Hidden under Her Heart (Chance of Love) book by Rachelle Ayala

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Maryanne Torres is a compassionate nurse who fails at relationships. After a string of losers, she swears off sex to land a marrying man. But a party she attends turns into a drinking binge, and she was raped.

Lucas Knight is a biracial athlete intent on winning the Ironman Triathlon. He finds Maryanne the next morning bloody and unconscious. Since Maryanne cannot identify her attacker, he becomes the prime suspect.

When Maryanne finds herself pregnant, she plans to abort, but the identity of her rapist is hidden in the baby’s DNA.

A trap is set. Lucas races to clear his name, but the secret Maryanne hides threatens to drown their chance for true love.

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I am very honored that Ms. Rachelle Ayala sent me a Kindle review of her beautiful book HIDDEN UNDER HER HEART (CHANCE OF LOVE). The moment I started reading it in my little girl’s Kindle, I do not want to put the Kindle down. The book has amazing story and it took me two days to finish reading it. The first night I read it, I was up until two in the morning. It is that good that I even do not want to sleep but no choice and have to put my Kindle down.

Maryanne is an allergists nurse. Lucas Knight is an athlete that needs to have his shot done that day. Maryanne tried to avoid men in his life. She even has a bet with her best friend Vera about it. Lucas Knight also has a bet about his friend Zach. Lucas Knight told Zach that he bet he can kiss Maryanne on their first meeting. He did kissed Maryanne because he was acting that he had a seizure and need CPR. Lucas Knight tricked her.

Maryanne and Lucas Knight become friends. Maryanne is white and Lucas Knight is a biracial. The attraction between them are undeniable. They just cannot push their relationship in the next level because of their dreams in life. Until one day, Maryanne was invited with a party with her friend Vera. She was rape and got pregnant. They accused Lucas Knight of doing it instead of the pastor’s son. Lucas Knight was in that said party but left Maryanne that night. He found her in a dump site that night.

Maryanne was humiliated even from her family and Lucas family as well. The news is all over her work and the town. She wanted to have an abortion. Lucas Knight tried to help her not to abort the baby and will do anything to help her. She changed her mind about abortion and decided to give her baby for adoption. Maryanne thought that she was raped by Ryan (the pastor’s son) but instead it was her ex-boyfriend Barry. Barry even did the same thing to Lucas. He invited Lucas to a party and put something on his drink. Lucas cell phone is gone and he was also dumped in the thrash. Barry sends text messages to Maryanne pretending to be Lucas. He told her that they will meet somewhere. Maryanne followed and she was trap. Barry tried to kill her and her baby. Lucas Knight can track his cell phone; this is how he found out his cell phone. Maryanne almost killed and she was dump in the water. Lucas Knight tried to save her life and the baby. She had the baby because of what happened. The baby is premature and need a lot of medical help. It is in that condition that Maryanne decided not gives her baby up for adoption. She gave birth to a baby girl who she named EMMA FAITH.

Lucas Knight left Maryanne and decided to quit his triathlon. He decided to go back to his family. He became close to his family. The is why he left Maryanne because his ex-girlfriend had an abortion too. He killed his brother for self-defense. It is the reason Lucas Knight is against abortion. He is also Christian.

Lucas Knight went back to California and need to face Maryanne. Lucas Knight has a good heart. How I wishes that men are like him. He will always by her side no matter what. Emma Faith is doing great besides some medical conditions. She has a dedication. Maryanne has no idea that the same day, she will get married as well.

I really love this book. Maryanne’s courage to keep her baby from abortion, and adoption is very challenging. You seldom know a rape victim like her. Ms. Rachelle Ayala did an amazing job with this book. You can learn more about her books and wonderful stories in Amazon, her blog and Facebook.

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Cross Fire series books by Sylvia Day

Yes! You read it right my friends. I have a new book series that I bought after reading the Fifty Shades trilogy book by E L James. Miss V advise me to check out this book by Sylvia Day which is a series called “Cross Fire” series. Miss V said that if I love the Fifty Shades, I will love reading this book too. She was definitely right. It took me a week to finish reading the three books. It is a beautiful story about love, lust, passion. Love always conquers all. There is another fourth series of this book. I cannot wait to order it. 

Cross Fire book series by Sylvia Day

Do you have a book that you would like me to share? I love reading romance novels that are suspense as well. I love to read a book that has a series so I can continue reading. Please do share the name of the author or the title of the book if you have in mind. I do appreciate it.

I get bored and I already read the first series of Cross Fire twice. I was very excited that I read it so fastly. I am not in the second book which I will read soon. I will bring it to the trip with us. It will give me a quite time to enjoy reading the second book.

Where to buy and sell affordable textbooks

Recently, I am into reading books. I knew that while I was teen-ager I love to read romance novel books. I am glad that my cousin gave me most of her novels. I read it and will never put down the novel until I am reading the last page. It brings back those memories and my love for reading. 

I already read six romance novel books last and this month. I am looking to read more books. I know that books are expensive. There are times that I wonder if I can find affordable books aside from the bookstore. It is awesome to read new novels at the same time saves some money than buying books in the bookstore.

Do you have books that you wish you can get rid off? You can sell your textbooks and at the same time help somebody to save by doing it. I did this when I was in college. It does not matter if they are not new books. What is important is? You can learn and enjoy your book. I think I found new novel books to read and at the same time pay a fraction of price than buying new novels in the bookstore.

Finally done reading the book Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

This is the last book written by E L James. It is called Fifty Shades Freed which is the third book of the series Fifty Shades. I have never thought that I can read three books in a week. These pages are 500 at least. I really love the series of the Fifty Shades. It is my first time to hook up reading a book series until I finished reading. 

Fifty Shades Freed the final book series of the Fifty Shades
I really love how the Fifty Shades series books are. I can never put this book down when I started reading it. The series is about abuse, betrayal, jealousy, lust and love. Love conquers all despite the trouble that these two main characters Christian Grey and Anastasia encountered. Anastasia is a free-spirited journalist. Christian Grey is rich, successful and the most famous bachelor in Seattle. He was abused and been to foster for several times. He was adopted by the Grey family and turns his life into happiness. He own powerful vehicles from helicopter, jets, boat and luxurious cars. He also owns big properties and businesses. What I love about Anastasia is a simple girl who is not a gold digger but really love Christian Grey not because of his properties but from whom really he is.

There are so many twists and turn of this last book series. One is when Jack kidnapped Mia, Christian Grey younger sister. Anastasia was a hero. Despite loosing her relationship with Christian Grey and pregnant still risk her life and her baby just to save Mia. There is also an attempt to burn the helicopter and burn his house. I love the car chasing as well.

They got married and have the two kids. I really like how the series end. Now I am hook into reading different books series from the Cross Fires by Sylvia Day.

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Finished reading the book Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

I finished reading Fifty Shades Darker by E L James. It is the second book of her trilogy. I love the story just like the first book. It is more intense than the first book. Anastasia Steele broke up with Christian Grey and proceeds to her work. Life has not been easy for both of them. She has lose weight. He is wreck just like her. 

Fifty Shades Darker

Their path meets again when Christian Grey called her about her friend Jose’s gallery. They meet that night and the attraction is still their. The passion is hot as ever. Anastasia Steele learned more about his past. He proposed marriage to her in the second book.

I am reading the book three and almost finish. This book is full of romance and sex. I wonder if this story happened in real life. It is so intense that you cannot put the book down. I cannot wait what happen to them in the last book of E L James. I still give this a five star.

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Finished reading the first Fifty Shades of Grey book

I remember I was in high school when I start to read romance novels. My cousin I gave me all her Mills and Boons novels. I do not know how many books I have in that book. All I know is that once I read it and will never stop until I am reading the last page. 

The best book ever Fifty Shades of Grey
I never thought that I will hook up reading a romance novel again. I bought these Fifty Shades of Grey couple months ago but never have a chance to read until recently. I bought it in Wal-mart for $15. I should buy the 2nd and 3rd book as well during the time. I thought that I will never like reading this novel. I was wrong.

Reading Fifty Shades of Grey by the pool
It is a perfect time for me to read this book when my kids are in the pool swimming. I can see them while swimming. This book I believe was publish last year. I heard about it but never put any interest. It is the #1 New York Times bestseller by E. L James which is undeniable.

The moment I start reading the book, I do not want to put it down. I want to finish reading the book until I am on the last page. Finally I finished reading it after two days. I order the 2nd and 3rd book in Wal-Mart online but it will deliver in two weeks. I cannot wait. The suspense is killing me. I drove to Barnes & Nobles bookstore yesterday and bought the two books.

This book is about erotic romance. It is intended for mature audience. I really love this book. Have you read it? If not, I cannot tell you the story or else there is no thrill at all. I will share bit information. It is about a relationship between a submissive and dominant lover. Will you allow yourself to be submissive in terms of being intimate? Are you willing to please your man? I would say I am submissive to please my husband in bed. I will give this book five star.

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