited a classmate from school who is his buddy. He does not want a birthday cake. The younger sister helped me bake and decorated it. It was a simple birthday for my son. I am glad that he had a fun birthday.

Where to buy and sell affordable textbooks

Recently, I am into reading books. I knew that while I was teen-ager I love to read romance novel books. I am glad that my cousin gave me most of her novels. I read it and will never put down the novel until I am reading the last page. It brings back those memories and my love for reading. 

I already read six romance novel books last and this month. I am looking to read more books. I know that books are expensive. There are times that I wonder if I can find affordable books aside from the bookstore. It is awesome to read new novels at the same time saves some money than buying books in the bookstore.

Do you have books that you wish you can get rid off? You can sell your textbooks and at the same time help somebody to save by doing it. I did this when I was in college. It does not matter if they are not new books. What is important is? You can learn and enjoy your book. I think I found new novel books to read and at the same time pay a fraction of price than buying new novels in the bookstore.

Day 7- The biggest impact

This is hard one for me. It takes me awhile to think on what ideas to write. I am glad that finally I set one on this thing. I plan to write a person and then change my mind.

I am so independent when I was in the Philippines. I can do whatever I want though I still live in my parent’s house. I abide by their rules. Life over in the Philippines is very convenient. You can go wherever you want. You do not need a vehicle. There are many public transportations that you can hire like a taxi or jeepney to name a few. You can hire a tricycle. You can even walk to go to church, school or public market.

Life changes when I live in America by myself. I miss my life in the Philippines so badly especially living away from my parents that time. You have to do everything here by yourself. I learn to be more independent except that I cannot go anywhere without my husband goes with me or dropping me at the store. Learning how to drive is a priority. There is a bus station but still very far from where I live.

I took my driving learner’s permit and passed the test with flying colors. I study my driving manual book. I should have by driver license early. I am so stubborn that it took me awhile to pass my road test. Learning how to drive with your husband teaching you is a big mistake. There are many constant arguing while you are learning which makes me more uneasy to learn how to drive. I finally enrolled in a driving class. It does not help much knowing that your driving instructor is a Grandma who has no patience to teach you.

I took my road test and failed twice. It sucks big time. You have no idea how hurtful it is. Finally, I have to face my fear when I my little girl will go to school in Pre-K. My husband told me that the only way our little girl can go to school is when I pass my road test. I have to enroll myself again in the driving class to get a certificate which is required by the New York state before you will take your road test. I also took my learner’s permit and passed with flying colors. The day before I take my road test that weekend, my husband and kids were with me in the car while learning to drive. My husband took me to the road where I will take my road test. We practice how to stop on the stop sign. We practice how to park parallel. This time with the determination I have and my husband constant insulting while I am driving. I swallow my pride. Finally on the day of my road test, we left the house early. We still practice on the road where I will take my road test doing the same pattern. I was nervous when the instructor sits on the front sit next to me on my road test. I take a deep breath and say my prayers to GOD guide me while taking my road test. I missed some turns. The instructor asks me again to take a right turn. She asks me to park parallel. My road test is over for at least ten minutes. The instructor advises me with my mistakes. I was listening to her and surprisingly take a peek on her paper and I see the P sign next to my name. She gave me my temporary driving license. It is like a receipt. She told me I passed my road test. I still cannot believe that finally I did it. My husband then came with our kids and asked the instructor how I did. The instructor then said that I passed my road test. Finally our little girl can go to school.

I would say the biggest impact for me is passing my road test. I would link this entry to the 7th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is your biggest impact. What about you what is the biggest impact in your life?