My husband really has a good heart

I admit that there are times my husband is a pain in the butt. He does drive me nuts. Our marriage is not perfect. We have many ups and downs but we always work it out. We always settle our differences. He does have a good heart. I can rely on him for help especially for my family back in the Philippines. He does listen to me especially if I have problems. He is not perfect but I love him about that. 

There is a situation in my family back in the Philippines. They need my help financially. I try to help my family in the Philippines as I want too. This time I cannot help as I am run out of funds in my card. I told my husband about the problem. He has no hesitation and help right away. I really love him for having a good heart. I want to say thank you sweetheart for all your help. I love you for being you and your imperfection.

Bleachers that are comfortable to sit

My family went to our son’s open house last Friday. He showed us his room and new school. I am glad that he really likes his new school. It is great to know from his teachers that he is really doing awesome in his new school. It makes us more proud of him. 

There is one place that our son likes us to check is the field. The school has a big backyard where they can play football. He really likes playing the football field. It is my first time to see the real football field. It is huge. I only see it on TV. There is a place where parents or spectators can sit during a game. I like the aluminum bleachers which are comfortable to sit. I cannot wait that one day my son will play football. He is really growing up too fast. It makes me sad at the same time happy.

Buy one get one free of my favorite feminine products

My monthly period just started yesterday. I felt the discomfort few days before it gets started. I have the feeling that my menstrual cycle is approaching. Aside from the moods swing which I hate but being a woman is normal. I have no choice but to deal with these bad swings. I told my husband that my period is coming so he knows that I will not in a good mood. 

buy one get one feminine products

I drove to our neighborhood pharmacy to buy a medicine to help my discomfort. It only takes me five (5) minutes to drive to get there. I went to the feminine products section. I am glad that yesterday is the last day for sales about my two (2) favorite feminine products. I know that I still have stock in them underneath the sink. I cannot resist the deals. I bought sanitary napkins (there are 24 counts in a box) and bought two. I also bought the panty shields (there are 60 counts in a box) and bought two. The sanitary napkins and panty shields cost $3.99. I think it is a great deal. I wanted to buy more but I think I am all set for couple of months.

How about you? Do you use the regular sanitary napkins or tampons when you have your monthly period? What kind of sanitary napkins do you use? Do you use panty shields as well? I only use Stay Free sanitary napkins and maxi. I also use Carefree for my panty shields. These are the products that give me comfort.

Where to buy ball plungers

It was a month ago when my husband and I shop at Home Depot. It is our favorite store as a couple. It sounds weird, right? I love Home Depot store. Do you know the main reason? It reminds me of my Dad and his love of tools. I am sure if my Dad is still alive, the two of us can spend many hours admiring all the tools that are sold in this huge store. How I wish that I have the skill that my Dad has. Unfortunately, I do not have. I am still thankful that my husband is a workaholic like my Dad. 

ball plungers
(photo not mine)

Anyway, I checked their toilet section in the Home Depot store. We need a new toilet seat. The old toilet seat in our small bathroom has rips. I just wish that I know how to change the toilet seat. I should learn it by myself instead of my husband doing it.

There are times also the toilet just keeps on making the noise. The water just keeps on running. I wonder how much is the water wasted during the times when it is running. I open the flush cover and play with it. I am glad that it stops and fixes the water from not running. It makes me proud of myself with my little achievement. I know it sounds silly but it just the way I am. Little things make me happy.

Does that happen to your toilet too? Do you need materials to fix your toilet? Why not check out the inventory of ball plungers here. You might find yourself with stuff that you need to fix something.