Walk With Me Book By Debra Schoenberger

Book Details:

Book Title: Walk with Me by Debra Schoenberger
Category: Adult non-fiction / Photography – 104 pages
Genre: Documentary / Street Photography / Travel
Publisher: Blurb
Release date: December 26, 2017
Tour dates: March 5 to 23, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Whenever I’m asked “which is the best camera?” I pretty much respond: “the one you have on you.” In fact, most of the images in this book were taken with my cell phone simply because I always have it with me.

This is not only a book about street photography but a visual diary, or collection of quirky, unusual and sometimes just plain weird photos I’ve taken over the course of the last decade.

As a street photographer, I need to be an assiduous walker. My sneakers often take me to little known, hidden corners, seaweed strewn (and sometimes stinky) beaches and really cool back alleys of my rather small island city of Victoria, BC.

I’ve also included images of curiosities I’ve seen throughout my travels.
Everyone sees the world differently and this is my collection of the quirkiness that I call life.

months ago. I have to get develops the photos very soon. 

 I rated this book 4 ****’s 

 Beautiful and candid photographs 
Just like the author, I loved photography as well. I usually bring my camera with me if not my cell phone whereever I go. I love to take photos of my family especially my kids and my dogs. I also love the nature like sunrise and sunset. Recently, I am interested to take photos of the moon. I took a photo of the crescent moon last night with my regular Canon camera.  
Photographs will make a lasting memories. I still have to develop photos from my Philippines vacation three months ago. I have to get develops the photos very soon. 

Ms. Debra Schoenberger photographs are beautiful and candid shots. I have few of my favorite shots of her. I adored the beach, shadows and streets photographs.  
This book is beautiful and gives you ideas on what scenes to photograph. Life is too short that we need to capture that special moment with our cameras.

To read reviews, please visit Debra Schoenberger’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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About the Author / Photographer:

Debra Schoenberger aka #girlwithcamera

“My dad always carried a camera under the seat of his car and was constantly taking pictures. I think that his example, together with pouring over National Geographic magazines as a child fuelled my curiosity for the world around me.

I am a documentary photographer and street photography is my passion. Some of my images have been chosen by National Geographic as editor’s favourites and are on display in the National Geographic museum in Washington, DC. I also have an off-kilter sense of humour so I’m always looking for the unusual.

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