17 Replies to “Date Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman Book By Jessica R Bunevacz”

  1. Marry Like a Woman is a great phrase! And I love hearing about woman-positive books like this. I love that we no longer have to simper and pretend, we can be strong and powerful.

  2. Hi Jessica thank you for a wonderful review . I appreciate it sooo much . I’m so glad you enjoyed it and read it with your husband . I actual urge some of my married readers to read it with their husbands especially after a good date Night .
    I hope I have inspired you and your marriage . Again thank you so much

    1. You are very much welcome Ms. Jessica. We will try some tips you have in the book that we have not done yet. It is amazing book to read.

  3. Although it’s not really my kind of book, I think this will help any woman boost her confidence and empower her as she finds true love! Books like this are definitely a keeper.

  4. I’ve never read any book in the same format, but I definitely get why women read books like this. It’s really inspiring and empowering especially if you’re feeling kinda lost in the romance area.

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