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Bitten Book by Alan Moore

Book Details:

Book Title: Bitten by Alan Moore
Category: Adult Fiction, 430 pages
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: February 7, 2018
Tour dates: June 4 to 22, 2018
Content Rating: R (Book contains profanities, intermittent sex and violence, incl. one violent sex episode, together with scenes of explicit disaster, distress and death)

Book Description:

In the not-too-distant future, Italy is in disarray. It has voted to leave the EU in an attempt to regain control of its laws, finances and commerce. Even so, the country’s economy is shrinking and its national debt rising. There is a marked escalation, too, in unemployment, bank loans and immigration. Production and service companies are in difficulty. The only thriving business areas are the black market and organised crime. There is discontent and protest on all sides.

In Florence, the local Mafia boss, more accustomed to gunrunning and trading in plutonium, is involved in organising a silent auction for the sale of one of the world’s most valuable lost paintings – a sixteenth-century masterpiece, which was appropriated in World War II by Stalin’s Trophy Brigade. A British art expert is set to buy the picture on behalf of his client, a South American billionaire – yet surprisingly two Italian undercover intelligence agents, acting as antique dealers, submit the winning bid.

All the while, human beings continue to harm the Earth by destroying land, sea, air, animals and trees. Global climate change, polluting the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer: these are some of man’s crimes against Nature. But time is running out. Nature has lost patience with humans. Unless something is done immediately to reverse the destruction of the ecosystem, Nature will retaliate by deploying the terrifying forces at her command. And as a first step in wreaking her revenge, she instigates a reign of terror by the deadliest creature on Earth.

I rated this book 4 ****’s

A book about friendship, lies, disaster and love  
This book is an amazing read. It is a book about friendship and their wildest dream. It is a book about lies and individuals just want their evil needs to conquer and ruin other people. It is a book about disaster. Humans are the only ones that ruin the earth and the nature. When you do not take care of nature, it will haunt you and  make big damages that kill thousands of people and their homes. This book is about love which is my favorite part. Love moves in a mysterious way and happens to two people who are deeply in-love with each other. 

This book is an amazing read. It is full of adventures especially if Italy is in your bucket list. The book is so informative too which can help and prevent if that disaster will happens to you. It is also a book about compassion which is my other favorite character of a person in real life. This book has an everything you need to enjoy your alone time and reflect life.  

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Meet the Author:


Born in Surbiton, Surrey in 1944, Alan Moore lives in Barnes, SW London, with his wife, Amber. They have two daughters and a son, who between them have two boys and two girls with another boy expected in May. Alan was educated at Oundle School in Northamptonshire and at London University, where, as an external student, he obtained a BA degree in English. Thereafter, for 25 years, he single-handedly ran his own book publishing company, which at one stage was producing up to 20 titles a year. Now, at the age of 74, he has self-published his first novel.
Interview with Alan Moore:

What made you write a book that tackles the topic of mosquitos as a threat?

In a complete reversal of normal experience, I wasn’t bothered by mosquitoes when I was younger.  It’s only as I’ve grown older that they’ve targeted me. When I go to Nice, they seem to know I’ve arrived back in town and line up on the windowsill waiting to bite me again!  It’s because of this that I decided to write a book that highlights the menace of these potentially dangerous creatures.


Do you have another profession besides writing?

Yes, I’m a part-time book publisher.  For 25 years I single-handedly ran my own publishing company and at one point was producing 20 titles a year.


What is the last great book you’ve read?

The three volumes about Cicero by Robert Harris: Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator.

Your favourite travel spot?

I think that’s probably self-evident.  Florence, Italy.


What is your next project?

I’ve started writing a book which is based on my younger years and my relationship with my godfather, an extraordinary man.  During the time I knew him (he died in 1973), I met fascinating people, I did extraordinary things, I was spoilt beyond belief, and I learnt to love and respect my elders.  The provisional title of the book is Uncle Cyril and Me.

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