Where to buy affordable whistles

I have learned how to whistle when I was little. My Dad taught me how to whistle. I missed my Dad so very much. He is a father with many talents and skills. I am happy that my husband have many skills just like my Dad.

My Dad is a good singer. He can sing real good which my husband does not acquire that talent. My kids can also whistles. My son learned it few years ago. The younger sister learned it at an early age.

There is another way how to learn how to whistles easily. They are having a huge sale which will help you save on penny whistles for sale. It is a great musical instrument at affordable price for your kids to learn and have the fun the whistles.

Bought a Buffalo Sabres hockey pink shirt

I have a Buffalo Sabres jersey shirt that my husband gave me on my very first Christmas here in New York. It is a jersey hockey shirt of my favorite former Buffalo Sabres player Tim Connelly and has number 19 on it. I really like him because he is very cute. He also plays hockey very well. I have this jersey shirt since December of 2000. Tim Connelly is not playing in the Buffalo Sabres anymore. I do not know what team he is playing now.

my old Buffalo Sabres jersey Tim Connelly hockey shirt

Yesterday, my family watches the hockey live. The Buffalo Sabres is playing against Carolina Panthers. This is their second meeting of this year. We arrived in the First Niagara Center early. We decided to check the arena after we had an early dinner.

My Buffalo Sabres pink hockey shirt

There is a store that sells Buffalo Sabres stuff. They sell uniforms, accessories and toys for any Buffalo Sabres fan. I found this pink shirt that has a Buffalo words on the front a Buffalo Sabres team trademark. I really like it. I am glad that they have a size medium. It is a little pricey. It was $24 for this shirt. I ask the husband first. He told me if I want it then I can have it. I am now a happy woman.

My Valentine’s card from my husband

How was your Valentine’s celebration with your husband or boyfriend? I hope you had a memorable day during the day of hearts.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My Valentine’s Day is just simple. I wanted to watch a movie that my husband likes. We do not have enough time when the kids get home from school. Nobody will watch them when they get off from the bus. My husband instead told me to buy the DVD when it comes out later.

Valentine's Day card from my husband

My husband and I had a lunch date at Applebee’s restaurant. The kids are in school so we spent our date without them. He also gave me this Valentine’s card. He thinks he is not romantic but actually he is without knowing it. I really love my Valentine’s card. It is very beautiful. He is also a funny husband of mine. He also included a one dollar inside the card. I take a peek so it was not a surprise anymore.

Getting big together

I ask our little girl to take a picture of us together. We are getting big together. I do not mind it since we both love each other with our looks, right? How about you? What did you got on Valentine’s Day? Did you go out on a date?

Where to buy a beautiful watch like this

A watch is very important accessory that a woman should wear. I seldom wear my watch. I do have a cell phone where I can check the time. My husband does not wear a watch either. It is his work’s safety rules. We had a lunch date last Valentine’s Day. I thought that he forgets our date. He did not bring his cell phone with him too. He was in the woods checking his traps. Oh how I wish that he has his watch that time so he knows that time it is.

Our wedding anniversary is coming in about three months. I cannot believe that we will celebrate our 12 years wedding anniversary. I would be happy if he gives me a bulova watchlike this as an anniversary gift. I really like the color. The design is very beautiful too. The price is affordable too.

How about you? Do you like watches? Are you looking for beautiful watches that had unique designs? Why not check out this Website and make your husband or wife get the greatest gift.

I am a trapper’s wife

There is the picture of me with fox, coyote and raccoons in this post. Please do not proceed if the picture bothers you.

Before I met my husband back in December of 2000, he was a trapper already. It is part of whom he is. I still love him because of his hobby. This year is not different with the other trapping years. He trapped 49 foxes (46 are red and 3 are gray), 4 coyotes (he saved one for himself) and 15 raccoons. He is a very good trapper. He skinned the animals really clean too. He brushes their furs. They are all beautiful indeed. I am so proud of him as a trapper.

a trapper's wife

It was yesterday when he asks me to take a picture of all his traps. I am a trapper’s wife indeed. I helped him carry all his traps. The trapping room really stinks. I am use to the smell now too. We bring the traps outside. I took a picture of them. I ask him if he could take a picture of me with his traps too. It is not a good picture of me. I am proud of being a trapper’s wife. The trapping season is over. I am sure that the animals are happy to explore the woods now free from any trappers.

Are you looking for a new play sets for your family?

Spring is not far. How I wish that the snow will melt soon. I just woke up and it is snowing outside. Snow is beautiful but really I have enough. I want to feel the warm weather again. I know that my kids like the snow especially my son. He loves to play ice hockey on the pond.

My sons first play sets

I know that they are longing to play at the park too when it is warm. I really love the play sets they at the park. We only have swing in our backyard. I do not think the kids play them anymore. They like the play sets at the park. I wonder if the playsets in chesapeake is the town bought for the community. It is really fun to play and so many play sets to check out.

How about your family? Are you looking for a new play sets? Why not check out this Website? You might find the perfect play sets for your family.

Bought this Fifty Shades charm bracelet

I am a member of the biggest secret Fifty Shades of Grey group in Facebook. Some of the admin in the group sold Fifty Shades of Grey related items too. They are based in the United Kingdom. What makes me order the Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet? It is because I won of the two charms of Fifty Shades of Grey . I really like the charm. I bought myself a charm bracelet last Christmas. The little girl wants it. I give it to her instead.

my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet
my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet
This charm bracelet is perfect for me. It has most of the character mention in the book written by E L James Fifty Shades of Grey. I really love it. I like the fancy jewelry. It is because I am so clumsy and might lost if I have an expensive bracelet. I have a very small wrist. I need to adjust this charm bracelet. There are more Fifty Shades of items but the charm bracelet is my favorite. It does not cost a lot too. It only cost $20 which includes shipping. They ship it fast too. It takes a week from United Kingdom to USA.

How about you? Do you have any Fifty Shades of Grey items aside from the book?