My husband thinks our little k likes this boy

Oh no! Now that makes me panic. He lives in the other road not from where we live. He rides his ATV along the trail where my son rides his ATV as well. They became friends so as the other kids that ride their ATV. I am very happy that finally my son can play with other kids especially riding his ATV along the trail. 

playing the iPad in the hammock
This 11 years old boy A always comes over to our place. He plays with our son and my little K. The husband thinks that my little K likes this boy. I said I do not think so. My being conservative Mommy strikes in me. I do not want my little girl to like a boy when she is very young. She can wait at least when she is 13 years old or older.

I took this picture of them together sitting on the hammock. My little K shared her iPad with him. I watch them both like a hawk. I stay in the garage when my kids play in the backyard or in the driveway. How about you? Will you allow your little girl to like someone at a young age? I know that American kids brought up differently from where I was brought up.

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