Rocking out with this pedal

I do not have any instrument. I do not play any instrument as well. The only thing I know is I can sing and dance with music. I like to watch concerts or any music shows on TV. The musicians are fun and talented. My hats off their musicality.

Do you have talent to play any instrument? Do you play bass? The boss bass at Guitar Center is your best option to find and buy all the accessories you needed for your instrument. They offer many instruments or any accessories that will help you practice before your show. They say practice makes perfect. I believe that if you have the best instrument or accessories, it makes practice even better. I wish you luck and hope to see you perform live.

Got an advance $10 birthday gift card from Victoria’s Secret

If you are a member of Angel card, you will receive a $10 on your birthday. I received mine last week or two.

My $10 birthday gift card from Victoria's Secret
It was worth $10 and another coupon but this you need to buy a certain amount to get the freebie.

My $10 birthday gift card from Victoria's Secret
You have to use your Victoria’s Secret card for the $10 to work. My birthday is December and thankful that Victoria’s Secret sent it in advance.

What do I buy with my $10 Victoria’s Secret gift card? I love intimates of all the products of Victoria’s Secret. I know that I need to buy a red bra to match with my red dress here for the Christmas party with some of my Filipino friends and their families. I went to their Website and search for a red bra. I found a multi way bra for $29.50. The Website also offers free underwear when you buy a bra. I check some coupons and found that they can send my items for free. I got a bra for $29.50, free underwear and free shipping. I am glad that my husband paid off my Victoria’s Secret Angel card. The balance is now back to zero. I used my Victoria’s Secret Angel card to work with my $10 birthday gift card. The items are on the way already. I cannot wait to receive them.

How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret too? You can search for online coupons as well to help you save money.

Where to buy jewelry for your Mom on Christmas

Christmas is exactly 31 days away from today. How I wish that I could celebrate Christmas and my birthday with my Mom. It has been 11 years since the last time I celebrated Christmas in the Philippines. How I missed the Filipino Christmas tradition.

 photo poshmommy.gif
(photo not mine)

I want to buy my Mom a Christmas gift. I would like to buy my Mom jewelry. The
mothers ring from have beautiful rings for our special Mom. How I wish that I know her exact ring finger. Instead I will buy her this necklace where she can read our initials. They also offer free shipping if your order $49.

I know that the time will come someday that I could spend Christmas with my Mom. My kids will experience how Filipinos celebrate Christmas. The gift that I will plan to buy for my Mom, I just put it in my big box and send it to her with some stuff for my family back in the Philippines. It will take two months for them to get my box. I am sure that all of them will be happy when they open the big box.

How about you? Are you looking for affordable jewelry gifts for your Mom or perhaps your girl friend? Why not check out this Website? You can find great deals and beautiful jewelry and accessories.

Bought a black Craft & Borrow dress boots

I received my new Kohl’s credit card last week. It also came with a $10 off and 15% off coupon. The coupons will expire in few days. I really need to buy boots to pair with my Christmas red dress. I was looking for a red boots but unfortunately I could not find any. I found a red shoes but it does not match with my dress. The style is different.

Craft & Borrow black dress boots

It took me forever to find the perfect boots to go with my dress. I usually check the price every time I buy shoes. I have to make sure that I have the budget and can afford to buy it. Unfortunately, I could not find any affordable prices. I know what I need. I am looking for a black knee-high boots that will go with my red dress. I tried many boots but unfortunately, it is awkward to walk.

Craft & Borrow black dress boots
I found the perfect boots for me. I really love how it feels when I walk. I can walk comfortably. I am not into heels but since winter is approaching, regular shoes will bury my feet so I need boots.

Craft & Borrow black dress boots

I bought this Craft & Borrow black dress boots. The original price is $84.99. It was on sale for $48.99. The price hurts to think. I have no choice as I need a black dress boots. I am thankful that I have a 15% off coupon and $10. Guess who wants to try my black boots right away? Yes!

Craft & Borrow black dress boots
The little girl wants to try my boots. She is indeed my little fashionista.

My red Christmas dress finally arrived

I bought this red dress on Ebay last week with buy it now. It is also offer free shipping. The total cost is $9.99. I think I spot a great deal, right? I really love the style of the dress. I love the ruffles design that I hope will cover my rolls of fat.

My red dress for the Christmas party

Finally it came yesterday in the mail. I felt badly because the seller shipped the dress through priority mail which cost her $6. I am sure that she has deduction from Ebay fees and maybe PayPal fees as well. I am also an Ebay seller long time so I know the fees are. I do not mind if she shipped the dress through first class mail. I will need the dress for next month during our Christmas party with my Filipino friends.

My red dress for the Christmas party

I tried the dress. I am very happy that it fits perfectly. I feel comfortable wearing it for the Christmas party. I ask my husband to zip the back on my dress. He even asks me where I have to wear this dress. He told me that I look sexy too. I said that I am going to wear this dress next month on Christmas party with my friends and their kids. I know that he told me before that he will not coming. I guess somebody has changed his mind. I hope he cam come to the Christmas party as well. It will save me from driving to the Christmas party venue.


Now all I need is shoes to goes with my red dress. I bid a red boots on Ebay as well but I missed the time. I was outbid and did not win the red boots.

How about you? Do you attend Christmas party with your friends? Is your dress ready?


Character Interview with Vera Custodio( the main character from Rachelle Ayala’s book KNOWING VERA)

I am having the best time of my life when Miss Rachelle Ayala, the author of the beautiful book KNOWING VERA, give me the opportunity to interview Vera Custodio, the main character of the book. It was an honor interviewing Vera and get to know her better. I hope that you will have the fun reading my interview below. I want to say thank you to Miss Rachelle Ayala and Vera Custodio for this opportunity.

Character Interview with Vera Custodio, main character for Rachelle Ayala’s newest book: Knowing Vera

Vera, welcome to where being a woman is not easy. We’re so glad to have you visit with us. Before the interview, we asked Ms. Ayala to describe you in six words. She chose: vibrant, gutsy, sexy, caring, sentimental, tough. How do you see yourself?

Vera: I’ve had a tough life. That’s for sure. Ms. Ayala heaped all sorts of calamities on me and my family. My mother and I have had to stick together through the deaths of my two brothers, my father’s suicide, and losing custody of my niece who I raised from babyhood. I care a lot about my family. I don’t know if it makes me sentimental or not. But I definitely value my mother, my uncle and my niece’s happiness above my own.

Jessica: It must have been a big shock for you to find out your father was accused of murder. How did that happen?

Vera: Not only that. The victim was Zach’s mother. It happened when I as seven so I didn’t know the details and my mother refused to talk about it. After Zach’s injury, someone started sending me postcards and text messages to look into it.

Jessica: Is that why you broke up with Zach?

Vera: We weren’t in a relationship, so I don’t consider it a breakup.

Jessica: Not sure Zach would agree.

Vera: Actually he wasn’t that interested in a relationship at first. He was very popular with women, but his goals of being an Olympic triathlete kept him from commitment. That suited me fine. He was a fun date, easy on the eyes, and very talented.

Jessica: Ahem, yes, we’ve heard about his way with disintegrating panties. He changed after he lost his leg, didn’t he? How did that affect you?

Vera: I can’t imagine what he went through. He lost everything: his career, his fans, his future. I remember sitting with him after the surgery. He didn’t want to get out of bed and he refused to acknowledge me or any other visitor. He stared at the ceiling, wishing to die.

Jessica: What did you do?

Vera: Not much. I talked to him, told him Filipino fairy tales. There’s always some trick ending that’s somewhat funny. He didn’t even smile. So I sang songs my parents taught me, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Jessica: You mean Filipino children’s songs? Give us some examples.

Vera: “Bahay Kubo,” “Leron, Leron Sinta.” My favorite one is “I Once Had a Ring” [lyrics below]. I also sang love songs, but not in English. [giggles]

I Once Had a Ring (Folk Song, English)

I once had a ring
That had a single gem
I inherited it
From my father.

I thought I hid it
In a chest
But it disappeared
Without my knowledge.

My despair was so great
It reached the heavens
I clasped my hands to pray
And placed them upon the table.

Whoever finds
The ring I inherited,
My poor heart
Will love him forever.

Jessica: Why? Were you playing hard to get?

Vera: Maybe impossible to get. Ha, ha. I sang in Tagalog so he wouldn’t know what the words meant. Filipino love songs are always a little sad, a lot of unrequited love. You love someone from a distance and they don’t know you exist. That kind of thing.

Jessica: Kind of hard for him to not notice you when you were so devoted at his bedside.

Vera: I was just a friend.

Jessica: Sure, sure. We get you, secretly devoted. As part of your happily ever after, are you planning on taking Zach to the Philippines? Where would you go?

Vera: There are so many beautiful places to go. We’ll start at Manila, of course. There are so many places to show him and relatives to visit, now that my father and mother are back together. After Manila, we’ll head south to Tagaytay for the scenic views, the volcano in the middle of the lake and then onto Batangas where my parents bought a beach house. That’s just for the first trip. The Philippines is like the world in one place, so many plants, animals, scenic locations, people and cultures.

Jessica: So true. When you have children, will you teach them Filipino culture and values?

Vera: What kind of Pinay would I be if I didn’t? Or course Zach might influence them to be more boisterous and loud, but they’ll still be Filipino inside and out.

Jessica: Ha, ha, Aussie-Filipino, what a combination. G’Day, Po! Speaking of Zach. It must have been hard for him to lose a leg at the prime of his life. Is it safe to say you fell in love with him while watching him struggle?

Vera: Maybe I always felt something, but his injury made him more approachable.

Jessica: I know that feeling. What do you like most about him?

Vera: His optimism. He could have given up and turned bitter. But he tries so hard to look past his disability. He doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. He’s always smiling and being positive, helping others, instead of dwelling on his own problems.

Jessica: He certainly proved it when he followed you to Australia.

Vera: He put himself in danger. He’s the type who’d risk his life for a stranger without thinking twice.

Jessica: You’re hardly a stranger. I can tell you’re very much in love with him. Why is it so hard for you to admit?

Vera: I’m not the mushy type. But yes, I’m very lucky. Zach is every kind of wonderful. A lifetime with him won’t be enough.

Jessica: I’m sure he feels the same way. Your story has me swooning with happiness. I’m Filipina too and love doesn’t come easily, but when it does, it’s forever. Thank you for chatting with us.

Vera: Thank you, Jessica. It’s been a real pleasure. I’m sure you also have your own special story to be cherished in your heart.

By the way, Miss Rachelle Ayala is giving away a paper copy of the book KNOWING VERA

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I wish everyone good luck and please do not forget to buy Miss Rachelle Ayala’s book KNOWING VERA. Trust me you will like the book and at the same time you can help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. In behalf of Miss Rachelle Ayala, I want to say thank you all for your support.

A paperback copy of the book KNOWING VERA by Miss Rachelle Ayala

I am privilege and honor, that Miss Rachelle Ayala sent me a paperback copy of one of her beautiful book KNOWING VERA.

KNOWING VERA a beautiful book by Rachelle Ayala
I had a Kindle copy of her book Knowing Vera and already read it too. It is a beautiful book that has romance and suspense rolled into one that will keep you read until the last page which I did. It is hard to put the book down to be honest.

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card Miss Rachelle Ayala
Miss Rachelle Ayala also sent me a beautiful Christmas card with a sweet note.
She also sent me postcards from two of her beautiful books MICHAL’S WINDOW and BROKEN BUILD which I bought and it is now waiting for me to read in my Kindle.

Michal's Window and Broken Build two of Miss Rachelle Ayala books that I cannot wait to read

Miss Rachelle Ayala is now one of my favorite authors. I really like her books. I also get to know her too. I am now one of her number one fans. She is very kind and do appreciate all her help. I thought she is a Filipino but she is Chinese. I want to say thank you so much for this beautiful paperback copy of KNOWING VERA. It is a beautiful addition to my book collection. Now I need bookends and hope Santa can her me.

Knowing Vera (Chance for Love) a book about love, tragedy and betrayal

Vera Custodio has never fallen in love, though she has strong feelings for her friend and sometimes lover, Zach Spencer. Long-forgotten memories resurface when Vera discovers Zach’s mother was the woman her father supposedly murdered many years ago. 

After losing his leg, former triathlete Zach Spencer reevaluate his life–and realizes he is falling in love with Vera. When she ends their relationship, Zach is determined to prove his love and follows her to Australia in search of the killer.

Caught between a web of family secrets and a deranged adversary, Vera and Zach must depend on each other for survival. Love blossoms, but the truth explodes everything Vera knows about herself. Will she close her heart forever or risk it all for a shot at happily ever after?

Knowing Vera a story with twist and turn, love, family, betrayal
(photo not mine)

I am given another wonderful opportunity by Ms. Rachelle Ayala to review another beautiful book of her. This book is from her Chance for Love series. This time I am reviewing Knowing Vera. You can read my first book review of Ms. Rachelle Ayala here.

Knowing Vera feels like a story that is closed to my heart. The settings of this book is in from San Francisco (been only inside the airport), Australia (one of my bucket list) and Manila (the capital of my country, Philippines). Vera also is a Filipino/American, beautiful and has a heart of gold. She is a nurse, who is the best friend of Maryanne from the character of my first book review. Zach Spencer is a hunk triathlete Australian who makes every girl drive them crazy.

Knowing Vera is a story of love, family, betrayal and heroism. This book has full of twist and turn that will keep you sit on the edge. It is hard to put the book down once you start reading it. Ms. Rachelle Ayala did an amazing job as usual with this story. She is one of my favorite authors now.

Vera knew Zach when they were little. Vera’s Dad work as a gardener in Zach’s family home. Vera’s Dad jump off the Golden Bridge Gate to cover the murder of Zach mother. Everyone taught that her Dad died until the secret revealed that he is alive and live in Australia.

The murder of Zach’s mother rekindled when Vera received a postcard from Australia saying to find Zach mother murderer. The relationship of Vera and Zach started its turmoil. Vera thought that her Dad killed Zach mother. Vera stops seeing Zach because this hidden secret. She wants to go to Australia to search for answer.

She found out that her Dad is alive and has remarried to a Chinese and has a new family. Vera’s dad identity is change too. Zach followed Vera in Australia. Vera found out that Zach has a girlfriend. Vera’s Dad owns the winery that Zach family once own. Zach and Vera traveled to Australia together. Vera’s Uncle who is staying in a nursing home asks a friend to keep an eye on Vera. He also wants Vera. Vera was kidnapped and almost got killed. Zach saved him and they spent days at the island waiting t be rescue. Vera thought that Zach Dad wants to kill Vera. It is at the beach that they are love for each other is real and will do everything to keep it. They were rescued but Zach was captured by a police and was charge kidnapping. Vera has no choice but will go back to San Francisco.

Vera’s Dad followed her to San Francisco and united with her Mom who still has feelings for her Dad. She found out who killed Zach’s mom. It was her Uncle who happened to have an affair with Zach’s Mom. In the end, Vera and Zach were together and have twin babies Lillibeth and Ray and now live in Australia. I just love this story. The lessons here are true love always prevails. Forgiveness is the best medicine to cure a broken heart.

Do you like this book? You can find it in Amazon. You can read more of Ms. Rachelle Ayala’s book in her blog. You can also find her in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. She has beautiful books of any title that will drive your imagination until you finish reading the last page.

I received a copy of the book. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are honestly 100% mine. It might be different from others.

I went shopping to Aeropostale

I have a $10 off coupon with me that time to spend worth of $50 to use the coupon. It is far to drive honestly. I hate the traffic driving to the mall. I also stop by at the Victoria’s Secret to redeem some coupons too. I have no choice but to drive that far during that time.

My Aeropostale deals

I like the Aeropostale clothes. They have many items on sale in the clearance section. How I wish that there are items that are on my size. Unfortunately there are few items left for me. I bought four sweat pants, four short sleeve shirts and four shorts. I really love the sweat pants. They are warm and toasty to use during the cold season. I can also wear the short sleeve around the house and even the shorts. It gets warmer inside the house despite it is cold outside because of the fireplace.

Aerospostale coupon

I have to spend $50 total of my items to use the $10 off. I am very proud of myself because I use my money from my journal income. I also received another $10 off but unfortunately, it was expired before I have the chance to redeem it. I know that I will be back shopping at the Aeropostale. I want to buy more sweat pants. I like how it fits on my legs and of course the comfort too.

Do you have plan to learn how to play bass?

One of my friend’s husband is a professional bass player. He belongs with one of the best known orchestra in the city. There are times that my friend will invite all the women and their kids to attend her husband’s orchestra show. The orchestra show is always sold out. They always have outstanding performance every time they have shows like Halloween or Christmas. Miss C’s husband plays bass. He is not only extra ordinary but friendly as well.

 photo bass.jpg
(photo not mine)

He plays one of the best upright bass members of the orchestra. You can see him playing in the front. It is mesmerizing while listening while he is playing the bass. I think their son P will play the bass someday. He is learning how to play the bass at a young age.