Wild daisies grow in the woods

I love the daisy flower. They are very colorful and pretty. It is my next favorite next to the tulips. I love that the wild daisies are growing in the woods. It is close to our backyard. My little girl is riding her ATV at the backyard. I followed her with the golf cart. I do not like the idea of her driving by herself. I know it is our property but you never know if strangers can get in.

wild daisy flowers

We see this beautiful daisies in the woods along the trail. I told my little girl that I have to go back to the house and get the scissor. We go back to the woods and pick up the daisies. She likes to pick weeds for me. Daisy is better than weeds, right? I cut some branches of daisies. I went in the house and put them in the flower vase. I put it on the kitchen table.

wild daisy flowers
I would love to pick more daisies and put them in the flower vase. I think they are beautiful, right? What do you think?

wild  daisy flowers picked in the woods

How about you? Do you like wild flowers too? Do you pick them up too? I will link this entry to #153 of 365 blog photo challenge.


3 thoughts on “Wild daisies grow in the woods

  1. Bless

    The beauty and the wild flowers 🙂 Nice picture mommy Jess. I wish we have lots of wild flowers too, but we don’t have that big of a land where wild plants can grow 🙂 It would be nice to pick flowers and put in the vase too.

  2. Rcel

    I do love those wild flowers, too! We have a lot of those here in Wisconsin, Momi Jess. There was even one wedding reception that we have attended, it was in a barn, and the flowers decorated were that kind, put in vases. They were lovely! 🙂

    BPC hop!

  3. emzkie

    i love daisies too, especially the wild ones. we used to have them in the old property. t his is what i missed most at that old house. nice shot mommy jess!
    thanks for joining BPC!


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