A rice cake (suman) from Wisconsin with love

I want to say thank you Mommy Recel for sending me the rice cake (suman) in the mail. I do appreciate it so much. I want to say thank you also to her husband. The rice cake arrived in two days. It arrived yesterday in the mail.

PhotobucketIt was delivered in a priority box. The box came with five (5) rice cake. I plan to eat one that afternoon to save the rest for the morning. Unfortunately, I ate three of the rice cake. Can you blame me? It was very cold and windy yesterday. I need something to warm me up. I open a package of hot cocoa milk and microwave the cup with water for about a minute and 30 seconds. The rice cake is so perfect for my warm hot cocoa milk.

I eat the rest of the rice cake this morning. Yes! The rice cakes are all gone. It was very delicious. There is a distinct taste on it that is so much different from the local market that I used to buy the rice cake. It has been ten years since I eat the rice cake. I know that long, right? Living in America where Asian store is very far. There are times that you are craving for a native food that only you can find the ingredients in the Asian store.

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Day 03: A picture of you and your friends

Today is the 3rd day of me joining the blog challenge. Today’s task is about a picture of you and your friends. I always stay close to one group of friends since I arrived here in America. The friendship is not as intact as it used to. My kids grew up with my friends kid as well.

They attended parties, birthdays and programs together usually.

There are times that my kids ask about their friends too. Usually, I have to lie to my kids. I know I feel bad. I told them that they are busy with school and other activities. I am glad that my kids understand their Mommy.


Friends come and go in our lives. We meet new friends along the way. I always treasure an old friendship. I feel sad that next year one of my close friends will migrate to Canada. The husband is already working in Canada. My friend and her kids stay as she wants the kids to finish their schooling here in Buffalo. They will move to Canada after school. It is sad but what can I do, right? Life is not fair sometimes. You just have to move on. I am glad that there is Facebook where we still can send message and see pictures of her and her family.


I hope that you enjoy my picture so as my friends’ pictures.

Tights and leggings that I received for free

I received this tights and leggings last month for free. It must be sweet, right? I received them from the advertiser No nonsense from Double S.

PhotobucketI am very privileged to receive them for free. You have to wear them and write an honest review. I submitted my post and it will publish in about five hours.

I received the deep burgundy color tights which is my favorite. I love it because it is thick and will cover my waist all the way down to my feet. I received the color espresso (it is more of a brown color) leggings. This one has an opening. I had a hard time matching the burgundy tights with a dress. I am glad I found a halter dress that has purple in it. They really match. The leggings I pair it with my red dress and with a brown boots that I bought at Kohl‘s when it was on sale. It looks black but it is not.

What about you? Do you like to receive freebies as well? Do you like to wear leggings or tights? How do you pair it with an outfit? I am linking this entry to the 4th day of blog photo challenge.

Victoria’s Secret gift cards that I received on my birthday

Christmas is my birthday. I am very lucky to share my birthday to those who believe in the spirit of Christmas. I remember growing up; Christmas is the best holiday for me until now still is. I might not have a grand birthday growing up. I am still very happy that people are celebrating Christmas with joy and laughter.

I remember that I only get to buy new clothes during my birthday. My Dad received an extra salary during Christmas. He gives each kid $25 to spend. This is the only way that I can buy new clothes for myself. I am still thankful for that. I missed my Dad so very much. It has been eight (8) years since the last time I saw him. He is in heaven now watching his kids and grandkids growing up.

Now that I live in America, I received gifts on my birthday. I prepare celebrating Christmas with my kids. My husband always gives me something on my birthday so as my parent’s-in-law. My husband and my Mom gave me Victoria’s Secret gift cards. I want to say thank you to my husband and to my Mom. They both know my guilty pleasure. My husband gave me a $100 while my Mom gave me a $50. I used the two gift cards yesterday online.

What about you? Do you like to receive gift card on your birthday? Do you prepare cash?

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My blogger name

Today is the 2nd day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your blogger name. I remember I have my journal long time ago. All I know is that I can write or create story and that was about it. I have my first journal here. I always go with the name JESS or JESSY in most of my journals. My first journal is ADVENTUROUSJESSY in blogger. There is a JESSY on the last, right? I also have JESSYSADVENTURE, SIMPLYJESS, HOMECOOKINGWITHJESSY, E-NEWSWITHJESSY, SPORTYJESS and finally this journal which has my name and my last name JESSICACASSIDY.

I have no clue that you can make money by writing. I am thankful to a former friend of mine that helps me introduce a friend who happens to live in my same home town now who lives in Florida. I want to say thank you to Miss A for helping me start my journal.

I know that I do not make a lot of money but it does help my family back in the Philippines I do not need to ask for my husband’s money to help them. I am happy that I can also buy stuff for my kids and my family and sometimes treat them in the restaurant.

There you go, if you happen to stumble on JESS OR JESSY in a journal and that is mostly me. What about you? What is your blogger name? I cannot wait to get to know your journal as well.

Burn baby burn

No! I am not talking about fire. I am talking about the calories. Today I started to work out with Cheryl Burke’s Disco Abs work out DVD. It is a 30 minutes work out. It was not easy working out. I have not done it for a long time. My body starts to get itchy after few minutes of warming up. I never quit until I finished the 30 minutes work out. I find myself starts to get sweat which is I am very happy about.

I love all the dance music in the work out. My favorite line is “burn baby burn”. I need to buy myself a yoga pants to help me comfortable while working out. I have a working out top that I got as a product review which is very helpful. Please wish me luck my online friends. I hope that I can continue working out. I really wanted to lose some fats on my stomach.

It was a tiring work out but very fulfilling for me. I am sure that I will get sore as I continue this work out. Please bring on the pain and I will challenge myself for that. I know that I can tolerate pain. It is my middle name. No I am just kidding. They say no pain no win, right?

I also eat the oatmeal for the first time that I received in the mail. I cannot believe that it did fill me up. I want to buy a can for myself. It has peanuts and peach that is mix with the oatmeal. I love rice and hope that this will help me stay healthy.

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Day 01 of 30 day blog challenge: January

I want to say thank you to Mommy Ruby for making this blog challenge. This is a 30 day blog challenge for the month of January. Every day there is a task given for that day. I hope that I can challenge myself to continue writing a task until the last day of the month. Please wish me luck.

Here were go, day 01 challenge is a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

This is my recent picture that I took few minutes ago. I am ready for bed as you can see. I am wearing my pajamas. I love to sleep in the family room in front of the fireplace where it is warm and cozy. It is only 12 degrees outside. It feels like summer inside the house. The fireplace makes it a big difference. It is very important to install one when you live in New York. My husband said it is freezing outside.

These are 15 facts about me. You will get to know me as you read this journal. 1. I was born on Christmas Day. I just celebrated my 39th birthday. Yes! I am getting old but I thank GOD for blessing me a new life. 2. I graduated my elementary in West City Central School. 3. I graduated my high school formerly in Cathedral School of Technology now St. Mary’s Academy. 4 I finished my college at Cagayan de Oro College with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Economics back in my home town in Cagayan de Oro City. 5. I received my US visa on February 7th of 2002. 6. I never have an interview and never step on the US Embassy. 7. I flew to America on the 15th of February 2002. 8. I got married on the 11th of May 2002. 9. I gave birth to my first baby who is a boy on the 2nd of February 2003. 10. My Dad passed away on the 3rd of April 2005. 12. I gave birth to my second baby who is a girl on the 10th of August 2006. 13. I had my first car on the 11th of May 2010 as a gift on our 8th wedding anniversary. 14. I became a US citizen on the 14th of September 2011. 15. My daughter and I had our vacation in the Philippines for three weeks from June 29th to July 18th of 2012.

Those are some 15 facts about myself. I hope to learn interesting facts about yourself too.

Do you have any New Year’s resolution?

Yesterday, we celebrated the New Year here in America. I was sleeping and my kids wake me up by blowing their horns. It was a perfect timing before the New Year 2013 arrives. It is just me and my kids waiting for the New Year 2013 on TV. My husband sleeps early.

How was your New Years Day celebration? Did you celebrate it with your family or friends? I celebrated my New Year with my family. The kids were very excited for the New Year. They were both sleeping last year. Last night, they were waiting for the New Year with so much excitement. I hope that our New Year is full of excitement like my kids.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? I do have a New Years resolution for myself. I want to lose some pounds especially on my stomach. I know that I look skinny but honestly my stomach bothers me. I used to work out but stop. The silliness strikes on me. I have work out DVD’s that I bought for myself. I will start working out again with this Cheryl Burke Disco Abs. I really love working out at the same time dancing.

I will link this entry to the 1st day of blog photo challenge. I want to say thank you Mommy Recel for hosting this month’s blog photo challenge.

Welcome to my 12th journal

I am privilege to get my own name domain from Mommy Nita. She is giving three free domains that day. I was lucky that I was online. I want to say thank you so very much Mommy Nita for giving me a free domain. Actually, this is the third time that I got free domains from her. She is indeed has a heart of gold. She is very helpful too. As a new blogger, she is willing to answer and help you with your journal.

This is my 12th journal. I cannot believe I have many journals to write. I hope that I can update this with the rest of my journal. What is this new journal all about? I want to focus topics about being a woman. This is a general journal where I can express my thoughts and opinions about being a woman.

I hope that like my other 11 journal, you will support and visit this journal as well. This journal is very special. I have planned to get my own name domain. My problem is that I do not know what to write or focus writing in the journal. I can finally have my own name journal at the same time; I know what to topic to write.