My summer babe’s first high heel shoes

I cannot believe she has a high heel shoes already. She is only eight years old. I remember I was 16 years old when I wore my first high heel shoes. I was in my freshman in college. I thought that you cannot got to school with your uniform without wearing a high heel shoes. I was definitely wrong.

 photo high heel shoes A_zpsud0vbsqf.jpg

Anyway, I bought this high heel shoes for my summer babe for her Reconciliation outfit to match with her white dress. She really like wearing this high heel shoes too. I think she look so adorable. She is such a girl and seeing her enjoying wearing this high heel shoes melt my heart. She starts to develop now. I missed my baby girl. She grows up way too fast.

 photo high heel shoes_zps6etf54nt.jpg

How about you? Do you allow your little girl to wear a high heel shoes?

I fell in-love with this red dress

My kids and I were invited to two Christmas parties this year. Unfortunately, my husband cannot come with us. He is scheduled to work on both days. It is just me and my kids that will attend.

I love to wear dress especially on special occasions like Christmas. I went shopping at the mall by myself. The hubby is sleeping while working that night. The kids were at school. I got the chance to spend time with myself. I love to shop and who does not, right?

It is my first time to shop for myself. Usually I shop for my kids but not this time. I know I want a red dress but could not find something that I like in other store. I saw this red dress at the Express store. I fell in-love right away. I love the style of the dress. It is sexy. You can find a similar dress online, and save money on your purchase with an Express coupon code


I cannot wait to wear this red dress
I cannot wait to wear this red dress


I check the rack to look for a size medium. I am glad that they have the one available for my size. I am not sure if the dress will fits me or look well on me. I am glad that it fits well. I really love it. I check the prize and oh crap, it is a little expensive for my budget. I will use my card and own money too. I ask the sales clerk if it is on sale. She said it is not. I feel sad and I ask her if they have a coupon available. She said she will help find a coupon when I check out, Luckily, there is a $15 coupon available for me. I bought the dress. I am so happy and very excited. I cannot wait to wear it. I ask the sales clerk what it is the perfect shoes to goes with the dress. She said that boots will not look in that dress but strapless would be perfect. I shop for shoes after I bought the dress. I also bought the shoes. I told my hubby that I bought a dress and shoes for the party. He said he wants me to show it to him. I wear it in-front of him. He said I look sexy. I just cannot wait to wear this dress.

I like this summer dress that I ordered from a friend

I know summer is not here yet. Spring is coming in two days. I cannot wait when the days stay warmer and the days getting longer. Winter is way too long and overdue stay in Western New York already.

summer dress

Anyway, one of my Facebook friend sells dresses. I saw this in one her Facebook feeds. I really like the style. I picked the red color as it is my favorite. It cost $28.50. I ordered the size medium. I ask the husband that I want to buy this dress. I told him I do not money. He said that sure you can buy that dress and use our card. Is he not the sweetest husband?

summer dress

My husband and I picked up the dress. I want to drive by myself. He wants to go because the roads are terrible. He does not want me to get lost. Beside he is bored.

summer dress
summer dress

I really like the dress. It fits on me perfectly. What I love about the dress? It is the waist where it is stretchable for my stomach to cover. I also like the v-neck style and so as the back. I tried it already. My husband likes it. I am happy that he likes it. It is very important for me to look sexy in his eyes. Beside he pays for the dress.

My red Christmas dress finally arrived

I bought this red dress on Ebay last week with buy it now. It is also offer free shipping. The total cost is $9.99. I think I spot a great deal, right? I really love the style of the dress. I love the ruffles design that I hope will cover my rolls of fat.

My red dress for the Christmas party

Finally it came yesterday in the mail. I felt badly because the seller shipped the dress through priority mail which cost her $6. I am sure that she has deduction from Ebay fees and maybe PayPal fees as well. I am also an Ebay seller long time so I know the fees are. I do not mind if she shipped the dress through first class mail. I will need the dress for next month during our Christmas party with my Filipino friends.

My red dress for the Christmas party

I tried the dress. I am very happy that it fits perfectly. I feel comfortable wearing it for the Christmas party. I ask my husband to zip the back on my dress. He even asks me where I have to wear this dress. He told me that I look sexy too. I said that I am going to wear this dress next month on Christmas party with my friends and their kids. I know that he told me before that he will not coming. I guess somebody has changed his mind. I hope he cam come to the Christmas party as well. It will save me from driving to the Christmas party venue.


Now all I need is shoes to goes with my red dress. I bid a red boots on Ebay as well but I missed the time. I was outbid and did not win the red boots.

How about you? Do you attend Christmas party with your friends? Is your dress ready?


A maternity dress I bought from a giveaway

I want to say thank you very much for Mommy D for the giveaway. I am one of her four winners in her giveaway. I won a $25 gift code that I use and bought a maternity dress. It is from the pink blush maternity where they sell beautiful maternity outfits for pregnant women.
I picked this Pink Floral Print Halter Maternity Dress. The original price is $52.99 but it is on sale for $16.99. It is perfect dress to wear in the summer. I love the design especially the adjustable beaded straps. I am definitely not pregnant. Any women can wear their maternity dress and other outfits. Even pregnant women can wear stylish dress and still looks pretty being pregnant. I wear dress when I was pregnant my little K almost seven years ago.
I want to say thank you again to Mommy D. I do like to join the giveaway especially if I really like the prizes. Do you like to join a giveaway too? I am linking this entry to the 31st day of blog photo challenge.

Tights and leggings that I received for free

I received this tights and leggings last month for free. It must be sweet, right? I received them from the advertiser No nonsense from Double S.

PhotobucketI am very privileged to receive them for free. You have to wear them and write an honest review. I submitted my post and it will publish in about five hours.

I received the deep burgundy color tights which is my favorite. I love it because it is thick and will cover my waist all the way down to my feet. I received the color espresso (it is more of a brown color) leggings. This one has an opening. I had a hard time matching the burgundy tights with a dress. I am glad I found a halter dress that has purple in it. They really match. The leggings I pair it with my red dress and with a brown boots that I bought at Kohl‘s when it was on sale. It looks black but it is not.

What about you? Do you like to receive freebies as well? Do you like to wear leggings or tights? How do you pair it with an outfit? I am linking this entry to the 4th day of blog photo challenge.