When You’re Fantasy Life Gets Real


Sometimes I project myself into the romance novels I read.  I imagine being caught up in the arms of a strong alpha hero, letting all reason melt away as I succumb to his nibbling on my lip.  I find myself thinking about how I’d look if I should turn my head and see my reflection in the mirror in the master  suite in his mansion.  And incredibly, each time I’m wearing one of those cute little side-ruched bikini’s from LOFT.  The fact that it’s a bikini tells me it’s a fantasy.  There’s no way I’d be wearing one of those, but…back to the fantasy.  

The scene morphs to the long driveway of a Great Gatsby-like chateau where cars pull up and valets open the doors revealing the posh guests, dripping in diamonds and furs.  I’m already out of the car waiting for my secret lover to ascend the stairs.  I’m on the far end of the balcony, dressed in a sheer top and thigh high boots, nothing at all like the staid matrons getting out of their chauffeur driven cars.  He spots me and finds an excuse to send his wife on and makes his way to my side.  He can barely keep his hands off me.  I feel his hot breath and smoldering eyes take in the Loft apparel I’m wearing.  “You look beautiful tonight.” He whispers into my ear and moves on.  We play cat and mouse all evening… Finally, he hands me his cell phone which has the Groupon app pulled up.  I see you got that look for less, he says, and drifts off.  

Then I realize what I really need to do is get up and start shopping for my trip to the lake.  Fortunately, I’m a Groupon shopper and know just where to go to find all the items I want to refresh my wardrobe for the coming season.   In less time than it takes to read a chapter of one of my steamy novels, I’ve purchased all the items I need from LOFT, and have saved tons of money using Groupons.

My fantasy lover was right about one thing, I can save a lot of money when I use Groupons to shop for the clothes I love at LOFT.  You can save 40% off site-wide, get free shipping with a qualifying purchase, and do it all from your smart phone or other mobile device.  Now if they just had one of those hot alpha heroes I could special order…

Grab this deals from Guitar Center

Are you ready to beat the crowd on Black Friday? Do you rather shop online to saves you gas, time and maybe injury? I have not try shopping during the Black Friday. I plan on trying it for the first time but I forget that I have work on Friday. I am planning to get my Summer Babe a signed book of one her favorite. I guess it will not happen but it will not shop online.

Are you looking for used gear guitar center for yourself or friends to give on Christmas? Why not check this website? They offer big savings for Black Friday for any musician out there. You will amazed of the savings you will save from shopping online instead of going to the store.

Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey movie for the fifth and last time at AMC Theaters

You can call me crazy but I really do not care. I am a fan of Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and the book trilogy as well. I am proud of it. It does not bother me what haters will say. They can say what they can say and am here adoring this movie and books.

 photo FSOG Ff_zpsrup8xbtc.jpg

The last showing of Fifty Shades Of Grey movie is the theater near me is this Thursday the third week since the number movie in the world released. I still have the three Fandango coupons worth $7.50 saving. I do not want to put them to waste. I shared them to my Fifty Shades Of Grey Facebook friends. I am glad that they can use the coupons and enjoy the movie as well.

 photo FSOG f_zpsbmykewe4.jpg

As a good wife, I called my husband that I plan to watch the movie that night so I can use the Fandango coupons. He said that he will not allow me as he has to sleep early and have a training the next morning. Instead I can watch it in the afternoon. I love my husband so much. He understands his  wife. He said I am crazy but still allowing me to watch the movie. How sweet is he?

 photo FSOG Fa_zpsf8fayjzp.jpg

I have to make sure that the house is clean before I drive to the theater. I also have to make sure that there is enough wood on the fireplace before my husband will come home. I also took Maggie, our Pitbull dog to do her thing and put her in the mud room with water and some food. I told I am a good wife, right?

 photo FSOG Fc_zpstxv5kyvi.jpg

It was snowing and very trickery to drive especially driving along The Millersport Highway. I prayed and drive cautiously. I arrive after one. The movie will start 15 minutes after. I order some chicken nuggets and water with me while waiting for the movie.

 photo FSOG Fb_zpssssyhy0s.jpg
 photo FSOG Fd_zpsfw5exwbx.jpg

This is my fifth time to watch the movie. I also love the AMC Theaters. It is very clean and the chairs recline so you can relax at the same time enjoy the movie. I was there first.

 photo FSOG Fe_zpsjtbiub35.jpg

I cannot get enough of this movie. My feelings are still the same the first time I watch the movie. It still blew me away. It still makes me smile and fall in-love with Christian and Anastasia. My kuddos to all the staff and crew from this amazing movie especially Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and the director Sam Taylor Johnson.   I cannot wait for my own DVD so I can watch it all over and over.

Molecule Asia has the best quality clothing for both men and women

I am privileged to try a durable quality of Capri shorts from Molecule Asia . The company is based in Thailand. They shipped very fast too. The best costumer service ever. I am sure that like me you will love any of their products.

 photo caprishorts_zps9f65e5b6.jpg

I love the Capri shorts that I received. It is a camouflage which my husband and my kids liked. It is made of 100% cotton which is the best. I love that is feels smooth. I like all the pockets from the front, to the back and to the sides as well. I cannot wait to wear it when it is very warm outside.

You can find Molecule Asia too in Facebook. Twitter or Google Plus. You can check out their Website for new products and coupons as well. I highly recommend this company to everybody.
I received the coupon code courtesy from US Family Guide. I was not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.

Do you wear a panty liner

I do wear a panty liner. I wear it everyday. It is part of my wardrobe. I only use this brand since I first used a panty liner. I do picked the unscented too.

Why do I wear a panty liner? It is because to keep my underwear clean. Reading books does not help too especially when you are reading very steamy scenes. It makes you very wet.

different kinds of panty liners

different kinds of panty liners

Many women are into different things like shoes or handbags. My thing is underwear and bra. I love to buy underwear  from Victoria’s Secret especially when I have coupons. You can get it basically free. I love to wear the thong design. I think it is the sexiest underwear to wear. My husband agrees too. I cannot use the regular panty liner if I wear thong. I buy a panty liner that is for that specific style of underwear. There are many panty liners in a box. I can used it for a long time.

How about you? Do you use a panty liner too?

I fell in-love with this red dress

My kids and I were invited to two Christmas parties this year. Unfortunately, my husband cannot come with us. He is scheduled to work on both days. It is just me and my kids that will attend.

I love to wear dress especially on special occasions like Christmas. I went shopping at the mall by myself. The hubby is sleeping while working that night. The kids were at school. I got the chance to spend time with myself. I love to shop and who does not, right?

It is my first time to shop for myself. Usually I shop for my kids but not this time. I know I want a red dress but could not find something that I like in other store. I saw this red dress at the Express store. I fell in-love right away. I love the style of the dress. It is sexy. You can find a similar dress online, and save money on your purchase with an Express coupon code


I cannot wait to wear this red dress
I cannot wait to wear this red dress


I check the rack to look for a size medium. I am glad that they have the one available for my size. I am not sure if the dress will fits me or look well on me. I am glad that it fits well. I really love it. I check the prize and oh crap, it is a little expensive for my budget. I will use my card and own money too. I ask the sales clerk if it is on sale. She said it is not. I feel sad and I ask her if they have a coupon available. She said she will help find a coupon when I check out, Luckily, there is a $15 coupon available for me. I bought the dress. I am so happy and very excited. I cannot wait to wear it. I ask the sales clerk what it is the perfect shoes to goes with the dress. She said that boots will not look in that dress but strapless would be perfect. I shop for shoes after I bought the dress. I also bought the shoes. I told my hubby that I bought a dress and shoes for the party. He said he wants me to show it to him. I wear it in-front of him. He said I look sexy. I just cannot wait to wear this dress.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads sample and coupon too

I just had my annual check-up today from my obstetrician. She told me that my monthly period is coming.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too
Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too

I am thankful that I received these sanitary pads sample from Poise. It also comes with a coupon. I received the Poise pad regular length pad for moderate absorbency. I also received the hourly glass pad for maximum absorbency. These samples come in handy and perfect in time. I cannot wait to receive them and use the coupon as well. Thank you Poise and Kimberly Clark.

Got a free getaway bag from Victoria’s Secret

I received this coupon in the mail from Victoria’s Secret every month. I am always looking forward to receiving any coupon from my favorite brand. This month’s coupon from Victoria’s Secret is a $10 off for any bra, one free Pure Seduction Mist and free getaway bag if your order reach $75.

a free getaway bag from Victoria's Secret

I drove to the mall and went to Victoria’s Secret store. I ask the sales clerk firs if the getaway bag is still available. She said that there are few getaway bags left. The promotion is only up to Sunday or while the supplies last. I bought some stuff at the store to avail the free getaway bag. I also use my angel credit card. It is zero balance.

a free getaway bag from Victoria's Secret

I am very happy that I got this getaway bag. It is a beautiful bag. It is not too small or too big. It is just perfect. You can carry the getaway bag in two ways. You can carry it by your hand. You can also carry it through your shoulder. Now all I need is a getaway to use my beautiful bag from Victoria’s Secret. Would it be awesome to escape from this snowy and cold Western New York and swim to a paradise island. This girl can dream you know.

By the way, I wish our carpet is cleaned. It really needs cleaning. I want to try out by Click here right Now. Have you heard about it?

My new Kohl’s credit card

I love to shop mainly for my kids’ clothes and footwear. Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores to shop. I could shop online or in the store. I love to shop at Kohl’s. They have the cutest outfits for girls and boys. What I love most about Kohl’s is? I always receive coupons in the mail. It saves me money. I can also use some coupon codes if I shop online. Sometimes you get a $10 off on your next shopping when your total shopping is $50. It will add to my savings.

My new Kohl's credit card

I really like my new Kohl’s credit card that I received the last month. This will expire in a couple of years from now. I also like their new design. It looks fancy. I only use my Kohl’s credit card for my kids. I am glad that my husband does not mind me using this Kohl’s credit card. He is the one who pays for my bill.

How about you? Do you have Kohl’s credit card as well? Do you shop at Kohl’s? Do you shop online or in the store?

Got an advance $10 birthday gift card from Victoria’s Secret

If you are a member of Angel card, you will receive a $10 on your birthday. I received mine last week or two.

My $10 birthday gift card from Victoria's Secret
It was worth $10 and another coupon but this you need to buy a certain amount to get the freebie.

My $10 birthday gift card from Victoria's Secret
You have to use your Victoria’s Secret card for the $10 to work. My birthday is December and thankful that Victoria’s Secret sent it in advance.

What do I buy with my $10 Victoria’s Secret gift card? I love intimates of all the products of Victoria’s Secret. I know that I need to buy a red bra to match with my red dress here for the Christmas party with some of my Filipino friends and their families. I went to their Website and search for a red bra. I found a multi way bra for $29.50. The Website also offers free underwear when you buy a bra. I check some coupons and found that they can send my items for free. I got a bra for $29.50, free underwear and free shipping. I am glad that my husband paid off my Victoria’s Secret Angel card. The balance is now back to zero. I used my Victoria’s Secret Angel card to work with my $10 birthday gift card. The items are on the way already. I cannot wait to receive them.

How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret too? You can search for online coupons as well to help you save money.