Got an advance $10 birthday gift card from Victoria’s Secret

If you are a member of Angel card, you will receive a $10 on your birthday. I received mine last week or two.

My $10 birthday gift card from Victoria's Secret
It was worth $10 and another coupon but this you need to buy a certain amount to get the freebie.

My $10 birthday gift card from Victoria's Secret
You have to use your Victoria’s Secret card for the $10 to work. My birthday is December and thankful that Victoria’s Secret sent it in advance.

What do I buy with my $10 Victoria’s Secret gift card? I love intimates of all the products of Victoria’s Secret. I know that I need to buy a red bra to match with my red dress here for the Christmas party with some of my Filipino friends and their families. I went to their Website and search for a red bra. I found a multi way bra for $29.50. The Website also offers free underwear when you buy a bra. I check some coupons and found that they can send my items for free. I got a bra for $29.50, free underwear and free shipping. I am glad that my husband paid off my Victoria’s Secret Angel card. The balance is now back to zero. I used my Victoria’s Secret Angel card to work with my $10 birthday gift card. The items are on the way already. I cannot wait to receive them.

How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret too? You can search for online coupons as well to help you save money.

My Victoria’s Secret coupons for January

I received my January Victoria’s Secret coupons in the mail yesterday. I always looking forward for these coupons every month. I might not use them all. I am happy that I can save money.

PhotobucketThere are three coupons that came in yesterday’s mail. There is “The lacie V-Day thong” for free. There is a $15 off a bra. There is “the world’s sexiest chocolates” for free if you order a $75 purchase. I will use the two coupons except the last. I have many chocolates that I got in the mail for free. I think I have to stay away from my chocolates this time. What about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret? Did you get your free coupons in the mail too? I am linking this entry to 14th day of blog challenge.

Lingerie sets that I ordered from Totsy

I have a 1,500 points or $15 credits from my Totsy account. What is a Totsy? It is an online store where you can shop from anything. It is a discount store where they sell name brand clothes for a discounted price that the store at the mall. I usually shop outfits for my little girl here.

I bought stuff for my kids and my husband usually. I seldom buy something that I like for myself. I was checking their items on sale that day. It happens that they have the lingerie on sale that day. I look for the cheapest price. I found these two sets of lingerie. I bought a ruffle hem baby doll in black and camisole in magenta color. They are on sale each for $7. I only paid the tax and shipping for a total of $7.83.

I show the lingerie sets to my husband. He was the one who received the package when the mailman came. He really likes it. I hope that I can wear them in the summer time. Do you what my problem is? I do not sleep next to my husband. He has a sleeping problem from working crazy schedules that his sleeping pattern is affected. We will see if this lingerie will end in my closet as usual.

What about you? Do you wear lingerie when your sleeping? I am linking this entry to the 6th day of blog photo challenge?