The easy way on how to learn how to play guitar

I love music. I love to sing as well. I might not have a beautiful voice compared to others. I love listening to music instruments as well. Guitar is one of my favorite instruments to listen to. I have no clue on how to play a guitar. I just admire musicians that can bring a beautiful music by strumming the guitar.

How about you? Do you like to learn how to play guitar? Do you know the easiest way to learn how to play guitar? It is by using the classic guitar to usb at Musicians Friend. You can plug this USB in your computer. You can learn and listen how to play the guitar in easiest way. Do you like to use your computer too? This USB is just perfect to learn how to play guitar. I wish you good luck and cannot wait to listen to your first guitar play.

My new Kohl’s credit card

I love to shop mainly for my kids’ clothes and footwear. Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores to shop. I could shop online or in the store. I love to shop at Kohl’s. They have the cutest outfits for girls and boys. What I love most about Kohl’s is? I always receive coupons in the mail. It saves me money. I can also use some coupon codes if I shop online. Sometimes you get a $10 off on your next shopping when your total shopping is $50. It will add to my savings.

My new Kohl's credit card

I really like my new Kohl’s credit card that I received the last month. This will expire in a couple of years from now. I also like their new design. It looks fancy. I only use my Kohl’s credit card for my kids. I am glad that my husband does not mind me using this Kohl’s credit card. He is the one who pays for my bill.

How about you? Do you have Kohl’s credit card as well? Do you shop at Kohl’s? Do you shop online or in the store?

Nothing beats when you feel the beat of the music

Music is so intense that we need a gadget that will make us enjoy it while listening. I love to listen to mellow music. I also love to listen to dance music. It is really depends on my moods. I need something that will help me listen to the beat of the music. I turn on the volume of my stereo when I am driving the car by myself. I also turn on the volume of the radio when I am home alone. There is still something is missing that will help me forget my problem for few hours.

I miss our speaker though it is only small. I like small speaker or any musical instruments; it will not take big space.

I want to buy gallien krueger mb112 in stock at musicians friend and I think this is perfect for me. Christmas is approaching and we have to keep this house with Christmas music as well. My kids like something that up beat when they listen to songs or dance. You should watch them play their video games in the living room. It is so loud but I do not mind them since they are having a fun time playing their video games.

All I want for Christmas is a Nook HD +

I hope that Santa can hear me. All I want for Christmas is this Nook HD +. Oh please Santa, please grant my wish and make this woman happy. I really want this Nook HD +. I can read many e-books and surf as well. I can use my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything will be alright. I am using a Kindle now with my e-books. It is actually the little girl who owns the Kindle. It is small and perfect for her. She plays and read books as well in that Kindle.

 photo nookhd.jpg
(photo not mine)

I want my own too. I am not sure if Santa can hear me. It is my 40th birthday on Christmas as well. This Nook HD + is available in the Barnes & Noble. I want the 32 GB where there is enough space for my e-books. I want to transfer all my e-books from my little girl’s Kindle to this Nook HD +. I could buy it now for myself. Somebody is telling me that I might grant my wish. I guess I just have to wait and see. There are 21 days before Christmas and waiting is killing me. There is a saying that goes “Patience is a virtue but the fruit is sweet” I guess I just to have to wait and have much patience.