Where to look for the best photographers in Carolina

Do you live in North Carolina? Are you looking for professional photographers to capture that special moment in your life or your family? Do you just get engaged? Are you getting married? Are you having a birthday party for your kids? Special occasions need to capture that precious moments with the photographs.

sample wedding photograph
(photo not mine but grabbed from their Facebook page)

The nc photographers are just a phone call away or email away for you to book that special event in your life. You can check out their sample photographs in their Website. It turned out really beautiful and professional too. I am sure that you will love your pictures from these professional photographers. I never had a professional photographs during our wedding. I hope someday when we renew our vows, we will have our vows captured by professional photographers with our families by our side.

How did I spent my $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card from my birthday

I wrote on my earlier post here that my in-laws gave me a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card on my birthday. I drove to the mall and used my gift card. It happened that the Victoria’s Secret is having a sale that day. The store is mobbed by Angels (this is how they call their customers). The prices are very low. They are having 75% off on all the beauty products. I only buy the nail polish from that list. I cannot tolerate the smell of the lotions and he perfumes. It smells good but I am allergic to the smell of the perfumes. It gives me dizzy so I stay away. Luckily you can avoid the smells if you can shop on their website, and lower the cost of your entire purchase by using a Victorias Secret discount code.

shopping at Victoria's Secret

The brassière is sale for $19.99. The underwear is $3.99 on some of the selections. I love to wear brassière and underwear. Most of my intimates are from Victoria’s Secret. I love their material and the style. I bought two of these brassieres. I also bought five of their sexy underwear. They are all laces which is my favorite material. I have a very sensitive skin. The lace is just perfect for my skin.

shopping at Victoria's Secret

Overall I am happy with the gift card that I got from my birthday. I did not wear anything from my recent Victoria’s Secret shopping yet. They are all in my drawers.

Do you shave, trim or wax your inner goddess?

I was 23 years old when I started paying attention to my inner goddess. I started to trim my inner goddess. Oh how I wish that I have the same mirror that I could use here in our house. I feel sexy inside when I take care of my inner goddess. 

I love to trim but it is hard for me to look down at my inner goddess without a big mirror. I just shave all the way. It feels clean totally. The only thing I hate it, when the hair starts to grow back, it feels so itchy. My inner goddess gets irritated.
How about you? Do you shave, trim or wax your inner goddess? I could not try the wax. I cannot tolerate somebody even professional taking care of my inner goddess. I know that some brave women try the wax. Do you have tips on how to prevent from itching?


Thank you M for this beautiful birthday and gift card

I got these two beautiful birthday cards on my birthday. Do you wonder why I got two birthday cards? It is because one card is for my birthday and one for Christmas. My birthday is also on Christmas. How very lucky I am, right? I also received a $25 gift card from Aeropostale. M is actually my husband’s eldest daughter that spent her two weeks winter break with her daughter who is also M. She is actually my step-daughter but we are seven (7) years apart. Is she not very sweet?

my birthday cards and gift card

I really like my birthday gifts. The cards are beautiful especially that napping cat on Santa’s hat. I want to say thank you so very much to M. I also gave her shirts from Aeropostale. They are all short sleeves as she lives in Florida. I hope that she will like the shirts as well. I am planning to buy a winter coat on my gift card. The winter coat I am wearing now is very light which does not keep me warm when it is very cold outside.

Midol to the rescue for my menstrual cramps

It is not a good day to start my New Year when you know that your monthly period is coming. I hate that my monthly period came on the New Years Eve. I know that I will experience menstrual cramps which make me miserable. The menstrual cramps are not welcome to start my New Year. I have no choice but to welcome that as part of being a woman.

Midol my rescue to my menstrual cramps

I do not like to take any medication. I will take the pain while I can tolerate it. My husband does drive me nuts when he knows that I am in pain. I am glad that my husband’s daughter has a Midol. She gave me two capsules. She did not use the medication. I am thankful that she has Midol. I took it despite not liking the idea of taking medication.

My husband then drove to the local pharmacy and bought me a box of Midol. I took one capsule few hours ago. It does help the menstrual cramps away. At the same time, the medication makes me dizzy. I fall asleep few minutes after I took the medicine.

How about you? Do you experience menstrual cramps when your monthly period is coming? Do you take any medicines to relive the pain?