Spotlight For The Book Killer In The Band By Lauren Carr

Book Description:

Summer of Love & Murder

Joshua’s eldest son, Joshua “J.J.” Thornton Jr., has graduated at the top of his class from law school and returns home to spend the summer studying for the bar exam. However, to Joshua’s and Cameron’s shock and dismay, J.J. moves into the main house at Russell Ridge Farm, the largest dairy farm in the Ohio Valley, to rekindle a romance with Suellen Russell, a onetime leader of a rock group who’s twice his age. Quickly, they learn that she has been keeping a deep dark secret.

 photo Killer In The Band_zpsdyo5urwc.jpg

The move brings long-buried tensions between the father and son to the surface. But when a brutal killer strikes, the Lovers in Crime must set all differences aside to solve the crime before J.J. ends up in the cross hairs of a murderer.

Praise for Lauren Carr’s Mysteries:

“Lauren Carr could give Agatha Christie a run for her money!”

– Charlene Mabie-Gamble, Literary R&R

“As always, Lauren Carr brings an action-packed story that is almost impossible to put down. Her mystery plots have so many twists and turns that I didn’t know if I was coming or going. And the action just didn’t stop from the very beginning till the very end.” – Melina Mason, Melina’s Book Reviews

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Author’s Bio:

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

 photo 7137e0fa-c550-43bf-869d-1f9726473d33_zpsnb4crbzq.jpg

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, romance, and humor.

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs (including the real Gnarly) on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with Lauren: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook

Book Trailer:

Jessica Cassidy Interview with Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr is the bestselling author of the Mac Faraday Mysteries, the Lovers in Crime Mysteries, and the Thorny Rose Mysteries.  We caught up with the charming mystery writer during her most recent virtual book tour for Killer in the Band, the 3rd in the Lovers in Crime series.

Lauren, thank you so much for chatting with us.  Right off the bat, I’m curious.  Is it hard to break away from your successful Mac Faraday series to work on a different one?

Yes and no. I love Mac Faraday and the gang in Spencer, Maryland! But that’s not to say that I don’t love Joshua Thornton and Cameron Gates. The Lovers in Crime mysteries are set in Chester, West Virginia, the real small town where I grew up. Joshua Thornton was my first protagonist featured in my very first books, A Small Case of Murder and A Reunion to Die For. Returning to Joshua Thornton, Cameron Gates, and their family is very much like going home again.

Killer in the Band focuses a lot on J.J. Thornton, Jr., Joshua’s eldest son. Are you planning to take a new direction with the Lovers in Crime?  

No, not at all. Joshua Thornton and Cameron Gates are the Lovers in Crime and they always will be. But, like real people, they don’t live in a vacuum. Joshua Thornton does have a family from his previous marriage who are going to insert themselves into Joshua’s marriage and the Lovers in Crime’s cases.

In Killer in the Band, J.J. returns home after graduating from law school and rekindles a romance with his first love, Suellen Russell, a woman twice his age. When it turns out she has information on one of Cameron’s cases, J.J. can’t not get involved.

You always have animals who take on the personalities of characters in your mysteries. Of course, there is Mac’s German shepherd in the Mac Faraday mysteries. Spencer in the Thorny Rose Mysteries. Then, Irving, the skunk cat, in the Lovers in Crime. In Killer in the Band, you introduced a barn yard of critters from a Houdini horse named Gulliver to a watch rooster named Charley. Where do you get your ideas for furry characters?

Since I created Gnarly, based on my own Australian shepherd named Ziggy, people are always telling me stories about their animals and animals they have heard of.

Gulliver is based on a horse who I saw in a YouTube video who would let himself out of his stall and then let all the other horses loose, except for one—a mare who happened to be his mother! Seeing this video, I cracked up and called a friend of mine who has a horse farm to ask about it. She said Houdini horses are really not that uncommon, but suggested that this one must have some mommy issues since he doesn’t free his mother.

As for Charley the Rooster, he based on a rooster who used to belong to a friend of mine. Yep, his name is really Charley. My friend said that he was given to her niece as a chick at Easter and grew so big that they couldn’t keep him at their suburban home, so they sent him to live with relatives who lived in a small town in southern West Virginia. I’m sure you heard of the neighborhood dog who chases everyone and who everyone is afraid of. Well, that became Charley the Rooster. She said one day a store keeper decided he’d had it with Charley and went after him with a broom. The fight between the store owner and Charley spilled out into the middle of the street in this small town where the editor of the local newspaper snapped a picture of it. The next day, Charley and the store owner ended up on the front page of the newspaper.

When I heard that, there was no way I couldn’t put Charley in my book.

What made you decide to set Killer in the Band on a farm? Was it the plotline for the mystery or your furry characters?

Are you asking if I set Killer in the Band on a farm as an excuse to include Charley and Gulliver? No, Charley and Gulliver came after I had written the storyline. One of the mysteries in Killer in the Band dealt with the murder of an elderly woman whose husband manages the Russell Ridge Farm and Orchards, the farm owned by J.J.’s girlfriend. Without giving away any spoilers, the rural setting was crucial to the storyline. The farm animals were necessary characters. You can’t have a farm without animals.

What led to the decision to bring J.J. Thornton, the identical twin of Murphy Thornton from the Thorny Rose Mysteries, by the way, home to Chester? Is he going to remain with the Lovers in Crime?  

JJ.’s character came about in my first mystery book, A Small Case of Murder, a Joshua Thornton Mystery. At that time, he was seventeen years old. I knew then that he would be a lawyer, like his dad. As his age, it was time for him to come home. But notice that J.J. is not simply a younger version of Joshua, nor is he a duplicate of his twin Murphy. Yes, he is identical in looks, but that’s it. J.J. is the intellectual of the twins. He is into the arts. We find out that he was a musical prodigy. He’s a bleeding heart, which leads to conflicts between him and both Joshua and Cameron.

How about with his twin Murphy? Do you have any plans to bring J.J. and Murphy together in their mystery?

Oh, yes! But you’ll need to stay turned for that.

Your Mac Faraday series, the Thorny Rose Mysteries, as well as the Lovers in Crime series, have all garnered a loyal following.  I’m one of them.  We will still be seeing these series continue as well, won’t we?

Each series will continue to grow on their own with interconnecting mysteries occasionally. In January, there will be a new Thorny Rose Mystery, A Fine Year for Murder.  

In A Fine Year for Murder, Jessica Faraday and her husband, Murphy Thornton, dive into the cold case murder at a family owned winery.

After ten months of marital bliss, Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton are still discovering and adjusting to their life together. Settled in their new home, everything appears to be perfect … except in the middle of the night when, in darkest shadows of her subconscious, a deep secret from Jessica’s past creeps to the surface to make her strike out at Murphy.

When investigative journalist Dallas Walker tells the couple about her latest case, known as the Pine Bridge Massacre, they realize Jessica may have witnessed the murder of a family living near a winery owned by distant relatives she was visiting and suppressed the memory.

Determined to uncover the truth and find justice for the murder victims, Jessica and Murphy return to the scene of the crime with Dallas Walker, a spunky bull-headed Texan. Can this family reunion bring closure for a community touched by tragedy or will this prickly get-together bring an end to the Thorny Rose couple?

As long as readers are clamoring for mysteries, I’ll be writing them.

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Wicked Impulse Book Cover Reveal By Chelle Bliss


Wicked Impulse Cover

Wicked Impulse
Chelle Bliss
Releases December 13th

There’s only one thing worse than dating a friend’s sister–sleeping with his mother.

Fran DeLuca’s known for her bossy, overbearing personality almost as much as for her love of nylon tracksuits. But when someone runs off with fifty thousand dollars, she becomes involved in an ALFA investigation and catches the eye of silver fox biker, Bear.

Bear North, ALFA’s resident bad boy, has never thought of Fran as anything more than his buddy’s mom. When she trades in her elastic pants and orthopedic tennis shoes for a pair of skintight jeans and high heels, he takes notice of the fifty-something MILF.

When the money trail leads closer to Fran than expected, Bear takes charge of the investigation and will do anything to protect her. Can Bear track a thief, claim Fran, and keep Morgan DeLuca in the dark long enough to solve the case?


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Audiobook releases on December 13th too!


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Chelle Bliss, USA Today Bestselling author, currently lives near the Gulf of Mexico, but hates sand.
She’s a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend.
Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Cover Reveal of Forbitten by J. P. Uvalle

★·.·´¯`·.·★Forbitten ★·.·´¯`·.·★
A Twist of Fate Novella ~ First in a Duet.
By J. P. Uvalle
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date 4th November


Book Blurb


Sometimes the Sweetest Drop Can Ruin You…



Lord Vladimir – better known as the badass vampire from the past, is awakened to serve his kindred as commander of the brood. Little did he anticipate, he’d be responsible for protecting humans as his own, and have to follow a set of rules to co-exist. 



He doesn’t do rules, and the lines become blurred when he falls in love with her…



Trinity James – a film student, aspiring to be a talent agent ~ with vibrant blue eyes worth dying for. The problem is…she hates vampires. 



With a passion. 



Her father died in a war fighting against vampires. A war which later ended in a peace act between the species. She’s been reluctant to follow the rules ever since.



Can Lord Vladimir change her mind about vampires, or will his love for her leave him heartbroken and destroyed?



Pre Order Links









Spotify Playlist: 



She’s never been bitten. This should be fun.


    The kiss method is the only acceptable way to feed on a human, for they experience just as much pleasure from the bite as we feel drinking their blood. It’s euphoric, and some humans even become addicted to the sensation.


    I thumb her shiny wet lips covered in pink gloss and gently glide my thumb over them back and forth. Appreciative of my touch, she kisses my thumb and closes her eyes to take a deep breath. Then opens them looking into mine just as hungry.


    “I’ve been waiting for you, my Lord.” She backs away slowly, stroking her fingertips over her ample cleavage. “You’re a dying breed.”


    “You don’t say.” I raise my eyebrow, inching closer as she steps backward in her red heels.


    “A vampire, who enjoys the thrill of the chase.” Her trailing seduction leads her to stand next to the exit door.


I like where this is going.


I stalk toward her, running my sharp nails along the surface of the stainless steel countertop. 


    I tilt my head slightly. “Are you implying, you want me to chase you? Hunt you down? Ravish you?”


    She doesn’t hesitate. “That’s exactly what I’m implying. I want you to bite me, Vladimir…” The words “bite me” to a vampire sound just as tempting as hearing the words “fuck me” to an average man. “And when you catch me, you can have me any way you want,” she moans, slowly sliding her hands down her hips. A laugh escapes her lips and then she scurries out of the door. I give her a head start before sprinting after her.


I’m really starting to like this girl.

About the Author
J. P. Uvalle is a beautifully twisted soul who has a passion for writing paranormal romance and has the divine ability to make the unbelievable, believable. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs, went to Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and Technology. JP works part-time as an ICU technician in Highlands Ranch, Colorado at an emergency/specialty hospital.



Aside from being a technician and a writer, she runs two businesses in her spare time—Beautifully Twisted Publishing, and Mary Kay. On top of that, she also contributes her time to the Beneath the Ashes Blog as a Promotions Manager.



 When she’s not saving lives, coming up with her next plot twist or making women feel pretty and pampered, she’s spending time with family and friends.







Twitter: @Soul4Writer


Instagram: j.p. uvalle


Reckless Abandon Book By Elle Luckett

Book: Reckless Abandon
Author: Elle Luckett
Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM
Nixie Fitzgerald is locked in a prison of her own making.
After her failed marriage, she built too many walls to let her guard down completely. There was no satisfaction in the few relationships she managed to have after the divorce, and going further than the third interaction takes trust – something Nixie will never give to a man freely again. The scars of her past run too deeply.
When Jackson Hancock enters her world in a tempestuous crash of chaos, he shakes the very foundation Nixie has built, and she has no choice but to open her eyes and see the formidable man for what he is. There is no hiding from Jackson or his intense and demanding nature, and she’s no longer sure that she wants to. Everything Nixie thought she knew is challenged, and her well thought out plans for the future are replaced with a rocky path of uncertainty.
Can Jackson finally bring down Nixie’s mental walls of pain and doubt, infiltrate her heart and ask her to give herself over to him in Reckless Abandon, or will Nixie’s past finally catch up with her and destroy everything?

Yes! Sir I rated this book 5 *****’s 

Trust is hard to earn 

Wow! Where will I start my review. I just finished reading Reckless Abandon few minutes ago. My apology from the author and the book blog tour as it took me few days to finish reading the book. This book is oh so good. Though I am not into BDSM, Master Jackson and Nixie will guide you through the pain and pleasure from their relationship. 

Trust is an important lesson that I learned while reading this book. Though trust is hard to earn, you have to put effort, heart and soul once the person gave you that power. This book is so hot. You need to take a cold shower and bring your toys out. I knew I played mine twice. You just cannot help yourself but relieve the tingling out.

This book is so emotional, intense, wild and suspense. You might need a box of Kleenex  near you as those emotions will get through you. You will adore your fury friends more too. The book is hard to put it down. It is so good. My very first time to read the author’s writing and am looking forward to more of Jack and Nixie story. 


I received the ARC from the book blog tour that I am part of. 

Buy The Book

Meet The Author
Elle Luckett was born in Houston, mainly in the mind of L.J. Stock. As the darker side of a generally light personality, she became the voice that would tell lustful stories, something born from a very vivid imagination and an amass of characters with some interesting habits and tastes.




The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience Book By Dianna Bowes

Baby Boomer women have spent decades suppressing their own wants and desires, and losing themselves in the expectations and demands of culture, parents, partners, and children, working hard to please and care for almost everyone but themselves. They’ve been misunderstood by marketers, politicians, millenials, most men .. and last but not least, themselves.

The time has come for these strong, beautiful, and fabulous women to discover, reveal, and honor their true selves. The time has come for them to re-expereince life as they’ve known it, and to celebrate life as it can be.

If you’re a Boomer woman in personal crisis needing to reinvent your life, facing divorce, life-threatening illness, financial disaster, or the crushing loneliness after the kids have grown and gone, if you are asking yourself, “Now what?” and fearing that it might be too late for you and your dreams…this book is for you.

The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience

From , visionary foundress of Fabulous @ 50, The Fabulous @50 Re-Experience is a living, breathing, sweet and sassy guide to remind you that you’re not alone … and it’s not too late for you to thrive.

I rated this book 5 golden stars 

The golden book of inspiration and wisdom 

Though I am almost seven years of turning 50 years old, this book is ginormous inspiration of looking forward to that age. This is the golden book of inspiration and wisdom. It gives you the insight of problems and inspirations that Boomer women went through all the hardships and success.

 photo The Fabulous50 Re-Experience_zps4kgahnlb.jpg

My favorite part of this book aside from real experiences and success is the journal. Though I never had a journal since I was in high school. It gives me a push to start writing my inspirations, sorrows and above all happiness.

The book is full of chapters with solutions of how to deal with life’s problem, temptation and to move on after each struggles. The book is so inspirational, at the same time educational especially with health issues and financial among the rest. It is a long book  but it is worth reading each chapters.

Life is  short and full of surprises. Reading this book  The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience is  a wide opening of what ifs and what now that helps you deal and be inspired when life gives you lemon and helps you to sweeten it.


I received a paperback copy from the author.

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   Amazon Paperback

Read a preview HERE


Artwork from the book

About the Author
Dianna is a shining example of how to get the most out of life as a “seasoned” woman. At a time when most of us look to relax in front of the TV, she is out in our Alberta communities creating a dynasty! And in her “spare time,” she turns her time and talents to family and friends, graphic design, painting, biking, cross-country skiing and fulfilling a host of volunteer commitments. Though Dianna is now a successful entrepreneur and inspiration to many, she had to overcome many barriers to get there. Raised by grandparents in a dysfunctional family, Dianna was shy and lacking in self-confidence as a child and young adult. She married at 20, but tragically her new husband was killed in a explosion within a year. She remarried a few years later and was blessed with two children who are the light of her life. But the marriage was rocky and further eroded Dianna’s self-esteem. A serious health problem (tumour on her vertebrae) in her 40s brought things to a head and the marriage ended. Rather than wallow in despair, Bowes decided to take control of her life. She recreated herself into the woman she always wanted to be by focusing on personal development and coaching. When her 50th birthday was approaching, she started Fabulous@50 (a community for seasoned woman) and has never looked back. Now confident and poised, Bowes is dedicated to helping other women through their life changes and challenges. Bowes has won numerous awards for her work: a 2014 Leader of Tomorrow Award from Business in Edmonton, 2011 YWCA Woman of Distinction Award (Turning Point category) The 2014 New York Stevie Awards in two categories: Women Helping Women (Bronze) and Best Event (Gold). 2015 New York Stevie Award – Top Canadian Entrepreneur (Bronze).

Find the author on the following sites…
Fabulous@50 Community   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Google+   Pinterest   Goodreads   Amazon Author Page

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Adaption is a part of life, and we can accept it or fight it. It’s a choice!

Fabulous@50 Experience 2014 – Edmonton

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The Murders At Astaire Castle Book By Lauren Carr

Book Description:

Never tell Mac Faraday not to do something.

Spencer’s police chief, David O’Callaghan, learns this lesson the hard way when he orders Mac Faraday to stay away from the south end of Spencer’s mountaintop – even though he owns the property. It doesn’t take long for Mac to find out what lies on the other side of the stone wall and locked gate, on which hangs a sign warning visitors to Keep Out!

 photo The Murders At Astaire Castle_zpsfhhk1ttj.jpg

Topping the list of the 10 top haunted places in America, Astaire Castle is associated with two suicides, three mysterious disappearances, and four murders since it was built almost a century ago – and Mac Faraday owns it!

In spite of David’s warning, Mac can’t resist unlocking the gate to see the castle that supposedly hasn’t seen a living soul since his late mother had ordered it closed up after the double homicide and disappearance of Damian Wagner, a world-famous master of horror novels.

What starts out as a quick tour of a dusty old castle turns into another Mac Faraday adventure when Astaire Castle becomes the scene of even more murders. Mac is going to need to put all of his investigative talents to work to sort out this case that involves the strangest characters he has run into yet – including a wolf man. No, we’re not talking about Gnarly.

I  rated this book 5 *****’s 

It is scary good

My very first time to listen to Ms. Lauren Carr’s audio book though I read so many of her amazing stories. The narrator did an amazing job. He is fun to listened too.

This book is scary good. I thought I figured out who the killer is, boy! I was wrong. The turns and twists of this story made my mind goes crazy. This book is perfect for Halloween as well though it is beyond better than a Halloween book.

The characters keep me intrigued. The setting is so intense. I bet if I visit this castle, I will run for my life. There is no way I have the guts to step my foot on this haunted castle. Do you believed in ghost? I know I do, though I have not seen any but feel them.

This book is one of the best for me from Ms. Lauren Carr’s mystery book. She did nailed the mystery queen on this book for me. It is hard to put my Nook down so as the rest of her books. Kudos to Ms. Lauren Carr’s, this is the best mystery book from you. I cannot wait to listen or read your new books.


Buy the Book:   Amazon  ~  Audible

Author’s Bio:

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose Mysteries. The twelfth installment in the Mac Faraday Mystery series, Candidate for Murder will be released June 2016.

 photo 7137e0fa-c550-43bf-869d-1f9726473d33_zpsnb4crbzq.jpg

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs (including the real Gnarly) on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with Lauren: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook

Book Trailer:

Lauren Carr Interview for Jessica Cassidy

Interview Questions:

  1. Why did you choose to write a recurring character into your books? Do you try (or expect) to keep Mac Faraday and the rest of the gang relatively unchanged from book to book, or do you try (or expect) to develop them over time?

Believe it or not, I did not plan on writing a series. When I dreamed of being an author, I always dreamed of writing stand-alones—big thick deep stand-alones. But then, when I wrote my first book that was published, A Small Case of Murder, I discovered that after spending so much time developing a character, in this case, Joshua Thornton, that I wanted to stay with him, and I still go back to him in the Lovers in Crime Mysteries.

By the time, I got to Mac Faraday with It’s Murder, My Son I was hooked on developing a character and sticking with him. Yes, my characters do change. I believe it is because they are real people to me. That’s what brings them to life to the reader. Like real people, they change due to the circumstances that they are in. For example, falling in love or even something like inheriting an overly-intelligent dog.

In Mac’s case, he suddenly comes into $270 million on the same day that he loses everything in a nasty divorce. That’s enough to change any man. Being down to earth, Mac does manage to see the humor in the ways of the rich and famous who surround him, which amuses my readers.  While his friends enjoy a life of extravagance, in Blast from the Past, Mac notes that the monthly bill for Gnarly’s grooming costs more than he spends annually at the barber. Yet, he also adapts socially over time to the new power that he holds.   

  1. How would you categorize your books? (Or, into what genre would you place your books?) Examples might be … Suspense novel, Thriller, Cozy, Hard-boiled, Police Procedural, Paranormal. Cross-over. Do you find there are advantages/disadvantages to labeling it as such?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to labeling an author’s books.

The Advantage: Readers know where to look for your books and have a certain expectation.

The Disadvantage: Traditional publishers and bookstores sometimes have trouble knowing where to place you.

That’s the beauty of being an independent author and publisher. I can write outside the box. One reviewer has coined the phrase “gritty cozy” for my books. Another reviewer says that my books have “a touch of crime drama to the cozy without losing the cozy charm.”

Amazon has also placed my books under police procedurals. They are cozy mysteries because Mac Faraday is a retired detective. However, he is hired on contract by the Spencer police department to help with murder investigations. That places it in the police procedural category.

Let’s go with gritty cozy. That sounds like more fun.

  1. How do you fact-check your books? Internet research? Consulting with experts? First-hand experience? What was your most challenging topic to research? What was your most exciting topic to research?

All of the above. Back before the Internet (which I love!), I started out phoning the police.

Being a newbie, when they answered, I said, “I have dead body. He was murdered, but it looks like a suicide. So when you come, what are you going to do?”

The police officer on the other end of the line got excited. “What? You have a dead body? Murder? Where are you? Who is this?”

I told him where I lived. Then, I realized I was so excited about being an author doing research on a murder that I failed to mention that this was all fiction. Scared out my wits, with visions of the police digging up my yard for a dead body while I tried to explain that I was just writing a book, I slammed down the phone and spent the rest of the day peering out the window looking for the police. At least I was smart enough to not call them on 9-1-1.

Now, I am lucky in that I have a handful of friends who actually work in these professions who I can check with. They supply me with small details that you can’t find anywhere on the Internet, which proves to be invaluable.


  1. If your books are set in a real place: Do you take liberties with your setting, or do you try to be true to its geography and/or local environment? How important is this setting to the character(s) and/or plot(s)?

The Mac Faraday Mysteries take place in Spencer, (a fictional town) set on Deep Creek Lake (a real lake) in western Maryland. While Spencer is a fictional town, I have stayed true to the local environment. Deep Creek Lake is a resort area in western Maryland. There are a lot of seasonal residents from metropolitan Washington DC.

Of course, there is a story behind how the Mac Faraday Mysteries ended up set in this fictional town.

Years ago, my sister-in-law had asked me to set a murder mystery in her home town, a sweet summer place in Wisconsin called Pelican Lake. At the time, I was working on a storyline that wasn’t a good fit for the Joshua Thornton Mysteries, my first series. So I went to work on a new series set on a lake in the resort town of Pelican Lake.

I had completed the first draft of It’s Murder, My Son in time for a visit from my sister-in-law. Excited about a murder set in her town at her request, she asked for all the details. When I mentioned that the murder victim was killed in her house, I was surprised to see horror on her face. Since her home and property had a unique design and layout, anyone knowing her could easily tell that the murder took place in her home.

For the sake of family harmony, I decided to do a re-write.

As luck would have it, my family started vacationing at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. Like Pelican Lake, Deep Creek Lake is a resort area. It was child’s play to pick up my series in Pelican Lake and plop it down in Western Maryland, until I asked the local police department to let me portray them as a bunch of idiots.

In the storyline for It’s Murder, My Son, homicide detective Mac Faraday discovers that his birth mother is the late Robin Spencer, America’s Queen of Mystery and he is her sole heir. Upon learning that he has a half-brother, police officer David O’Callaghan, he moves to Deep Creek Lake to meet him.

Mac is drawn into the murder investigation of his neighbor after Gnarly, his inherited German shepherd, drags home a dismembered head. When he sees that the chief detective is an incompetent, Mac joins David in the investigation. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know his brother better. As luck would have it, Mac ends up making David the prime suspect.

While rewriting It’s Murder, My Son, I was surprised when the local police department refused to cooperate in my research. The sheriff in Garrett County would only give me a tour of the jail if I brought my toothbrush and planned to stay a while. Their resistance was understandable. Even though I promised disclaimers in my acknowledgements about my work being completely fiction and not based on anyone real, the police department was concerned about their image.

So, out of respect for the real law enforcement, I created a fictional resort town resting on the shores of the real Deep Creek Lake and had a blast doing it. Thus, Spencer, the uptown section of Deep Creek Lake, was founded.

  1. What are your hobbies, interests outside of writing? Do any of these activities find their way into your books?

Cooking. I’m a gourmet cook and I love exotic food. So, of course, the character of Archie Monday, Mac Faraday’s lady love, is very much into this. She loves to cook and eat new things. Spencer Inn is a five-star resort with a gourmet restaurant. I will throw in foods that I have tried or yearn to try.

Like my husband, Mac Faraday has certain “food fears.”  In The Murders at Astaire Castle, I introduced an Indonesian head chef, Iman, who is based on a friend who was a chef on cruise ships. Like Archie and Iman, we love to share exotic recipes and try new foods.

In this scene, Iman teases Mac over his apprehension over eating certain foods. We learn that soon after they had met, Mac refused to touch a dinner of a whole fish because our big bad detective, who can track down brutal murderers, can’t eat something that still has its head and eyeballs.  

  1. What is next for you? (Could be book-related or something personal … or both!)

The next Lovers in Crime Mystery, Killer in the Band, is available now. I am currently on tour with iRead Book tours (—current-tours/book-tour-killer-in-the-band-a-lovers-in-crime-mystery-by-lauren-carr

Joshua’s eldest son, Joshua “J.J.” Thornton Jr., has graduated at the top of his class from law school and returns home to spend the summer studying for the bar exam. However, to Joshua’s and Cameron’s shock and dismay, J.J. moves into the main house at Russell Ridge Farm, the largest dairy farm in the Ohio Valley, to rekindle a romance with Suellen Russell, a onetime leader of a rock group who’s twice his age. Quickly, they learn that she has been keeping a deep dark secret.

The move brings long-buried tensions between the father and son to the surface. But when a brutal killer strikes, the Lovers in Crime must set all differences aside to solve the crime before J.J. ends up in the cross hairs of a murderer.

But wait! There’s more!

On January 1, 2017, the latest Thorny Rose Mystery will be released! In A Fine Year for Murder, Jessica Faraday and her husband, Murphy Thornton, dive into the cold case murder at a family owned winery.

After ten months of marital bliss, Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton are still discovering and adjusting to their life together. Settled in their new home, everything appears to be perfect … except in the middle of the night when, in darkest shadows of her subconscious, a deep secret from Jessica’s past creeps to the surface to make her strike out at Murphy.

When investigative journalist Dallas Walker tells the couple about her latest case, known as the Pine Bridge Massacre, they realize Jessica may have witnessed the murder of a family living near a winery owned by distant relatives she was visiting and suppressed the memory.

Determined to uncover the truth and find justice for the murder victims, Jessica and Murphy return to the scene of the crime with Dallas Walker, a spunky bull-headed Texan. Can this family reunion bring closure for a community touched by tragedy or will this prickly get-together bring an end to the Thorny Rose couple?

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I received the audio from the author for being a member of ireadbooktours.

Journey Out Of Fat, Dumb And Ugly Book By Cherie Esteves

Are you tired of living your life according to the labels that have been slapped onto you? Do you feel you are always pressured to conform to other people’s ideas of who they believe you are? Do you feel destined to live a life of mediocrity and unhappiness, despite the fact that you know you are meant for something bigger?

 photo Journey_zpsvilse3b3.jpg

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will easily identify with journey.Journey is a lost and tortured soul on a personal quest to escape the physical, mental and emotional servitude of the unfair labels, invisible barriers, and dire consequences of a lifetime of decisions made out of fear and feelings of inferiority. Journey’s Path to freedom is a dramatic, tear-jerking, yet funny roller-coaster ride that beautifully demonstrates how to:

  • Change the directions of your thoughts and life.

  • Use the power of your pain to discover and serve your life purpose.

  • Eliminate toxic relationships and self-sabotaging behavioral patterns.

You have the power to remove whatever labels have been placed on you. If you know there’s more to you than meets the eye, and you’re determined to break free of a lifetime of painful stereotypes and a mediocre, dissatisfied existence, then this book is our key to opening the door to the exceptional life that you always imagined.

Buy the Book:  Author’s Website

Author’s Bio:

Cherie Esteves was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, the city she so affectionately calls her first love. There she was deeply rooted and heavily influenced by the rich, diverse crosspollination of the European American culture that makes New Orleans one of the most unique and intriguing cities in the world. Cherie moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1989, where she raised her two beautiful children and has continued to live for over twenty years. Her production company’s name, Creole Peach Productions, was born out of her alliance to both cities.

 photo Journey A_zpszcvii8ne.jpg
Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~ Facebook


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Biting Point (Sex On Wheels 1) Book By Azalela Amy Lezlynn



Three-T rules the roads.

But this is no televised championship, with its own rules and regulations.

There are no pretty flags or set race tracks in these street races.

My lover races raw.

He races wild.

He races illegally.

He races like a God.

I began to believe such a man could never love a girl like me, but love me he does… all of me … and there are plenty of my fuller-plus-size figured curves to love.

Together we stand strong at the head of his exotic car racing empire, but there is darkness brewing.

As fate would have it, regrets collect like old friends ready to relive his most agonizing moments. 
Dark secrets are awakened, whispering their threats of destruction. 

Will they be enough to take us down?

The moment arises for him to decide whom is more important.
Me or his brotherhood of racing league members? 

This is where our legacy with the world’s fastest cars begins.

“We Ride Together … As One … ‘Til The End.”

WARNING : Possessive, Domineering, High-Handed, Loyal, Jealous, Protective, Loving & Passionately Sexual Italian Alpha Male – with – slight undertones of ‘Dominance & Submission’.
{Contains Sexual Scenes with: strawberries, bondage with roses, ice cream, public & oral sex} 

I rated this book 5 *****’s 

Do you believe in destiny?

Wow! I do not know how to start writing a review for this book. I am blown away right now. Biting Point by Azalea Amy Lezlynn is one amazing book to read. First, I LOVED that her girl character is not a typical skinny girl but a plus size. It feels so real while reading this book. Kaidence is such a unique and beautiful name. This girl is surrounded with very supportive and conservative parents and friends that are bound for life since they were younger. She also has an ice cream parlor that I bet will melt your mouth but also your soul to her kindness.

Titan is in the other hand is sex on wheels. He is rich, very controlling yet has a heart of gold. This guy is beyond the epitome of a perfect alpha male. I wish he is exist in real life. The world is a better place to live in.

I laugh, cried at the same time so in-love with these two characters. They are destined since they were little. I have goosebumps while reading this book. The adrenaline is pumping me up. The story is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Did I say, it is very hot too. Phew! You might need many cold showers. The book is hard to put it down. If you love cars and ice cream, then you will be amaze how this story. It will melt your mouth at the same time blaze on fire like in-front of the fireplace. Sweetness and hotness rolled into one. This book is unbelievable. It is one of the best book I read this month. Ms. Lezlynn did a phenomenal job writing this first book. I cannot wait to read the second book. My hats off to the author.


I received the ARC of the book from the author.


US / CA / UK


“Whose ‘fuck-doll’ are you?” he asks, before I feel the pinch of his teeth as he bites by bottom lip.

I push my hips against his hot cock, showing him what I want. What I need. What he needs. What he knows he can take to do with as he sees fit. My body and plus size curves are his ‘fuck-toy’ for the taking.

Now and forever.


“Yours,” I moan pressing his hand against my clit.
His dominance arousing me more.

“Smokin’ answer, baby. And who is going to make sure you never forget it?” He grips my face, holding my gaze on him.
My only response is to move my face against his, kissing him softly as his hold remains on me.

Assuring him of ‘who’.

About Azalea Amy Lezlynn

AZALEA amy LEZLYNN is a plus size full figured girl releasing her debut novel in 2016. Aged 29 and single. When she’s not writing or researching cars, she loves eating ice cream and going to the movies or blocking out the world with her earphones as she plays slow ballad love songs. 

Her first novel, BITING POINT will be published October 6th, 2016 as part of the “Sex on Wheels Trilogy” – involving a plus-sized figured leading lady and a dominating-alpha male lead who races illegally. 

Visit her at or email her directly 



Jared: Kings of Guardian (book 5) by Kris Michaels

Book: Jared: Kings of Guardian Book 5
Book 5 in the Kings of Guardians series – all the books are stand alone.
Author: Kris Michaels
Genre: Military Erotic Romance



Jared King had endured more than the normal amount of danger in his life.  He’d jumped from planes into hot landing zones, been shot at, almost blown up—twice, damn near killed more times than he cared to remember. Yet, nothing in his past compared to the danger of admitting his feelings for Christian Koehler. When Jared pushed Christian away too hard, once too often, the young man finally left and took Jared’s heart with him.

Once upon a time, Christian Koehler had idolized Jared King. But after two years of the arrogant man’s hot and cold mind games, Christian avoided the sexy Guardian like the plague. The jagged line between love and hate was paper thin and razor sharp, and Jared had pushed Christian across that line, with prejudice.

When Christian discovers what he believes is a common thread in several disappearances of the homeless and at-risk teens in his area, he immediately tells his superiors.  But neither his employer nor the D.C. cops believe the missing children are connected. Desperate to find out the truth, Christian swallows his pride and returns to the Kings and Guardian for help.

Jared seizes the opportunity to investigate the missing children and the unexpected chance to once again be part of Christian’s life. What he finds leads to a tempest of deceit, danger and intrigue that pulls Christian back into Jared’s world. This time, Jared vows to fight to keep Christian with him forever—no matter the cost.

Pre-Order the Book

Meet The Author:

Kris Michaels is the alter ego of a happily married wife and mother who loves to write erotic romance with a twist of military flavor. A chance meeting and immediate friendship with an established author propelled Kris into a world where her lifelong fantasy of publishing romance novels came true! Her vivid imagination and erotic fantasies evolved into the Kings of Guardian Series now under contract to be published with Troll River Publishing.

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Empire Book by Kathy Coopmans

We’ve loved.
We’ve lost.
We’ve hated.
Our Empire is crumbling right before my eyes. No one can be trusted for reasons that are consuming me, controlling me and ripping me away from my family.
This new family who has taken over the streets of New York has taken someone away from us. We will not let them take anymore. The only way to stop them is to sacrifice one of us.
But who? They want to end me and my cousin, Calla.
I will never allow that to happen.
This is our EMPIRE. Our LIFE.
What it boils down to is… her life or mine.
The answer is MINE!
I’m perceived as weak, all because I’m a woman.
A woman on a mission now that they’ve stolen someone I love.
They have threatened my family, my child, my love.
I may be a woman but, I’m the daughter of a notorious killer.
They want to end me and my cousin, Roan.
I will never allow that to happen.
This is our EMPIRE. Our LIFE.
What it boils down to is… his life or mine.
The answer is MINE!
I’m loved.
I’m lost.
I hate.

 photo Empire_zpsl27k6urx.jpg
“These people are ruthless, Calla. Are you sure you can handle it?” I told her as well as Alina and Anna the same thing I’m telling Roan. I’m extremely aware of how dangerous this situation is. I may not have had the displeasure of personally dealing with these wretched leaders who don’t play fair in our world; on the contrary, I will not tolerate any of them treating me any different because I have tits and a vagina. If it weren’t for women, they would be fucking each other over more than they do now. Welcome to the first episode of badassery and women power, you self-righteous dicks.

 photo Empire A_zpsxpza9i7l.jpg

I’m a firm believer in women’s rights. I don’t care what men’s opinions are of us or what a woman is trying to accomplish. We are all equal. The only difference we have is, women use their brain the way we should, while most men use what hangs between their legs to do their bidding for them. And I can guarantee, these overbearing suckers have dicks that should be playing a role in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Small dicks, small brains, and all that jazz.

 photo Empire B_zpsprrtkkei.jpg

I’ve been fighting round after round with Cain for weeks over this. The need to protect me I get. We have a daughter, is his argument. “Why do you feel the need to take on this role? You don’t have to, you know? One of us can.” It’s not that Cain wants this position. No. That’s not it at all. The man is scared of losing his wife. Of the things I will see, the things I may have to do. How I’ll react to being threatened. Will the same thing or worse happen to me like it did before? It’s not one bit funny, but the only way to shut that man up is to flash my tits and vagina in his face. Then fuck him until his cock—which isn’t small by any means—takes over his worried brain. Like I said, men. I love my man, though. These pissy, arrogant cock-suckers who will be calling a meeting at any time are the worthless pieces of shit. Except the Solokovs, who think in this century and treat everyone equally like we do, not like these fools who I’ve studied until my eyes were bleeding and could no longer make out their faces through my blurred vision. Most of them I haven’t met yet, and they already make me sick and make me want to hurl all over their expensive Armani suits. They could all learn a thing or two from a woman.
“Get to the point, Calla. You said we don’t have time to fuck around. Let me hear your theory.”
“You need to loosen up, Roan. You sound like Hitler, for god’s sake.” I salute him.

 photo Empire C_zpseashoju4.jpg

The tiny crack of a smile he had moments ago falls; in its place is the face of a man who’s suffered loss and hardship. This look on him is what I hate. I’ve been busting my ass to help him out here. Searching through tiny holes for any goddamn thing I could find.
What Cain and Roan don’t understand is the craving I have to protect them too. It’s my right. I may not have lived my entire life growing up in this environment of murder, drugs, stealing, and the latest, underground illegal fighting, but I’m no fool. I can play with fire, but I’m not allowing myself to get burned.

 photo Empire D_zpsdb8ywkfi.jpg

“I’m not afraid of those men, you know. I’m not afraid of you either. In fact, I just may be your biggest weapon. Remember that, Roan,” I seethe. Between him and Cain trying to scare the crap out of me, I’m ready to prove myself to them more than anyone else.
The sharp tongue, piss, and vinegar are all in my blood. Just like Roan, I will kill for my blood. I also know Roan. That man protects with his life, as do the rest of these men. He’s going to have someone on me at all times. Maybe even several men. What he fails to realize is, my dad will never allow anything to happen to me. He’s already volunteered to go where I go. People are scared to death of the unstoppable John Greer, and they should be. He’s killed and made more people disappear than I want to know about, but he’s my father, my protector, and even though I trust our friends and family, I trust him more. His eyes are everywhere, trained on point. I don’t want anything to happen to my dad. I do know he will refuse to let anyone take care of what’s his, especially after the hell I went through with Roan’s older brother, Royal; a man I didn’t know before he kidnapped me. Besides, both of them know my dad has trained me to shoot. I hope I remember how. I’m not invincible, none of us are. But I sure as hell will not lie down and let anyone trample all over me. Especially men who don’t respect me.
I’m sick and tired of this shit. Here we think everything is fine. Those people will stick with the rules. You stay in your territory, and I’ll stay in mine. Hell no, someone crossed over. Someone shot our loved one in cold blood.

I rated this book 5 *****’s 

The best way to end the series

Darn! This book keeps me jump on the couch while reading it especially the last chapter. it is the best way to end the series. My favorite among the series as well.

Calla is my girl. She is not only sexy, gorgeous but the bravest girl I read from this series. This girl is feisty not only who is willing to risk her own life but to save the chaos for the entire family. I hate that the series is over. I am so glad that the family is at peace and can live a normal lives so as their children.

This book is so intense, scary good and freaking very hot. Phew! Those intimate scenes is sure get your juices going. Ms. Coopmans did an amazing job with the entire series. I so loved reading each story of the character. If you love to read romance with a twist, this book is hard to put it down. I highly recommend it.


I received an ARC from the author.

Book Trailer

Other books in the Series

The Wrath of Cain
(book 1 in the Syndicate Series)
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The Redemption of Roan
(book 2 in the Syndicate Series)
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The Absolution of Aidan
(book 3 in the Syndicate Series)
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The Deliverance of Dilan
(book 4 in the Syndicate Series)
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About the Author:

Kathy Coopmans

 photo unnamed 3_zpsxral4bc9.jpg

Amazon Best Selling Author Kathy Coopmans, lives in Michigan with her husband Tony where they have two grown sons.
After raising her children she decided to publish her first book and retiring from being a hairstylist.
She now writes full time.
She’s a huge sports fan with her favorite being Football and Tennis.
She’s a giver and will do anything she can to help another person succeed!
Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads | Newsletter signup