Preparing and drinking coffee is very much easy now

We had the water filter installed couple of weeks ago. It comes with free three big water jars. The family can drink cold water constantly. We do have water outside the refrigerator too. It has also a hot water that has a safety lock where my husband and I can our the hot water. 

 photo waterfilter.jpg

I am happy that my husband bought an instant Folger’s coffee. I have never tired drinking coffee since I live in the Philippines. This will help me prepare and drink my coffee so easily. I need a cup of coffee to start my day. This is so much easier than brewing coffee in the coffee maker. You do not need to wait few minutes to finish brewing before you can drink coffee.

 photo instantcoffee.jpg

I am glad that the husband bought this water filter and Folger’s instant coffee. Waking up in the morning is something that I am always looking forward too.

The best help for your debt

I notice that there are many Canadian license plates car around the city. I have heard that shopping here in Western New York is affordable compared to Canada. No wonder that there are many Canadian’s shopper all over Western New York. It could be at the malls or in the restaurant. 

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I made it to church last Sunday

Growing up in the Philippines, I love to go to church with my Mom. The church is only walking distance from where we live. Sometimes I go to church by myself of with my cousins. My week is not complete without hearing the words of God. 

Now that I am a Mom of two kids, I want my kids to go to church too. It is easy to bring them with church with me when they were babies. Now is always a constant battle. I hate to do that with my kids. I want them to go to church with me with open mind and hearts and listen to the words of God.

 photo preparingforchurch.jpg

I ask my little girl to go to church with me. I prepare her dress but she was crying in the kitchen. She is telling her Daddy that she does not want to go with me. It breaks my heart. I just go to church by myself. I do enjoy my time but would be awesome if I bring my kids with me as well . I ask my son to take a picture of me before going to church.

How to protect your guitar

I do not know how to play guitar. I do not have the talent or skill to play guitar. I do love to sing. I love to watch singing show on TV like the American Idol. I am glad that this year’s American Idol winner is a girl. Why? It is because there are only five (5) all girls that are left in the show.

One of the female contestant plays guitar. She sounds so sweet when she sings with her guitar. I hope that she knows how to protect her guitar. This good acoustic guitar cases is all she needs to keep her guitar safe. They are affordable in this Website. The reviews are great as well.

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The breakfast foods that my son wants to eat

Raising my half Filipino half American kids are always fun and exciting. These kids have two cultures that I am glad that they appreciate. It might be in food or language. They are eager to learn and appreciate both sides of me and my husband’s cultures. 

One thing about being a Filipino likes to eat rice. We cannot live without eating rice. It does not matter what part of meal it is, rice is always on the table. Breakfast is very important to my family. We never leave the house without eating breakfast. It seldom happens that we eat breakfast outside.

I do not have rice with me that morning. I made my son pancakes, fried eggs, links sausage and banana with an orange juice.

 photo dislikinghisbreakfast.jpg
He was not happy about it. You can see it in the picture. All he wants to eat is rice, egg and noodles. I told him to wait and I will cook the rice for him. It will take me bout 20 minutes to cook the rice at least. I usually put some mat on the counter but I was in hurry to serve him his breakfast. I usually fried the egg too but this time I mix it with the noodles.

 photo likingthefood.jpg
Look how happy my son is, can you tell the difference? This kid loves Filipino breakfast.

How about your kids? What do they eat during breakfast?

How to keep my little girl’s clothes neat in her drawers

My little girl loves to change clothes many times. She is in the stage where she is curious. She wants to look at the mirror and look at herself with that outfit. She has two sets of pink drawers in her bedroom. One is big and one is upright. She puts all her clothes mostly in the upright where she can reach and open the drawers. 

 photo mylittlegirlsdrawer.jpg

She is in hurry sometimes that the drawer is hanging down. I told her to open her drawers carefully and make sure it close too. I do not want her to get hurt. She does play with her drawers. I will tell my husband to buy a different kind of drawer slides that will keep her drawer safe. She has these sets of drawers and cabinets when I was pregnant with her.

Are you looking for something that will keep your little girls drawer safe? Why not check out this Website? They sell different kind of tools and accessories that will keep your little girl safe. I really like this kind. It is my favorite.

The curious little girl

It was a very busy day for the kids and I yesterday. There are many driving errands happened that day. We went to McDonald’s for breakfast. We went to Kohl’s to buy a gift for the little girl’s friend that will have a party this weekend. We also went to Victoria’s Secret my favorite store. We went grocery afterwards. 

We left home for three hours. When we got home it was afternoon already. I put all the groceries away. I cleaned the house afterwards. The husband came home from his training at work. I prepared dinner. We had the pork with beans, rice and salad that night.

 photo thecuriouslittlegirl.jpg

I was preparing for dinner and I am in the kitchen sink. I did not know that the little girl is playing with my Victoria’s Secret shopping bag. I put it on the table for the mean time while cleaning. She did open the shopping bag. She tries my bra, and the husband is very surprised as well. I cannot heard them clearly. She also open my flip-flops and wear it. She went to the kitchen and showed me this.

She is a very curious little girl of mine. I told her to wait and will take a picture of her right in the kitchen. What do you think of her picture? Will you laugh or you have to scold her? Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.