Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads sample and coupon too

I just had my annual check-up today from my obstetrician. She told me that my monthly period is coming.

Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too
Thank you Poise for the sanitary pads and the coupon too

I am thankful that I received these sanitary pads sample from Poise. It also comes with a coupon. I received the Poise pad regular length pad for moderate absorbency. I also received the hourly glass pad for maximum absorbency. These samples come in handy and perfect in time. I cannot wait to receive them and use the coupon as well. Thank you Poise and Kimberly Clark.

Midol to the rescue for my menstrual cramps

It is not a good day to start my New Year when you know that your monthly period is coming. I hate that my monthly period came on the New Years Eve. I know that I will experience menstrual cramps which make me miserable. The menstrual cramps are not welcome to start my New Year. I have no choice but to welcome that as part of being a woman.

Midol my rescue to my menstrual cramps

I do not like to take any medication. I will take the pain while I can tolerate it. My husband does drive me nuts when he knows that I am in pain. I am glad that my husband’s daughter has a Midol. She gave me two capsules. She did not use the medication. I am thankful that she has Midol. I took it despite not liking the idea of taking medication.

My husband then drove to the local pharmacy and bought me a box of Midol. I took one capsule few hours ago. It does help the menstrual cramps away. At the same time, the medication makes me dizzy. I fall asleep few minutes after I took the medicine.

How about you? Do you experience menstrual cramps when your monthly period is coming? Do you take any medicines to relive the pain?

What sanitary pads you use when you have your monthly period?

I bought this Modess dry maxi sanitary pad back in Manila last July of 2012. It is 40 pesos or $1 for eight pads in a package.

PhotobucketI bought it in the Seven Eleven a closest convenient store near G Hotel in Roxas Boulevard where we stayed at. I was so scared walking in the dark street with my little girl with me. You still can see lights but it is not very clear. It was seven at night. I even carried my little girl with me while walking to the convenient store. My monthly period come as a surprise. I have no choice but have to buy a local sanitary pad.

I still have the two pads left in the package. I used it yesterday and I feel so itchy. I think I am allergic to that sanitary pad. I just want to use it all up.

PhotobucketI usually use the Stayfree maxi regular pads.

PhotobucketStayfree maxi is thicker than the Modess dry maxi. This one feels comfortable. Do you feel like that too when you use a different sanitary pads? What kind of sanitary pads you are using?

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