Winter In August Book By Mia Villano

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Title: Winter in August
Author: Mia Villano
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Cover Designer: Jackie Sheets
Editor: M.E. Montgomery
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The day my mother walked out of my life at eight years, old set the stage for the disaster that I had become. At twenty-six, I had not only lost her, but also the man I thought would marry me and love me forever. Betrayed by the two people I loved the most, I kept love out and used men like I had been used. That’s until someone walked into my life in a very unexpected way. Colt Andrews was nothing I was looking for. A gorgeous, wealthy pilot with his own secrets, he was drawn to me. I was a mess, yet he saw something else.
Though I pushed him away, his love for me became stronger. Our passion for each other ignited my bruised and battered soul.  With more obstacles awaiting me, it was Colt Andrews that stood by my side without fail. He brought out a side in me I never knew existed. Because of that, I was able to let go of the past, and move on with my life. Would I let him in or was I so broken I couldn’t love again? Colt Andrews was going to put me back together again, if only I would let him.

I rated this book 5 *****’s 

Trust is hard to find when you hold on to grudges

This is my second book I read from the author Ms. Mia Villano. The first one was a heart-break. I think I almost cried and so emotional. Winter In August will break your heart, make you laugh and at the same time head fall in-love with Colt. This guy is not only rich, hot but is crazy with Gabriella.

Gabby is hard to put trust into somebody after all she has been through from heart-break, mother negligence and the last man he loved lives him. I really LOVED Gabby. She is determined, hard-working, beautiful and hilarious as well. The guys at her work are funny as well.

This book will make you cry. You might need a tissue just incase. You will laugh out loud. It is very steamy as well. Lord! have mercy! It is hard to put it down until the last page. I so loved reading this book and highly recommended it if you love to read books about family, friendship, betrayal and above all love.


I received an ARC of the book in exchange of my honest review.  

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6 Replies to “Winter In August Book By Mia Villano”

  1. Seems steamy scenes and I like this concept of the story. Well, I loved reading love, romance, drama, action genres all the way. More books are coming with different and new kind of stories at hand.

  2. Nice about you have indicated some sights of what’s inside the book, also I might like to read this but I’m more about fictions and magics.. I can read this kind of book but it might take me a year because I will just leave it there and read whenever I feel like it.

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