10 work at home jobs that pay as much as a normal job

Home Jobs

Sometime in the past telecommuting was an unrealistic fantasy, however as of late, there’s been a flood of employments you can do from your own place.

Regardless of whether that is working remotely for an organization or going into business, there’s no deficiency of work-from-home chances. Here are 50 choices, huge numbers of which can produce yearly income that compare to more than the normal American pay.

  1. Member Marketer

For those new to offshoot advertising, it’s just referral showcasing where you procure a commission. Suppose that you have a site and allude a book on Amazon. At the point when the guest taps the associate connection and purchases the book, Amazon will pay you a level of the deal. Individuals love member showcasing on the grounds that they can begin acquiring cash latently with hardly any startup costs.

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  1. Artist

Is it accurate to say that you are an aesthetic and innovative person who can make activity and enhanced visualizations for TV, motion pictures, computer games and different sorts of media? At that point you can work at home as independent artist. (By and by, I’ve seen artists make between $25 to $106 an hour on locales like Upwork.)

  1. Pastry specialist/Caterer/Chef

On the off chance that you have a skill for preparing or cooking, at that point transform your energy into a side business. From your own kitchen, you could begin a providing food business or become an individual cook. In case you’re a bread cook, you could offer you merchandise to companions, neighbors, on the web or at nearby rancher’s business sectors.

  1. Blogger

Blogging is economical and simple to begin doing. It could be as straightforward as you simply expounding on your preferred music or food, and in the end, you can begin creating cash from your site. Simply remember that you have to pay persistent with regards to capitalizing on your blog. On the off chance that this is something you need to seek after, look at this guide.


  1. Clerk

In all honesty, you don’t need to be a CPA to begin accounting. Simply pursue an accounting course at a junior college or even on the web, (for example, this course from The Accounting Coach). When you complete a course, you can begin gaining, and the middle compensation is allegedly $34,000. (Some stay-at-home accountants I’ve spoken with by and by make more than $70,000.)

  1. Youngster Caregiver

Regardless of whether if it’s only for a few hours or for the whole day, maintaining a childcare business from your home can be rewarding. Simply ensure that you acquire the right licenses and allows.

  1. Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical exploration facilitators help oversee activities for clinical preliminaries. You could make more than $48,000 with this activity, and you needn’t bother with a four year college education.

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  1. Counseling

On the off chance that you have understanding and information in a particular zone, at that point think about offering it to other people. For instance, in the event that you’re a bookkeeper or legal advisor, at that point you can give guidance to independent ventures to a chunk of change. You could likewise counsel organizations on the most proficient method to utilize another product program or how to turn out to be all the more earth well disposed. (In case you’re intrigued, my organization offers a counseling manual for begin.)

  1. Client assistance Representative

Do you have incredible relational abilities? Do you likewise have a landline and dependable web? At that point you can procure somewhere in the range of $8 and $15 every hour as a client support agent.

  1. Information Entry

Contributing information for organizations isn’t the vast majority of energizing of occupations. Be that as it may, you needn’t bother with any past experience, and you can begin at $10 every hour.

I Am A Trapper’s Wife

animal trapper

There is the picture of me with fox, coyote and raccoons in this post. Please do not proceed if the picture bothers you.

Before I met my husband back in December of 2000, he was a trapper already. It is part of whom he is. I still love him because of his hobby. This year is not different with the other trapping years. He trapped 49 foxes (46 are red and 3 are gray), 4 coyotes (he saved one for himself) and 15 raccoons. He is a very good trapper. He skinned the animals really clean too. He brushes their furs. They are all beautiful indeed. I am so proud of him as a trapper.

It was yesterday when he asks me to take a picture of all his traps. I am a trapper’s wife indeed. I helped him carry all his traps. The trapping room really stinks. I am use to the smell now too. We bring the traps outside. I took a picture of them. I ask him if he could take a picture of me with his traps too. It is not a good picture of me. I am proud of being a trapper’s wife. The trapping season is over. I am sure that the animals are happy to explore the woods now free from any trappers.

Character Interview with Vera Custodio( the main character from Rachelle Ayala’s book KNOWING VERA)


I am having the best time of my life when Miss Rachelle Ayala, the author of the beautiful book KNOWING VERA, give me the opportunity to interview Vera Custodio, the main character of the book. It was an honor interviewing Vera and get to know her better. I hope that you will have the fun reading my interview below. I want to say thank you to Miss Rachelle Ayala and Vera Custodio for this opportunity.

Character Interview with Vera Custodio, main character for Rachelle Ayala’s newest book: Knowing Vera

Vera, welcome to JessicaCassidy.com where being a woman is not easy. We’re so glad to have you visit with us. Before the interview, we asked Ms. Ayala to describe you in six words. She chose: vibrant, gutsy, sexy, caring, sentimental, tough. How do you see yourself?

Vera: I’ve had a tough life. That’s for sure. Ms. Ayala heaped all sorts of calamities on me and my family. My mother and I have had to stick together through the deaths of my two brothers, my father’s suicide, and losing custody of my niece who I raised from babyhood. I care a lot about my family. I don’t know if it makes me sentimental or not. But I definitely value my mother, my uncle and my niece’s happiness above my own.

Jessica: It must have been a big shock for you to find out your father was accused of murder. How did that happen?

Vera: Not only that. The victim was Zach’s mother. It happened when I as seven so I didn’t know the details and my mother refused to talk about it. After Zach’s injury, someone started sending me postcards and text messages to look into it.

Jessica: Is that why you broke up with Zach?

Vera: We weren’t in a relationship, so I don’t consider it a breakup.

Jessica: Not sure Zach would agree.

Vera: Actually he wasn’t that interested in a relationship at first. He was very popular with women, but his goals of being an Olympic triathlete kept him from commitment. That suited me fine. He was a fun date, easy on the eyes, and very talented.

Jessica: Ahem, yes, we’ve heard about his way with disintegrating panties. He changed after he lost his leg, didn’t he? How did that affect you?

Vera: I can’t imagine what he went through. He lost everything: his career, his fans, his future. I remember sitting with him after the surgery. He didn’t want to get out of bed and he refused to acknowledge me or any other visitor. He stared at the ceiling, wishing to die.

Jessica: What did you do?

Vera: Not much. I talked to him, told him Filipino fairy tales. There’s always some trick ending that’s somewhat funny. He didn’t even smile. So I sang songs my parents taught me, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Jessica: You mean Filipino children’s songs? Give us some examples.

Vera: “Bahay Kubo,” “Leron, Leron Sinta.” My favorite one is “I Once Had a Ring” [lyrics below]. I also sang love songs, but not in English. [giggles]

How to pursue a career in writing from home

Career in writing

I’ve been an online author for a long time at this point and I get by with composing employments I do from home.

I’ve generally adored composition and as an adolescent, I regularly composed sonnets and short stories. I was additionally the understudy in school that cherished composing research papers!

Truly, I was that individual!

Did you know there are a wide range of sorts of composing occupations from home?

I didn’t realize that when I originally began either. After some time however, I took in all the various sorts of independent employments for journalists and what kind of administrations they mentioned.

To plan you as an online author, I need to impart to you various sorts of keeping in touch with you may do from home. You can pick one or a few sorts of composing employments from this rundown for your business.

Composing Jobs from Home

  1. Blog Writing Jobs

Blog Writing Jobs

Blogging is by a wide margin the most well known sort of substance online that business need.

It’s likewise the simplest to look for some kind of employment for since there are many occupation sheets that oblige blog composing employments.

Blog entries are commonly between 800-1500 words and can remember certain catchphrases for positioning for Google, attractive features to attract individuals and a source of inspiration toward the finish of a post.

You would niche be able to down your blog writing to concentrate on long-structure blog composing which means delivering blog entries between 2,000-5,000 words in length. These composing employments from home are for the most part top to bottom and require insider industry information.

For the most part, blog entries are conversational and are composed for the crowd.

You could compose blog entries for independent ventures, brands, mentors or different business visionaries. The blog themes fluctuate from giving instructive substance to something all the more engaging.

In the event that you get blog composing employments realize that numerous organizations need this kind of substance consistently. In this way, blog composing is an extraordinary repeating gig.

The greater part of my customers require week after week blog content. It’s predictable, dependable and enjoyable to do.

  1. Secretly composing Jobs

Secretly composing is the point at which you – the professional writer – composes online substance for organizations, brands, magazines or business visionaries and isn’t credited for it.

You don’t get any kudos for your composition, so you can’t show your piece on your portfolio or market it via web-based networking media as your own.

For what reason would you secretly compose on the off chance that you need to get your name out there and land customers?

Since it’s an exceptionally rewarding field.

You can energize to 3x more for a secretly composed piece than for a piece with your creator byline. I have a few clandestine writing customers and I’m keen on acquiring much more. I discover these customers are anything but difficult to please and pay well.


  1. Article Writing Jobs

The two magazines and sites the same rely upon article essayists to give new and one of a kind substance.

There are numerous kinds of composing employments from home and it just comes down to what you are keen on and what you’re knowledgeable about.

Articles are more inside and out than blog entries and are normally editorial in nature.

For instance, it might require interviews or for you to go search out a story.

I was gotten some information about purchasing a vehicle from a female’s point of view. This composing work expected me to really go to a business and test drive a vehicle.

Articles pay well – upwards towards a $1 a word – yet they’re not typically repeating. A few magazines distribute month to month or quarterly, instead of week by week.

I urge you to investigate further and tight down your field of composing. For instance, in the event that you are keen on composing duplicate, at that point you can decide to seek after Etsy dealers or greater sites or even stores that need inventory duplicate.

A public statement is a composed explanation to the media.

It’s utilized by a business to declare achievements, booked occasions, a dispatch, new items or even deals achievements. They persistently need skilled press essayists to turn out newsworthy substance and to get it set in news sources.

I was approached to compose an official statement for another dinner conveyance administration. They needed to get the word out about their item propelling in their city.

Official statements are regularly short – 400 to 800 words – yet can be several pages in length.

There’s typically a framework to composing a public statement, so once you do one, you can utilize a similar layout on different official statements.

For instance, exposure firms can charge several dollars just to compose these kinds of official statements.

A considerable lot of these organizations charge $325 per discharge. All things considered, offering $200 or lower to compose a public statement would be a take for organizations that need this kind of substance.

Got a free getaway bag from Victoria’s Secret


I received this coupon in the mail from Victoria’s Secret every month. I am always looking forward to receiving any coupon from my favorite brand. This month’s coupon from Victoria’s Secret is a $10 off for any bra, one free Pure Seduction Mist and free getaway bag if your order reach $75.

I drove to the mall and went to Victoria’s Secret store. I ask the sales clerk firs if the getaway bag is still available. She said that there are few getaway bags left. The promotion is only up to Sunday or while the supplies last. I bought some stuff at the store to avail the free getaway bag. I also use my angel credit card. It is zero balance.

I am very happy that I got this getaway bag. It is a beautiful bag. It is not too small or too big. It is just perfect. You can carry the getaway bag in two ways. You can carry it by your hand. You can also carry it through your shoulder. Now all I need is a getaway to use my beautiful bag from Victoria’s Secret. Would it be awesome to escape from this snowy and cold Western New York and swim to a paradise island. This girl can dream you know.

How to enjoy your vacation in Turkey


One of my close friends traveled to her husband’s place last month. I was very surprise and happy that finally she visited the country where her husband is originally from. I thought that it was her and husband that only visited her husband’s home town. I am very happy that her kids went with them too. I see many pictures of them during her trip with her family last month.

This was their first time to travel as a family to visit her husband’s home town. I am very happy that they can finally meet her husband’s family and relatives. I know that she has planned a vacation for a while now. I am glad that it happened the last week.

I saw her last weekend. She had a wonderful time during her vacation. I am glad that she is back with her family in New York. It was great to see her and catch up. It has been awhile since the last time I see her. She downloaded pictures in her Facebook page. She shared all their places that her family visited during her trip last month.

I cannot believe that Turkey is only a border away from where her husband’s family is. She visited Bulgaria where her husband is originally from. I really like some pictures she took when they visited the beautiful country of Turkey. I really want to explore the temple. I also want to learn about the Turkey culture and tradition. They even wear a traditional head wear just like the typical Turkish people. I wonder where she bought her tickets. I really like to explore Turkey and check for Turkish Airlines if they have affordable tickets for my family. I am happy that they available route from New York to Turkey. I can also check status of the airlines as well. I will put Turkey in one of my bucket list. I hope that my wish will happen someday.