Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

I love to watch a movie when I was young. I remember I was seven years old the first time I was in the movie theater. I watch a movie with my eldest sister. I cried because the movie theater is dark. My eldest sister brings me outside for a minute and went back inside because I understand that is it only in the movie theater that is dark but not outside.

I love to watch a movie since then. I usually watch a romantic or love story movie back in my teenager years. I also love to watch American movie. I love to watch action but not much of fiction movies.

PhotobucketI have my favorite actresses like Nanette Medved and Anjanette Abayari who plays Superwoman or Darna. I love these women who played Darna. They are both sexy and very talented as well.

PhotobucketI even have an autograph picture of Anjanette Abayari which she sent me through regular mail. How I wish that they are real. I am sure that there is no crime particularly in the Philippines. They will stop all the bad guys from hurting everybody especially women.

I consider Darna or Superwoman as my favorite super hero. I am linking this entry to 6th day of blog challenge. What about you? Who is your super hero?

What sanitary pads you use when you have your monthly period?

I bought this Modess dry maxi sanitary pad back in Manila last July of 2012. It is 40 pesos or $1 for eight pads in a package.

PhotobucketI bought it in the Seven Eleven a closest convenient store near G Hotel in Roxas Boulevard where we stayed at. I was so scared walking in the dark street with my little girl with me. You still can see lights but it is not very clear. It was seven at night. I even carried my little girl with me while walking to the convenient store. My monthly period come as a surprise. I have no choice but have to buy a local sanitary pad.

I still have the two pads left in the package. I used it yesterday and I feel so itchy. I think I am allergic to that sanitary pad. I just want to use it all up.

PhotobucketI usually use the Stayfree maxi regular pads.

PhotobucketStayfree maxi is thicker than the Modess dry maxi. This one feels comfortable. Do you feel like that too when you use a different sanitary pads? What kind of sanitary pads you are using?

I am linking this entry to the 7th day of blog photo challenge.

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you have been to

There is no place in the world that I rather be now except in the Philippines particularly in my home town, Cagayan de Oro City. I left my heart in Cagayan de Oro City. There is no place like home.

GOD is so great that HE allowed me and my daughter to visit the Philippines. I am not really looking forward for a very long flight. I am thankful that despite of the delayed and canceled of our flights; we arrived safely back home to New York. I spent most of the time with my Mom who I did not see for six (6) long years. I did not visit beautiful tourist spots but I did spend my precious time with the most important person in my life which is my Mom. I am sorry to my friends that I did not spend more time with them. I hope that you forgive me. I will let the pictures describe it for you. Please forgive me for uploading many pictures.

I never forget the moment that I am looking down at my home town, Cagayan de Oro City, up in the air.

PhotobucketIt was such a big relief when our plane, Philippine Airlines, landed in Lumbia airport on the 29th day of June 2012.

PhotobucketMy Mom and my niece P stayed with us in our hotel room. We stayed at Country Village hotel in Carmen. I wanted to stay in my Mom’s house to save some money but my little girl will not allow me. She loves the pool at the hotel we stayed.

PhotobucketThere is two free complimentary breakfast in the hotel. I let my little girl and her cousin gets the free. My Mom and I choose our own breakfast food. I am very privileged to spend my Mom’s 69th birthday too.

PhotobucketMy two sisters flew from Cebu City to spend my niece 8th birthday at Opol Beach.

PhotobucketDuring the morning, I spent my time in my Mom’s house. My little girl met her cousins and meet new friends as well. I am having a hard time using my debit cards to use when we go out. What I do is?

PhotobucketI send my Mom some money and the two of us picked it up at a pawn shop. It works this way. I can use some cash.

PhotobucketWe eat most of the time at Jollibee Vamenta in Carmen with my Mom, my two nieces D and P. My little girl loves to eat pancake and spaghetti. I also enrolled her at a Jollibee Kids club.

PhotobucketWe went to Raagas beach. The water is blurry because it rained most of the night. My little girl loves the beach.

PhotobucketWe stayed in my Mom’s room just to talk and spent quality time together. This is use to be my room when I was a teenager.

I hope that you enjoy our pictures. They are not beautiful but I am happy that I spent most of our time with my Mom and my family. I am linking this entry to the 5th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about a picture of somewhere you have been to.

Lingerie sets that I ordered from Totsy

I have a 1,500 points or $15 credits from my Totsy account. What is a Totsy? It is an online store where you can shop from anything. It is a discount store where they sell name brand clothes for a discounted price that the store at the mall. I usually shop outfits for my little girl here.

I bought stuff for my kids and my husband usually. I seldom buy something that I like for myself. I was checking their items on sale that day. It happens that they have the lingerie on sale that day. I look for the cheapest price. I found these two sets of lingerie. I bought a ruffle hem baby doll in black and camisole in magenta color. They are on sale each for $7. I only paid the tax and shipping for a total of $7.83.

I show the lingerie sets to my husband. He was the one who received the package when the mailman came. He really likes it. I hope that I can wear them in the summer time. Do you what my problem is? I do not sleep next to my husband. He has a sleeping problem from working crazy schedules that his sleeping pattern is affected. We will see if this lingerie will end in my closet as usual.

What about you? Do you wear lingerie when your sleeping? I am linking this entry to the 6th day of blog photo challenge?

Day 04- A habit that you wish you did not have

I am on day 4th of joining this blog challenge. Today’s task is about a habit that you wish you did not have. I admit that I should make this bad habit as one of my New Year’s resolution. I have many bad habits that I wish I did not have. My husband and I always argue with this habit that always leads in fighting. He is a clean freak and I am not.


The bad habit that I wish I did not have is leaving the dishes at night in the sink. Usually, at night I am very tired after cooking and taking care of the kids. I just leave the dishes on the sink. Usually, I already rinse them. It is passed 35 minutes at nine in the morning here, yet the dishes from last night’s dinner is still in the sink. I am really a bad housekeeper, right? There are times that the sink is clean before I go to bed but that seldom happen. Even my husband will tease me that he is surprise the sink is clean when he got home from work in the morning. I know it is a habit that is easy to stop, right? What should I do to stop leaving the dishes in the sink at night? I need your advises here. I want to start a New Year with a clean sink.

What about you? Do you have a habit that you wish you did ot have? Do we have the same habit? I hope not.

A rice cake (suman) from Wisconsin with love

I want to say thank you Mommy Recel for sending me the rice cake (suman) in the mail. I do appreciate it so much. I want to say thank you also to her husband. The rice cake arrived in two days. It arrived yesterday in the mail.

PhotobucketIt was delivered in a priority box. The box came with five (5) rice cake. I plan to eat one that afternoon to save the rest for the morning. Unfortunately, I ate three of the rice cake. Can you blame me? It was very cold and windy yesterday. I need something to warm me up. I open a package of hot cocoa milk and microwave the cup with water for about a minute and 30 seconds. The rice cake is so perfect for my warm hot cocoa milk.

I eat the rest of the rice cake this morning. Yes! The rice cakes are all gone. It was very delicious. There is a distinct taste on it that is so much different from the local market that I used to buy the rice cake. It has been ten years since I eat the rice cake. I know that long, right? Living in America where Asian store is very far. There are times that you are craving for a native food that only you can find the ingredients in the Asian store.

I am linking this entry to my 5th day of joining the blog photo challenge.

Day 03: A picture of you and your friends

Today is the 3rd day of me joining the blog challenge. Today’s task is about a picture of you and your friends. I always stay close to one group of friends since I arrived here in America. The friendship is not as intact as it used to. My kids grew up with my friends kid as well.

They attended parties, birthdays and programs together usually.

There are times that my kids ask about their friends too. Usually, I have to lie to my kids. I know I feel bad. I told them that they are busy with school and other activities. I am glad that my kids understand their Mommy.


Friends come and go in our lives. We meet new friends along the way. I always treasure an old friendship. I feel sad that next year one of my close friends will migrate to Canada. The husband is already working in Canada. My friend and her kids stay as she wants the kids to finish their schooling here in Buffalo. They will move to Canada after school. It is sad but what can I do, right? Life is not fair sometimes. You just have to move on. I am glad that there is Facebook where we still can send message and see pictures of her and her family.


I hope that you enjoy my picture so as my friends’ pictures.

Tights and leggings that I received for free

I received this tights and leggings last month for free. It must be sweet, right? I received them from the advertiser No nonsense from Double S.

PhotobucketI am very privileged to receive them for free. You have to wear them and write an honest review. I submitted my post and it will publish in about five hours.

I received the deep burgundy color tights which is my favorite. I love it because it is thick and will cover my waist all the way down to my feet. I received the color espresso (it is more of a brown color) leggings. This one has an opening. I had a hard time matching the burgundy tights with a dress. I am glad I found a halter dress that has purple in it. They really match. The leggings I pair it with my red dress and with a brown boots that I bought at Kohl‘s when it was on sale. It looks black but it is not.

What about you? Do you like to receive freebies as well? Do you like to wear leggings or tights? How do you pair it with an outfit? I am linking this entry to the 4th day of blog photo challenge.

Victoria’s Secret gift cards that I received on my birthday

Christmas is my birthday. I am very lucky to share my birthday to those who believe in the spirit of Christmas. I remember growing up; Christmas is the best holiday for me until now still is. I might not have a grand birthday growing up. I am still very happy that people are celebrating Christmas with joy and laughter.

I remember that I only get to buy new clothes during my birthday. My Dad received an extra salary during Christmas. He gives each kid $25 to spend. This is the only way that I can buy new clothes for myself. I am still thankful for that. I missed my Dad so very much. It has been eight (8) years since the last time I saw him. He is in heaven now watching his kids and grandkids growing up.

Now that I live in America, I received gifts on my birthday. I prepare celebrating Christmas with my kids. My husband always gives me something on my birthday so as my parent’s-in-law. My husband and my Mom gave me Victoria’s Secret gift cards. I want to say thank you to my husband and to my Mom. They both know my guilty pleasure. My husband gave me a $100 while my Mom gave me a $50. I used the two gift cards yesterday online.

What about you? Do you like to receive gift card on your birthday? Do you prepare cash?

I am linking this 3rd entry to blog photo challenge.

My blogger name

Today is the 2nd day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your blogger name. I remember I have my journal long time ago. All I know is that I can write or create story and that was about it. I have my first journal here. I always go with the name JESS or JESSY in most of my journals. My first journal is ADVENTUROUSJESSY in blogger. There is a JESSY on the last, right? I also have JESSYSADVENTURE, SIMPLYJESS, HOMECOOKINGWITHJESSY, E-NEWSWITHJESSY, SPORTYJESS and finally this journal which has my name and my last name JESSICACASSIDY.

I have no clue that you can make money by writing. I am thankful to a former friend of mine that helps me introduce a friend who happens to live in my same home town now who lives in Florida. I want to say thank you to Miss A for helping me start my journal.

I know that I do not make a lot of money but it does help my family back in the Philippines I do not need to ask for my husband’s money to help them. I am happy that I can also buy stuff for my kids and my family and sometimes treat them in the restaurant.

There you go, if you happen to stumble on JESS OR JESSY in a journal and that is mostly me. What about you? What is your blogger name? I cannot wait to get to know your journal as well.