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Grab this deals from Guitar Center

Are you ready to beat the crowd on Black Friday? Do you rather shop online to saves you gas, time and maybe injury? I have not try shopping during the Black Friday. I plan on trying it for the first time but I forget that I have work on Friday. I am planning to get my Summer Babe a signed book of one her favorite. I guess it will not happen but it will not shop online.

Are you looking for used gear guitar center for yourself or friends to give on Christmas? Why not check this website? They offer big savings for Black Friday for any musician out there. You will amazed of the savings you will save from shopping online instead of going to the store.

Finally I have my own bookshelves

I keep on asking my hubby to buy me my bookshelf for my books. I used to keep my books in my kids bookshelves. I want my own. We went to the store. He does not like the ones that are sale. He said it looks cheap. Instead he wants to make me my own bookshelves. He asks me where do I want to put it. I want near the ceiling. Hubby said it is way too high for me to reach my books.

 photo book shelves_zpsi8y4xkqv.jpg

What he did was remove the mirror on my dresser. He said we do not use that mirror because we have two in our bathroom. He removed the mirror and build my bookshelves. It is a perfect spot. It is not in the way. I am so happy. Finally I have my own bookshelves where I can keep all my books. He built three shelves. It is almost full of books already.

 photo book shelves A_zpsgvjya0xf.jpg

The fist shelves are all the signed books that I won from the giveaway. Also books that were signed that I reviewed from the book club. The second shelves are books that I bought. The third shelves are books that I reviewed and not signed. I am so happy that my books are safe, protected and displayed beautiful in our room.

Hubby spent more money if we buy the ones in the store. I loved this the most because he built it for me. I told him that it is my best birthday and Christmas gifts. He just smiled and glad that he made me happy.

My copy cat who wants to wear reading eyeglasses too

I lost my black reading eyeglasses I am glad because it drives my husband crazy. I did not know we have the same color and style of reading eyeglasses.

My little copy cat who likes to wear eyeglasses too.

My little copy cat who likes to wear eyeglasses too.

I bought a pink reading eyeglasses this time. My summer babe wants to wear my reading eyeglasses. I told her it will ruin your eyes. I wear the eyeglasses when am reading. A friend online told me to check out Claire’s as they have fashion glasses for kids. I went and bought her own eyeglasses. Since then she never stop wearing her eyeglasses. She was so thankful and told me that we now have both wearing eyeglasses. She is one copy cat girl of mine. I will never trade any one else.

Finally have my reading eyeglasses

My husband said that when he turned 40 years old. He needs reading eyeglasses to help him read and see tiny letter. He told me that I will need it soon as I read so many books. Yes I am a bookworm.


Finally have my reading eyeglasses

Finally have my reading eyeglasses


Reading is one my hobby since I was in high school. Now that I do book reviews, I read more often. I prefer paperback to read. Sometimes I get to read and review electronic books as well. It is very easy to read electronic books and work for me at night before going to sleep. I also read in the middle of the night when I wake up for few minutes.


My husband thinks that I look 10 years older with my reading eyeglasses

My husband thinks that I look 10 years older with my reading eyeglasses


The other day after my son had his dentist appointment, I told my kids that we will stop at Wal-Mart for my reading eyeglasses. I thought that I have to go to the vision center. The woman told me to go to the pharmacy and I can buy my reading eyeglasses from their. I found the reading eyeglasses. There is also some tips on how to buy the perfect reading eyeglasses. I need to start with the lowest grade like 1+ and it goes to 2+50. I also tried many colors from pink, purple and white. The black is what I liked the most. I even bring a book with me to try it on. Wow! I cannot believe it is like magic. The words are really big. The reading eyeglasses does not give me headache. Later did I know that my husband has the same color and style.

How bout you? Do you use reading eyeglasses when you read? How old were you when you start using the reading eyeglasses?

How to have a smooth handwriting with this pen

I own a desktop the year I got married. It was 2002.  I admit since I am used to typing in the computer that my handwriting is not beautiful anymore. I have an ugly handwriting now. I feel badly for it.  I used to sent letters to friend back home through regular mail. Now we keep in touch through Facebook. I still missed the regular sending of letter sometimes.

 photo pens_zpsy6xjoavp.jpg

I need pen like the PenFactory metal pens to find the perfect pen that helps me to write smoothly. I believe that with the right pen, my handwriting will get better. I can practice writing especially my signature. I hope it gets better. I do have some pens that I won in a giveaway. I do not want to use them. They are my collection.

How about you? Do you use a pen to write? Are you looking for different pens that are affordable and will help your handwriting? Why not check out this Website and find the perfect pen for you.







Thank you Ms. Christina George for the tote bag

I am so happy that Ms. Christina George sent me a tote bag. It has a Team Nick on the front.  photo tote bag_zpstxrozwvl.jpg

I am a team Nick too. You can read Nick from her books The Publicist Shelf Life and Climax. They are beautiful books with amazing stories. She also sent me a thank you card.  

 photo thank you card_zpsexk1gkrx.jpg

When I missed Nick and Kate, all I need is to read my books and keep them safe in this tote bag. I like the tote bag. It looks so cute. What a perfect tote to bring especially that summer is coming.

 photo thank you card A_zpsl7oj8nem.jpg

I want to say thank you Ms. Christina George for your generosity. I want to join the pink thank you card to Pink Fridays.

Thank you Author Alexandra 1 for the signed swags from UK with Love

Author Alexandra 1 is one of my new favorite author. She writes very sexy and steamy stories. She is an erotica author which is my favorite genre to read aside from suspense or mystery. I also love contemporary romance, the dirtier the better. I have no shame but I love reading this kind of books.

 Thank you Author Alexandra 1 for the swags from UK with Love

Thank you Author Alexandra 1 for the swags from UK with Love

I already read three of her books Flash Burn Series, The Collar of Freedom and her new book The Collar of Sacrifice. I have them in my Nook. I also bought the paperbacks. I hope that someday I can meet her and make her sign my books. This girl can dream, right?

I love the postcard and the signed bookmarks

I love the postcard and the signed bookmarks

I am very happy and blessed that Author Alexandra 1 sent me a signed swags. There is one postcard and signed bookmarks.

The signed bookmarks looks so beautiful with my paperbacks

The signed bookmarks looks so beautiful with my paperbacks

I really like them all. I want to say thank you so much Author Alexandra 1 for your kindness. I am very grateful.

I donated my hair

The last time I had a long hair was last month. It was the party after Christmas with some of my Filipino American friends and their blended families and friends. I know that my hubby wants me to have a short hair. He thinks I look beautiful with short hair.

 photo donatedmyhairB_zpsef9e72c7.jpg

I went to SuperCuts to have my hair cut. Surprisingly the saloon is not busy. They take care of me right away. The hair dresser is very friendly. I told her that I will donate my hair. She measured it and took eight inches for my hair to donate. I wanted to donate ten inches longer but she said my hair will be very short. We agreed on the eight inches long instead.

 photo donatedmyhair_zps3f3a1c5c.jpg

The transaction is free. It is my first time to donate my hair in the SuperCuts but I did tried it to two different saloons. I cannot accept the free transaction. I know that her job is not easy. I gave her $10 instead as a tip. She then gave me list of business where I can send my hair and donate it. I picked the one that is in Florida.

 photo donatedmyhairA_zps1cdd65f5.jpg

Do I miss my long hair? Yes sometimes but I think it will take me awhile to get used of my new short hair.

How about you? Have you try donating your hair?

This Victoria’s Secret blanket keeps me warm while reading

I got this blanket from Victoria’s Secret on my birthday which was Christmas. It came free from my winter coat order. Victoria’s Secret has a promo that day for a blanket.

 photo VSblanketA_zps598770e0.jpg
They have amount total of $75 and you can have this blanket for free with the coupon code included.

 photo VSblanket_zps3b58be98.jpg

I really love this blanket. I have used it since Christmas. It is very long. It is very warm. It keeps me toasty while reading a book or even watching TV. I love the material of this blanket. It is fuzzy which keeps me really warm. Even my fury girl Maggie likes to lay or sometimes she bites it. I put her for a time out when she messed with her Mama’s blanket.

Ozeri has the best wine electric opener to enjoy your wine during the holiday

I admit I do not drink and not even beer or worst wine. My husband keeps on telling me that wine is good for a woman’s health especially the red wine. It is good for a woman’s heart. You can drink one glass of red wine once a day and you stay healthy.

 photo Ozeriwineopener_zps427e877b.jpg
 photo OzeriwineopenerA_zps99b7da62.jpg

I tried the red wine from the Fifty Shades of Grey wine collection. It is good but it is way too strong for me. My husband drink most of the red wine. I heard that white even tastes even better than the red wine. I bought the white wine.

 photo FSOGwhitewine_zps0ec4bc6e.jpg
 photo OzeriwineopenerB_zps69636175.jpg

I am very happy that Ozeri sent me  the wine electric opener that you can buy exclusively in Amazon. I am very excited to try it with my white wine. My husband open the white wine using the wine electric opener that I was privilege to try.

 photo OzeriwineopenerC_zpsf3e21d72.jpg

 photo FSOGwhitewineA_zps7040548a.jpg

The wine opener is electric. You can plug it on the wall or charge it before opening your favorite wine. I really love this wine electric opener. It comes with foil cutter, wine pourer and stopper. It is the best and greatest gift for a wine drinker during the holidays or any occasion.

The wine electric opener is fast. It works easily. There is a button to push. You can even open many wines compared to regular wine opener. This wine electric opener from Ozeri really is the best product. You can also check out their Facebook for other products like home or health. Ozeri is the most generous company that I ever worked too. I highly recommend their products to everybody.

 photo OzeriwineopenerD_zpsdcb060b9.jpg/
 photo FSOGwhitewineE_zpsbc62be26.jpg
 photo OzeriwineopenerE_zps3b3f4d7e.jpg

I am now a wine drinker. I love to drink white wine though I get drunk easily. You should drink wine or any alcohol beverages at least when you are 21 years old. I will turn 41 years old this Christmas. I can now enjoy my husband’s company more when I drink wine and he drinks beer after dinner.

I received the wine electric opener for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.