I won a signed bookmark and magnet from the giveaway

I love to join a giveaway but it depends on the prize. The latest giveaway I join is to win a swag.


a swag prize that I won from a giveawa
a swag prize that I won from a giveaway

The swag I won is a signed bookmark and a magnet. I really love my prizes. I can use the bookmark when I read my paperback. The bookmark is signed by the author NIKKI GODWIN and the magnet is from her book called SATURNITE. I have not read it but will check it out.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads sample and coupon too

I just had my annual check-up today from my obstetrician. She told me that my monthly period is coming.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too
Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too

I am thankful that I received these sanitary pads sample from Poise. It also comes with a coupon. I received the Poise pad regular length pad for moderate absorbency. I also received the hourly glass pad for maximum absorbency. These samples come in handy and perfect in time. I cannot wait to receive them and use the coupon as well. Thank you Poise and Kimberly Clark.

I was invited for a baby shower

An old friend of mine invited me to attend her baby shower last weekend. She is having a baby girl. This princess will complete her family as she has the two prince already. The baby shower will be held in her house. She lives 35 minutes drive from where I live. I have to make sure that I save her address in my GPS. I also print the map. My little K will go with me at her baby shower.

a gift for a friend's baby girl
a gift for a friend’s baby girl

I bought these gifts for her Princess. I bought a sleeper, onesies and caps that goes with the onesies. I cannot wait for her Princess to wear my gifts. They are all size 0-3 months. I know that babies sleep a lot. She really needs a sleeper and onesie to goes with it and a hat to keep her baby warm.

Book Tour Whole Latte Love by Rachelle Ayala

I am here to support one of my favorite author Miss Rachelle Ayala in her book tour for Whole Latte Love. She is one of a kind and generous author who I want to meet someday. I will do anything to support her books.

I am one of her beta readers. I am always thankful for the privilege that she gave me. I met her through a Tomoson review of her book Hidden Under her heart. I thought that she is a Filipino too. Since then I become one of her avid fans and readers.

I am very thankful that I was given a chance to review her latest book WHOLE LATTE LOVE. I love the story of Dylan and Carina. I cannot live without drinking my coffee in the morning. Thinking of Dylan makes me a latte is delightful. I fell in-love with these two couples. Their chemistry is undeniable the first they met at the cafe. Carina is a typical Chinese girl. A sexy and flawless beauty with so much dreams and goals in life to achieve and will do anything to be successful. Everything is getting complicated when she shared a room with a hunk like Dylan. He loves music and loves to play his guitar. Gosh, he can strum that guitar with me and I go crazy. I never stop giggling until I finished reading whole latte love until the last page. Miss Rachelle Ayala always put a twist in her story. She is very good. I do not want to spoil you more with my review. You need to get a copy of yourself to fall in-love with Dylan and Carina.

 photo wholelattelove_zps76aaffd0.jpg
 photo WholelatteloveA_zps08857963.jpg
 photo readingwholelattelove_zps6c331452.jpg

I am very thankful to Miss Rachelle Ayala too for sending me a signed copy of her paperback. You are one amazing author and thank you for writing beautiful books that help us fall in-love and at the same time learned beautiful lessons from it.

By the way, Miss Rachelle Ayala shows her kindness again for giving my readers to join the giveaway and have a chance for you to get a copy of her new book Whole Latte Love. I wish my readers good luck.