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Coach Madison Floral Pink Top Handle Handbag

Graphic floral print fabric with metallic leather trim
Inside multifunction pocket
Zip-top closure, fabric lining
Handles with 7″ drop
9 1/2″ (L) x 7 1/2″ (H) x 3 1/2″ (W)

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Ice skating at the pond for the first time

Finally the pond is frozen this year. We did not go ice skating last year as the pond did not freeze. This year we are very lucky that we get to enjoy the pond more. The family shovel the pond the other day before we go ice skating the next day. The husband cannot ride his ATV to clean the snow on the pond. It is not safe yet. We shovel just around the corner of the pond to help it freeze better the next day and it did freeze.

The family went ice skating. The father and kids had a wonderful time ice skating. They also play hockey at the pond. I will focus my topic on my little girl in this post. She is wearing red set of coat and snow pants. This was his brother when he was seven years old. I am glad that I keep it so she can use it. It is a combination of red and black and I thought that she can wear them too.

I love the first picture. She took of her hat as she is very warm from ice skating. I took a focus picture. I do not know but I find this picture very beautiful. I love her dark hair and the lose teeth makes her even more beautiful. I also like the 2nd picture of her holding the hockey stick. She is one goofy girl of ours that is why we love her to pieces. The third picture is just her ice skating. I try to take a picture of the pond but you cannot cover the area.

What about your kids or grand kids? Do they like to go ice skating? I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday and 27th day of blog photo challenge. .

Received a free Folger’s coffee sample

I love to drink coffee especially in the morning. All I need is just a cup of coffee, and it will make my day complete. I have been drinking the same brand of coffee since I came here in America. I love Folger’s coffee. The smell of the aroma while brewing is just delicious. You cannot wait for the coffee maker to stop brewing and pour a cup for yourself. 

I am happy that I see a free sample of Folger’s in my Facebook feeds. I have to request one. My sample came yesterday. I just try it today. I love this free sample because it has not have a strong taste to it. It is in medium roast. It is in traditional blend. I only use one scoop for myself. I save the rest for my husband. The free trial size sample is enough to make half of the pot which is right. I count it and you can make six scoop. I want to say thank you to Folger’s for sending me the sample. You always make costume proud like me. I will continue to support their product.

What about you? Do you drink coffee? What is your favorite coffee brand to drink? I am linking this entry to the 26th day of blog photo challenge.

Pink ear phones from Victoria’s Secret

Did you read my post yesterday about the pink water bottle? The reason I bought the water bottle is to get this pink ear phones for free. Yes! I got the ear phones for free from Victoria’s Secret with a certain coupon code in the check out. There are many colors but of course I pick the pink.

The package came before my kids arrive from school that day. My little girl loves to open a package. She always ask permission from me if she could open it. She sees the water bottle. She taught that it is only in the package. I told her , check more maybe there is another item. She found a small box where the ear phone is. She taught that all the items are for her. She put on the ear phone. You can see it in the picture how happy she is.

Why do I like the ear phones? It will keep the noise from the iPad when the kids are playing their games. It drives my husband crazy when he is watching the news and all he can hear is the sound from the iPad game. Mostly it is our son who turn the volume so loud. This pink ear phone really is helpful.

What about you? Do you have an ear phone? What color is it? I am linking this entry to the 25th day of blog photo challenge.

My pink water bottle from Victoria’s Secret

I just bought this water bottle from Victoria’s Secret. I pick the color pink as I love pink. Most women love pink, right? I am one of them. This is from the line PINK. I bought it for $12.50. I think the price is worth to buy. It is very durable too.

PhotobucketI pour water everyday with ice to keep the water cool after the work out or playing the hula hoop. The water bottle can fill up 32 0Z of water. You can pour four glasses of water. It is very easy to use. You can pull the top when you want to drink and push it down to prevent leakage. My kids love it too especially my little girl. She thinks I bought the water bottle for her. This is also perfect to carry during the summer. I love to drink water a lot. I try to avoid drinking pop to help me shred my big stomach. This water bottles come with free item too. It is one why I bought this water bottle.

What about you? Do you like to drink water too? Do you your own water bottle? I am linking this entry to the 24th day of blog photo challenge.

My little girl’s pink hula hoop

I use this hula hoop if I do not work out. There are times in the morning that I am so hungry that I do not have the urge to work out. I do not want to miss my work out or else I get lazy. I love this pink hula hoop of hers.

PhotobucketIt is very easy to work out with your waist. I hope it will help me get rid of the big bulge on my stomach. I use the hula hoop sometime in the afternoon. I love to work out in the morning before Christmas. Most of the time, I feel hungry and cannot help but have my breakfast. This pink hula hoop is my rescue. It is easy to use. I even have a competition with my little girl. She always win no matter how hard I try to swing my wait.

Do you like to use a hula hoop? I am linking this entry to the 23rd of blog photo challenge

Happy 33rd birthday to you brother

Today is my youngest brother J’s birthday. He turns 33 years old. I want to greet him a “Happy birthday” brother J. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. I wish you good health. Please take good care of your health. Please stay away from drinking too much. It is not good for you and your health.

This is our last picture taken while my daughter and I were in the Philippines at Raagas beach. This was July 15th of 2012. This is our last day in Cagayan de Oro City, my home town. I am not there in person but please have a piece of cake for me. Please enjoy your birthday. I love you even if you are a pain in the butt. Please extend my warmest regards to everybody.

I am linking this entry to the 22nd day of blog photo challenge.

A douche to use after my monthly period

I never use a douche while in the Philippines after my period is over. I had learned it from my husband. He advised me to use a douche after having your monthly period.

PhotobucketSince then I have used it after my monthly period is over. It cleans inside your private part. It feels so fresh after using it. You could use it while sitting down in a bowl or standing up in the shower. This is very easy to use too. All you do is open one pack from the package. It comes with an easy instruction to follow. This is my favorite brand to use. It has many “favor”. I usually use this favor.

What about you? Do you use douche after having your monthly period? I am linking this entry to the 20th day of blog photo challenge.

Have you watch Magic Mike movie?

I bought the Magic Mike Blu-Ray on eBay. I bought it for $14.99 new and free shipping. It only took two days and the movie came in the mail. It has been awhile since the last time I watch a movie in the cinema. I seldom watch a movie by myself.

I watch it yesterday for the first time. I really love the movie. This is a funny and sexy movie. It stars Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum. Yes! You read that right, the sexiest man alive is one of the stars of this movie. It is a story about a man working ordinary job with dreams. He works as a stripper in a male club. The music is really fun too. This is a fun and beautiful movie to watch with your girlfriends and enjoy the day. I miss seeing my girlfriends and this movie is perfect for us to have laugh and enjoy moment with girlfriends. I can watch this all over and over when the kids are in school.

What about you? Have you watch this movie yet? Do you like sexy movie? This is perfect for you. I am linking this entry to 16th day of blog challenge.

Liquid vitamins for my little girl

This little girl of mine is very sneaky. She is not taking her gummy vitamins. She always throw it if you will not watch it. She has many reasons. She said she only wants to take red color gummy bear. Sometime she will tell me that she drops her vitamins on the floor accidentally. She is only six years old but mind you very smart for her age. She needs to take her vitamins after breakfast. It has a complete vitamin D on it. She needs it as she is allergic to regular milk. She needs the Vitamin D for strong bone. She is very skinny yet very active.

PhotobucketWhat I did is to buy a liquid vitamins for her. This time I will give a teaspoonful to her mouth while she is almost done eating. I did gave her one teaspoonful of her liquid vitamins yesterday. She said she does not like the taste. It is orange in flavor. She said she will take her gummy bear vitamins instead. How about you? Does your little girl/boy refuse to take their vitamins? What kind of vitamins you give to them? I am linking this entry to 15th day of blog photo challenge.