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My very first book signing event in Canada

I am very excited to go to Canada next month for a book signing event. I am so excited that one of my favorite author Ms. Chelle Bliss is attending. I really adore and loved her books. I have read most of her books. Meeting her in person is a dream come true for a book reader like me.

 photo RTF shirt A_zps2hecdhcc.jpg
We have this shirt available to order for the said event. I ordered mine but need to send it back. The design of the shirt is beautiful. I do not like the size and it is way too big on me. I am very excited to get a different style and size. It should be there before the book event.

 photo RTF shirt_zps6dgcnwfz.jpg
My husband will drive me to Canada. I am not sure if two of my kids will come with us. I know that my daughter will come. She is always my side kick with the book events I attended in our local library. She evens wanted to own her shirt from the said event.

How to have the fun after the book signing

I really wanted to buy the VIP ticket from the book signing event. It is not much but I know that my husband will not allow me to attend the party after book signing in Canada. I bet it would be so much fun hanging out with the readers and the authors as well. I love music especially if the host has this accessory like the dj setup check it out at GuitarCenter. You can grove at the same time having the best time if your life.

I won a signed book of Fifty Shades Of Grey from the Facebook giveaway

If you know me, first I am a fan of Fifty Shades Trilogy by the famous and humble author Ms. E L James. Secondly, I love to join giveaways especially from Facebook especially if the winning prize is a signed book.

 photo Fifty Shades Of Grey signed book prizes_zpsc6vvjhrr.jpg
I came home from work Tuesday afternoon. Check my Facebook and saw that I was tag in one of the giveaways that I joined. I am very happy and excited that I won a signed book of Fifty Shades Of Grey from the author Facebook page of Brenda Kennedy Author. I replied the post but will send her a private message for my address. I need to picked up my daughter from her Jazz Band. What a beautiful afternoon to come home after a very tiring yet fun day at work.

 photo Fifty Shades Of Grey signed book prizes A_zps8qqagz5i.jpg
Joining a  giveaway is very easy. Usually you have to like the author’s Facebook page which is a number one requirement. You need to like the post and shared. This giveaway, you need to answer a certain question and shared the post. For extra points, you can subscribed to Brenda Kennedy Author’s email list and confirmed it too. You can also tag your friends which I always do so they can win too.

 photo Fifty Shades Of Grey signed book prizes B_zpsuny443zf.jpg
The winning prize came in the mail Saturday. The author shipped the prizes so fast. I do appreciated her kindness. Aside from the signed book of Fifty Shades Of Grey, it also came with some swags like pens, cozy, magnet, bookmarks and note and extra pen. Thank you so very much Brenda Kennedy author for everything.

By the way, she has a free book in Amazon that you can download while it is free. I downloaded it already and cannot wait to read her book.

How about you? Do you like to join any giveaways too?


Where to find the perfect wedding dresses in Toronto

It has been 13 years since I married the love of my life. I was 28 years old when I said I do and spend the rest of my life through thick and thin with him. Being married to a man who is 12 years and half older than you is a challenge. Through it all we made it and now blessed with two kids now. Life is not full of happiness but surprises as well. I am thankful to God for blessing me a wonderful man, hard worker and the best father to my kids. I could not ask for more.

 photo wedding dress A_zpshixjqdn9.jpg

The only regret I had been not marrying at the church. I hope someday I can still walk the aisle with him. Church wedding is one of my wish list though it is sad that my Dad is not around anymore to walk in the aisle with me. I hope my son does if that event will happen. I wanted that to happen in the Philippines as well so my Mom can see me.

 photo weddng dress_zpsdckebe1i.jpg

Marriage is one of the biggest memorable event in a woman’s life. It is not an easy decision but once when you found the love of your life, everything is alright. Preparing for a wedding is a chaos  especially looking for that perfect dress. Guess what? It is now easy to picked dresses from this Website. You will find the best, classic and elegant wedding dresses Toronto. If you live close by, you can check the Website for yourself. I wish you all the luck in your wedding day. Enjoy each moment with the love of your life and people that surrounds you with love and happiness.

 photo weddin dress B_zpsvgk9cdk4.jpg

Falling in-love happens instantly or perhaps longer but once you find your soul mate you know it in your heart. Some people married right away. Some people wait awhile. I wish you both the best of luck and am sure you will look gorgeous on your wedding dress from this Website.

Finally I have my own bookshelves

I keep on asking my hubby to buy me my bookshelf for my books. I used to keep my books in my kids bookshelves. I want my own. We went to the store. He does not like the ones that are sale. He said it looks cheap. Instead he wants to make me my own bookshelves. He asks me where do I want to put it. I want near the ceiling. Hubby said it is way too high for me to reach my books.

 photo book shelves_zpsi8y4xkqv.jpg

What he did was remove the mirror on my dresser. He said we do not use that mirror because we have two in our bathroom. He removed the mirror and build my bookshelves. It is a perfect spot. It is not in the way. I am so happy. Finally I have my own bookshelves where I can keep all my books. He built three shelves. It is almost full of books already.

 photo book shelves A_zpsgvjya0xf.jpg

The fist shelves are all the signed books that I won from the giveaway. Also books that were signed that I reviewed from the book club. The second shelves are books that I bought. The third shelves are books that I reviewed and not signed. I am so happy that my books are safe, protected and displayed beautiful in our room.

Hubby spent more money if we buy the ones in the store. I loved this the most because he built it for me. I told him that it is my best birthday and Christmas gifts. He just smiled and glad that he made me happy.

Join the giveaway to win a paperback copy of The Collar Duet by Alexandra Iff

I read this book The Collar Duet by Alexandra Iff. It has 600 pages. This book is a combination of two books The Collar Of Freedom and The Collar Of Sacrifice combined into one and it is called The Collar Duet. These books are very hot. Ms. Alexandra Iff is an erotica author. She writes books with so much fire that it will burn your desire. If it is not your cup of tea, that is fine.

 photo unnamed_zpsfnehzqmo.jpg

You can check out the teaser below.

You can check The Collar Duet in Amazon so as the other books The Collar Of Freedom and The Collar Of Sacrifice. I have these books in paperback copies except The Collar Of Duet. Do you know that yon have a chance to win the paperback copy of The Collar Of Duet? All you do is like her Facebook page, subscribed to her website for her mailing list and answer this question. What three letter word is boiling water when you touch it?  This giveaway is open worldwide.

By the way, check out these videos so you will know what is the book all about.


I wish us all good luck.

My very first book signing to attend

It is my very first time to attend a book signing. It would be tomorrow at night. I am so very excited and cannot wait.

 photo The Wife The Maid and The Mistress_zpswoyn5cr1.jpg

The author’s name is Ms. Ariel Lawhon for her book “The Wife The Maid and The Mistress“. It is a suspense and mystery book. It is y second favorite genre to read. I will start reading it today. By tomorrow night, I will have an idea about the book. By the way, you can click the book in Amazon or check the author’s in Facebook.

The book singing is in our local library. This is where I saw the author’s book and the event. The paperback is $13. I cannot wait to meet the author and ask her to sign the book. I LOVED signed books. It makes it even more special when you meet the author in person.

This is my second time to meet an author. I also have a signed book from the first author. She is a local author and lived not far from me. How about you? Have you meet an author before? Have you attend a book signing?

Let the baking begin

Well if you are broad-minded, then you will get what I mean.  I won this Wartenberg Wheel with a mask from a  giveaway. It is from Fifty Shades Of Grey group in Facebook. If you are a fan of Ms. E. L. James books, Fifty Shades Trilogy, then you know what I am trying to say. I know that some people are not a fan of her books. I respect you for that.

 photo wartenberg wheel_zpsrdmfrurj.jpg

I cannot wait to try this. We just need to find the right time. I already showed it this to the husband, his eyes sparkles. He said he cannot wait to play. Intimacy is so important with every relationship especially for married couple. Spicing it up is fun and pleasurable. Let the baking begin.

These are signed books that I won from the giveaway

It has been three years ago since my passion for reading books came back. I used to read novels back in college. I stop when I came in America until I joined some of the books group from Facebook. I also made many friends that are book lovers like me.

 photo signed books I won_zpszautxyex.jpg

I have no clue that you can also win books if you join a giveaway. Thank you so much to my book friends that they teach me how to join and win books. I LOVED to join giveaways that are signed. It is the best prize for me to win. I seldom win. I think it is just a luck when you win a giveaway. There are so many entries and you are lucky if your name is on top of the random winners.

 photo books thay I won B_zpsequknj9z.jpg

Since I learned how to join a giveaway. I won several signed books. I also won from joining a Facebook event. There are only few books that I read from my file. Up to this date, I won 33 signed books. No! These are not only my books. I also have books that the authors sent me also signed after helping them promote their books or beta read their books in advance. I also have books that are not signed that I review. I also have books that myself bought after reading a book. I always want a paperback copy of any book that I loved. I really need my own book case. I hope that hubby will buy me one. Right now, am keeping some of my books in my kids book-case and some are on top our dresser.

Here are the signed books that I won from giveaways. Have you read any of them?

Sweet As Candy by S. L. Roan

Your Exception by Bria Starr

The Lakeshore Evil by K.C. Harper

Toxic 2 by Rachel Van Dyken

Fifty Shades Of Grey by E. L. James (I read this already)

Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

Let Me Go by DC Renee

Captive by Samantha Jacobey  (I read this already)

Endurance Everything by M. Sembera

Charlotte by M. Sembera

Saving Abel by Gin Whitney  (I read this already)

Scoring Wilder by R. S. Grey

The Last Boyfriend by J. S. Cooper

Chase by Jessica Wood

Easy by Tammara Webber

Privileged by H. D’ Agostino

Heart of Marley by T.K. Leigh

Heart of Light by T. K. Leigh  (I read this already)

Inescapabable by Amy A. Bartol

The Cellar by Natasha Preston

The Dating Dilemma by Laurie LeClair

Faithful by S. A. Wolfe

Keep The Faith by Donna Walo-Claney

Devlin UnLeashed by Bethnay Bazile

Damned and Desperate by Tara West

Siri’s Heart by Jessika Klide

Come To Me Quitely by A. L. Jackson

Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd

Promise Me by Hilary Wynne  (I read this already)

Bedrock by Briney King

First Kiss by Ann Marie Frohoff

Trouble With The Law by Becky McGraw

Hard Core Series by Staci Heart

My Mind’s Eye by Gillian Jones

Right Next Door by A. J. Pryor

Breaking Free by James Grey

How about you? Do you like to join ay giveaways? What is your favorite prize to win?

I need my own book case soon

I hope that my hubby will build me a book-case. I prefer it if he builds it for me than buying in a store. It is more meaningful and will take good care of it.

, photo my books_zps4ttdusot.jpg
Aside from these books, I have also books on top of my hubby’s dresser. There are least 20 books or more on top of his dresser. This book-case is for my kids. I donate most of their old books that they do not read any more to give room for my books.

 photo my books A_zps9r9wyb4c.jpg
It was two years ago when my love for reading is back. I also learned that I can join giveaways and win signed books which is my favorite prize to win and signed swags that I keep in a photo album. Do you think I need my own book case?

I also do book reviews.. Most of the books here are signed books that I won from the giveaway. Books that were sent to me for a book review. Some of the books I bought from authors that I loved. My books collection is getting bigger.

How about you? Do you read paperbacks or e-books?

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