Rock & Republic Destroy Boot cut Jeans

No! this is not my jeans. This is my husband’s jeans. My husband and I went to Kohl’s together that day. We stopped by at a friend’s house to pick up a box. Kohl’s is very close to where she lives. I have coupons that I want to use and will buy a birthday gift for my little K’s friend from school. 

 photo Rockandrepublicjeans.jpg
I did bought an outfit for my little K’s friend birthday party. I bought a Fourth of July summer pajama for her. My husband bought this jeans for himself. I just wish that he waited for me so I can use my coupons too. He bought this jeans. This is from Rock & Republic collection jeans. It has a boot cut style. The jeans has rips and that is why it is called destroy design. It is a size 32×30. My husband has a little tush form shhh!!!wWhen he wear this jeans. I really love the style and design.

He seldom buy jeans for himself. I do not know if I want to buy it for myself. The original price is $88. It is on sale for $59.99. I think it is still very expensive for me. I bought almost the same style of this jeans at Aeropostale and paid $9.99 as it is on sale. Well, I guess that is fine with me because the husband will pay for it.

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Bought some shirts for the Fourth of July

I went to Wal-Mart to buy some gifts for my husband’s birthday two days ago. I did bought him some shorts and hat. I also found these fourth of July shirts that are only $3-$4 bucks a piece. I only bought shirts for myself and my kids. I could not find shirts for my husband around the time when I went shopping. I plan to go back to the men section but I forgot it. I will buy him one next time I go to Wal-Mart.

Fourth of July shirts
I guess the mother and kids are ready to celebrate the fourth of July very soon. We can also wear these shirts while watching the fourth of July parade. I am always looking forward for this holiday. We cannot wait to watch the fireworks this year.

How about you and your family? Are you going to watch the parade and the fireworks too? I am linking this entry for #171 of 365 blog photo challenge.

Are you planning to migrate to New Zealand?

It was year 2000 when I first learned how to use the internet. It was this year when I joined a dating Website in the internet. This is a very famous Website that will help a Filipina woman to meet a foreigner. I did not expect that I will received many emails from different guys all over the world. It was overwhelming to receive such beautiful words from any of those guys that wrote me a message.

I replied to most of them. I have no clue that one of those guys who became my husband that also I met from that famous dating Website. I remember one of those guys asked me if I am from New Zealand. He also lives in New Zealand. I bet he would be excited to meet me if I live their. He would not travel half around the world just to meet the woman of his dreams.

 photo housesale.jpg(photo not mine)
I wonder if that guy has a beautiful home. He seems like a very nice and genuine guy. I wonder if he applied the New Zealand Home Loans to build his dream house. My husband applied for a home loans and luckily we got approved. I love to take video or watch videos online as well. I love to watch one of my favorite reality TV show and it is on tonight.

 photo videomarketing.jpg(photo not mine) 

How I wish that I have this Video Production Auckland which will help me watch the video clearly on my TV. There are times that I missed watching it and that I will watch it online the next day. It would be awesome if I could watch it on our big TV screen as well. Do you like that too? You can learn from here on how to watch your favorite show clearly on TV.

My best friend’s husband is a pro about transferring videos. How I wish that they still live closer to us. Unfortunately, they now have migrated to a different country because her husband has worked from the recruitment Agencies that he applied. I missed our bonding together but still thankful for Facebook.

How to work out with a loud music

Do you like to work out? I am a slob these days that I did not work out. Honestly, I missed working out. I missed my sweaty face and the calories that I burned when I work out. I played a DVD in my player while working out. There is this part that I love to listen to the music. It does keeps me going to work out harder. I turned the volume louder but seems like it is still low to listen to the music. 

I need one of the best jbl at musicians friend  so I can hear the music better. Sometimes when I am not working out, the kids would love to watch their favorite movie. Usually they want the volume in the highest level and I bet with this accessory watching and listening to the music will make my kids excite to watch their favorite movie.

How to get back to your regular weight

I was 88 pounds before I came to America 11 years ago. Now I gained 40 pounds since I gave birth to my two kids. I would not trade anything else for them. There are times that looking at my old pictures, makes me sad. I do not want to go back to 88 pounds. All I want is lose some unwanted pounds. I would be the happiest woman if I lose ten (10) pounds for now.

I do work out to try to get in shape. My worst problem is my stomach. Summer is here in about four (4) days away. I want to wear my two-piece again. I am glad that nobody can see bulge on my stomach when I wear a swimsuit in our pool. It does not look great to be honest.

I love to eat fruit. I miss eating fresh fruits from my home town. I know that there is a fruit called raspberry from Ketone Optimum which is the main key to help you loss some weight. Do you like to eat raspberry? This is the best raspberry supplement that will help you shred some unwanted pounds on your body. Raspberry ketone is the natural compound that is responsible for the heavenly aroma of red raspberries. This will help tone & tighten. Get flatter stomach. Cellulite reduction. May help slim legs
and appetite control.

Another option is this Garcinia Cambogia. It is a small fruit that resembles a miniature pumpkin. It is indigenous to India and parts of Asia, and an extract from its fruit and rind make up the key ingredient for weight loss called HCA or hydoxycitric acid. This will help block fat. Helps prevent fat production. SUPPRESS appetite. Helps reduce emotional eating. Manage stress. Helps decrease belly fat.

Do you like to watch Dr. Oz on TV? I love to watch this show. This is a wonderful show to teach us how loss weight and stay fit and healthy. The raspberry ketones featured in this health show. You can watch the video how this amazing product will help us loss weight. I have not tried taking any supplement but I know that other people would love to take it. Would you? I am sure that reading information about these products will give you the knowledge how supplement will help you loss weight. There is no hard in trying, right?

I believe that staying active in work out, determination and taking supplement will help us shred pounds and will achieve the healthy body we ever wanted.

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dude that I love and always will

How was your Father’s Day? I hope that you had a wonderful time spending it with your Dad or your family yesterday. We did not do special yesterday. My husband opened gifts from his daughters. I did not gave him anything. I did cooked breakfast for him. 

Writing things to do for Daddy on Father's Day
We were home yesterday. We checked the telephone company if they cider woods for our fireplace. My husband cut some. We split it when went home. I helped my husband split the logs with the log splitter. I also helped him stack the wood in the garage. We can use it during the fall. We also checked my husband’s friend that has the wood in his property. Unfortunately, he was not around and we headed home. We went back to his friend’s house and he showed us his woods. They are all hard wood and I do not know if my husband will want them.

Fishing on Father's Day
Father and son played golf. The girls just watched them play. They went swimming. They went fishing n the afternoon. These are our pictures of how we spent the Father’s Day. I cooked noodles to wish him long life to spend more Father’s Day with us.

The coolest dude that I love and always will
How about you? How did you spent your Father’s Day? I am linking this entry to #165 of 365 blog photo challenge.

Beautiful hanging and basket flowers by our pool

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am glad that my husband loves flower as well. He loves to decorate not only inside the house but outside as well. He always ask me about his plan and if I agree to it. I agreed to his plans usually.
Summer is the time when the family stays outside until dinner time. We spend most of our time in the pool if not in the pond. I love to watch my family having fun swimming in the pool. I also love the hanging flowers around our pool. I love this flower in the pot that says welcome. I water them too regularly to keep them beautiful.
My husband bought these flowers in the flower store. It is very expensive. I want to do it by myself next summer. I will save the hanging baskets and the pot.  I need to buy flowers that are perfect for the hanging baskets and for the pot. I know that Miracle-Gro is my best secret to keep these flowers grow beautifully.  I already proven that and still using it every time the family will plant flowers on our front yard.
We did many fun garden projects for the family. We always had a wonderful time together planting flowers. How about you? Do you love to plant flowers? Do you have an inspirational garden stories that you would love to share? You can share that to The Gro Project to inspired people especially the new gardeners. I also followed the Miracle-Gro Pinterest and inviting my readers to follow them too. I can find tips on how to keep my flowers beautiful. I am sure that my readers will do the same too.
By the way, there are other Miracle-Gro products that you use with your garden projects. You can use LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit for any in-ground projects. You can also use Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food and Moisture Control Potting Mix for indoor or container projects.

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Where to ask help for your business to stay in the market

There are many business company that shut down. It could be personal reason or probably financial problem. It is a shame that trusted companies went down and out for business because of those problems. I am very shocked that it is also happening in my city. Customers like me is lost for the sudden stop of that business. 

I am sure that if you are one profitable business, you do not want that to happen to your company. It is very important to keep your company on track all the time. Do you need business investors that are willing to help your company stay on top all the time. The service they have is very helpful. They are willing to help your company stay on top of the market. They have many affiliations that are ready to help your stocks grow and keep up your stockholders.

My husband is one of the stockholder of his company as well. There are times that his stock is going down. It is scary sometimes to think of losing the money you have worked for all your life. This service aims every customers to focus on their life and trust somebody to do their financial analysis for them. We cannot take care problems like this and that is they reason we rely professional to do that for us.

You can read their press release here. This way you can read how their service is profitable and every customer should trust and include them in their future. Life is full of challenges but being prepare for those challenges that might affect our decision is very important.

Pink envelope from Victoria’s Secret

I got this bill from Victoria’s Secret sometime this week. I think this is my first time to receive a pink envelope for my Victoria’s Secret bill. I owe $40 and this will pay off before it is due date. My husband is the one who is paying for my Victoria’s Secret bill.

 photo pinkenvelope.jpg

I really love that the envelope is pink. It is very pretty. I like pink, do you? I hope it will not attract me to use my Victoria’s Secret card. I want to pay it off. I will not use it for now. It is awesome when you do not have a bill. I know my bill is not big. Yet! I want to pay it off.

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Dream of going to Las Vegas for a vacation

This post brought to you by Southwest Airlines Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

I never have alone time with my husband. I mean just the two of us without the kids. It would be awesome to spend time with him. I would love to spend two or three days of just the two of us.  I would love to spend time somewhere where we both can have the fun and enjoy each other’s company.  I miss the romance and being flirt with him.
All I want is to fly for three days and have the best times of our lives together. I would love to explore the sin city. I want to have the fun with him. I want to go to the club and being flirt with him. I miss those sweet and flirt moment with him. I want to be free and nothing to think but just have the fun with the two of us.
Summer is almost here and Las Vegas Vacations is what I have in mind. I have read that SouthWest Airlines Vacation is such a big hit for couple. I know that my step-daughter flew from Florida to New York with SouthWest Airlines vacations. She said that Southwest Vacations, your bags fly free. You save up to $120 round trip. It is the perfect time to fly to Southwest Airlines Vacation because of the best deals on package trip to Vegas. These are the hot deals they have now.
Save up to $100 + 25% on the Hotel Stay! (The Quad Resort & Casino – Center Strip)
Save up to $100 + $20 in Food and Beverage Credit! (Excalibur Hotel & Casino)
Save up to $100 + 25% on the Hotel Stay! (Rio All Suite Hotel)
Save up to $100 + 25% on the Hotel Stay! (Bally’s Las Vegas)
Can you imagine the savings you make? I would pick the first savings. It sounds fun and exciting to stay in the Quad Resort and watch the show. This makes me excited and I cannot wait. We have to find a sitter to watch our two kids and will have the best vacation ever.
How about you? When was the last time you and your husband had a vacation? Why not check out the best deals above from the SouthWest Airlines vacation to Las Vegas.

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