DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE YOU by Jenny Williamson book tour

Book Description:

Before time began, you were imagined, planned, and created for a specific and unique purpose. There is something you were created to do and if you don’t do it, it will never be done. It is urgent that you find the courage to be and do all you were created for. Someone is waiting for you to be you. Have you ever contemplated your particular purpose – the reason you are on this planet? Have you intentionally pursued your true identity and attempted to fulfill your destiny? Do You Have The Courage To Be You? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, but want to answer “Yes,” then life coach, Jenny Williamson, will help you to do just that through the pages of this book.

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Do You Have The Courage To Be You? was the provocative question that changed the entire trajectory of Jenny’s life, and became the impetus used to propel her on a journey of discovering her water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making destiny. She prays it will do the same for you. As Jenny neared her fortieth birthday, she felt pitifully ordinary, was mired in mediocrity, and cloaked in comfort. She knew courage would be required for her to leave the known for the unknown.

What does it mean to have the courage to be you? What thought patterns or belief systems keep you from being you? What challenges must be faced? How do you find your unique purpose? Within this powerful book, Jenny answers these questions, while transparently sharing her own story. Her journey led her to a vulnerable group of children – children who are being sold for sex – who needed a home and a family.

I rate this book 5 *****’s

My favorite book so far this year. Do You Have The Courage To Be You by Jenny Williamson is the BEST and my FAVORITE book to read for 2015. It is a refreshing and wide-opening book for everyone should read. I highly recommend this to everybody. 

Each chapter has key points for you to reflect before proceeding to the next chapters. I have to stop and think many times before reading on the next page. This book gives you the power to reflect to deal with what is important in our lives. You might disagree with me and that is fine, in everything we do there is a SUPREME GOD that knows everything before we were born. We owe everything to him. All we need is to reach out especially when our life is really down.

I cannot even believe that while reading this book, it gives me the courage to be honest and to stand for myself and what I believe in. I was recently attacked by some members of the other closed group in Facebook because of what I posted. There is one genre of a book that is my favorite to read. I admit it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nobody has the right to judge me especially that I did not ask somebody’s money so I can buy a book that I want to read. Posting that in my Facebook book and being honest to myself gives me the courage. I do not care what other people think of me. I do not even care of their life. We are unique and am proud to be one.   

I want to thank the author Jenny Williamson for showing my courage to stand for myself and especially for those people who like to bully. Karma is a b*tch.

Author’s Bio:

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Jenny Williamson is the Founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide, an international, non-profit organization that builds homes for children rescued out of sex trafficking around the world. For her efforts and impact, she has received numerous awards. She resides in Northern California with her family.

Jenny was recently honored as a top 10 nominee in L’Oreal’s Women of Worth campaign.

Connect with Jenny:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter

Author’s Interviews:


  1.  I see you started your own non-profit organization  – Courage Worldwide – what is the purpose of your organization?  Our purpose is to help people find their purpose.  We believe that each of us was created on purpose for a purpose and when you find your purpose then the needs of another will be met.  Right now, we have an organizational focus on children who have been trafficked for sex.  We believe they too have a unique purpose and by providing them with a home and helping them on a journey of healing, they will then have to courage to be and do all they were created to.
  2.  What inspired the title for your book – Do you have the courage to be you?  It was a very personal question that was whispered to my heart around my 40th birthday.  Every since then I have been on a journey of finding out who I am and what I am to be doing on this planet to make a difference.
  3.  There are many books out there – what makes yours different?  I believe I am one of the most ordinary individuals on the planet and by simply making an intentional decision to go in search of my own identity and destiny, I have had the incredible honor seeing people impacted by me just being me.  In the book, I share my story and those experiences but I also give people concrete steps in beginning their own journey of purpose.  It is urgent that people embark on this journey because someone is waiting for you to have the courage to be you.
  4.   What are you passionate about?  Everything!   That is one of my problems – I can get terribly excited about a lot of things!  But the thing that excites my the most – the thing I am most passionate about is YOU finding your purpose.
  5.  I see you are also a life coaching and do motivational speaking – which are you most comfortable at – speaking or writing?  Speaking.  Speaking one on one or on a stage of thousands is like breathing to me.  I was deathly afraid of speaking up for most all of my life, but once I walked through that invisible wall of fear, it is now my most favorite thing to do in the world!  I just see it as simply encouraging people.  Writing is difficult for me.  I am ADD and quite hyper – so my brain, my mouth and my fingers go 90 miles an hour!  It is very hard for me to sit still and write.  It takes quite a bit of discipline, for me.  But once I am in the zone, I am good.
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I received the book free from iReadBookTours. All my reviews are honestly 100% mine.

My hubby is not ashamed to buy me a sanitary pads

It is time of the month again for me. I feel the pain. The cramps sometimes are unbearable. Sometimes they are really bad that all I want is to lay down and read a book. I cannot do that when you have  house to clean and family to take care.

He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used
He bought the only sanitary pads that I ever used

I  have few sanitary pads from last month. I used a lot of sanitary pads. My flow is very fast. It happened that my husband picked up our daughter from school. She was not feeling well yet she still went to school. She called me to let me know that they are in the grocery store. She asks me if we need something.

We need few things like milk and juice. I remember that I need sanitary pads I called my husband and ask him if he could buy sanitary pads too. I told him please do not buy me sanitary pads that has wings. I do not care if it us the cheapest brand as long as it has no wings. Surprisingly he bought me the sanitary pads that I ever used since I came here in America. I am glad that my husband is not ashamed to buy me anything. He even buy me dried fish that most husband cannot tolerate the smell. He said that he will always do anything for me. The little things he does for me makes my toes curl and love him everyday. I have to remember how sweet he is especially when I get mad at him.

Without Me by Chelle Bliss book review



I’d led a selfish existence.

I liked who I was. Hell, I loved myself.
Women threw themselves at me and I took what they offered without remorse. I promised them nothing.
I sank my teeth into life, holding on to the bitch like my very existence depended on it.

Time passed.
Women came and went.

The second I let my guard down and released the hold I had on life… What was my award for such carelessness?
A love so spectacular and heart wrenching that it threw me for a loop. When I was in too deep to escape, my greatest fears became reality.

This is my story. My downfall. My salvation.

I rate this book a 5 *****’s

The best end of the Inked Men series. Wow! Anthony blown me away from very hot to a man that has pure and selfless heart. Karma indeed is a b*tch Max makes him tame. Without Me is an amazing story, suspense and darn! I am a woman of patience but I almost throw my Kindle for Max’s condition waiting result. I love that the rest of the Inked Men series have their happily ever after.

Grab your copy today!

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Muscular and sexy torso of young man

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USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss is an American author
who writes stories about real-life scenarios with fantasy Alpha males. Her works include humor as well as steamy sex.
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Some quotes I love about talking about me behind my back

Do not judge me by not knowing me personally.

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You do not know how my life is. I am a very simple woman. I LOVE my family and GOD above all. Do not get me wrong I also LOVE to read EROTICA book. Is there something wrong with that? I will ALWAYS support EROTICA AUTHORS. One way of supporting them is by sharing their books like teasers or sharing my honest reviews. I understand it is not everybody’s cup of tea. You do not need to talk behind my back. What is sad is I cannot defend myself because I am not a member of that closed group.

 photo quote A_zps7mlmxlsf.jpg

I am very easy to deal with. You can ask me for another link to share. I can do that. I am sure we are all adults that we do not need to act like a child. I do appreciated a blogger friend that shared about how my teaser affected you.  Yes! it has a F word. I am good to give you another link or you can check my profile and share the links. You do not need to talk behind my back. It will not change my preferences in reading though.

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I hope that your life is perfect. I hope that you do not have any single flaws about your life or your family. I am being honest with myself. If you are a friend in my Facebook, there is unfriend button. I really do not care. I even do not care about your life. If you have something to say about me, say it in-front of my face, leave me a message but do not talk behind my back where I cannot answer any of your questions or concerns. I think you are being rude and being a bully. With all that said and done, I wish you a good life but remember KARMA is a b*tch.

An ARC review of the book Destiny Undone 1 by Amanda Heartley

Pepper Anderson has a reputation that precedes her—and thanks to a little alcohol, her late-night antics and the never-ending attention of the paparazzi, she’s always front page news.

 photo Destiny Undone_zpsld1qjukx.jpg

Her ‘friend with benefits’, Jonathan Church, is confident, commanding, and hotter than hell! When they’re together, they’re spontaneous, careless and passionately reckless. He’s also Destiny Beach’s richest playboy and he wants Pepper all to himself.

To stay out of jail for her latest shenanigans and to get back in Daddy’s good graces, Pepper takes on a job as an intern at Sea Lab—a sea life theme park with stinky, smelly fish—and Gabriel Gregory, her new boss.

The mere sight of him takes her breath away, and his voice makes her knees weak. Gabe is at the top of his professional game. He’s smart, quiet and keeps his distance from the limelight of Destiny Beach’s rich and famous.

Pepper wants him. Gabe wants her as well—or so he thinks—until their first date and he ends up in the middle of Peppers chaotic life. He can’t deny the feelings he has for her, but will he be able to stay in control? Will Jonathan Church let her go?

Find out in this steamy new adult romance by bestselling author Amanda Heartley!

I rated this book a 5 *****’s 

Prince Charming meet a spoiled rich girl. I love the new book of Amanda Heartley Destiny Undone. The first book from the series is really an amazing read already. I have the feeling that this series is my favorite. I love how handsome and helpful Gabe for Pepper.I love these two charters already.

Gabe and Pepper have mutual attraction from each other. Pepper a rich girl will learn her lesson the hard work. Their first kiss is extra ordinary. I cannot wait for the second book. Jonathan such an arse, I hate this guy. Why Miss Heartley you are killing me with this new series. Did I forget to mention that this book is very hot?

About Amanda Heartley:

 photo 10357825_254416331424721_8846468343494550459_n_zpse99c7cb7.jpg

BESTSELLING NEW ADULT ROMANCE AUTHOR, AMANDA HEARTLEY was born and raised in Oklahoma, and now lives in the hustle and bustle of Southern California. She’s still a country girl at heart with an insatiable weakness for strong, sexy men and feisty, erotic women. Check out her hot new adult romance series, Oceans Apart, that’s getting rave reviews. Oceans Apart 1 is free.
At home she plays Mom, chef, ninja, taxi and nurse, hanging out with her four wonderful kids and 3 lovable mutts. You can probably find her drinking a green smoothie, relaxing in the back yard, writing another sinfully sexy story.

By the way you can clicked Destiny Undone 1 in Goodreads.

You can also find Ms. Amanda Heartley’s writing in her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I received the ARC of Destiny Undone 1. I did not receive any compensation. My review is 100% honestly mine.

What did I redeemed with my Victoria’s Secret reward cards

I used two of my Victoria’s Secret reward cards. I still have the two cards that I will redeem before they expire. I just wish that these swimwear comes as one price but unfortunately it does not.

My second pair of Victoria's Secret swimwear
My second pair of Victoria’s Secret swimwear

I love the color of my new swimwear. I also love the flirty style. I cannot wait to wear them. I love the top of the swimsuit. You can wear it strapless. I like mine with strap. It keeps my small girls safe and secure.  I know summer will come in two more months. I cannot wait. I have worked out so I can wear my swimwear with proud. This is my second swimwear that I bought this year.

I am not sure if I could wear this swimwear in public like going to the beach with my family I hope this summer. I do not think my husband will allow me. He is a little protective. Do I ashamed of my body? Definitely not, I know at 41 years old I still got it.

Visiting The Sins Book by Melanie Denman

Book Synopsis:

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Set in the Bible Belt of Deep East Texas, Visiting the Sins is a darkly funny story about mothers and daughters, naked ambition, elusive redemption, and all the torment it’s possible to inflict in the name of family.

Down through the decades, the lofty social aspirations of the feisty but perennially dissatisfied Wheeler women — Pokey, the love-starved, pistol-packing matriarch; Rebanelle, the frosty former beauty queen turned church organist; and Curtis Jean, the backsliding gospel singer — are exceeded only by their unfortunate taste in men and a seemingly boundless capacity for holding grudges. A legacy of feuding and scandal lurches from one generation to the next with tragic consequences that threaten to destroy everything the Wheeler women have sacrificed their souls to build.

I rate this book 5 *****’s. 

Contemporary romance especially erotica is my favorite genre to read. I think I am going to change it now. I love reading romance comedy. This is my second book reading this specific genre.  
Visiting The Sins is a very funny yet educational book. I never laugh out so loud while reading a book. It gives me so much happiness while exploring each chapters and characters. This book is amazing. I really loved how the author Melanie Denman  wrote the book.  
I am not from the South. I love learning new words while reading this book. I love Curtis Jean the most. This girl is feisty and willing to do anything to please her Mom Rebanelle. It is like a typical daughter until she had enough making her Mom happy and do her thing.  
I so loved this story. I know as a Mom of two kids, we do everything to give our kids the best of everything. I can relate with the story. I highly recommend this book to all mothers and of course daughters that want to learn how to please their Mom and follow their own destiny. 
Visiting the Sins will make you laugh at the same time gives you so much pleasure. Life is not about problems but how you deal with it. I love all the funny words that I have not read but learned too much while reading this book. You should get a copy of yourself. Be prepare to bring an extra tissue and have the best fun in your life.  

Author’s Bio:

 photo unnamed 2_zpss0lxocog.jpg

Melanie Denman is a native of Nacogdoches, Texas and a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University. An eighth-generation Texan, and a former banker and cattle rancher, she currently lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is working on a second novel.

Connect with Melanie:  Website  ~  Facebook  


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I received the book for free from iReadBookTours . I did not receive any compensation.

One of the best time to enjoy yourself is through shopping

I also love going shopping aside from reading books. These are my ways of spending alone time with my self. It gives me pleasure and happiness.

Victoria's Secret and Aeropostale are some of my favorite stores to shop
Victoria’s Secret and Aeropostale are some of my favorite stores to shop

These are some of the stores that I love to shop. My favorite is the Victoria’s Secret. My second favorite to ship is Aeropostale. I have the four secret reward cards from Victoria’s Secret. I need to use them before they expire. All the secret reward cards are worth $10 each card.

I also went to Aeropostale. Most of their outfits were adorable. They were on sale and very affordable too. I just wish I have more  money. I could buy more outfits for myself.

How about you? What is your favorite store to shop? Ho do you spend your alone time?

Where to buy beautiful dress at an affordable price

Summer will be here in about two months. I cannot wait. It is my favorite season of all time. It would be awesome just to wear, shorts, tops, sandals and dresses. I am relief that finally I can breathe from wearing thick coat, sweaters and boots.

I love this red dress
I love this red dress

I need to shop new summer outfits. I started cleaning my drawers and closet. I check what I needed for three months to enjoy the warm weather ahead. Definitely fashion outfits like this summer dress is what I have in mind. I am sure that my family will receive an invitation for a kids party.

 photo iprice coupon_zpsf7hgjbew.png

Shopping is fun at the same time it is tricky. You have to make sure that you have the budget. Checking Websites for affordable deals are exciting especially if you check the There prices are very affordable. You can search any outfits for your family like your husband and kids. You can even buy outfits to send it to somebody as a gift.

I am looking forward for the summer. I cannot wait to show off my new outfits to my friends as well.

Born naturally tan and proud of it

It took me at least six months for my skin to get lighter. I am not talking about whitening and all the stuff. I am lighter because I wear long sleeve during the brutally cold season here in Western New York. My skin is covered and not expose to the sun.

I am  born naturally tan
I am born naturally tan

Yesterday was so warm but a little breezy. The temperature went up to 80 Fahrenheit degrees. It feels like summer. I am sure that all the Western New Yorker are enjoying the warm day. My family took advantage of the warm weather. All of us stayed outside and did outdoor stuff.

I went to the pond. The water looks so clear and clean. You might jump into the water but it is freezing. I even touch the water and indeed very cold. I am enjoying the sun and  gets tan right away. My natural tan shows. I cannot wait when our pool is open and the water is warm. I cannot wait to swim and spend time with my family in our pool.