Molecule Asia has the best quality clothing for both men and women

I am privileged to try a durable quality of Capri shorts from Molecule Asia . The company is based in Thailand. They shipped very fast too. The best costumer service ever. I am sure that like me you will love any of their products.

 photo caprishorts_zps9f65e5b6.jpg

I love the Capri shorts that I received. It is a camouflage which my husband and my kids liked. It is made of 100% cotton which is the best. I love that is feels smooth. I like all the pockets from the front, to the back and to the sides as well. I cannot wait to wear it when it is very warm outside.

You can find Molecule Asia too in Facebook. Twitter or Google Plus. You can check out their Website for new products and coupons as well. I highly recommend this company to everybody.
I received the coupon code courtesy from US Family Guide. I was not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.

Attending another Filipino American Christmas party

This is my second time to attend a Filipino American Christmas party this month. It is so much fun. It is awesome to see familiar and new faces. I love attending parties especially when my kids are involved too. It is fantastic for them to mingle fellow biracial kids.

some of the Filipina ladies that I am very closed too
some of the Filipina ladies that I am very closed too

The second party was held at the Knights of Columbus in Cheektowaga New York. It is a far drive for me. I am thankful to God that I did not get lost. My best friend Garmin the GPS  is good at me too. We drive and went home very safely.

just having fun
just having fun

You have to pay $35 for each adult to join the party. The kids are free. You have to bring gifts for the kids too. Santa is also coming. The food is delicious. It was worth paying for. My kids ha

Life: Sentiments & Realities by Christopher Uyi book review and giveaway

Book Synopsis:

LIFE: Sentiments & Realities

“Reality is burdensome to the undisciplined mind and so people avoid it by constantly seeking fun and distractions, albeit living confusedly. In adult life, we must train our minds to be watchful, thoughtful and resolute. We cannot alter what is, nor shape ­people and events to our liking; putting much effort into that is a sure path to frustration. Rather, we must set our minds to ­reconcile our actions to what is, rather than what we expect things to be.”


Instructive judgement, practical counsel, eternal truths and unconventional tactics to attain a fulfilled and happy life is what the author of the book, LIFE: Sentiments & Realities, offers the reader. In this book, Chris shares his insightful, combative, tough-minded and pragmatic thoughts on some basic life issues, encouraging the reader to choose a realistic rather than sentimental approach to life and, in so doing, achieve a robust, successful and happy life.

This is what I think of the book. I rate it 5 stars.

This book is like telling how to portray our life in each situations. We have the choice to make it better or worst. The author did an amazing job with this book. Life is too short to choose the wrong choices if we want too. Each situations as example are eye opening for us to reflect what is best for our life. What a good book to reflect and meditate each lives we have. This book is very unique to read.


Through the Fire

Uncontrolled desires, passions and sorrows constitute the world of darkness where the fire burns; and in the presence of darkness, people stumble and fall. But when we let the light in, stumbling is minimized.

Through the Fire sheds light on the causes of our struggles and pains so that we may minimize them. The views are practical and comprehensive, and are intended to lift the reader above life’s difficulties. They evoke, and provoke, intellectual and spiritual alertness in the reader’s mind.In Through the Fire Chris has again given the world a sublime philosophical path to finding success and eternal peace.

Author’s Bio:

Christopher Uyi is an Economist, Business Strategist and Life Coach. He is currently the Principal Partner of i54 Consulting Ltd. A strong believer in educational excellence and philanthropy, he is the founder of Uyi Christopher Ibhazehi-oria Foundation.

Chris is a prolific writer who, in his words, ”does not write for fun but writes to deliver a message”. He has published several well-acknowledged articles and two life/mind uplifting books.

Connect with Chris:   Facebook

Where to buy the book:


Interview with Chris Uyi

1. What made you write these two books?

I have had my fair share of life’s blows. Been knocked down severely but got back up better and stronger. And so I felt there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from my experiences. When you live long enough, you get to realize people face similar experiences, though they may look different on the surface level. So I have shared my lessons and thoughts with the world through my books and good enough, a whole lot of people have sent me mails of appreciation on how my books have helped them comprehend issues that hitherto perplexed them and they are walking a more practical path of life and finding daily fulfillment.

2. You define yourself as a catalyst for positive change. What exactly does this mean?

Being a catalyst simply means, I am an agent for positive change. But a catalyst cannot cause that change alone. I can’t change the world alone, but am going to spark as many minds as possible who will change the world.

3. If you had a chance to go through your past again, what would you do differently?

I’d pay more attention to things and people.

4. Do you have any regrets from your past?

Regrets? No, because it took everything in my past to make me who I am today. I’m grateful for all I have been through and all my mistakes.

5. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Choosing to follow my dreams to become a Writer and Life Coach.
6. Any hobbies? Or a quirky thing you like to do?
I like going out alone, just to have a few drinks and study life through people’s actions and inactions.


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My Victoria’s Secret birthday gifts arrived

My husband asks me what I want for my birthday. I told him that I do not want anything. He spent so much money for the kids gifts. He said that is okay. He will work over time to get more money. Is he not a sweet husband?

I cannot wait to open my gifts from Victoria's Secret
I cannot wait to open my gifts from Victoria’s Secret

He told me that why not order something you like in Victoria’s Secret. He really know how to spoil his wife. It happens that I ripped my winter coat. I really need a new winter coat. You know how bone chilling cold could be in New York. I could order many sexy things I want from the Website but I passed.

Instead I ordered a winter coat. It is on sale that time. It still cost a lot. My husband does not mind it as my birthday is coming soon. It also happens that there is a free blanket if you order $75 and higher. I ordered a winter coat with free blanket. it also is free shipping too.

The other day my ordered came. I want to take a peek because nobody is around. I do not want to spoil my surprise. I cannot wait to open it. I am more excited with the blanket. I cannot wait to warm myself with that blanket while reading a book in my Nook.

How about you? Are you expecting a special gift from your husband this Christmas?

Little Things Long Remembered by Susan Newman book tour and giveaway

Book Synopsis:

As digital devices take over family life in subtle and seductive ways, what will happen to child development and family bonding when children spend more time with screens than they do at school or with their parents.


Life swirls at a hectic pace in most families today. That reality places a high premium on finding family time. Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day, is updated for today’s digitally driven and time-strapped families, offering hundreds of easy ways to create treasured childhood rituals that your children will look back on fondly.

 photo unnamed7_zps41dc9fea.jpg

The book hinges on 10 Cardinal Rules designed to help parents let go of work or social obligations and commit to spending time with their children. Rules include:

At home, focus as much as possible on your kids.
Put away electronic devices so you can really ‘be’ with them
Choose activities you like; children can tell when you are not having fun and are ‘faking it.’

Little Things Long Remembered is designed to help maximize parents and children’s available time. Slow down to grab pockets of time—even a few minutes here and there.

Establishing Ties (gestures that take seconds or a minute or two to strengthen parent-child bonds)
Five Minutes More or Less
Half and Hour to an Hour or So
Weekend Fun
Special Circumstances — When You Travel
Special Circumstances — Sick Days
Special Days — Happy Holidays
Special Days — Memorable Birthdays

Readers are encouraged to pick and choose to match their needs and their children’s ages and personalities. The time you spend with children and what readers choose to embrace from within these pages will become as memorable and meaningful to parents as they will be to children.

My review for this book. I rate it for five stars.

I love this book so very much. It is the best book I ever read that involves with kids. I grew up in the Philippines where spending family time is very important. We do not have all the gadgets and stuff that most American families have. All we have is the precious time we spent with our family and just being happy when we are together. Raising an American kids is not easy. American kids are so different from Filipino kids. Parents are different us well when it comes to raising their kids. I noticed that American kids are spoiled. They get what they want. Reading this book is very important on how to deal with kids and each situation. I raised my kids with so much love between two cultures. They are privilege that they get the best for both world. You can learn many things and applied this to your kids. Time is very important with raising kids and this book shares many examples. I highly recommend this book especially for first time parents.
Author’s Bio:
 photo unnamed8_zpsaeb69969.jpg

Susan Newman, a social psychologist, specializes in child development and family dynamics and has been named one of the 100 Top Psychologists to Follow on Twitter as well as one of 25 Parenting Educators to follow. She has been blogging for Psychology Todaymagazine about parenting and issues related to raising children for over six years:

She has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, and her work has been feature on NPR and major leading newspapers and magazines.

Connect with Susan:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~ Twitter

Where to buy the book:


Children are unique memory keepers, often surprising parents years later about the mundane events they recall with fondness and the events they’ve forgotten that you once thought would dazzle them.

To children, little things mean a lot. When they’re older, they will remember even short, impromptu gestures as well as longer, affirming interactions. The goal, then, is not to worry about achieving perfection but to enjoy what you decide to do. Five minutes talking, singing a family song, or shooting baskets can be enough to solidify a tight parent-child bond.

Consider these Cardinal Rules for your family:

1. Don’t let too much time pass between embracing “little things” — face-to-face meaningful activities such as doing a quick dance after dinner or sharing a cup of “tea” can make a world of difference to a growing child. Make one a day your absolute minimum.

2. When time is short, deliver a hug, a kiss, and a daily, “I love you.” Create a special gesture unique to your family such as a hand on your heart when saying goodnight. It will become a treasured ritual.

3. Give up some social commitments to carve out more time to spend with your children. Your family will take notice and appreciate it.

4. At home, focus as much as possible on your kids. Put away electronic devices so you can really “be” with them. Kids know when you’re sneaking glances down at your email inbox or Twitter feed.

5. Don’t decrease discipline because you feel guilty about the time you spend at work or away from your children. Sometimes it only takes a brief phone call home, a note left in a school lunch box or a story before bed to make up for lost time.

6. Choose activities you like; children can tell when you are not having fun and are “faking it.”

7. Forget attempts to make picture-perfect memories. Often the mistakes or the unexpected things are what kids remember best. Mishaps can be hilarious and make loving family memories for all.

8. Repeat, repeat. Repetition creates tradition and is the key to happy memories of growing up … and to glowing memories of you.

9. Save some energy during your busy day to enjoy your sons and daughters.

10. Remember, the most precious time is the time spent with your children.

For ways to execute these Cardinal Rules, check out Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day

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I received the book for free from iReadBookTours . I did not receive any compensation.

 photo unnamed10_zps93faf8d6.jpg

Do you wear a panty liner

I do wear a panty liner. I wear it everyday. It is part of my wardrobe. I only use this brand since I first used a panty liner. I do picked the unscented too.

Why do I wear a panty liner? It is because to keep my underwear clean. Reading books does not help too especially when you are reading very steamy scenes. It makes you very wet.

different kinds of panty liners

different kinds of panty liners

Many women are into different things like shoes or handbags. My thing is underwear and bra. I love to buy underwear  from Victoria’s Secret especially when I have coupons. You can get it basically free. I love to wear the thong design. I think it is the sexiest underwear to wear. My husband agrees too. I cannot use the regular panty liner if I wear thong. I buy a panty liner that is for that specific style of underwear. There are many panty liners in a box. I can used it for a long time.

How about you? Do you use a panty liner too?

Ways to get pregnant

The best thing about a woman is to give birth to their own child. It is the best feeling when we get pregnant for the first time. The moment we saw the sonograms that a baby is growing our tummy, is the best. You can hear the heartbeat is the best sound ever. There are pregnant women that does not want to know the gender of their baby. This is the joyous moment only if women gets pregnant easily.

 photo conceiveeasy_ttc_kit_hero_zps25931b88.png

There are some couples that are having difficulty getting pregnant. Some conclude that their infertile, however, there are simple things you probably just do that are not helping you in your trying to conceive journey. Number one in the list is stress. According to, stress can affect the hormone that is responsible to induce ovulation for women so try to relax as much as you can. Another possible reason for not getting pregnant is not being able to time when to baby dance. A woman only has about 2-4 fertile days during her cycle to get pregnant so you don’t want to miss that window of opportunity. There are several ways to know when a woman ovulates. She can try using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) to check her ovulation, she can also use a Basal body thermometer (BBT) to track her temperature and she can also use the simplest way by tracking her cervical mucus. Couples may also want to avoid using lubricants that may harm the sperm. There are sperm-friendly lubricants available over the counter now; you may want to use that instead.

Death Logs In by E. J. Simon book review

Death Logs In (Book Two)
 photo unnamed8_zps3abbeec0.jpg

Some of the most powerful people in the world want to kill Michael Nicholas. Only his brother, Alex can save him – the problem is that Alex is dead.It’s been almost a year since Alex Nicholas, a Queens based underworld Boss, was gunned down. After Alex’s brutal murder, Michael inherited not only his brother’s business – but his enemies. Michael is now a key player in a world he once feared. By day, he is the head of a Fortune 500 company by night, the CEO of Tartarus, one of the worlds largest illegal gambling operations.Before his death, Alex invested heavily in breakthrough artificial intelligence software so that he could live forever. It worked. In his virtual form, Alex can communicate with Michael and monitor information – and people – in ways the NSA would envy.It is Alex who discovers Michael’s life is in danger. He detects plots that reach from the darkest corners of Queens, to the highest officials in the Vatican – and they all want Michael dead.Michael is now in a race to save his life, but he is never alone – Alex is there to help him navigate through this maze of life and death. Also protecting Michael from the forces closing in around him is Sindy Steele, a beautiful – and lethal bodyguard.How far is Michael willing to go to save his own life – and that of his family? Guided only by a familiar face on a computer screen, will the information Alex discovers allow Michael to go from being the hunted to the hunter?

Book Trailer 

You can buy the buy at Amazon Barnes and Noble Chapters Indigo

Here is what I can say about this book.

My first time to encounter the author Mr. E. J. Simon and I am a new fan of his book. I love reading suspense. The adrenaline you are feeling when you are reading this book Death Logs In is so powerful. I love how my heart pumping so fast until the last page of the book. This book is hard to put down. I love that it is a mixed of amazing story. There is lust, power and mind blowing of games which is so intense. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves to read suspense.


 by E.J. Simon​

My stories come out of my imagination – but my imagination is often fueled by the movies. Death Never Sleeps andDeath Logs In were inspired by two very different movies: The Godfather and 2001 Space Odyssey.

Francis Ford Coppola’s treatment of family relationships, very different – at least on the surface – brothers, and the realistic way in which we murder – influenced the traditional crime aspect of my books. 2001 Space Odyssey in which the computer Hal takes over the space craft after refusing the astronaut’s command to unplug – or terminate itself – was the technology or artificial intelligence impetus.

I also think that since it’s movies that inspire or influence me, the stories and the reading is more entertaining rather than heavy or burdensome.

The technology is neither detailed nor complicated. I’m not a computer expert so I don’t burden the book with computer-speak. It’s really the stuff that comes out of our imaginations when we log onto our computer or turn on our iPhone. I just have a constant state of wonder as to how this all happens – and what’s next.

 Author’s Bio:

 photo unnamed9_zpse34850fd.jpg

E.J. Simon was the CEO of GMAC Global Relocation Services (a division of GM) and the Managing Director of Douglas Elliman, the largest real estate company in NY.

He is a consultant to many leading private equity firms and has held senior level positions at prominent financial services companies.

He is a world traveler, food enthusiast and lives in Connecticut. Death Never Sleeps is his first novel. His second novel, Death Logs In, will be available in October 2014.

 Connect with him:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter
You can also join the giveaway here.  The publisher is giving away lots of books. ​Win one of 20 book packages (each includes a copy of Death Never Sleeps and Death Logs In) Open Internationally in both print or ebook​!​


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 photo unnamed10_zps93faf8d6.jpg

The perfect store for all the musicians enthusiast

My summer babe loves music just like me. I am glad that we can share both passion for music. We usually sing together and just being silly. One thing that I cannot do is play instrument. I am glad that my summer babe has the interest to learn how to play guitar. She can play guitar and I will sing for her. She does need more guitar stuff. She needs a guitar strap that I could buy here at newbs. It is one of her wish list from the notes she sent to Santa.

Do you have a favorite chocolates or perhaps candies during the holidays

I do have a favorite chocolates during Christmas. It is from Hershey’s Kisses. I love the mint candy cane chocolates. It only sell during the holidays. I just bought a small bag few days ago. It does not cost much. It is only $2. Guess what? I already ate the entire bag of mint candy cane Hershey’s Kisses. My kids ate some of it too. I guess I need to buy the biggest bag this time.

Hershey's Kisses is my favorite chocolates during the holidays

Hershey’s Kisses is my favorite chocolates during the holidays

I do not have a sweet tooth except for this kind of chocolates. I know that my dental insurance hates me if I have another root canal or cavity filling down. I have to make sure I brush my teeth after chewing this delicious chocolates

Some of my overseas friends from the Philippines wants to try the Hershey’s Kisses mint candy cane too. I do not think they sell it in the Philippines. I need to buy small bags to send for my dearest friends.

How about you? Do you have a favorite chocolates during the holidays? What is the name of it?