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As far back as sexy, blue-eyed Andrew Darling can remember, money provided
everything he wanted. Expensive cars, prestigious schools and exotic
vacations. But his life of luxury comes to a crashing halt with a single
phone call.

Forced to work at his parents’ advertising agency, Andrew reconnects with
Morgan Montgomery, a newly divorced woman whose spirited personality and
hard work have earned her the respect of her employers and colleagues.

With constant reminders of walking away from Morgan, Andrew learns the
difference between wants and needs because although he wants Morgan in his
bed, he realized he needs her.

Only Morgan Montgomery can give him what he’s never been entitled to.


“Wait! We…should…stop,” I pant.

“No we shouldn’t,” he counters. Then with a heavy breath, he promises,
“I’ll be gone by tomorrow night.”

I have a choice to make and I need to make it quickly.

To spend an incredible night with Andrew Darling or ask him to leave.

When my name falls from his lips, my decision is solidified.

Wanting to slow things down to enjoy every second, I pull his mouth back to
mine. Kissing Andrew Darling is better than I remember. I can only imagine
how incredible the fucking is going to be once again.

“Andrew,” I breathe.

He hums in response.

“Look at me,” I plead.

Although the room is dark, the exterior fixtures provide enough light for
me to see his lust-filled eyes staring down at me.

“I know you’re leaving tomorrow, but stay with me tonight.” All night I want to add.

I reach for the hem of his orange Broncos T-shirt and lift up. Needing to
rid the barrier, he pulls it off and tosses it away. Showing appreciation
for his perfect form, my hands skate along his skin and through the
sprinkling of chest hair. My index finger continues its downward descent to
his navel and I suppress a smile, thinking about how I had caused strife
earlier in the day.

It’s time to make amends.

Encouraging him to lay beneath me, I free the single button and lower the
zipper on his shorts. While I kneel between his thighs, my lips kiss along
the elastic band of his boxers and my hand strokes his length. The rigidity
extends from tip to base and stiffens with my touch. Licking my lips in
anticipation, I tug at the elastic waistband and free his substantial
erection. Oh, his glory, his form, his size.

With his back propped against the pillows and his arms crossed beneath his
head, Andrew watches me work his cock with my hand. Maintaining eye
contact, I lower my mouth and glide my tongue across the head, circling
around the bead of pre-cum before licking it while my free hand roams
greedily over the planes of his abs.

Andrew hisses then moans when I lick my way down to his full sac then
return my attention to his shaft. Opening my mouth, I welcome him in. He
fills my mouth entirely just as I remember. Closing my eyes, I concentrate
on sucking rhythmically while trying not to gag when he suddenly bucks his
hips and hits the back of my throat. I pull away and smile coyly. “Let me
do this my way.”

“Your mouth feels so fucking good.”

The contact of my hands and mouth elicits several cursed groans as his
hands grasp my head and guide the motion.

“Holy fuck,” he curses. “You need to stop.”

I shake my head, loving what I’m doing and how I’m making him feel.

“Morgan,” he barks my name just as his phone rings. “I want to fuck you.”

Sitting up quickly, Andrew reaches down for what I presume is his phone,
but he produces a condom instead. The ringing stops as he rolls the sheath
over his erection, but then the sound quickly begins once again.






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