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It is a day after Christmas. I hope that you and your family have the memorable Christmas celebration. My family had fun and wonderful Christmas celebrations. It was one of the best Christmas celebration.

Christmas is all about the kids as what my husband said. Our kids were blessed and spoiled with Santa. They got most of their list on Christmas. My summer babe did not wish for a music stand but Santa included it in her gifts as she needed it when she practice playing her baritone.

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Best Selling Author M. ROBINSON
The VIP Trilogy by Best
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They say in order to find yourself you have to go home, but
what if home is what you’re escaping from. I went to Miami to discover myself;
never in my wildest dreams, did I think home would become a three-letter word.
I was the dream.
I was the illusion.
I was the fantasy.
Until him…
Everything went to hell in hand basket the moment we laid
eyes on each other.
I wanted him.
He wanted me.
I have always been a man who made decisions based on other
people’s feelings, wants, and desires.
I was selfless.
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
Especially her.
The moment I met her… I wanted her.
I loved her.
For the woman she was.
For the woman she wanted to be.
But most of all…
For the woman she was, when she was with me.
This isn’t a love story, but a story about love.
Warning sex/drugs/language. Mature readers only.





Some people need love…
I need sex, money, control, and power.
Anyone could have those four things, but only one could have
VIP. Becoming Madam was never a choice for me, it was a mandated order from the
most powerful woman I knew- my mother. I was born to fill her shoes, never to
make mistakes, or to show weakness.
You are the product of your environment. They say the apple
doesn’t fall far from the tree; you learn from what you see, not from what
you’re told. Nature vs. Nurture. I learned from it all; what I saw, what I
didn’t see, what I was told, and from reading between the lines.
I was raised with the belief that the world spun ONLY
because of me. I held power as far back as I can remember, saw things no one
ever talks about, and witnessed illegal acts of sex, drugs, and money by the
time I was eighteen.
You saw a glimpse of me in VIP, now see it from the
beginning. Enter my world where anything goes; no judgments, no remorse, no
guilt. You play by my rules, or you don’t play at all. There are no limits to
what I can do, or to what I can show you…I will ensure my legacy by any means
My name is Lilith Veronica Stone, and I am The Madam.
Warning: Book contains adult situations.
Dark content/sex/drugs/language. Mature readers only.





I love you.
Three words that can make or break you.
I thought I needed to find myself. I thought I wasn’t happy.
I thought I needed more out of life.
I didn’t.
I’m more lost now than I was when I left. I have no answers,
just endless amounts of questions. It was only a matter of time until the truth
came to light. I never imagined it would change my entire life and everything I
thought to be true.
It was all a game.
Except I wasn’t a player.
I was a pawn.
The end.
Two words that have several meanings. I never thought I’d
lose her. But did I ever really have her…
Or did VIP?
Can love conquer all?
Warning: Book contains adult situations.
Sex/language. Mature readers only.




*Not part of the Sale
Best Selling Author M. Robinson loves to read. She favors
anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex!
She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.
She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She
is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.
She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces.
They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat. 

The One Adored Book by Alexandra North


Book: The One Adored(The One Trilogy #3)

Author: Alexandra North
Release Date: 11th December

Genre: Erotic Romance

Cover Designed by: Alexandra North

Goodreads link:

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One Friendship Developed into so much more.

One sexy proposition led to a marriage proposal.

One unhealthy interest became a deadly obsession….

Sebastian Silver was everything Lucia Myers had ever hoped for in a man – an incredible, attentive and passionate lover, a considerate gentleman and her best-friend. She knew without irrefutable doubt that he was her soul-mate.

Seb and Lu had both finally begun to believe in one another enough to forgo their initial concerns and stop fighting the powerful connection they shared and embrace the intensity of their emotions, when tragedy struck. The horrific car accident that leaves Lu broken tests her faith in their future. Promises are made but will they be fulfilled?

Can Sebastian and Lucia give in to love and commitment after a decade of dancing around their feelings and just trust in always and forever?

Dangerous forces are working tirelessly against them; will they succeed in destroying their chance at happiness or will the person who has been obsessing over Lucia finally be brought to justice?

THE ONE is out there … waiting … watching …

Two people, one destiny.

I rated this book 5 *****’s

A love story of friendship that develops into amazing romance

Friendship always is the best foundation of romance. Sebastian and Lu’s attraction is undeniable. They both feel the zing with the look of their eyes and the feel of their touch. These two is meant for each other. 

The book is suspense, emotional and oh so hot. It is also full of adventures. After a tragedy, these lovebirds fell apart but connected again in the City Of Love, Paris that is. Their attractions heated again. I so LOVED every moment they have in Paris. There are moments also that I laugh. I LOVED the proposal, that was sweetness overload.

I so loved every moment I spent reading this book The One Adored. It such a sweet book full of love among the rest. My first time to read the author’s writing and I loved it.


I received the electronic copy of the book to review. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.  

::Other books in the series::

The One Awakened(The OneTrilogy #1)


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The One Addicted(The One Trilogy #2)


Amazon US Amazon UK

::About the Author::

Alexandra North is an Amazon bestselling author who came onto the writing scene in 2014. She writes romance, with erotic themes, humour, drama and often suspense and there is always a HEA at the end of a book/series.

Ms. North lives in the rambling lush hills of Yorkshire, United Kingdom with her swoon-worthy husband and two children, 15 and 9. She worked as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, for over 18 years before she wrote her first book and now combines design and writing in this new path when creating her book covers and teasers.

Writing was always a hobby and took a back seat to University, work, parenthood and unfortunately later, chronic long-term illness. One day she woke and thought ‘life’s too short – I’m going to finish that blummin book!’ She now devotes her time to writing love stories full of humour and naughtiness. When she isn’t manically typing away or trying to be the model wife and mum, Alexandra can be found shoe shopping (shoes are her weakness), cosying up with back-to-back TV series and enjoying her very own Sebastian Silver.

::Stalk her here::

Facebook: Twitter: Goodreads: Amazon Author page

I Love My Pet Elephant Book By Lauren Micchelli

Book Description for I Love My Elephant:

A colorful tale of friendship and fun between a little girl and her best friend – her pet elephant! I Love My Pet Elephant is a delightful medley of reality and fantasy, with shenanigans and adventures brought to life through vibrant illustration and simple rhyming text.

 photo I love my pet elephant book_zps6ekc3rnr.jpg

My daughter and I both rated this book 5 ****’s

One of the adorable book that my daughter reads

My daughter and I both LOVED this book. It is one of the adorable children’s book that we both read. It is a very short story but fun to read. The illustrations are so cute. All the kids will love this book so as the parents as well.

 photo I Love my Pet Elephant review_zps4avyrjl4.jpg

Children used their mind when they play a lot. I remember those days when my summer babe had an imaginary friend. It is bewitching to watch her while she plays with her imaginary friends. She is getting big and lost her imaginary friend.

 photo I Love My Pet Elephant review A_zps1g9enss3.jpg

I know that just like my summer babe, your kids will love Pete the elephant as well. If your kids are animal lovers, no doubt Pete will keep them entertain as they read along this very fun and adventurous book. The book is easy to read. All the kids will understand the story right away. It also teaches them to rhyme. My daughter and I both recommend this book. It will be a great addition to your kids bed story time to read.


I received the paperback copy of the book to read and review from iRead Book Tours. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Buy I Love My Pet Elephant here:  Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Chapters/Indigo

Other Books by Lauren Micchelli:

A Day of What Ifs:

 photo 5acfb531-1104-4f70-8bb5-5e29a4ca9c97_zpsgmvwt9vq.jpg

A unique book filled with quirky scenarios and colorful pictures. A twist on the ordinary, this story touches the imagination with an entertaining assortment of “what if” possibilities!

(ages 3-6)

The Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie & Murphy: A Christmas Journey to the North Pole

 photo f460791b-417d-408b-8cf2-efc16f96f5a5_zpsh7cnnj0q.jpg

The first book of the Maddie and Murphy series. Maddie’s dreams take her on different nighttime adventures. Accompanied by her dog, Murphy, Maddie finds herself where no child has gone before – the North Pole!  (ages 4-8)

The Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie & Murphy: To the Moon and Back

 photo 12b9edb2-5880-489c-8185-2e27c424f720_zpswjbmkctt.jpg

Maddie gazes out her window at the night sky. As bedtime nears, Mom tells Maddie a secret- that a wish on a star could really come true!  An excited Maddie makes her wish – to go to the moon! What unfolds is so much more! (ages 4-8)

Buy Lauren Micchelli’s books on Amazon

Author’s Bio:

 photo I love my pet elephant author_zpsbjhu8mgb.jpg
Lauren Micchelli is a newly published author, having penned her first book in 2014. She has since continued the Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie and Murphy series, and went on to publish A Day Of What Ifs and I Love My Pet Elephant.

Impressively, she was the recipient of New Book Award 2015 for I Love My Pet Elephant.

​Lauren Micchelli grew up in West Caldwell, New Jersey and currently resides in northern New Jersey.

Connect with the author:  Website   Twitter

What sparked your love of books and what’s your favorite genre of book to read now?

I was very fortunate to have parents that read to me from when I was very young. My mom stayed home to take care of my siblings and I growing up, and she would read to us all the time. I loved hearing story after story, and could listen for as long as someone was willing to read to me.

Growing up I became a fairly voracious reader. By the time I reached elementary school I was borrowing handfuls of books from the library at a time. My mother has told me that I never wanted to just read one book, that I found reading one book at a time was “too boring”.

Truth be told, I enjoyed engrossing myself in different storylines with different characters, tearing through series after series of the latest and greatest books of whatever was age appropriate at the time. I remember reading the Nancy Drew books, the Choose Your Own Adventure books and the Sweet Valley High books in particular. I would connect to the characters in the story, interested in the fate of each and every one of them, or – in some cases – choosing my own fate!

As I got older I found myself gravitating more to mysteries, trying to figure out whodunit before the author revealed it, and have read countless mystery books over the years. As of late, while I still enjoy a good mystery, I’m often reading and researching topics pertaining to health, wellness and clean living. From books to articles to blogs, the more information I can get my eyes on the better! I find knowledge to be extremely powerful, and I invest a lot of my free time into reading and learning as much as I can!

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Swindled In Paradise Book By Deborah Brown

Sexy sleuths Madison and Fab race to uncover the truth behind a horrific crime… before a loved one pays the ultimate price.

Beautiful Tarpon Cove has everything you’d expect from a paradise retreat: Blue waters, white sand and … murder?

With deadly secrets and dark dealings brewing beneath the surface of Tarpon Cove, Madison and Fab are caught in a race against time to uncover the truth behind the grisly murder, which may only be the tip of the iceberg…

The eighth book in Deborah Brown’s Paradise series, Swindled in Paradise will take you on a high-speed thrill ride through non-stop action, steamy romance, and dark intrigue, and leave you begging for more.

The Paradise series, are Florida Keys mysteries, “great as stand-alone reads, but they’re like chips…you won’t be able to devour just one!”

I rated this book 5 *****’s

The fight to protect your lover

 photo Swindled In Paradise_zpssgaxlzsh.jpg

Madison and Fabiana both pretty and troubled makers ladies strike again in Ms. Deborah Brown’s new book Swindled In Paradise. This time they are not only working but have the toughest job to protect the love of their life especially Didier who is accused of murder.

 photo Swindled In Paradise A_zpsnavc1nvv.jpg

Can you imagine this two James Bond girls will do to solve the crime? Just like the other books of this series, Swindled In Paradise is fun to read. You will never stop reading until you reach the last page. This book is always funny to read aside from heart thumping stunts that these women always do.

Madison and Fabiana have no fear. They are even willing to sacrifice their life for friendship(they call each other’s sister not by blood but by heart) and especially for their boyfriends. The book is full of stunts as always. You will never have a dull moment reading each chapters. The women are unstoppable.

Paradise series by Ms. Deborah Brown is my favorite series. Just like the other books from the other series, I highly recommend Swindled in Paradise to everyone who all but especially mystery.


I received  a paperback copy of the book to review. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. 

Available to buy from…..   Barnes and Noble

“Swindled in Paradise will take you on a high-speed ride through non-stop action adventure, romance, & suspense, & leave you begging for more.” 

“LOVE this book series! Each new Paradise escapade surrounds you, and the characters… they unwittingly become your extended family.”

“I absolutely love Madison & Fab! Their friendship and their adventures. These two can’t stay away from trouble and I love it!”

Above reviews from Goodreads/Amazon

About the Author
I’ve been writing, in one way or another for as long as I can remember; writing poetry, short stories, a romance novel secretly stashed under the bed and sappy love letters. Fiction should be fun. I wanted to create the perfect beach book, to make the reader laugh, cry and cheer… and then run out and tell their friends about it.

My love of reading began when I was seven, the day I opened the cover of my first Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book. Mrs. P gave lessons to other children in how to behave and to me I learned to love the written word. I live with my family and demon children aka rescue cats in South Florida.

Find the author on the following sites….

Website  FacebookTwitter  Pinterest  Google+  Goodreads Amazon Author pages

Also available in the Paradise Series

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I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.


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Landscape For Murder Book By Joyce T Strand


A friend’s murder. An unconnected cast of suspects, including the victim’s missing adult daughter. As if that wasn’t enough, Brynn Bancroft’s winery has been broken into. Can she deal with her co-owner ex and help the police find her friend’s murder so she can finally overcome her own troubled past and enjoy family life with her teenage ward?

Book available from….   Barnes & Noble

About Brynn Bancroft
Brynn Bancroft evolved from the Jillian Hillcrest mysteries where she served as Jillian’s manager while Chief Financial Officer of Harmonia Therapeutics in Silicon Valley. A shapely blonde with a MENSA IQ, she had an affair with the CEO of the company.

Unfortunately for Brynn, the CEO’s wife figured out that the two were involved and asked Brynn to leave the company, which she agreed to do.

In the meantime, her husband, Liam—not unfamiliar with extramarital affairs himself but also understanding that Brynn grew up in an abusive household- grew tired of waiting for Brynn to commit to their relationship and asked for a divorce. At the same time, he solicited her assistance in developing his new winery in Sonoma County, Calif.

Much like Jillian–who does appear in the Brynn Bancroft mysteries–Brynn, too, attracts mystery and murders as she grows to enjoy life at her ex-husband’s Hilltop Sunset Winery.

I rated this book 4****’s 

Another heart thumping book from Ms. Strand

I LOVED the first book and no doubt that I am sure the second book will interest me as well. Ms. Joyce T. Strand’s book is a hearth thumping book to read, relax, and mysterious. She will play your mind with your wild guesses who is the killer for The Landscape For Murder.

I am still in-love with Brynn and Liam. They seems still in-love with each other.  I hope these two will get back together. They are my favorite characters from the series. The scenery sounds beautiful. What a perfect place to enjoy drinking wine with your loved-ones.

I cannot wait for book three. If you love romance, romantic scenery and mystery Landscape For Murder is perfect for you to read. I enjoy sipping my coffee, wish it was wine while reading this book.


I received the paperback copy of the book to read and review. All my thoughts and  opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Also Available
Hilltop Sunset: A Brynn Bancroft Mystery
A mystery set in wine country pitting financial exec Brynn Bancroft against a determined stalker, a troubled love interest, and career clashes.

Brynn Bancroft learns that a former employee who beat her nearly to death has returned to stalk her and her friend, Jillian Hillcrest, also a former victim.

Recently divorced, Brynn turns to a new love interest only to encounter additional unwelcome issues. Meanwhile, short-timer Brynn, who has resigned from her Silicon Valley company, becomes bored fulfilling her remaining responsibilities there. She begins to prefer supporting the launch of her ex-husband’s new hilltop winery while waiting to move to her next position. Between her stalker and her new love interest, Brynn faces a series of life-changing events.

Book available from….   Barnes & Noble   Paperback    Autographed Paperback

About the Author
Joyce T. Strand is the author of who-done-it mysteries set in the San Francisco Silicon Valley and Napa-Sonoma wine regions of California.

Her most recent novel, Landscape for Murder, follows Hilltop Sunset which was the first of a new series featuring protagonist Brynn Bancroft, a financial guru in transition to winemaker from corporate executive. Brynn Bancroft is a minor character in Strand’s novels On Message, Open Meetings, and Fair Disclosure–three mysteries solved by Jillian Hillcrest, a publicist whose boss was Chief Financial Officer Brynn Bancroft.

Much like her protagonist Jillian Hillcrest, Joyce Strand headed corporate communications at several biotech and high-tech companies in California’s Silicon Valley for more than 25 years. Unlike Jillian, however, she did not encounter murder in her career. She focused on writing by-lined articles, press releases, white papers, and brochures to publicize her companies and their products.

Strand has been a mystery fan since she read her first Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy stories as a teenager. She admits that in between reading Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, Erle Stanley Gardner, and John McDonald in her youth, she also checked out Tolstoy, Steinbeck, Faulkner, and Dostoyevsky, but her love of the “puzzle” always drew her back to the latest fictional detective. Today she favors John Grisham, Louise Penney, Linwood Barclay, Michael Connelly, and Stieg Larsson. She has always enjoyed the challenge of following clues to solve the puzzle of a mystery before it is revealed.

Joyce lives with her two cats and collection of cow statuary in Southern California, and seeks out and attends as many Broadway musicals and other stage plays as possible.

She received her Ph.D. from the George Washington University, Washington, D.C. and her B.A. from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.

Find the author on the following sites….

Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+   Goodreads   Amazon Author Page

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I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.

The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse series, written by Gwyneth Jane Page, illustrated by Megan Elizabeth

PJ Mouse, an adorable little stuffed animal, was lost and alone until young Emily heard his cries for help.
Now, along with his new family, PJ gets to travel the world – discovering exciting new places, people, and animals along the way!

 photo PJ mouse books_zpsyijwobfg.jpg
Book Description:

PJ Mouse, an adorable little stuffed animal, was lost and alone until young Emily heard his cries for help. Now, along with his new family, PJ gets to travel the world-discovering exciting new places and people along the way!

Come join PJ on his first adventure across Canada as he hikes on a glacier in the Rockies, finds a salt lake in the prairies, and walks on the ocean floor in Nova Scotia.

My summer babe rated this book 4 ****’s

 photo pj mouse book one_zps80nvjmkj.jpg
The setting happens in Canada. I went to Canada when I was two years  old. with my Mom’s friends. Canada is only a border away from New York.

The illustrations are good. The illustrator uses her colored pencil. It turned out so beautiful. I loves to draw pictures with colored pencil.

My favorite character is PJ because he is a mouse. When PJ got bought from the store, he fell out of the bag. He set underneath the bench. PJ’s adventures begin,

Emily and her Mom found PJ and keep him for good. PJ is a lucky mouse. He is an adventurous mouse. He and Emily go on adventures together. They explored the Niagara Falls, They also went to a flower garden  called Butchart Gardens. After they explore the flower garden, they saw fireworks. They visited the Rocky Mountains. PJ fell into a crevasse.  They got him out thankfully.

I do liked the story. I think the other kids will enjoy the book too.

Buy the book:
Author’s Website
Barnes & Noble

Book Description:  

PJ Mouse, an adorable little stuffed animal, was lost and alone until young Emily heard his cries for help. Now, along with his new family, PJ gets to travel the world – discovering exciting new places, people, and animals along the way!

​Come join PJ on this, his second adventure, along the coast of Queensland, as he snorkels at the Great Barrier Reef, chats with a Loggerhead turtle in the midst of a great undertaking, and explores the tropical rainforest- until he has to be rescued by one of the local friendly wildlife.

I rated this book 5 *****’s

I hope to visit Australia someday

Australia is one of my bucket list. I wish I could visit this beautiful country someday. This book The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland is such a fun book to read not only for kids but also for adults. I LOVED how the illustrator did with the second book. it turned out so beautiful. 

The book is so full of adventures. It is fun to read PJ’s adventures in Australia. You will also learned animals that you only found in Australia. The best travel experienced without living your house. Kids will learned everything from geography to animals.

This is one of the best kids book to read especially if travelling for the first time. It is perfect to bring a toy with them while traveling. My daughter brought one stuff animals but lost it somewhere in Japan airport. This book especially the first one reminds me of her travel experienced three years ago.  

Buy the book:
Author’s Website
Barnes & Noble

Brand Products: PJ Mouse Stuffed Toy, Customized Stickers, Passport

 photo pj mouse toys_zps6asplydy.jpg
Third Book in the Series to be Released Soon! Order Your Copy Today.

The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse – In a Small Corner of England.

 photo pj mouse book three_zpscmeuay9c.jpg
Join PJ on his third adventure, in jolly olde England. Discover why PJ finds simple things like bike rides and car rides a little too entertaining all of a sudden, why his stuffing might explode when talking to a local hedgehog, and if the 500 year old buildings do indeed bury him in rubble.  And don’t forget about Star Bear….when the lady asks for his autograph, does it mean he has finally found one of his fans?

Pre-Order Your Copy!

Meet the author and illustrator:  

 photo pj mouse book authors_zpscrdu9l6r.jpg
Gwyneth Jane Page (Jane), who holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University, has called many countries home. She grew up in such places as England, Peru, the USA, and the Caribbean, and has also lived in Australia and Canada. She now resides in Victoria, BC with her husband and four children. The PJ Mouse books are based on Jane’s family trips with the real stuffed animal, PJ, who was found by Emily, Jane’s youngest daughter.

Megan Elizabeth, Jane’s second oldest daughter, has lived in Canada and Australia and travelled extensively with her family-and PJ. Having been artistic since she was a little girl, illustrating the PJ Mouse books has enabled her to combine her love of travel with her love of art. Megan completed her studies at VanArts and is now building her career as a professional photographer as well as an illustrator. She currently resides in Victoria, BC with her family.

Connect with the author:  Website   Twitter   Facebook

Do you have another profession besides writing?

Yes and no. Before writing we were flipping houses, buying, fixing and selling. I got allergic to the dust and fumes and so had to re-invent myself. I don’t have much to do with the houses now, but I do still occasionally help out with some aspect of it. I prefer the design stage, planning and purchasing, and putting the whole thing together before to after. I also have 4 kids. Being a mom is not officially recognized as a profession, but it still keeps one plenty busy.

How long have you been writing?

I have only been writing for about 2 years. I started in 2013, took some college courses to get me started and developed my character and stories from the homework assignments and went from there. The classmates I had were very positive about my work so it was an encouraging start. I had never done anything remotely like this before so everything was new to me and it was a huge learning curve. I published 2 books in 2014 and 1 in 2015. It took about a year to get the first book written, artwork done and then have it made into a book. After the learning curve of getting the first one done it has only taken about 8 months to create the other books. I hope to have the next one out in the middle of next year. It is written but the artwork has not yet been started.

Do you ever get writer’s block?

Yes, some days writing is harder than other days. Unfortunately a lot of great thoughts come at about 3 am. I think “I will write that down in the morning” and then of course I can’t remember the details of my thoughts once morning rolls around. Sometimes writing seems easy, other times it seems very slow and painful. But when looking back you can’t really tell which parts were the easy bits and which the more difficult bits, so I kind of don’t worry about writer’s block and just write what I can when I can.

Do you write every day?

No. I tend to write quite a bit all at once when working on a book and then have a couple months or more when I concentrate on other things. My daughter, Megan, tends to do the artwork after I have finished the manuscript, so while this is happening I focus on other things that need doing in life.  

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Country Courtship Texas Two-Step Series Book 3 Book by Kathy Carmichael

hot flashOnly 99c reduced from $3.99 until 12/31

The Texas Two-Step romantic comedy series is a reader favorite. All of the stories in the series are sweet, charming and emotional contemporary romance. Each story in the series stands alone, but all Texas Two-Step novels and novellas feature love stories about members of the Nelson, Murphy or Palmer families — and sometimes, more than one!

When Kelli Palmer meets Bobby Gray Nelson at a family get-together, their attraction is immediate. But Kelli’s kid sister already has dibs on Bobby Gray.

Bobby Gray Nelson never takes no for an answer, a resolve that made him a rodeo champion.

But Kelli is standing her ground.

Now Bobby Gray must do something he’s never done: woo the woman who’s already claimed his heart, and earn permission to place his brand on hers.

Country Courtship is the third sweet romance in the Texas Two-Step contemporary romance series from USA Today bestselling author Kathy Carmichael.

Previously titled: Kissing Kelli

I rated this book 4 ****’s 

Will blood ties is stronger than your feelings for somebody? 

Kelli is willing to sacrifice her feelings towards Bobby Gray Nelson because of her sister Lori. This girl always prioritize somebody or anything first than herself.Will this time she prefers her feelings than her own blood ties?

This is my second book that I read and reviewed from the author Ms.Kathy Carmichael. This book is so adorable. It is cute and very funny too especially the animals that Bobby Gray Nelson tried to bring to the vet’s clinic so he can see the veterinarian that his hearts only wants a cure better than animals. If you love cowboy an animals, am sure you will love reading this book as well.

I like Kelli because she is very down to earth. There are times that I want to smack her and follow her heart. Lori, her sister is a crazy. She thinks all men wants her. You can relate to the story if you have many sisters. They just want to protect their sister’s heart from drama and heartache.  


I received the electronic copy of the book to review. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine, 

Available to buy at only 99c (until 12/31) from…   Barnes and Noble  iBooks   Kobo

“I have always had a hard time leisurely reading any of Kathy Carmichael’s books and this one was no exception. This delightful story is sure to please her many and varied fans!”
~ Kathy Boswell, Fresh Fiction

Another beautifully sweet romance from Kathy Carmichael. I simply adore this series. Country Courtship is sweet, funny, and incredibly romantic. I highly recommend it.
~ Reviewer on Amazon

Also Available
Chasing Charlie, Texas Two-Step Series Book 1 FREE EBOOK
Raised in a family of rodeo champions on a South Texas cattle ranch, Charlie wants only one thing: to avoid thrill-seeking cowboys.

Davis Murphy, cowboy wannabe and one of Dallas’s most eligible bachelors, needs a pretty and witty faux fiancée so his widowed mother will marry her longtime gentleman friend.

Charlie, his local librarian, seems the prefect choice.

Charlie’s first reaction is to run, but she’s promised herself to step out of her plain-jane routine.

When Charlie accepts, Davis’s plan is set. But now Charlie’s sweet ways are challenging his bachelor heart.

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The Lassoed Bride (a novella), Texas Two-Step Series Book 2NEW RELEASE
A Novella. Six years ago, Barbara Palmer fell head-over-heels for cocky cowboy Ben O’Shea. He was devastatingly appealing, and he knew it. He had her heart—until the day he stood her up and disappeared. Now he’s back, determined to take up again where they left off—even though she’s about to marry another man.

Despite all the growing up Ben has done in the past six years, including the highly successful dude ranch he’s built that’s made him a millionaire—he’s never forgotten Barb and he wants her back.

But her wedding grows closer every day. He has to win back her love and her trust, before she’s lost to him forever.

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THE TEXAS TWO-STEP, in series order

Western Pleasure (A Novella) (Book 0)
Chasing Charlie (Book 1)
The Lassoed Bride (A Novella) (Book 2)
Country Courtship (Book 3)
Courting Trouble (Book 4)
My Southern Bride (Book 5)

About the Author
USA Today Bestselling author Kathy Carmichael resides on the west coast of Florida with her Scottish husband, two not-so-wee sons, three cats, a part-time dog, and a huge collection of dust bunnies.

Kathy writes award-winning romantic comedies and humorous mysteries. Her Texas Two-Step romance series is a reader favorite.

Kathy’s romantic comedy, Hot Flash, was named by the American Library Association’s BOOKLIST magazine as one of the Top 10 Romance Fiction titles for 2009.

In addition to her novels, she’s sold short stories and wrote a bi-monthly column on the business of writing for a national writing trade magazine. Kathy is also a contest judge for Writers Digest.

She’s a member of the International Thriller Writers, an active member of the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters-in-Crime, Novelists Inc., the Florida chapter of MWA, is the published author liaison of the Tampa Area Romance Authors, and is an active member and past national board member of the Romance Writers of America.

Kathy loves hearing from readers.

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Bach, Casals & The Six Suites for ‘Cello Solo: Volumes 1-4 by Steven Hancoff


Bach #1

Bach #2

Bach #3

Bach #4

Book Details:Book Title: Bach, Casals & The Six Suites for ‘Cello Solo: Volumes 1-4 by Steven Hancoff
Category: Adult non-fiction, 1189 pages
Genre: Biography / Music
Publisher: iTunes
Release date: June 2015
Tour dates: Nov 30 – Dec 18, 2015
Content Rating: GBook Description:FROM TRAGEDY TO TRANSCENDENCEA Totally Immersive Multimedia ExperienceRichly Detailed Text Embedded with More Than 1,000 Illustrations Illuminating Bach’s Masterpiece, from Its Creation to Its LegacyBach, Casals and the Six Suites for ’Cello Solo and 3-CD set Audio Recording of ’Cello Suites to be Released June 23rdExclusively on iTunes and CD BabyIncludes Hancoff’s Complete Recording Of His Acoustic Guitar Transcription of Bach’s ’Cello SuitesFrom tragedy to transcendence is the theme that embodies the essence of the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach. “This man, ‘the miracle of Bach,’ as Pablo Casals once put it, led a life of unfathomable creativity and giftedness on the one hand and neglect and immense tragedy on the other,” says Hancoff.Bach’s life was rife with hardship and tragedy from the start. By the time he was nine years old, he had witnessed the deaths of three siblings and then, within a year, his father and mother also passed away.

For all his education and talent, however, his first job was serving as a lackey for a drunkard duke. Subsequently, he spent the next fifteen years in the employ of Weimar’s harshly ascetic Duke Wilhelm Ernst, who cared little for music. When he was twenty-two, he married the love of his live, his distant cousin, Maria Barbara Bach. During the thirteen years they were married, she bore him seven children, three of whom died at birth.

In 1717, Prince Leopold of Cöthen offered Bach a position as the musical director for Cöthen. Bach jumped at the chance. The officials of Weimar, however, threw him in jail for “the crime” of daring to resign his present position. Still, Bach was on the verge of a career breakthrough.

Three years into his happy and contented tenure in Cothen, Prince Leopold and Bach visited the spa town of Carlsbad for a month of vacationing and music-making. Unfortunately, upon his return Bach learned of the death of his wife and then only when he entered into his home. Imagine the shock, the impact. He never even discovered the cause of death.

Yet this tragic setback in Bach’s life was a major turning point because he came to grips with his personal tragedy by unleashing a flood of masterpieces for which he is and will be forever revered. First came the Six Violin Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo and then the Six Suites for ’Cello Solo.

In the ’Cello Suites we hear Bach expressing his own seeking, yearning, love, loss, sorrow, grief and determination and their overtones of surrender, resolution affirmation and transcendence. He aspired to articulate an ultimate personal confession, a revelation, entirely unique, entirely sublime, as an ultimate act of artistic and creative testimony, a heavenly statement about his own life and even of life itself—as a final gift and an enduring, heavenly send-off for his beloved wife.

Bach, Casals and the Six Suites for ’Cello Solo invites readers and music lovers into a unique experience, contained in an immersive four-volume e-book from Steven Hancoff – a virtuoso musician’s restless, passionate, multimedia exploration of a musical masterpiece that only grows in stature almost three centuries after it was written.

The many fascinating and inspiring aspects of the book include:

• How Bach struggled and overcame adversity and the lessons his example offer us today.

• The ultimate meaning of the Six Suites for ’Cello.

• How almost all of Bach’s works would have nearly sunk into oblivion were it not for the extraordinary efforts of Sara Levy, the great aunt of Felix Mendelssohn, to rescue them.

• How Felix Mendelssohn singlehandedly created with the performance of the St. Matthew Passion a Bach renaissance and a legacy that continues to be enjoyed to the present day.

• The miraculous discovery of the six ’Cello Suites by Pablo Casals in a Barcelona thrift shop and why he studied them for twelve years before performing them in public.

• What Pablo Casals meant when he spoke of “the miracle of Bach.” Bach, Casals and the Six Suites for ’Cello Solo promises to be an adventure for anyone fascinated by the enduring power of music, art and why they matter.

I rated the CD’S 5*****’s

It feels like you are serenaded while listening to the music

Listening to music always soothes me. It is one of my greatest hobby. I listened to music when I am happy and most especially when I am sad. Music is always a part of my daily life. I also love to sing too.

I am so thankful that I got the chance to listen and review the 4 CDs. It feels like you are serenaded while listening to the music. The sounds from all the instruments feels so relaxing. I listened to it when I am alone. I LOVE all the music. It sounds so beautiful. I can play it all day and reflect life. The best music to listen.   If you love instrumental, mellow songs, I highly recommend these CD’s to you.  I can listen to it all day long. The sound is so crisply clear. It feels like you are in-front of the musician. It feels so cool. 

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Meet the author:

Steve Hancoff began playing guitar when he was 13 years old, captivated by the folk music craze of the 1960s. Within a year he was performing in coffeehouses around Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

For nearly 15 years, he toured the world—about 50 countries—as an official Artistic Ambassador representing the United States of America. His recordings include Steel String Guitar, New Orleans Guitar Solos, Duke Ellington for Solo Guitar, and The Single Petal of A Rose. He is also the author of Acoustic Masters: Duke Ellington for Fingerstyle Guitar and New Orleans Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar. He is a graduate of St. John’s College, home of the “100 Great Books of the Western World” program and has a Masters degree in clinical social work. He is a psychotherapist, a Rolfer, and a practitioner of Tai Chi. An avid hiker, he is also a member of the Grand Canyon River Guides Associations.

Interview with Steven Hancoff
What was the hardest part of writing your book?

The story evolved as I gathered the information. And as it did, it sort of told itself! So, the hardest part was honing my use of language.Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I learned everything!!! This is a work of love. It was intense. I worked every single day. There are so many lessons. One important one is: do not let your tragedies define your life or your identity. Do not identify as a victim. Express your deepest self in as creative (as opposed to destructive or unconscious) way that you possibly can. Give back to life instead of demanding that life give to you. Do not betray your own higher self.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

The officials of the United Sates Information Agency (USIA) who chose me to be an Artistic Ambassador, and sent me around the world (45 countries) presenting concerts that told the story of America’s grand music tradition.

Do you see writing as a career?

With music, yes.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I hope my work enriches the lives of people who come into contact with it. I know that delving into Bach’s music enriched mine.

If you were not a writer what else would you like to have done?

I am a Rolfer (and mighty proud of it) …an adventurer and explorer of the natural world and the labyrinthine and mysterious inner world — which is hopefully what writers do anyway

Connect with the author: Website   ~  Twitter  ~   Facebook
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I received the CD’s from iRead Book Tours.   All my thoughts and opinions for the review is 100% honestly mine.  

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The Redemption Of Roan Book By Kathy Coopmans


Title: The Redemption of Roan
Series: Book 2 in The Syndicate Series
Author: Kathy Coopmans
Roan Diamond’s loyalty to the family may be obligated by blood, but nobody ever said he had to love them all, right?
As the next in line to head the Diamond dynasty, he has loose ends to take care of, and one of those is his brother Royal. Yet his plans for revenge fall apart the minute he lays eyes on Alina—Royal’s ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of the rival Solokov family.
As a mafia princess, Alina Solokov knew it wouldn’t be easy when she made the decision ten years ago to leave the family for a new life at a college in England—but betrayal is often a dish served cold by those who you love the most. Now, back in the United States after a job offer that she couldn’t refuse, her new found strength is pushed to the limits when Royal returns to claim her for his own.
When the man who captures her heart amongst the chaos is front and center in a lifestyle she swore never to return to, can she hold her ground and fight being sucked back into the black hole that is the mafia underworld? Or will Roan’s love be worth the ultimate sacrifice?


I rated this book 5*****’s 

It’s heart thumping but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so good

Love me some Roan and Alina. These two characters are insatiable and crazy about each other. The Redemption Of Roan is heart thumping but ohhhhhhhhhhh so good. It is emotional as well. This book is hard to put it down. 

Will blood is thicker than water? Is Roan has the nerve to kill his own wicked brother Royal for the love of his life Alina? This suspense book scared me. It feels so real. It’s dark but full of love and action. Though rape is hard for me to read, Ms. Kathy Coopmans did an amazing job with that scene. I still gets nervous when I read that part. 

You will LOVE Roan and his being dominant not only in bed but his ability to protect and sacrifice his life for Alina and their family. This is my third book of Ms. Coopmans and I love her style of writing. If you love suspense, no doubt you will LOVE  Roan and Alina too. 


I received an electronic copy of the book to review. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. 






The Wrath of Cain, Book 1


Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son’s Aaron and Shane.
She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football.
By day she is a hairstylist and loves her job. 
She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is “I got this.”
Happy Holidays from Kathy Coopmans
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